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Rating Last Year’s Home Goals: in which I fail fantastically

Happy new year! Aren’t we all feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning? YES?!! I hope 2013 has been the best year of your life so far. 🙂

Last year I shared some of our house goals for 2012. I tried to be conservative, laying out simple, easy goals so I could set myself up to drop in in early 2013 and tell you how we OWNED every single goal. I’d be like:

SHAZAM! Checkity-check-CHECK!

I would kick all the goals right in the knees, then laugh in their faces, and people would start calling me “The Goal Ninja.”

I had it allllll figured out.


We didn’t actually do as much as I thought in 2012, turns out. But we did knock a few things off the list. Here’s where we stand.

1. The office

At the beginning of 2012:

And here’s how it looks now:

Last year’s goals:

Aside from that, we also added our DIY capiz shell chandelier, some super fancy bookshelf lighting that we LOVE and a faux cowhide rug.

Completely subjective random score: B+. We didn’t do window treatments, but I’ll give us extra credit for knocking out the light fixture.

2. The Nursery

At the beginning of 2012:
Baby boy nursery green with owls
And today:

Last year’s goals:

Completely subjective random score: Four happy babies out of four. (See? Random scoring.)

3. The Bonus Room.

Last year’s goal: change it from a messy catch-all room to Weston’s swanky new big-boy bachelor pad. Today? It’s his room, and he loves it, but it’s not decorated in any sense. It’s pretty tragic, actually. I plan to make it cute for him eventually. We’ll have to see if this makes the 2013 goals list!

Here it is in its sad state today:

Yep, that’s a sheet over the window. And actually, he doesn’t sleep in the crib anymore – just a mattress on the floor for the time being – so it’s even worse than this. Yikes.

Completely subjective random score: 46. (When I don’t like my score, I render the scoring system meaningless.)

4. The Master Bedroom

At the beginning of 2012:

And today:

Last year’s goals:

  • Finish and hang curtains (Done! See that here.) …And that’s where it all goes downhill…
  • New nightstands and lamps (Incomplete!)
  • New dresser (Not done!)
  • Accessorize and beautify. (NOPE!)

Completely subjective random score: F+. (Can you get an F+ in school? Not sure.)

5. The living room

At the beginning of 2012:

And today… it mostly still looks like that. Here were our goals:

  • Find new seating to replace the Chinese Chippendales which don’t really live there. (Done-ish, but I haven’t posted about that yet.)
  • New rug and lighting. (In progress. More on this soon!)
  • Fix the sofa table so it fits behind the sofa. (Done. Oops, forgot to tell you about this too! I owe you guys a living room update.)
  • DIY a new ottoman. (Yeahhh… nope.)

So while we got off to a strong start, making huge progress in the office and nursery in the early part of the year, we pretty much failed miserably in the second half. We started to redo the laundry room and almost finished it, then left it that way for about 4 months. I really do plan to actually show it to you guys at some point.

I’ll give us an overall score of two 3D pantographs out of a possible -6 to the nth power.

Here’s to a more productive 2013!

Did you make home goals last year? How would you rate your progress?

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  1. I made no goals only because I knew I would get an F+ in all of them.

    I still love that little nursery of yours.

    Happy New Year, ninja. 😉

  2. Well give yourself a high five for adding a baby to the mix too. 🙂 I rate these 10 out of 10. Great job and can’t wait to see what you do in 2013! Happy New Year Kelly!

  3. I would think you scored a perfect something-or-other … whatever the scale is. But I’m so surprised your back yard paradise isn’t included. 😉 The office and nursery are two of my favorite spaces ever! Happy New Year to you all!!

  4. Christine @ casa-de-Christine says:

    I think you still did fairly well. The rooms you finished are beautiful! I don’t make house goals because I know I would fail. Case in point – the bathroom Reno that is going on a year now. Haha

    Happy new year!!

  5. My goals for 2012: survive. Do more artwork. And I met all of them! I’m alive and I did 2.5 pieces of art as opposed to zero. So you see, all you must do is to lower your standards. It’s that easy. I would do the happy dance were I in your shoes. (We still have a temporary paper shade in the baby’s room. The bottom is ripped jaggedly and looks like scary monster teeth.)
    Your house is beautiful. I actually am picky, just have been overwhelmed.

  6. Lol, I give this post a score of three folded loads of laundry (who doesn’t love already folded laundry?) I’m currently working on my 2012 resolution post and I failed even worse than you did!

  7. You house is amazing! I too failed at my home goals. I just get ADD and then find good deals on things that aren’t on my goal list so I get sidetracked. A+ for effort right?

  8. i came. i saw. i gave birth. i conquered. now see, i think that would be plenty. but then you go and add in some home projects and you did awesome- not a fail at all!!!!!

  9. You know, you DID have a baby and all. So just checkity-check-check that off your list:)

  10. You have gorgeous pictures!! I think you did great! If you add having a baby to that list and learning to adjust you like topped the charts! Great job!

  11. You have gorgeous pictures!! I think you did great! If you add having a baby to that list and learning to adjust you like topped the charts! Great job!

  12. Kelly, I love what you have done so far, especially your office. I just made a goal list for 2013…I doubt I will get it all done! Happy New Year! xo Kristin

  13. I think you had a very successful year! There was that whole goal of having a baby which you rocked, so you basically get a pass for the months of May – October at least. So you’re still the Goal Ninja in my book!

  14. Here’s my suggestion (I am old, remember? I have learned a couple of things.) for Weston’s room: Don’t make it too cute. We did ‘cute’ for John-Boy when he was about four and then had to re-do at seven because he was “over it.” (His words.) LOVE the baby’s room! Can I have your baby? (I ask everyone for their babies. Tisha is so tired of me begging for Marty, she’s ready to cave.)

  15. The modifications that you made look amazing!! I don’t make home goals because my taste is awful and coordinating colors seems nearly impossible.

  16. It’s been a very inspiring year over here at VATW!! I think your best project was the one that resides in the nursery! That’s my fave.


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