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Our Home Goals for 2013

In my recent post about how we fared on last year’s home goals, I proved that I am not the “goal ninja” I had once hoped, completing all my 2012 house goals quickly and effortlessly, then stabbing them in the kneecaps until they begged for mercy!

In fact, I may be the opposite of a goal ninja, whatever that is…

(PAUSE! Time out while I quickly research what the opposite of a ninja is. Google says it’s a couch potato, or possibly a sloth. One person curiously suggests it may be a banana, or a farmer. Andy strongly maintains the opposite of a ninja is a pirate, and he rejects any suggestions to the contrary. DO NOT SUGGEST ANYTHING ELSE TO HIM. IT IS A PIRATE.)

In the interest of saving my marriage, I’m clearly a “goal pirate,” which is a new term I just invented for someone who didn’t finish all their goals last year. (I think “goal banana” has a nice ring to it, but don’t tell Andy. He’s passionate about the pirate thing.)

Anyway, despite my goal-pirate ways (“AAARRRRRGGGHH!”), I’m still setting out goals for our home for 2013. We’ve been in this house 4 1/2 years now, and it’s time we made some progress in a few areas. Ahoy!

1. The Laundry Room

I know I keep promising laundry room reveals to you guys. We’re like one five-minute job away from finishing it. At this point, you probably think my laundry room is an imaginary place I invented, like that imaginary boyfriend who “went to a different school” that you invented for your friends at summer camp.

But it’s real, guys. I promise. (And it’s sooo good-looking, popular and a star athlete.)This is how the laundry room looked when I started (back in the summer of 2012! Embarrassing!).

I know this picture looks fuzzy. The whole laundry room looked fuzzy back then.

Goal: Finish the laundry room.

2. The Guest Room

Our guest room was one of the first rooms we actually finished in the house, and I was thrilled it was done, but I’ve felt kinda “meh” about the way it’s decorated and I’d like to make some changes.

Goal: Punch up the accessories and bedding with more pattern, color and texture.

3. The Master Bedroom

UGH. Enough already with the neglected master bedroom! I’d love for this room to feel cared-for and finished, less like a catch-all temporary space.


  • Find new nightstands, lamps, dressers
  • Finally add some art and accessories!
  • Begin to furnish the sitting room area
  • Get a new chandelier (Maybe something DIY? Maybe something crystal and vintage? Not sure.)

4. Weston’s Bedroom

Speaking of catch-all and temporary… Weston’s room needs help. It’s not just an aesthetic thing (although, hello, it definitely needs help in that department): it also doesn’t function well for us.


  • Reconfigure the room so the layout makes more sense for how we use the room.
  • Kiddo needs a new bed, bedding and window treatments
  • Design a fun play/creative space so he uses it more during the day

5. General Home Goal

Last year, my main goal was:

Be grateful for my home, for shelter, for comforts. Even if it’s not perfect, even if it’ll never be in a magazine, even if it’s covered in tiny grubby fingerprints. Especially then.

I do try to practice gratefulness, especially when it comes to our home, but this will always be one of my top goals for our house.

* * *

And we’ll see if we can attack these goals with ninja-like speed and accuracy, or if it’ll be more of a goal-pirate poop-deck failure come 2014. Have you set goals for your home? Are you a goal-farmer/banana?

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  1. Sounds like a good list! Not totally overwhelming, but will definitely give you a sense of progress.
    This is my first year making a whole list of house related goals, so time will tell if I’m a ninja or a banana or….something in between

  2. Those look like nice attainable pirate like goals for the year. I redid the laundry room last year but I pretty much hate it so it might be on my list again this year. Blah. I’m sure whatever you do this year will be fabulous!

  3. A great list! Your guest room is so pretty and serene! But I totally get you on feeling “meh” about a room. Our bedroom is supposed to be done, but – it’s “meh”. Look forward to being inspired by you this year, with all your transformations and ideas big and small!

  4. I”m not going to contradict Andy and say that Pirate isn’t the best choice but I”m just saying that if he ever tires of that phrase that Sloth is a dandy alternative. Your goals are lofty but attainable I’d say.

  5. Your master looks a millions times more put together than mine, so even if you feel it’s catch it doesn’t look like it. Also if it makes you feel better, I am currently using all of the rooms in my house as a catch-all. 😉

    Can’t wait to see you hang up your pirate hat (or banana peel) and ninja those spaces/goals in 2013.

  6. Love your list! This is my first year making a list for my house and I’m kind of weirdly excited about it! I’ve already checked two things off and am working on the third soooo, I’d say I’m doing pretty good! My list is super long though so time will tell if that statement holds up in 6 months haha

  7. Great goals!! I want to work on our bedroom too….(I don’t feel like I can call it a “master” at all) – but anyway…I can’t wait to see what you do! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Great goals! I’m sure you’ll be more of a ninja this year. You can do it!

  9. you can do it, goal banana!

  10. Yep, after being a goal pirate myself, I think I’ve downsized my goals so that they could be accomplished by a goal banana this year:)

  11. You’ve got some great goals set! I just LOVE your master bedroom with all that space! Was it once two rooms that were converted to one huge suite?

    • Thanks! Nope; it was designed to be a master with a sitting room. My husband hates it! 🙂 It was the one thing he didn’t like about this house when we were considering buying it because he said it’s just a bunch of wasted space. It just turns into storage for all our crap, so he’s mostly right. (Or mostly wrong? Hmm.)

  12. I am a goal sloth. Although I did recently ponder making cleaning goals for every day of the month. I may still do this…but for now I am enjoying being a sloth. 😛

  13. I’m excited to see that laundry room reveal. The wife and I would love to make over our current laundry room so we’re looking for inspiration. Your master bedroom is huge!

  14. Andy darling…. I know you are as cute as a pirates booty, and I want to make Hey Girl ads outta your face and all, but Goal Pirate is just wrong. So since I don’t have to live with you and I’m older, wiser – hence braver than your wife, … I’ll just say it… you’re wrong about the pirate ninja thing.


  15. You can doo eet!

    Eh, even if you get like 1 or 2 done you’ll be in great shape.

  16. Yay for being an over-achiever in the goal making department and an under-achiever in the goal completion department! Excited to see what you get done this year!

  17. Go Pirate Ninja go!!! … or is it ninja pirate? 🙂

  18. Goal pirate, lol…this is why I love your blog. Great goals, and they shouldn’t be toooo hard to accomplish. Your spaces are clean and ready to go… you have a great basic jumping off points. Well except for Westons room, that one looks more like my boys room (which I WILL get done this year!) And hey, we started our kitchen renovation the summer of 2011 and we still aren’t finished. Virtual high five for slow poke bloggers! Way to string ’em along, lol.

  19. i am soo terrible about sticking to lists and goals. i get sidetracked so easily!! excited to watch your progress this year!!

  20. Those are excellent goals Kelly! I too feel like a “goal pirate.” It’s so hard to put all of the time and money in to just one room, especially when there are a ton of others that need attention and I’ve got a bunch of other things to do!

  21. Great list, Kelly!! You’ve got your work cut out for you, but YOU ARE A NINJA/PIRATE (whichever works for you). Working on my goals as well… it’ll be a list with fangs, I’m sure. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  22. I love it! I’m determined to get my act together with our master this year. 8 days in, our roof leaked and water soaked our floors. It’s not looking like too good of an outlook so far!

  23. Not that I want to dissuade you from whatever brilliant plans you have for your guest room, but…I just want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed the peaceful, tranquil, calming feel of that room. Just what a person needs when they’re staying somewhere other than their own home. That’s just my 2 cents 😉


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