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DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Light {And an Announcement!!}

It’s dodecahedron time, y’all! Time to talk about that fancy little DIY pendant Andy made for our laundry room:
DIY geometric light made to look like an expensive Ralph Lauren light!

If you missed it, you can check out our whole laundry room redo – only $157 for this entire makeover! – right here.
Laundry room makeover for only $157! Come see how to update your laundry room on a tiny budget!

But back to to the light! It was inspired by the Ralph Lauren Dustin Pendant, which costs about $440 for the small version. Can you see the resemblance?
DIY geometric light made to look like an expensive Ralph Lauren light!

And, as I mentioned in the last post, it’s a direct result of my crush on faceted lighting and decor:
facets trend in home decor and lighting

1. Matthew Millman photography via cococozy | 2. Design by Estee Stanley| 3. Ceramics by Anne Jorgenson | 4. Dodecahedron object at furnishly | 5. Facet necklace by uppermetalclass
We were originally hoping to share with you a full step-by-step tutorial to make your own pendant light, but when we sat down to do that, we realized that a full tutorial would be something like a 20-page deal, because this is what I would call an expert-level woodworking project. If you’re at expert-level and want to give this a shot, I want to show you the basic steps, but I’m not gonna lie: this is not an easy-peasy ordeal. (And we’re always available via email for questions!)


If you don’t want to make your own, all is not lost! Great news at the end of this post!
UPDATE: We have a new idea to make these! Stayed tuned to the blog for a tutorial coming soon!

Okay, first, I want to show you how brillz my hubs is. Straight-up genius yo. I didn’t even know how intense the geometry and mathiness would be when I threw this idea at him. He was all, “Oh sure, we can make that light,” then spent the next two weeks investigating the precise angles of cuts he would need to make this thing happen. Check it out.

Dodecahedron is made of 30 pieces of wood cut at very exact, weird angles. Andy set up his digital protractor (it’s this one) on his table saw to cut the pieces. You absolutely NEED a digital protractor and well-tuned table saw because you’re cutting angles that need to be exact to the tenth of the degree. (!)

Cutting precise angles for a dodecahedron pendant light, ralph lauren dustin pendant, ralph lauren dustin
They end up kinda kite-shaped. Look at all 30 of his pretties all piled up!
ralph lauren dustin light, how to make your own ralph lauren dustin light, discounted ralph lauren dustin chandelier
Then once they are cut to the exact angle on all four sides, you have to facet the ends at – you guessed it – precise angles. Straight-up craziness. I’m certain I would’ve given up before step 1 if I were doing this on my own. Look at those faceted edges!
Faceted wood pieces to make your own pendant light
I never knew I could have such love in my heart for a pile of wood, but those little pieces in his hand in that last shot? Those are pieces of magic.

Next, Andy built this little contraption, called a jig, to make it possible to glue the pieces together. The five sides with screws in them are made to hold the pentagons together in the right shape while they dry.
How to make a jig to glue together your own pendant light
He placed five of the wood pieces he’d cut into the jig to make a pentagon, glued them together and let them dry. After they dried, he unscrewed two sides of his little jig, rotated the pentagon and added a new pentagon onto one of the sides, rescrewed it into his jig, glued it and allowed it to dry, and repeated. Over and over, for each pentagon.
diy dodecahedron, diy dodecahedron light, diy faceted light fixture, ralph lauren dustin, ralph lauren dustin pendant light, ralph lauren dustin chandelier, budget ralph lauren dustin light
As you can imagine, it takes a while to do this step. It involves lots of waiting for glue to dry and lots of answering questions from your wife about whether it’s ready yet, is the glue dry yet, do you think it’s working?, when will it be ready, are we there yet, etc.

I think this was the moment that Dodecahedron became a member of the family.dodecahedron, pentagon pendant
Not even kidding. We left him on the mantle and stared at him. We moved him into the kitchen and stared at him. He became a frequent topic of conversation when people came over. We confided in him. We petted him gently. We loved him, and he loved us back.

