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First Video Ever, and Answers to your Questions

Welp, I did it! Actually made a video for the blog, and appeared in it. And then posted it.

A couple weeks ago for my second blogiversary, we put out a call for any questions you have about anything, and Andy and I sat down together to answer them in the video below. It’s 15 minutes start to finish, so I’ve outlined it below the video in case you want to skip to the juicy parts (whatever those are!).

By the way, if you’ve ever seen a video recording of yourself, you’ll trust and believe me when I tell you: I don’t look or sound anything like this (in my head). And also: if you’d like to turn this into a drinking game, take a drink every time I scratch my left hand. I have a mosquito bite, not hand-leprosy. Just felt like it might be worth clarifying that.

  • 00:10: Andy tests whether I really meant it when I said we’re only doing one take.
  • 00:43: Does Andy like everything you do, or does he not care that much?
  • 01:34: What’s a project you presented to Andy that he thought was ridiculous?
  • 01:40: What are your top tips for harmoniously DIYing together?
  • 02:14: How do you get Andy to support your projects and not get annoyed every time you want to change something?
  • 02:52: How often do you wash your hair? What products do you use on your hair?
  • 04:20: Do you or Andy have any irrational fears or phobias? (Good chance to see how weird Andy is and how normal I am.)
  • 05:43: What’s your favorite Bible verse? (This is the quote art I was referencing.)
  • 06:24: What time do you wake up in the morning?
  • 06:40: How did you choose the names of your kiddos?
  • 07:24: What are your favorite movies?
  • 08:07 What do you wish you’d known about blogging? What would you tell a new blogger to do to get traffic? (P.S.: Would you guys want a post about blogging? I only really gave one tip here.)
  • 09:11: If money was no object, what’s one DIY project you’d contract out?
  • 09:37 What’s one major decorating mishap you’ve had? (Obviously, there are MANY more I didn’t mention!)
  • 10:11: What project that you’ve blogged about was the most fun for you?
  • 10:51: Andy, is it true your bride repainted the master bedroom 12 times?
  • 11:33: How do you blog and do DIY projects with two kids? (At 12:22, this is what I was talking about when I mentioned Weston with a screwdriver.)
  • 12:30: Do your kids make messes? (And my embarrassing little-known-fact for house photography when you have little ones.)
  • 13:31: What do you use for toy storage? (We have lots more toys that live upstairs in Weston’s room. We haven’t figured out how to tame that yet.)
  • 13:58: You seem to have lots of pretty but breakable decorations. How do you keep your kids away from them?
  • 15:28: That “safety first” ending has become a weird VATW video tradition that started here.

Andy forgot to shave (for like a week), so pretend like he was clean-shaven. Was anything in that video surprising to you? Tell me about your weird fears or phobias! Let’s be weird together!

P.S.: Today’s the last day to enter the giveaway for a whole wall full of amazing easy-change gallery picture frames!

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  1. I love it…I feel like I just got to met you! I feel like Andy and Adam could sit around talking for hours about the crazy things their wives do/ask them to do, how messy kids are, and how many layers of paint on our walls, haha. If you will excuse me I have to go watch Best in Show now…
    (I’ve never even heard of that movie).

  2. You two are precious. I’m slightly disappointed in the lack of southern accents though. I just really thought you’d have accents.

  3. You guys are too cute! I love getting a chance to see bloggers “in real life”, along with just reading their words. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Hahahaha, super cute. Glad to hear Weston is mastering the table saw!

  5. You video is wonderful. You two are absolutely adorable. And, I don’t believe you about messes – your house is always beautiful. Thanks for the fun 15 minutes to the start of my day ! 🙂

  6. This is great! lol! You guys are so “real” and that is awesome. Congrats! (btw: I love the plate wall. shhhhh! ;)) ~k.

  7. So much fun! You two did great and I feel like I just met you in real life! More! We want more!

  8. Best in Show. Yes. It is a masterpiece.

  9. What is wrong with me? The whole video I heard Star Wars music playing and I pictured a Hey Girl above Andy’s head as I intergalactically rubbed his knees.


  10. Love your sense of humour! I had a feeling you would be this much fun in real life. Thanks for sharing; I look forward to the next video!

  11. Kelly, really enjoyed the video. I don’t think I would want to be recorded while my husband and I discussed some of previous remodeling projects! Unless of course I wrote the script for him.

  12. You two are super adorable!! Great video! It’s really fun to see “real life” and hear that you guys are just as normal as me..Messy house and all!

  13. Love the video! You two are great!
    I think Andy should have classes for husbands where he teaches patience, understanding and the “sure honey” method, LOL. I’d sign mine up right now.

  14. Hey Kelly. Loved your video. I just have to tell you that I am learning about face reading and so when you commented about your ears, I was intrigued. Ears that stick out are an asset, didn’t you know that? 🙂 They usually belong to a person who is a non-conformist, independent and who tends to charge ahead!
    Oh and I would love a post about blogging.
    Also, I love that you take time to comment on other people’s blogs. That is really inspirational to me! I am not seeing a lot of big bloggers doing that. That is awesome!

