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Adventures in Wall Stenciling

AH. You GUYS. Thank you so much for all the sweet words about our laundry room makeover. I’m basically melting into a puddle of warm fuzzies and gratefulness.

Let’s talk stencil wall!

When it comes to projects that require precision and accuracy, I have the patience and attention span of a gnat. A gnat who has an attention deficit. I’d rather splatter paint all over a canvas because I can claim every errant stroke was intentional.

When we built cabinet doors for our office that might look best with 90-degree angles? ANDY was on the job.

When we built a playground for our kiddos that might serve them better if it was structurally sound and not a giant toddler-attracting deathtrap? I let Andy do that.

So I don’t know how he roped me into being the one who stenciled the whole laundry room wall by myself:
DIY laundry room update with stenciled walls and DIY painted vinyl floors
Just kidding, I do know: I was excited to do it. And after I won a sweet door prize at the Haven Conference from Royal Design Studio that included a set of fancy stencil cremes and brushes, I knew stenciling would be in my near future.
royal design studio stencil cremes
Royal Design offered to send me a stencil to try out, so I ordered the Peacock Fancy Stencil before I even had the most remote plan for the laundry room’s design. I had no idea how I’d use it; just knew I liked it.

When it arrived, I shuffled through my basket of stencil cremes and found this one:
Stencil-Creme-Patina-Green_product_1024x1024 (Custom)
It’s called “Patina Green,” which actually looks almost iridescent lime-teal in the jar. I was pleasantly surprised – nay, THRILLED – by how the stencil creme looked up on the wall. It’s the perfect variation in color, with a little bit of sparkle and shine. *swoon.*
pink peonies and wicker tray

Step one: Prepare

Andy and I cleared the laundry room – that’s a lie; Andy did it – and painted the walls Benjamin Moore Atrium White.

In retrospect, I wonder if Andy was trying to tell me something with his choice of painting shirt.

Atrium White is also the color we have on the trim throughout our house:
Dining room with white chair rail and Benjamin Moore warm caviar walls

Step two: Research

I gave the “How to Stencil” page on Royal Designs website a cursory read, but then decided it’d be more fun just to jump in and try it and what can go wrong?!

I had exactly four minutes of stencil experience in my adult life, and that’s when I played with stencil creme and brushes at the Royal Designs booth at Haven. I was a PRO at this already. Instead of reading more about how to stencil, I drafted a syllabus for the advanced stenciling class I was sure I’d be called upon to teach soon at the local community college.

Step three: Affix stencil to wall

I showed Andy how to measure the room to hang the stencil exactly in the center of the wall.
How to hang a stencil on the wall
I think you’re actually supposed to use light spray adhesive to attach the stencil to the wall temporarily, but after an exhaustive 30-second search of our garage, I concluded that we had none and proceeded using painter’s tape. (Where else on the web can you go to get authoritative, complete how-to DIY instructions like these? “I think you’re supposed to…”)

As you can see, we are just-make-it-work DIYers, often taking shortcuts and using makeshift tools that’ll get the job done, so I’m sure if I hadn’t won the stencil brushes, I probably would’ve gone rogue with some makeshift option: a smushed-up paper towel, a dollar-store brush, my right big toe, etc.

But I can tell ya this: those fancy-schmancy brushes? SO WORTH IT. And the stencil creme? LOVED it.

Step four: Apply Paint

I knew from my brief stenciling lesson at Haven that less paint is more, and you’re supposed to dip the stencil brush just a SMIDGE into the stencil creme, then wipe almost ALL of it off onto a paper towel before you even touch the wall. Then, working in tiny circles, you start painting outside of the stencil design and work your way toward the design until it’s covered.
How to stencil: large peacock stencil in teal paint
At first, I followed the rules religiously and my little peacock feathers were pure perfection.
royal design studio peacock green stencil creme
Crisp lines, iridescent happiness, stenciling genius. (You can really see the iridescence of the stencil creme there!)

Then, I got cocky. If a little paint is getting the job done, then a LOT of paint should get it done faster, right? (NO.) Plus, I had to hurry through this process so I could start working on my Advanced Stenciling lesson plans. So I erred from the straight and narrow path.

I glopped the paint.

I glopped, and I paid the price.

Don’t let THIS happen to you!

Repentant, I repainted the wall paint over that section and started again.

Step five: The Dreaded Edges

At some point in any stenciling project, despite your best procrastination efforts, you’re going to have to stencil the edges. I kept hoping it wouldn’t come to that, and somehow tiny stencil elves would work quickly in an overnight stencil-edging frenzy, surprising me in the morning with a completed wall.

It was not to be.

I hear you’re just supposed to press the stencil into the corners of the room, kind of bending it into the corners, but I couldn’t make that work for me. I’m sure it’s a personal problem, because most people have no problem with this. Instead, I tried a different, more embarrassing method of making it work: cutting the stencil.
How to stencil edges and corners the lazy way
This is shameful and it is cheating, pure and simple. But sometimes the lazy way is the best only way.
how to stencil a wall, decorative stenciling tips

Tips on stenciling by someone who's finally figuring this out

  • Using the right tools matters.
  • Using the right method – almost no paint on the brush – is better than glopping.
  • Start with the stencil in the center of the wall, then work up and down, then fill in the sides.
  • Stenciling is like childbirth. During the process, you wonder why you ever undertook it. But quickly after, you forget the pain and remember only the joy that comes from the results. But unlike childbirth, it’s socially acceptable to share close-up action photos of yourself mid-stenciling.
  • Have a plan B for your career future in case the Advanced Stencil professorship thing doesn’t pan out.
  • Now’s the fun part!