He was this pretty decorative item that just oozed gloriousness. I thought about leaving him out as an objet d’art, but Andy wanted to follow this pendant light idea through to the end.

One sunny Saturday, I took Dodecahedron outside for a little prettying up. I hung him up on a dowel between two baskets and stained him with a dark walnut stain, then added a coat of polyurethane on top. Then, because we couldn’t decide where to put him while he dried, he ended up chillin’ on the flagpole on the side of the house, pronouncing to the neighborhood that we pledge allegiance to Dodecahedron. #WeirdNeighbors
Dark walnut stain on a dodecahedron
Then it came time to figure out how to rig this guy up to the ceiling, a decision we’d been mostly avoiding. This is the solution we came to: we cut a piece of acrylic to the size of the top and screwed it into the wood. SO CAREFULLY. SO SO TENDERLY.
DIY geometric pendant light!
I don’t know why I was so nervous. Dodecahedron did great. Little buddy.

We found an old pendant light at a yard sale and cannibalized it for parts, then wired it up to the acrylic piece by threading the wiring the hole Andy drilled in the center. (You could also buy a pendant light kit like this. We’d planned to use one of these kits until we found the old light at a yard sale. Bonus: as of this posting, the amazon price for a pendant light kit is slightly lower than it cost at our home improvement store.)

Once it was all wired up, we hung that bad boy up!
DIY geometric light made to look like an expensive Ralph Lauren light!

And I was – and am – smitten. It makes the COOLEST shapes on the wall when it’s on, and when it’s off, well, it just hangs there, shooting awesomeness right into your eyeballs.
DIY geometric light made to look like an expensive Ralph Lauren light! (And a budget laundry room makeover!)

Now for a fun announcement!

We’ve always thought it would be fun to open a shop at View Along the Way, and while we are 100 percent pro-DIY, we recognize there are some projects – maybe like this light – which you just might not want to take on for yourself.

(By the way, if you decide to tackle this project and make your own, we are your number one fans! Go for it! Send pics!)

So I’m so excited – and very, very nervous – to announce we’re officially opening the Shop at View Along the Way with these dodecahedron lights!

UPDATE: We’ve gotten such an amazing response from this! Thank you so much! We’re out of stock now and no longer taking orders.

We’re so excited for this official opening, and extra mushy-gushy thankful for your support and for reading. And that’s from our whole family, which now includes one very sweet little Dodecahedron.

DIY geometric light made to look like an expensive designer light!

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  1. Heavens, that looks incredibly intense and you must be so incredibly proud of your husband. What a guy!! And I am fist pumping Jersey Shore style for you guys on the shop!! That is so awesome and I KNOW those will be huge hits for you and the customers. Yay! Congrats!

  2. Shut The Front Door!!! Andy MADE that light????????
    I am in total and complete awe of you two. Cutting angles properly are the bane of my existence, and that light is all angles. Wow. Blown away! And the new shop – awesome! So excited for you – I know it will be a hit!!

  3. oh i want one so bad, just to have it. I don’t even know where i would put it but it is just SO GORGEOUS and you’d be making it so it would be totally worth it!!! its on my wishlist.. maybe i can convince chris the nursery needs it!!! you guys ROCK!!

  4. You guys seriously made that! It’s incredible! I’m going to see if I can find a spot for one. So awesome!

  5. I’m not going to lie. I stopped reading after their was math involved.

    This light is super impressive. Smarties!!

    Hope these sell like hot cakes!

  6. Math makes my head hurt. I’m SO going to buy one of these lights, it’s a steal for something so beautifully handcrafted!