  15. Alright. As soon as you mentioned Best in Show, I knew that we should for real be long distance friends. Like for real. I’ve always sorta thought that, and I mentioned it to you once, but now it has been cemented. It’s gonna happen. Because we could talk or not talk all day, and we’d never run out of things to not talk about. So here’s to future, or at least cyber, bff-ery.

    P.S. You mentioned in the video that you go to everyone’s blogs. Just don’t judge, k? I don’t have a fancy camera, and I also am real bad at updating junk, but since no one reads it, I figure, it’s no big deal, right?

    P.P.S. You guys are totes adorbs.

  16. You two are adorable. You can see the love.

  17. Very cute – it’s always fun seeing how bloggers are “live and in action”!
    P.S. if I tried to do a video with my hubs, it’d be like 3 hours long b/c he is a long talker. I would have to do some serious editing… 🙂

  18. So fun! Y’all did a great job on this. Um, Best in Show is one of my favorites. Did you know that the writer, Christopher Guest, is married to Jamie Lee Curtis? I love her and have an appreciation for her children’s books now too. 🙂 I bet their dinner table is one fun and happy place.

    Are you cleaning like a mad woman in preparation for BH&G to come? Do you know if they’ll take any other shots of your house? I’m so excited for you!

    PS- Congrats on almost 8 years! Woo-hoo for June 2005 weddings!

    • Ooh I didn’t know that about Christopher Guest! I love all his movies. SO funny. I have been cleaning, but only a little bit. Mostly I’ve been procrastinating. It’s going to be CRAZY in this house the day before the shoot! 🙂 They’ll only be doing the laundry room, thankfully!

  19. You guys are adorable :). I think the “clean only what’s going to be in the shot” trick has to be one everyone learns very early on in their blogging career ; I know I’ve already mastered it ;).

  20. Oh my gosh – ok – are you seriously that CALM all the time?!?! I kind of thought you’d be a bit more…um….not calm. 🙂 I mean that in the KINDEST way possible. Andy is EXACTLY like how I pictured him!!! You guys are awesome – more videos!!

    • hahahaha! Did you picture me bouncing off the walls like a tasmanian devil? I’m not saying that’s not accurate… 🙂

  21. Great video you guys! Andy looks just as awkward as my husband would if I were to do a video like this. 🙂 I have a feeling we could be good friends (especially considering we’re all Christians) if we lived nearby (and our kids are close in age– mine are almost 2 years; and 5ish months). I’ve been trying to find Christian bloggers (with a strong DIY theme) to follow, and you’re one of the 2 or 3 that I’ve found so far.
    I’ve been thinking about blogging, so I would love to see your tips for blogging.

    • If you’re looking for more Christian DIY bloggers, do you follow Domestic Imperfection? She’s awesome. I love Shine Your Light too. His & Hers Blog is another good one, but she doesn’t post as often. Hope you have a great week! 🙂

      • Thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely check those blogs out (pulled up the websites already, but it’s almost time for bed 😉

        • I just saw this comment. I am a brand new DIY blogger and I am a Christian! I don’t have much on there yet, but I would love for you to stop by!

          Kelly, this was so great! I love your blog! It is what inspired me to start blogging myself. So thanks for that nudge into something I know I’m gonna love! 😉

  22. Andy — Way to represent! It’s nice to appreciate one’s wife so much.

    The don’t-touch-my knees thing is understandable for me because I have what’s been called “surfer knots” on the tops of my feet that are also unfortunately completely off-limits to my wife. Sometimes she LIKES to get in trouble though

  23. I felt like I was hanging out with you guys…neat! But may I stand by Andy and say, please don’t repaint the downstairs. I LOVE that color on your walls, and it works so well as a not-often used neutral.

    I miss y’all!

  24. You guys are awesome! I loved the video and I’d love it if you did pull together a post on blogging. I’m also totally guilty of hating paint colors the second they go on the wall as well as the “clean only this section of the house” for photo shoots thing haha

  25. I am totally drunk over here… yep Loved this “drinking game” — Actually I LOVED this video- You two are stinkin’ adorable..and I loved learning more about you!

  26. “Biscuits and gravy, and a *frump,* Louisiana, and a *frump*….if you even mention “Best in Show” I have to hear my husband sing that song followed by naming nuts for a week.

    Thanks for that.

    The video was great, I have an official crush on you two now.

  27. That was sooo fun to watch! How funny about Andy’s knees! I love that you addressed teaching your children no instead of putting everything away!

  28. Great video…always fun to real live people:)

  29. Nice job! I’m a newbie to your site (discovered only a few weeks back) but am really enjoying your writing. And now a video?! Awesome- so great to meet you!