    Those fun folks at Royal Design want you to have your very own stencil, and yes, I want that for you too. The winner of the giveaway will get any old stencil they choose up to $50, with free shipping included to the continental U.S. One requirement (not really) is that you send me pictures of your finished wall so I can congratulate you and give you a cigar.

    Best of luck!
    Update: This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified.

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  1. Beautiful. I’ve been thinking for months about stenciling something in our new house and I think you’ve just about sold me on it. If I don’t win, I think a hint for my birthday next month is in order.

  2. LOL, love your humor and stenciled wall 😉

  3. My half ass-ed approach to DIY projects is exactly why I’ve been afraid of stenciling… fearing it would be a gloppy, off centered mess. This makes me feel much better :).

  4. Your initiation into stenciling resulted in a beautiful outcome. Your laundry room is prettier than any room in my house. Thanks for the honesty – knowing what can make those mistakes are the best part of teaching. The laundry room is beautiful and I wouldn’t mind spending time in there at all.

  5. I LOVE how all that turned out!! Now I want to stencil my own laundry room!!! (seriously!)

  6. I love that stencil creme! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Those darn elves…they could be good for so many things….someone should really got on making that a reality. I’d pay big bucks to have them in my basement (although I’d probably have to start training our dog now so that he doesn’t eat them).

  7. This is such a great tutorial! I would choose the rockin rose stencil for the nursery!

  8. You are funny. I will never ever ever stencil in my entire life. (that color you picked reminds me of the scarf we sent you!)

  9. How could you choose 1 stencil?? I love the French menu – maybe for the kitchen. Maybe the Zebra Stripes – those could go anywhere! Or maybe I’ll just copy you and put peacock features in my laundry room. They look great!

    PS – I love stenciling… so far have done a feature wall in our living room, and the top half (above the chair rail that I installed) of the bedroom. Obsessed.

  10. Love the stencil color!

  11. I’d use the Uzbek Suzani Stencil for my front hall or the Paris Menu lettering in my kitchen. Who am I kidding, I’d use them all if ! could!

  12. carrie eastman says:

    I would like the same peacock stencil you used!

  13. True story… I read your laundry room reveal, decided I needed a stencil. I went over to royal and fell in love with their two honeycomb stencils.
    I thought you said something about a giveaway but when I came back yesterday there was nothing. I was sad. Now I’m not. Lol

  14. …And the encantada or donatella stencil would be perfect for my curtain project

  15. Great idea for the laundry room! I like the small moorish trellis stencil.

  16. I was thinking about stenciling my pantry or my laundry room. This would give me a head start! Thanks!

  17. Great giveaway! I’ve already earned by Doctorate in Stenciling and I haven’t even won (or purchased!) my stencil yet. I’m in love with the houndstooth all over print and can’t wait to slap that baby up (clearly you can see I have learned much from your post) in my master closet.

    • Bahaha! You must be a natural at this: I didn’t earn my advanced degree until I had the (unopened) stencil in hand. Houndstooth all over a closet would be the COOLEST.

  18. Chez Ali Morrocan Stencil would be perfect on my foyer wall!!!

  19. Kristi Whalen says:

    I would like to say that I would order the Herringbone Pattern ( but after drooling over pictures of your laundry room for the last two days – I may be tempted to go that route!

    I am loving what they did in the master bedroom with the Herringbone, although I may use much lighter colors and run it down my hallway!

    Such an amazing look! So worth all of your efforts!

  20. Jeanna Sanchez says:

    Oh how I love me some stenciling!! It look Absolutely gorgeous!! I have a nasty looking laundry room that needs help.I am definetly inspired to roll up my sleeves and get to work. Would love to win a stencil!!

  21. Ashley Cary says:

    I would love to win the Modern Chevron Wall Stencils to use in my kitchen to add a splash of color! (I would use a red!)

  22. Jeanna Sanchez says:

    I would love to win the Teardrop Trellis Bari J Stencil And I too need to fix up my laundry room!

  23. i’d use the Large Rattan Wallpaper Bari J Stencil in my blah boring dining room. reminds me of the Viceroy Santa Monica.

  24. I would love to try stenciling on my girls’ princess closet!! Great job Kelly!

  25. Carly Delise says:

    Seriously! I want the stencil you have and the same creme on my laundry room wall!

  26. I think your instructions were great. I work on my projects just like you! I have a half completed table that I now feel inspired to work on.

  27. Oh my gosh this is FABULOUS. I think you did a professional job with professional results. I am so jealous of your laundry room…mine is in my creepy basement!

  28. Oh my, you are just too funny… I’m over here cracking up at the childbirth comment…! I would purchase the Nova Trellis stencil and use it as an accent wall behind our bed. Drool. I’d totally send you a pic of it too – of the stenciling, not childbirth. 😉

  29. Stephanie Hager says:

    I love so many of their stencils! I would love to do the Japanese Garden in a nursery. Or the Nova Trellis stencil in my living room!