  7. Wow, what a project, but YAYYYYYY that you are going to sell these! I totally want one!

  8. oh wow! Okay, I’m going to show this to DH, and he’s going to get all excited and geeky about it, but we have no table saw, so it will have to stop there for now. Alas. And I didn’t realize you were in Georgia…maybe next week we’ll realize our husbands teach at the same school 😉

  9. That is ridiculous! I cannot believe you guys made that! And congrats on the shop, that’s so exciting!

  10. Holy cow on making that thing. I’m even more impressed! And YAYYYYY for your shop! I am so thrilled for you guys. It’s going to do great!

  11. I just knew this post would be crazy good. I am blown away. WOW!!! LOVE what you did here! So awesome!!

  12. $139 for a few pieces of wood??! What.ever.

    Bwah ha ha ha! Kidding! Joking! Didn’t mean it! Promise! Good job, Andy. Very amazed at your 1)patience, 2)attention to detail, 3)love for your wife.

  13. I’ll just expect, b/c we’re family, that Jerm and I can have one for free…Christmas is only 328 days away, jus’ sayin’ 😉

  14. Congrats on launching the new shop. The light is absolutely stunning and there is no possible way I would ever attempt that on my own.

  15. I am very very very impressed with Andy on this one. The math thing alone is A+. There has GOT to be a hey girl in there somewhere.

    Best wishes on the shop, that’s pretty darn exciting too.


  16. This is AMAZING! I make paper dodecahedron lanterns all the time, and even the paper ones are incredibly fiddly and precise, so I recognize how totally intense a wood version would be to make! I’m so impressed! 🙂

  17. Wow! I mean wow!! I am in love with this pendant! You guys are so darn creative! Thats so awesome that you are donating to a great cause. I dont know if I missed the size? What are the measurements? I just started a blog a little over a week ago, I hope to can get my creative juices flowing as well as you! I think I might just have to try this!

  18. Hands down one of the best projects that I”ve seen!

  19. I’m super impressed that you guys made this, especially with all the angles and matching it up just right! How exciting for the new shop! I can’t wait to see what all you end up with and I’m sure to purchase something! 🙂 Maybe one of these lights! What are the dimensions?

  20. Congrats on opening the shop! I know it will be a huge success for you guys. I love that you’re giving to Compassion too, one of my favorite charities! 🙂

  21. Wooohoooo!!! Congrats to you guys!! How exciting this is!! Your light is amazing; you guys are a great team, and you WILL succeed!!

  22. I so rarely buy things instead of DIY-ing them but this is one of those things! That looks seriously involved and totally worth the $139. Great work, absolutely beautiful!

  23. Oooh that Andy is a clever clogs ain’t he?! I’m well impressed by the fact that he FIGURED THIS F***ER OUT because I would have had one look at the maths involved and stayed far far away! I can’t possibly show this to Wayne either because knowing him, he’ll all be wantin the new toys that are required (he would be salivating at making cuts that precise) and we barely have room enough for his toys now, nevermind adding more to the pile. However, I will say, I’m ridiculously impressed, what a guy!!

    As for your shop – that is SO FREAKING COOL. And you ship internationally!!! Ackkk!! You rock my world sista. Can’t wait to see how your little shop gets on, I know you will both make it a huge success!! Congratulations baby!! xxx

    P.S. Can I also ask a little question? Why are there little links to other sites appearing all over your post? Is this something new or have I not noticed it before? xxx

    • OMG those links are so spammy and terrible! Thank you for telling me! They are gone now, whew! We signed up for this new network and they took it upon themselves to add those without telling us, so we quickly unsigned up and won’t be doing that again. Yikes! But thanks for the sweet note! <3

    • i have same your question.

  24. Lawsy Mercy woman! That is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all day! You guys put old Ralphie to shame. Great job, and congrats on your shop!

  25. crud…i live in GA…can I just drive to your house and buy it CL style? I kid, I would love one, but even at your great price, it’s not in the budget. looks great though…totally impressed with ur man’s skillz. 🙂

  26. Congrats on your new shop Kelly!! Awesome!! Love your light so much – I showed my hubs it and he said ‘nice seams!’ so that’s a big thumbs up from my hubs to yours haha!! The dark walnut stain is perfect too! P.S..I think you should make these to sell as shelf decor too!! 😉 I’m shouting your good news out!!