  30. Hey Kelly! I adore your laundry room! It’s so bright and beautiful! I probably would choose the same stencil as you but use it in out master bedroom! I actually already have a morrocan trellis stencil from Royal Designs Studio and LOVE how it looks as I’m currently redoing my daughters bedroom with it! Thanks for the opportunity to win another! XO

  31. I’m in love with this wall…it’s absolutely gorgeous.

  32. I am also a “just-make-it-work DIYer”, which is clearly the best method – your result is beautiful!

  33. Looks great! Should you only use stencil creme or can you use paint? I can’t wait to try this.

  34. I really like the Circling Allover Elements Stencil. I think it’d be super fun on a big blank wall in my son’s room.

  35. ohhhhh great tutorial (even though i was squatting at that table next to you at haven! lol) i’d love to have this stencil for the nursery – love the graphic design and the colors! yeeee!! 🙂

  36. I’d use the birds of paradise mural stencil in my Spanish classroom. For my house, perhaps the French Floral damask in red like they have on their site to give the bedroom a sensual feel.

  37. Love your blog! I would want the Small Moorish Trellis Stencil for my powder room (and everything else!). These are brilliant!

  38. I would love to use the Ribbon Lattice Stencil in my kitchen! These are all so beautiful!!!

  39. You give the best, most awesome tutorials ever! So I pinned this as I started looking around the house wondering where my new stencil project will be …

    🙂 Linda

  40. oooooh i love the parlor chair! i am looking for something fun for my hallway and that might be the winner!

  41. Kelly! Your laundry room turned out beautiful! Really makes me wanna do something with mine! I’m in love with that Skylar’s Lace Floor stencil! But I’d hafta go with the Curved Connection Moroccan Stencil….maybe on an accent wall in the Master.

  42. You did such a great job, Kelly! And that is too funny about the globbed paint – that same thing happened to me on my curtains and that curtain panel hides in the corner. If I see anyone looking at it closely I start jumping up and down and go all spastic and pretend I saw a mouse or something.
    LOVING that iridescent quality of your paint!! So pretty. You must be having such a blast doing laundry now!! (hardee har har, I kill myself.) But seriously – such a cheerful space.

  43. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    Yay, Kelly! Your wall looks fantastic, love how that stencil creme looks and all the colors. It’s beautiful. You tell a stencil story well. I’ve stenciled a few walls in the last year too, but I went with the foam roller method, cause I just don’t think I would have the patience to do it with brushes. But, it is gorge! Your laundryroom looks great!

  44. When you first hinted at redoing the laundry room, I got really excited because my laundry room also badly needs to be redone and is also long and narrow. And then you stalled and I got cocky because I had made some teeny progress (shelves painted and installed and gorg pictures of my babies framed and hung). I actually believed I might get mine done before you. No way, though. Mine is a looong way from done and I’ve JUST realized I can’t possibly finish it without a fab stencil! So hopefully I’m going to win this giveaway!

  45. Thanks for the tutorial! I still don’t know if I’m brave enough to tackle a stencil but I suppose I could if I won the giveaway 🙂

  46. PS I’m having a really thought time picking a stencil… Maybe vase and pearls? Or the Elegancia Allover.

  47. I’ve been pining for a stencil all week as I want to redo my TV wall. I’m not sure which one will work best, but probably something moroccan.

  48. I LOVE your stenciled wall!!

  49. cutest laundry room ever! i’m eyeing the ribbon lattice stencil. so pretty and simple. (:

  50. Vintage Paisley! I’m obsessed with paisley. I’d probably use it in the bathroom and on my dresser in my bedroom.

  51. I liked “French Menu Lettering Stencil” . Thanks

  52. First, your wall is phenomenal! I love the pattern, the colors, the shelves, everything!

    Second, you had me cracking up at work, as well as the guy I share an office with because he was laughing at me laughing!

  53. The size of that pattern paired with those wide stripes is just devine! Love your laundry room and would gladly change by big cruddy one for your little jewel box. Would love a stencil to try out for myself. Off to see what other lovelies Royal Design has!

  54. Looks so good! I’d totally let you come do my laundry room with the “Kimono” stencil.

  55. You did a fab stenciling job! I like the large ribbon damask stencil…it would look great in my daughters room.

  56. very nice!
    I like the moraccan inlay, would look great in my kitchen

  57. I LOVE Royal Design stencils!! I’ve gotten several from them and they are marvelous! Love the way your laundry room came out, even if you cheated on the corners. 😉
    Ok, I would choose the Casablanca Trellis Moroccan stencil… and use it in my powder room. Fingers crossed!
    xo Heidi

  58. You did an absolutely lovely job with your first stenciling project. Just think how much easier your next project will be!! I am totally planning on stenciling a wall in my house for 2013. Yep 2013 is THE year for stenciled walls!

  59. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says:

    I love the French Floral Damask Stencil. I would use it in my laundry room or entry way or my bedroom.

  60. I would love the French Flourish Stencil to dress up the dressing area I’m making for myself in my master closet!

  61. I’ve been eyeing their Moroccan Trellis stencil for quite some time. My bathroom is aching for a paint job.

  62. My only stencil experience was making t-shirts in Girl Scouts. I could probably co-teach that class with you. 😛

    Great giveaway!

  63. I’m so glad you showed what happens if you put too much paint. I would try to hurry through and be so sad when I ruined it.

  64. Holy cow I am in love with that creme product! Just say no to glopping! I’ll help spread the word!

  65. All over stencil design looks great and the colors are soothing. Thanks for taking the time to share instructions with us.