  27. I looooove this light! I would totally buy one if we weren’t about to move! haha. I’m keeping it in mind for the next house though! Will you offer them in different finishes? ie- could someone have a brightly painted one or something?

    So excited for you for your shop! You guys will do great!

  28. Oh my goodness! Yay for you guys! I love this light and I hope you guys get a ton of orders! 🙂

  29. Best. Announcement. Ever. Just curious: how much do you think you’d charge for a 2′ or 3′ wide pendant? I’d LOVE to have one made for our dining room 🙂

    Side note: you guys should make a bunch for little mantel/bookshelf decorations too! I’d be all over those 🙂

  30. Ooh, I’m excited that you are selling these! I’ll have to show my husband this post and see if he’s up for the challenge. So will all of the lights you make come with the same stain or whatever you used, or does it come so we can paint it any color?

    • I could send it to you with the wood raw so you could make it whatever color you want. I’d even discount it for ya – how’s $10 off? – so I don’t have to stain it. 🙂 The challenge is that you’d have to assemble it, since you wouldn’t want to attach the acrylic top until it’s completely stained or painted. We would drill holes in the top of the dodecahedron and in the acrylic piece, and you’d just have to screw it together and thread in the light kit. Let me know if you want me to set that up for ya!

  31. Awesome! Positively awesome! Did I say, awesome?! That it is!!

  32. SO exciting for you guys! All I can think of when I see that dodcharraaha word is dodo. Which is why Andy is a math teacher and I just stick with teaching language…like the word dodo. 😛 Surely that will be on the state test?

  33. Yowza!! How awesome is that? Congrats on the new shop, Kelly! I might have to spring for one for my foyer!
    xo Heidi

  34. Came to you today via This, That, and Life. Loved your hilarious post over there, and this light is A.MAZ.ING. Fantastic idea to sell them to those without digital protractors 🙂 Very happy to have found you and be following along now!

  35. Stopping over from Decor and the Dog–I LOVE that light. Seriously contemplating it!

  36. I cannot even tell you how much I love this. I actually NEED a dining room fixture. The problem is the light and table aren’t centered so the chandelier swings. Wonder if there would be a way to keep this look but add a chain for swinging.

  37. So I’m WAY late at commenting, but I am SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!!!!! You are amazing, and I LOOOVE that you are donating to Compassion. SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

  38. Great job! So cool that you’ll be selling them!


  40. Congrats to you both! Awesome idea to make and sell these amazing lights! 🙂 So happy for you!

  41. woo hoo!!! Now I can have one handmade by YOU!! Love!

  42. I had thought that was made out of metal at first! I must say you have made me a fan, I wasnt so sure of this light fixture at first. You guys are awesome to accomplish such a task, good luck with sales!

  43. omg this dodecahedron pendant light is fantastic!! amazing work and i want one SO SO bad!! so sad that i rent (and probably will do so for the next 10 years) and can’t really justify buying one 🙁

  44. This is EPIC! I literally have a pile of square dowels sitting on my dining room table waiting for me to figure out how to recreate this exact light fixture.

    But after seeing this blog post, I realize I am in way over my head. I am so buying one of yours!

  45. I love this light! Your laundry room turned out great, it is such a statement piece in there. Pure awesomeness. Congrats on the shop! I hope you sell a million and build a dodecahedron factory

  46. WOWEEE!!! That is amazing!!!!
    So clever! 🙂

    Can’t wait to share this on Pinterest!! 🙂 🙂


  47. WOW, why can’t my husband do something like this. I’m going to show him this post with a very sad face, but I know that there is NOOO way he could built something like this. We are so not a DIY couple. I’m jealous. Good luck with your shop!
    (You 2 should enter this into the Creating with the Stars contest, I’m sure you will, right? This is a killer project)
    PS: I was hoping and praying that the announcement was a dodecahedron light giveaway, HAHA

  48. first of all, that’s awesomeness at my eyes for sure. second, this pretty much rocks my socks. and third, dodecahedron is like the coolest word to say out loud, is it not? your room looks fabulous!

  49. Holy Dodecahedron!!!! That really is such a cool light, and that’s wicked cool that you’ve officially opened the shop. Woo Hoo!!! I’m beginning to think I need an Andy. 🙂

  50. Can’t pronounce it but I love it!! Glad you are selling them because the math involved in this would drive me to drink (wait, I already drink)!
    Sharing right now on my FB page!

  51. This is so awesome! I’m excited that you guys will be making these – you’re both so crazy talented! 🙂 And honestly, I actually like yours better than the “real” one — I think it’s the stained wood that I really dig.

  52. Wow, I love that you have a digital protractor and an AWESOME wood cutting husband! Way to go Andy. I have to confess that I am not loving this trend of one naked bulb in some kind of exposed cage… it is just not my thing. I guess I prefer my lightbulbs decently clothed in shades, or else pretending to be candle flames 🙂

  53. I totally want one! Ideally in a bigger size, so let me know when Andy whips up an enormous jig for that:)

    Pinning, plussing, the works for this one!


  54. i am so so so so so excited for you guys!!!!!!!!!! ya!!!!!!! maybe PPS should sell the VATW lights???? i think yes.

  55. Kelly,

    How amazing is this! I LOVE it! It looks like it came from Horchow! Thank you so much for inspiring me today! You are AWESOME!!!!!


  56. Kelly – I showed this to my husband this morning over breakfast, hinting at how cool it would be to have one of our very own! He saw that pic with all of the pointed angles and then the jig and he was like “no, no, no (shaking head furiously) – you are not convincing me to do that. We will just buy one”.
    Needless to say he hates angles!
    So, if we ever make our way into a house that we have space for such a beautiful light fixture we will be buying one from you! Good luck with your new shop…and the light fixture really is amazing.

  57. What the WHAT?! You made that?! Honestly, I’m not very surprised. You guys are super talented. This project requires too much math for my noggin. I hope you sell millions of these!

  58. Oh wow, I’ve had a DIY very similar to this on my list for weeks now for my blog, and haven’t got around to it. Now that I see yours, I’m glad I didn’t attempt it! Ha!

    I love that you offer them for sale. Any chance you will make different sized ones available?

    • Yes, we are definitely planning to offer up larger sizes. We’re just trying to figure out how to ship them! I think a 2-foot-wide version could be really cool. Did you have a specific size in mind? We’re still playing around with the right sizes so I’m open to suggestions.

      • I don’t have any suggestions right off hand, unless it’s possible to do custom sizes. I am in the middle of moving and we aren’t sure if we are going to be buying a home or renting another year. So, that, and the dimensions of a room would come into play not to mention the design plans for the room.

        Anyways, I’m keeping this in mind! I love that you are offering them up for sale! And what a great price, too!


    🙂 Linda

  60. Holy cow! You guys are awesome. That pendant is beautiful!!

  61. Fabulous!!! The math part would just make my head spin!

  62. I’m wondering not only if we can go larger in size but also if we can do it where it hangs like the gold one you have in photo example number 2? I love how it hangs at an angle. Man, I really have a feeling, I’m not going to be the only one wanting to order one of these.

    • That had seriously never occurred to me. You are brilliant! 🙂 Thank you so much! Andy just made a larger version today, it’s slightly bigger than the other and he wants to also make one a LOT bigger. He probably can easily to a custom size for you, just let me know when you’re ready. Thanks!