  66. Alana sine says:

    Stencil cremes to go with their stencils I have for my daughters room…big flowers.

  67. I have a slight (huge) obsession with peacocks so I would use the same stencil and color, however, I would use it on the wall behind my bed!

  68. Alison Ramsey says:

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time! Your sense of humor is just what I needed today! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway. If I win I would love the chevron stencil. Fingers crossed!

  69. Elaine Jones says:

    Thanks for the great advice. This will help when I make a 1st attempt stenciling my son’s room.

    Keeping my fingers crossed it looks as good as yours!

  70. I just ordered the beehive stencil last week from Royal Designs! I can’t wait to get started stenciling the tile around my fireplace. If I were to win I would love any of the morrocan style stencils. I might go crazy with it and stencil everything!!! BUT I would start in my laundry room. You’ve inspired me!!!

  71. Anna Hutchins says:

    I like your peacock stenciling would look really great in an oriental styled bedroom.

  72. Vase & Pearl Allover, and probably in my guest bath it needs help bad! but there are so many amazing stencils I might just do them everywhere! 🙂

  73. Warm fuzzies and gratefulness? Didn’t I say something smart azz like ’bout time you got that dam thing done? If I didn’t, that’s what I meant to say.


  74. You work looks beautiful–both design and color. My fav is the Arabesque Moroccan Stencil.

  75. Leigh Card says:

    Love the color and your fun instructions!

  76. I think you did a terrific job.

  77. Nancy Ferreira says:

    I think I would go for the Moroccan Key. I’d like to try a stencil as an accent wall in the bathroom and I’m toying with the idea of stenciling curtains for the dining room as well.

  78. I love the Large Linked In stencil. I’ve been telling my husband I want to do the dining room and the office that flank the foyer.

  79. darby miller says:

    Seriously, I’ve never even ‘thought’ of stenciling anything until reading this post. Love the design, love the color, love the explicit directions (!) and love the possibility of being a winner..

  80. Girl…I am sooo glad you posted this! Stenciling is my Saturday plans. I can learn from you!! Love!

  81. I would love the Royal Bee Trellis stencil 🙂

  82. I would love to do a headboard for our bedroom in the skylar lace pattern. Perhaps in a pearlised or glossy version of the wall colour, to make it a slightly more subtle (and thus husband friendly) project. Then I’d be tempted to use it in my little girls room in a bright colour on her cream wall to make it stand out. That or the rockin rose is pretty cute!

  83. Wow wow wow, beautiful!

  84. I would love the ribbon lattice stencil for the master bedroom.

  85. Love the allover scallop stencil!

  86. Jennifer Jones says:

    I’d choose the Sea Scrolls Stencil to use in our main bathroom. I can see it in shade of teal 🙂

  87. I love your choice of paint color and pencil design. If I won then I would choose a pencil to go in my walk-in closet, our powder room or maybe our school room. Your laundry room looks fabulous!

  88. Oooh, I would pick the Kyoto Allover Stencil for either my dining room wall or bare kitchen wall (only wall with no cabinets). I have a great-room, with the living room, dining “room” and kitchen all sharing one large space. I’ve been wondering how to paint the walls so that I don’t have one solid color throughout the whole area, but can unify the space while defining the different areas. Of course! Stenciling! I can use a color from area more sparingly on the next wall and it will all look wonderful!! Thank you, please pick me!

  89. I do like to stencil. Great giveaway!

  90. I love your laundry room! I totally want the peacock stencil in my laundry room too!

  91. Ok, so exactly how LONG did it take you to stencil this wall?

    I’d love the chevron stencil (just kidding!!). No actually, the Hollywood Squares and the Deco Damask are really neat. I almost tried something like that when I painted this weekend…I need something to go on the wall behind my entertainment center…

  92. This turned out amazingly!! The colors of that stencil paint is beyond belief—ooooh!! I would love the sea scrolls stencil, to use in my bedroom:)

  93. I never knew special tools were needed for stenciling, but you results speak for themselves! I love all the damask stencils- don’t know where I would use it yet, but believe me I would.

  94. You are hands-down THE MOST HILARIOUS blogger I read! LOVE your posts! I have a small bathroom with an arch over the tub that I feel inspired to stencil now!

  95. The Allover Circle stencil would be beautiful in my master bedroom!

  96. your laundry room turned out fantastic, Kelly! I want to do mine somewhat the same – taking down the wire shelf and adding a cabinet. Keeping my eyes peeled at yard sales and the Restore for a cabinet.

    as for the stencil – so many to choose from!! It would take me forever to choose. Have thought about doing a stencil in our bedroom, in our living room and now would to do one in the laundry room 🙂 I like the Nova Trellis stencil. 🙂

  97. Stephanie Funk says:

    I would use a moroccan stencil in my bathroom

  98. Kelly, I just love you!! You are one of my favorite bloggers to read! You are so funny and I just love your humor. 🙂
    Can’t wait to meet ya at Haven!!
    I’ve stenciled a bit years ago…back in the 90’s when it was so cool to stencil EVERYTHING. lol And I’m getting ready to go at it again on some panels. I’m not really made for stenciling…too tedious for me! But I will persevere for the sake of design! 😉
    Oh and your room is gorgeous. I had to pin it!
    Happy Weekend to you!

  99. I rather fancy the french damask stencil. As for where I’d use it – no clue yet as I’m sort of homeless… BUT, I have good intentions of having a house again soon. 🙂

  100. I would love the
    Renaissance Scroll Classic Motif Stencil

  101. Sheesh. I never knew that cream existed but now I MUST HAVE IT. Along with the Moroccan stencil. ASAP. 🙂

  102. I am 100% sure that my kids bathroom needs a zebra allover stencil.

  103. I am 100% sure that my kids’ bathroom needs a zebra allover stencil.

  104. I LOVE your choice of stencil and paint color .. your laundry room looks fabolous!!

  105. I think I would like to eventually own just about ever stencil they make. 🙂 But I have to start somewhere and that would be the Cherry Blossom stencil for my daughter’s room. Thanks for the chance to win and the laundry room looks ah-mazing!

  106. Alyssa Georgie says:

    I have been wanting to do this on the wall behind our bed. I am looking at the Endless Circles or the Cabash. Loved reading about the experience.

  107. I love the way it turned out! Beautiful job. I’m inspired to try some stenciling in my home.

  108. I would use Springtime in Paris in my bedroom.

  109. I really want to use the Lisboa Tile Stencil as a headboard in my guest room!

  110. Such a pretty laundry room! I’m pretty much dying to use the medium chevron stencil on my kitchen backsplash and fireplace surround. And….maybe the powder room! 🙂

  111. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love the Poppies Floral & Vine Stencil, that’s the one I’d choose if I won (have to put money towards it but it would be worthwhile to me)

  112. I used the stencils cremes for the first time this winter. LOVE them!! But I don’t have a picture of the furniture piece I stenciled. I gave it as a gift. Get Laundry room. You did a good job.
    Thank you for having the give away. I hope to do more.

  113. Love the Renaissance Tile stencils. I have a collection of boxes that I would need smaller stencils for but would love to make a set with them. And after seeing your experience, I think I’d need to start small. Thanks for sharing the tips and experience!

  114. Your titles and tweets about your posts get me every time!! Amazing job! I love the stencil ing job and how you referred to it like childbirth!

  115. I would really love to try the Oriental Vine Allover Stencil in my bedroom on the wall behind my bed

  116. Jennifer a says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. You kill me. Seriously, so hilarious. Maybe I laugh out loud reading your posts, whatever… :). Anyway, such an awesome giveaway. I LOVE stencilling. (I’m sure that’s a word.). I’ve been stencilling some curtains for our house and they are turning out amazing. I might only be halfway done because they take forever to do, but like you said, totally worth it! I totally digging the “Large Moorish Trellis” stencil. I think it would look fab in our powder room. And possibly the hubs’ office if I could convince him. Fingers crossed!

  117. We are about to purchase a 1986 fixer upper, and your laundry room has inspired me to do our laundry room like this!! I love the teal shade you chose, and the stencil pattern. All of Royal Designs stencils are beautiful and I am indecisive! It may take an intense week to decide! Thanks for the inspiration!! Yay, for our future laundry rooms beauty!!! Because it is a beast!

  118. I would get the Chain Link Stencil. I thought I’d put it on a feature wall in our bonus room, but after reading the post above, I might even stencil it onto my white cotton panels in the bonus room instead. So many options!

  119. Ok, not registering my comment, but I LOVE what you did! Thanks for the inspiration!

  120. Delicate Floral Panel A Stencil

  121. I really love the Chez Sheik stencil! It would be perfect for inside my pantry with the furniture and the large one for our half bath!

  122. My all time favourite is the Lisboa Tile Stencil! I NEED to use this in my bedroom. 🙂

  123. There are so many pretty stencils to choose from! But i’m loving the Casbah Trellis stencil, and I would use it in my bedroom for an accent wall.

  124. I love all of the Moroccan stencil styles! Maybe the Arches for my craft room?

  125. I love so many of the moroccan stencils but Skylar’s Lace is my favorite. I’d probably try to convince my husband to let me use it in our bedroom. If that didn’t work then I would use it in my sewing room.

  126. alicia vara says:

    LOVED how the Wall turned out…the color is so beautiful!! Congrats…***Inspired***

  127. love it!!! i want to stencil our guest bathroom so badly, and i think you might have motivated me!

  128. LOVE pretty much all of them, but especially the Skylar’s lace one. GORGEOUS!!!

  129. I would totally choose the Casablanca Trellis Moroccan Stencil!

  130. Kelsie Sterzer says:

    Love your laundry room- it’s adorable!! I need to figure out my own style because I always go back and forth!! Would love a stencil to use in my laundry room!! 🙂

  131. I love the stencil wall! It really motivates me to want to do one!

  132. I would choose the Indian print stencil for my living room

  133. Ohhh you do make me laugh!!! Love how the paint sparkles – yay for shiny things!! Good luck to the winner, I’ve always wanted to try stenciling but have never done it (might have something to do with having the patience of a 4 year old with ADD) xxx

  134. Chez Sheik Moroccan Stencil is the one that I would pick. I want to do it as an accent wall in my daughters new nursery.

  135. sxymamaceta says:

    This looks amazing! I would use the flourish allover, literally, all over! Love your blog!

  136. Ii would choose a moroccan stencil. I want to do an accent wall in our office/playroom. I love diy projects but am also terrible at being patient and meticulous. Glad to know someone else out there is too but can do amazing things! Your laundry room looks perfect

  137. Love the moroccan geometry stencil. I’d probably stencil the laundry room, and maybe the pantry too!

  138. Love your blog and how your laundry room turned out!!! This is such a great way to add flare to any room. It’s hard to choose just one, but I would probably choose Standard Size Vase & Pearls Allover Wall Stencil 968 and use it in my bedroom.