  63. Wow! These look fantastic! You guys have some serious patience to put all those pieces together!

    Jenna @

  64. katie goldsworthy says:

    This is so stinkin’ cool!!! I’m featuring it on my FB page. I might have already left a comment, but if I did, that’s ok, because this project deserves two comments from me 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  65. Whoa. Just, whoa. That lamp is gorgeous – a dead ringer for the inspiration. No wait, it’s better. Your finish is much richer. Once again, I’m super super impressed. And I’m so excited for you! Congrats on launching the shop – can’t wait to see what’s next from y’all. Greatness, no doubt.

  66. Very, very nice!
    I did a 3D Design class in grad school, and the dodecahedron was my favorite shape to build. The ellipse is my favorite 2D shape. I tried combining them, but it was just gilding the lily.

  67. This is sTunning!!! thank you Kelly for sharing at our Monday Funday party! Love having you!

  68. So very cool! I just had to pin this!

  69. L.O.V.E. thanks for sharing 🙂 Gooogle + -ing it now!

  70. FYI: Your google + button takes me to your fb page 🙂

  71. Hey, no rush, but what is the expected turnaround time for the lights? I can’t wait to see mine. 🙂

    • Hi! Yours should go out either tomorrow or the next day. We stained them last night and just want to double check that the finish is perfect for ya. I hope you love it! I’ll let you know when it’s been shipped so you can be on the lookout. 🙂

  72. This light is GENIUS!! You guys rocked it and how exciting to be offering them to others! Would love for you to share at tonights party! {totally bummed you can’t sell to Georgia} xo bridgett

  73. Your project is amazing. It’s better than the inspiration light.

  74. All I can say is WOW! Amazing! I love it!

  75. What a great project! I’m so excited for you and your new shop! I wish I had a place for one…I might just have to find a place. 🙂

  76. Wow, that is so creative and awesome! So glad I clicked over here from Centsational Girl. Sharon

  77. I’m SO flippin’ excited about this for you! I’ve pinned it, shared it on FB and twitter – it’s super awesome looking and a great price! Wishing you all the best in opening shop!!!

  78. Featured this amazing project tonight at Monday Funday kelly!

  79. This is kinda sorta one of the most amazing DIY projects I’ve seen out in blogland for a long time. Also, I love your blog design (I’m currently re-doing mine, so I’m always noticing other blog designs). Love all of your white space and the handmade quality to it.

  80. Love the light. I would like to order one but have a question first. I have the perfect spot for it but there is a canned light in the ceiling where I would like it to extend. Would this light work/adapt to that spot? I obviously don’t know a lot about electric work :). Thanks for the help!

  81. This is fantastic!! You (and hubby!!) did a beautiful job 🙂


  82. I can’t remember if I already commented on this post or not, but it’s so good it deserves two comments! Seriously…amazing job!!!

  83. Wow. Just.simply.stunning, Kelly. I love it! Thank you for linking up to That DIY Party too. 🙂
    Congratulations on the shop!!! I’m so excited for you!

  84. Wow! (So talented!) Absolutely love this light.

  85. The light fixture is beautiful and quite the accomplishment. My only question is how you can sell a copy of another person’s design? So often the blog and design communities reacts with outrage when the big companies copy and steal designs from small independent designers (ex. Anthropologie vs small Etsy company). So I have to be honest that it bothers me that you are copying the Ralph Lauren design pretty outright and selling it for less. I am always totally supportive of DIY copies for personal use, but you are essentially stealing someone else’s design and the time & energy that went into developing and producing the product. Yes, RL is a HUGE company that won’t be impacted in a major way by your sales, but why does that make it ok?
    I don’t mean to dump all over you, it just felt like it was important to point out. Yes, nothing is original, inspiration came from multiple faceted designs, etc. But in the end yours looks identical to the RL version.
    My husband and I are both designers and strive to save for the real thing rather than purchase knock-offs. So I won’t have my dream Womb Chair for a looong time, but I don’t want to compromise my values and then feel guilty every time I look at it if I bought an imitation.
    I think it would be so much stronger to open your own shop with something that was truly your own. Just saying. (Ok, now everyone will probably “yell” at me for pointing this out.)