  139. I don’t know! It’s too hard to decide! Maybe the hip to be square in the sewing nook of my craft room??

  140. This turned out amazing! I love that stencil and color, thinking of using it in my bedroom. So it would be perfect if I won it! 🙂

  141. That peacock stencil would make an awesome rug, count me in for this giveaway!

  142. Melania Hardy says:

    Your laundry room makes me want to do your laundry!! I would choose the circling all over stencil for my dining room. Could be so fun to add such a burst of color!

  143. Love the Circling Allover Elements stencil. Really want to start getting creative with a few different designs.

  144. Love your laundry room! The peacock stencil is so cute!!

  145. I love the herringbone stencil and would pick it if I won!

  146. Megan Parsons says:

    I love the Ornamental Cartouche Stencil! I’d use it for my ceilings in my living room

  147. I just bought my first house this week. I would get the large damask stencil and use it in my bedroom on one wall, in gold and purple.

  148. I would go for the Donatella Damask. Actually there are several I would have to decide between.

  149. Buzzallover – for my kid’s bedroom!

  150. I’m loving the Casablanca Trellis….although there are so many to choose from it would be hard to pick just one!

  151. kim lombardi says:

    Congrats you did it & it looks great!

  152. kim lombardi says:

    O! I forgot to say which stencil….any of them. they are great stencils!

  153. Kellie Christensen says:

    I would love to do my laundry room exactly as yours, considering I too love the blue/green color with a splash of coral. But I also love the Honeycomb Allover for my kitchen as a backsplash. I’m just wondering how I could maybe make it a little shiny and then protected from wiping down the walls. Hmmm.

  154. Julie Jones says:
    The Ribbon lattice would look great as an accent wall in my living room. Thanks!

  155. I’ve been dreaming of a DIY headboard for quite some time now – perhaps the fleur de lis furniture molding stencil would work for this…..

  156. Really love the Moroccan Trellis one but it’s so hard to pick!! Your laundry room is swoon-worthy for sure!!! Totally makes me depressed that our washer&dryer is in our basement 🙁

  157. Megan Helmick says:

    I love how much your wall pops and that the lovely design is NOT wallpaper!

  158. The zebra allover might be fun in the bedroom.

  159. Awesome walls!!!!

  160. I would want the Moroccan Arabesque all over stencil, and I would use it to make some custom curtains.

  161. Monique Rizzo says:

    I love the french floral damask.
    Thanks for the chance.

  162. I would pick a Moraccan stencil although I think it is hard to pick just one. Love your laundry room!

  163. Brittney Young says:

    So cute!

  164. I love the Classic Damask Stencil! I think the first place I would use it is in my sister- in-law’s new hair shop she just finished! She’s dying to do the whole gloss stencil on matte wall look, and this would look great! 🙂

  165. Japanese Hydrangea Floral Stencil, for our entryway!

  166. That zebra stencil looks interesting.

  167. I follow View Along the Way on Pinterest.

  168. I subscribe to View Along the Way.

  169. I follow Royal Design on Pinterest.

  170. Sara Wohlenhaus says:

    I love the morrican sheik furniture stencil. My daughter has a handymen down white dresses that has fingernail polish marks on it. She is about took start her first job and I would love to surprise her with a new dresser. I would put a mirror top on it and decorative new

  171. Love your attitude…and your style! I’m liking the Ornamental Flower stencil to create the medallions on my Ballard burlap shower curtain knock-off!

  172. Such an awesome redo! Gives me inspiration for our laundry room! So many great stencils to choose from – I love the Intricate Zelij Moroccan Stencil and the Springtime in Paris Letter Stencil.

  173. Love Love Love the laundry room!!! I love the Feathered Damask Stencil!! I’ve been dealing with horrible horrible vinyl floors and NEVER thought to paint it…HELLO?!?! 🙂 I’m so glad I came across this! I’m kind of like you…I’m in LOVE with this stencil, but not quite sure where I would use it! I’m thinking just on a wall in my living room to make the wall POP!! Nothing else in this place pops might as well have a wall that will 😉
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  174. Lovely! Enjoyed the how-to, loved the humor!

  175. Beautiful!

    I love all of the Moroccan stencils- the casbah trellis, the star diamonds, and the moroccan key are all so fun. I’ve been wanting to update my laundry room, too- this is great inspiration!

  176. I’d love to use the Large Linked Stencil ( to spruce up my bedroom. Thanks for the givaway!

  177. I love the way the peacock stencil looms. I know right where I want to put it if I win. 🙂

  178. I think I would get the Fleur de Lis Classic Stencil Set or the Casablanca Trellis Moroccan Stencil. I live in Louisville and the Fleur de Lis is our emblem on the street signs in town, so I think it would go great with my new living room setup.

  179. I have been so interested in using a stencil on my basement hallway walls, but I’ve hesitated to buy all the necessary supplies. I would love to win a stencil to give me the kick in the behind I need to get started.

  180. I would get the Hip to be Square stencil and I would redo my horrible faded baby blue living room. I recently stenciled my craft room with birch trees and it was without a doubt the biggest pain in the ass ever, but so totally worth it!

  181. Holly Aitchison says:

    The Carved Arch Panel is so gorgeous! And I love all the Indian influenced stencils. I’ve been remodeling my tiny garden apartment and stencils are such an easy and pretty way to make changes.

  182. Sue DeChant says:

    love the wall and totally relate to how you tackle a project!

    My favorite stencil design changes each time I go to the website but I’m dreaming of something allover for the back wall of my closet.

  183. I would choose the all-over blossoming wall stencil! It would be perfect for my youngest daughter’s room.

  184. Palm frond, and I will use it in my den on the wall. Unless I change my mind. Again.

  185. Love the stenciled wall… Almost makes you want to do laundry.. ALMOST! 😉


  186. melissa Resnick says:

    he rockin rose stencil for the mud room

  187. I seriously just spent the last 20 minutes drooling over all of the stencils! I LOVE the houndstooth and the chevron (especially done in an ombre finish!)

  188. Heather B. says:

    Modern chevron is perfect. And i’m ok being a copy cat and stenciling the laundry room. 🙂

  189. Brittney House says:

    Chez Ali Morrocan Stencil would be perfect for the guest bedroom.

  190. Mary DeBorde says:

    First I have to tell you that your newly stenciled laundry room is BEAUTIFUL!! <3
    Now I want to do mine, too (oh noes lol).

    And the stencil I love the best is the Hip-To-Be-Square Stencil – that
    retro look is exactly my style 😀

  191. I’d go with the Peacock stencil! Wouldn’t have thought so – but LOVE this!

  192. Thanks for the tutorial- I’ve had all the supplies for weeks and I have been just too chicken to start!

  193. venus pascal says:

    I love almost all of their stencils… so many goodies. I think I would start with either the peacock , the Moroccan inlay, or the arabesque Moroccan in the master bedroom.

  194. Emma Neely says:

    I love the Skylar’s Lace stencil. It would make a gorgeous accent wall in my bedroom! I just got married, and our entire house is still painted like a bachelor pad… This would be the perfect motivation to get it done!!

  195. mary jo mosier says:

    Alhambra Modern Masters Stencil, Love this one!

  196. I love your laundry room and am so inspired! If I won the stencil I think I might use the Sea Scrolls one in my daughters room.

  197. This makes stenciling seem possible. I’ve tried it before and it just was a big globby mess! Thanks so much! And for the giveaway!

    • OH how hard to choose! I love the Japanese flower garden, and the cherry blossoms, also the circling allover and of course anything damask! But if I had to pick without hours more of searching, I would go with Japanese Flower Garden B.

  198. I love the stencil creme!

  199. Tough to choose, but I think I would use ‘Nova Trellis’ in our master bedroom, on the wall behind our bed as an accent wall!

  200. This is awesome! I have a room I want to stencil, but I’m scared to start! Thanks for all your tips/tricks!

    • Whoops! Hit enter to soon! I would love to do something along the lines of the Nova Trellis or the Contempo Trellis for my craft room/office

  201. Ooh, I’d love to win! I’d choose something Moroccan.

  202. i love the Endless Circles Lattice Moroccan Stencil and I definitely need a new floor…. our vinyl one is tan with an awkward ivy pattern…. it’s not pretty.

  203. Thanks for having a sense of humor, and for showing the reality that not everyone is perfect. Your laundry turned out so pretty! You’ve gotten me wondering what I could do in my house. (Usually a dangerous thing!)

    I really like the Scrollallover Stencil. Maybe in blues (although I really like the color you used) in my office.

  204. I think i would have to choose the indian floral wall stencil…maybe IDK i am having a hard time deciding!! i would like to stencil my guest bathroom maybe!

  205. Okay, so I’m a recent convert to this blog… And one of the first things I have a chance at is a giveaway!? I’m such a fan. I’ve read through some more of your blogs and I’m really liking what you’ve got going. I am catching a creative fever that doesn’t want to go away. I love your ideas! Keep them coming so us less creative persons have a chance to do some neat stuff.

    Also, I guess I’m a fan of the Scrolling Leaves stencil. 🙂

  206. I would choose the Splendor Damask Bari J Wall Stencil.

  207. I love the Circling Allover Elements Stencil! Finally I can fit all those colors I want together in ONE ROOM! Brilliant!

  208. It is like childbirth I guess, because here I am trying to give it another go. (I once stenciled the frame of a gigantic mirror and footstool to look like Bone inlay.) Next I want to try a rug. The third child. Baby steps before tackling a wall, right? I adore your laundry room — found it on Pinterest.

  209. Love your laundry room! I have a question though – why do you have to start stenciling in the middle of the wall rather than a corner? (I’m planning to stencil the ceiling in my dining room, and I don’t want to cut it….)

    • Great question. You start in the center so that the stencil ends in the same place on both corners. You wouldn’t want to start the stencil on one side and have a full peacock feather, but then have the stencil end at half a feather on the other wall. You’d want the stencil to cut off at the same point on either side. I hope that makes sense!

  210. I have seen your laundry room quite a bit lately on different sites because of the awesome light fixture! What really caught my eye was the stenciled wall. It’s me to a T! The color, the peacock feather… it! Loved this post about the stenciling experience! I’ve never done it so your hints were helpful and funny! Thanks for sharing.

  211. Your stenciled wall makes me want to stencil somewhere, yesterday! I never thought stenciling could look so great. The different colours you used really makes it.