    • Hi Colleen, Thanks for your comment. This post was featured on Apartment Therapy and there was some discussion there about the same thing. Most people tended to think that it’s different enough in design that it’s not an actual copy. (Here’s that post:

      I tend to agree with that. I actually think our light is quite different from the original. The color/finish is different, the scale and proportions are different (better, I think) and the hardware is completely different both in style and color. Actually, the only commonality is that we both took a shape and made it into a pendant light. You can see from my inspiration images that this is quite common in design right now. There’s a trend toward using geometric shapes in design and especially in lighting. To follow your logic through, no one would ever be able to use the dodecahedron shape again in lighting now that RL has used it. It’s just a geometric shape. (In fact, you could argue that RL “copied” those other designers who have also used that shape.)

      Our light certainly is inspired by the RL version, but a direct copy it is not. We made it our own, into something we actually prefer over the RL version.

  86. Hi! Just sent an email in about the possibility of a larger size, and then came to read the comments and saw you made the point that shipping it is the hard part. I know this wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but since this tends to be a DIY crowd maybe it would appeal to a bunch — how about selling the cut pieces for a larger size, like a kit, and we have to assemble it? I think for most (including me) the deal-breaker for DIYing it is cutting those angles properly. If you/Andy did that, I’d happily take on the challenge (and I know it’s not simple) of assembling it.

    • Hi! We would definitely do that. The assembly is the hardest, most time-consuming part, so if you’d be up for doing that yourself, we could definitely just send you the cut pieces. You’d be looking for a light about 2 feet wide, right?

  87. Malaniya says:

    This is just gorgeous! I’m actually working on a stool in one of my design classes that is dodecahedron shaped. Do you know what the angles are on the sides of each pieces that your husband made? Thanks!

  88. Came across this post via Censational Girl.

    I have an obsession with all things faceted. This project is mind-blowing! Just Awesome.

    Sandy K

  89. It’s fantastic! Unfortunately it’s difficult to cut the pieces of wodden with that precision. I will not can to do it 🙁

  90. That is really cool and thank you for the detailed tutorial:)

  91. I need one of these lights for my new laundry room! I will hopefully be finished in the next month or so!

  92. Holly Martinez says:

    Kelly! I’m brainstorming a DIY pendant similar to this. I have a question: does it cast weird shadows around your room? My DIY assistant (minion?) is worried that it will! Still obsessed with your blog. Xoxo.

  93. I have always admired that light…and will continue to only admire, haha! That DIY was intense! Your husband is very skilled! 🙂 I’ll have to wait for the shop. Congrats and I know you will have amazing products! Can’t wait!

  94. Hiiiiiii!
    I can’t tell you how much I adore this light!
    Major props to you for thinking to DIY it and insane props to your DH for actually DIY-ing it!
    I MUST own one, too {woulda bought one but y’all’re sold out:(} sooooo, may I, like the poster above, buy the pre-cut pieces from you and assemble it myself?
    I might want two:).
    Thx in advance!!

  95. dear sir

    we are interested in your product.

    we want to buy 36 pcs as a trial order.

    kindly sendus prices with picture and delivery period,and
    from which country are you,.

    hope to hear from you soon

    best regaards

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  96. Hey, I heard you weren’t making or selling these anymore so could you let me know (or add to the post) what the angles actually were for the pieces? I’d really appreciate it, otherwise I don’t know how to start without the angles ! 🙂

  97. I have a question for your brilliant husband. Im wanting to build a Icosahedron. I know my dihedral angle is going to be… Dihedral Angle = 138.16038° if i divide this in half to cut each side of its 69.08019 which is more than what 45 degree table saw can do..I’m thinking on this I can just do the reverse angel of 20.91981 cut from each side which should then give me the 138.16038°… i think…lol..
    but i can’t wrap my mind around the ends.. which the angels again and on bevel are more than 45.. anyways wondering if he had any input.. thanks! love yalls by the way you should be very proud.. my husbands rolling his eyes about this project :0
    Deck: Pentagon
    Roof Surface Faces: 5 x Equilateral Triangles
    Deck Angle = 108°
    Plan DD = 54.00°
    Common Rafter Slope Angle SS = 37.37737°
    Hip Rafter Slope Angle R1 = 31.71747°