  212. I painted a wall for my mothers office for Christmas as her present. It turned out great but it was such a pain in the butt painting it all by hand. Should have looked into getting a stencile. Would have made the process go much quicker.

  213. OMG-I know I’m responding quite after the time this was written but I have to say I have been reading your pintrest stuff all day. I have been rotflmao(rolling on floor laughing my ) you get it. I am about to try stencling for the 1st. time along with several of your other tutorials. Thank for making a bad day BETTER!!!!

  214. You crack me up, love your honest in your face sense of humor 😉 Thanks for the tips, that paint color is to die for, it’s now on my list of awesomeness to buy!

    Richelle Nicole @Dollusions

  215. Beautiful!! I am seriously considering to stencil my laundry room too. Learnt one thing from your project is that you are very patient and persistent in getting it done the right way!! Awesome job and congratulations to both of you!!

  216. Jackie Sorich says:

    Great directions! Great photos!!! Love the glow of the paint, so nice especially in a laundry space. You are a great teacher/writer/comic. Love it. So glad I found your blog. I may never finish my AM coffee, too busy laughing, pining, bookmarking and drooling! Many thanks. 🙂

  217. OMG that was funny, and informative! Thanks for the tips and the laughs! Julia

  218. Great tips. I tried stenciling a while back and thought more paint was better…so wrong. Lots of smudging and paint on the back of the stencil. I will start again one of these days. Thanks for sharing this. Room looks amazing.
    Creative Ramblings

  219. Love the color you used! I’ve been in love with the Zebra Stencil from Royal Designs for soooo long but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe soon… 🙂

  220. sarah perry says:

    Do you have textured walls? My attempt at stenciling was a huge fail! I blame my textured walls, but after reading your post I wonder if my “How hard can it be attitude” had something to do with it… 😉 Will the stencil brush prevent leakage under the stencil pattern?

  221. Way too cute! Total dream kitchen!

  222. ha… i love this post. I am your kinda DIYer and I forsee some if not a lot of stenciling in my future too.

  223. I lovee this idea! Thinking on doing the same thing in my laundry room! one question: What kit did you used? the large or small one?? also, what are the measurements of your laundry room? Mine looks a lot like yours! Great idea! Thank you!!

    • Thanks Joann! I don’t know the exact measurements and I’m not home right now, but we used the large stencil. Good luck!

  224. I just wanted to tell you that this was super helpful information since I’ve never stenciled and have been looking at a beautiful HUGE damask stencil for nearly two years now w/ dread. First of all, I didn’t realize it was that HUGE! I had plans for it but then they changed, then I thought I’d stencil on 3 canvases and hang the on the wall I meant to stencil on but separated by at least 4 inches or so, but so that you can see they all match up……now I might have the renewed confidence to attempt the entire wall. I’ll send pics if I do, and I’m so glad you spoke about the creme and the brushes. Your wall is absolutely gorgeous and the color is fabulous!

  225. i always love you posts and read all of them. I’m gonna do this stencils thingy this weekend by reading this post. Wish me luck! regards from Indonesia. xxxx

  226. How many little jars of paint did you have to use to paint your wall with the stencil?
    Thanks 🙂

  227. OMG i just stumbled here from pinterest, and i had to comment. You are HILARIOUS! love this post! Now to find something to stencil. P.s. i will most definitely procrastinate finishing!

  228. Mikayla Birkholtz says:

    Love it! I see in the picture that you had 3 tubs of the creme – did you use it all? Or how much did you need for the space? I am considering stencilling… so much better than wallpaper! yay!!!

  229. So funny, all of my projects start with “How hard can that be?”, and many quickly turn into, “What was I thinking?”, with a few going progressing to “This is stupid!” And being thrown on the floor in a childish tantalum. I think I can do any project if I have a book or have skimmed a video. I read this because I am about to stencil a drop cloth shower curtain. I am going to go against my nature and learn from your lessons instead of having to make my own.

  230. Es hermoso, quisiera intentarlo.

  231. How’d your husband do the chandelier

  232. Love your laundry room stencil. I’m inspired to start in my laundry room, but alas, I have textured walls (they look like orange peel). I’m afraid that a whole wall stencil will look awful! Your walls don’t look textured, which makes the iridescent stencil pattern really the focus. Any advice for a textured wall? Is there anyway to smooth it out? Thanks!

  233. Super useful and beautiful!! But where did you get that DR chandelier??

  234. Beautiful results. I love the design. Where can I bye the peacock feather stencil ?

  235. Vswright34 says:

    So i know this post is old but i LOVE this design! My question is the paint color for stenciling.. i love it on your wall but when i click the link for the patina green it almost looks lime green (eeek!) Did it change names or does it not look that green IRL?

  236. Lucy DeMayo says:

    Hi, I hope that I can still communicate with you as these posts are from 2013…I want to “stencil” my linoleum bathroom floor — I saw how you painted your laundry room floor and have a “style” that I found for a floor that appears to have been completed by stenciling. Your above instructions are for stenciling walls using stencil creme; would this product work on painted floors? Should I use something else? If the creme would work, should I put a “top coat” over the stenciling? Thanks so much for any information you can provide.

  237. You are a hoot, and I am almost finished with my $100 challenge(unofficial) powder room makeover using the cheetah stencil. Yes, it took a chunk of my budget but worth it! I used dollarscraft craft paint. How did you seal the stencil from water damage?


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