    Dihedral Angle = 138.16038°
    Hip Rafter Backing Angle = 20.91981°

    Platonic Solid Edges
    Hip Rafter Miter Angle = 31.71747°
    Hip Rafter Bevel Angle = 58.2825°
    Hip Rafter Saw Blade Bevel Angle = 54.00°

    • Wow. 🙂 haha. I forwarded your comment to Andy with a lot of question marks and this is what he said: “It took a lot of trial and error with scrap wood to make the dodecahedron. I did the cuts on my table saw using the miter gauge because it doesn’t have the limitations of a miter saw. I don’t have any advice but would love to see pictures when they figure it out.” 🙂 Neither of us have any idea, but it might help to just play with wood and see what works? I don’t know. It sounds amazing though!

      • oh i hadn’t even thought about a miter gauge for the table saw!!! that might have solved my problem.. i have also recently considered buying pvc and bending the ends to be secured together to create on and then spraying a flat black. I kind of like the idea of the round edges mixed in with the sharp angles.. hum what to do lol thanks again for the inspiration love your blog! would love if you checked out mine.. we are moving into a new builder grade house yeah!!! tons of projects lol

  98. Wooow, this is incredibly amazing! nice lamp and great job

  99. Kudos to Andy!

  100. I “commented” once before to tell you how I adore this light and to ask for your help. You were kind enough to email me back {thank you for taking the time!} that you’re not making/selling/helping with them anymore. I was devastated but I understood. So, I resolved to figure it out on my own:) buuuuut, that was multiple months ago and none of the smarty pants people I know {dad, uncle, grandpa} will help me! Stinkers! Please oh please oh please will you help me! All I need is the measurement lengths and angles…..
    But, really, I do understand if you cant:)

    • haha! Girl, I so wish I could. It’s been about a year since we made these and we lost all the angle and measurement info. But I do have some good news – we think we found a better, easier way to make these, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to make it and blog about it soon, so stay tuned! 🙂

  101. Oh my goodness this is the most gorgeous pendant light I’ve ever seen!! Wow!

  102. It is the best time to make some plans for the future
    and it is time to be happy. I’ve read this publish and if I may I desire to counsel you few
    interesting issues or advice. Perhaps you can write next articles referring to this article.
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  103. Treespirit says:

    If you get one of those metal cover deals that go over the dishwasher sink outlet and fill the gap with plumber putty and sand and paint you could drill a hole for the fixture to fit into then that would give it that nice finished look around the bulb. Just a thought.

  104. Jenna Wendel says:

    Are they for sale again yet? 🙂

  105. Can’t wait to see the easier tutorial on this.

  106. Is the easier tutorial up yet? Or will you be selling them again? 🙂

  107. Hi,

    I LOVE this light! What are the chances you’re willing to make and sell me one? I know this post is old and that you stopped selling them but I’ve searched the internet high and low and can’t find anything as gorgeous as this. Let me know?



  108. Juwairiah Khan says:

    Hi! Please email me or contact me when you are ready to start selling these again! I would love one for my sons nursery! Great Job – cant wait to start my own DIY projects with my husband 🙂

  109. Most impressive! We are sure you could sell that as a kit!

  110. Hey,
    My wife and I love your pendant light and I think she would love it if I could make her one.
    Could you give me the measurements and angles to cut please?
    Thanks a lot!

  111. Hey there. Do you have plans for these dodecahedron lights? I would be really interested in the angles and dimensions you used. If you are willing to share I would be very grateful! They are amazing. 🙂


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