  30. I just loved this!! You guys are too cute! I love how Andy chuckles at every little thing you say! 🙂

  31. You are a very fortunate couple….Andy obviously adores you, as he should. Kelly, you are adorable, sincere, and witty. It was great watching you both relax as the video progressed. Your love for one another shows. Keep on Keepin’ On!

  32. Ok- this was awesome! I feel like I just got to meet you guys! You are adorable!! I loved how Andy laughed at all your comments and had his hand on your knee- so cute. You guys are funny and real and that is awesome. Also found it weird that you don’t have accents- I guessed you would have. Haha

  33. Oh my gosh……you two are so cute, love the Q&A and seeing you banter together! Awesome….make it a regular thing!

  34. Great video! Btw, the post about Andy’s feet was the funniest…I laughed out loud, showed it to the kids who were home, and sent it to two of my children not at home. And Kelly, you remind me very much of my oldest, Sarah–hair, sense of humor, etc…Now there’s another one of my kids I need to send your blog to!
    Even though it’s waaaay late here, and you warned me of the length of the video, I had to stay up and watch it–I knew it would be worth it. 🙂
    Btw, I vote with Andy on the plate wall….when my kitchen sank into the earth and needed to be fixed (long story), I finally got my coveted plate rack…and that is my version of the plate wall. (Plus a bit more childproof…good for when grandkids visit.)
    Thanks for taking the time to make the video!

  35. Please do a blogging blog!! I love blogs and would love to start one.. but i have NOOO idea where to start!
    I love your relationship with ur husband! you guys seem like best friends! Thats the best kind of marriage! 🙂

  36. This was adorable and fun! I can’t believe you use lotion in your hair. I don’t think my hair could handle that. And Andy’s knees? Cracked me up!

  37. Surprises: lotion, Andy’s knees, and NO ACCENTS. Have you lived in Georgia your whole life? (Feel free to answer that in your next video.) 😉

  38. Not going to lie, I went straight to the “how is your house so clean” part, haha. This is probably why I make the kids sit in front of the door for pictures. No toys in the frame.

    And I want to give you an “amen!” on teaching the kids to obey with the (non-chemical/knives/electrical outlets) things around the house, instead of turning your house into a baby zone/ball pit.

  39. Kelly,

    You guys are too cute! I really do love that plate wall!

    Have a great day rock star!

  40. I loved watching this! You’re actually EXACTLY like I imagined you…which is a testament to your writing and the fact that it is chock full of VOICE. You go, girl.

    I waited to comment because I wanted to watch the whole thing…and I watched half of it the other night and the rest today. A few random thoughts:

    -I loved watching you and your hubby interact (you’re so silly which is exactly how Mark and I are…though I could never get him to do a video with me).
    -Hooray for big ears! Now that I’m in Florida, I’ve had to embrace them more as I wear my hair up. Oh well, they’re the ears God gave me, right? Better to hear you with, my dear!
    -Best in Show! You have great taste. I absolutely love mockumentaries, especially Waiting for Gufman because of my love of all things theatre.
    -I’d definitely love to read a post by you on blogging…and you’re right on about leaving comments. My blog has grown immensely from simply leaving comments on other blogs!
    -I have the same “cleaning” method for taking photos. Just need to crop out the chaos! Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts recently did a post where she shows this same process – – I loved it!
    -I like your philosophy of not child-proofing your home, but using it as a way to teach your kids to obey. Maybe I won’t have to pack away all of my “breakables” when we have kids….
    -High five at the end: favorite part.

    Way to give me like a zillion other reasons to love you and your blog! Rock on.

  41. You two are just too cute! I saw this post and needed to wait for a time when I could sit back and truly enjoy. And enjoy I did!

    So, did Andy’s knee thing happen before or after the Nancy Kerigan incident?

    🙂 Linda

  42. OMGosh! Someone else who loves Best in Show! Everyone else I know who has seen that movie does not like it… I was starting to think there was something wrong with me! 😉 I also <3 Nora Ephron. 🙂

  43. Oh my gosh that was amazing! You guys are adorable and it was really neat to see the personality behind the blog.

    Cleaning just within what the view finder catches is DEFINITELY me!

  44. That was seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I feel like I know you so much better now. Watching Andy squirm about his knees literally made ME squirm….funniest thing EVER! So hilarious. I loved every bit about it. Oh, and yes…everytime, right outside my viewfinder…CHAOS! Luv ya, girl! ~V

  45. Ah! I LOVE this! And I’m totally sipping a yummy drink right now. 😉 I love videos and can’t wait to make one soon. There’s something about seeing someone talk that I love. Thanks for sharing your answers for all of us!

  46. Call me crazy but, Andy looks like Ryan Gosling!!

    I really enjoyed the video, fantastic!


  47. You are a doll! I watched the entire thing because you are both so much fun! Kudos to your man for participating. Wishing your continued blogging (and life) success!

  48. I am so glad I stumbled upon this video, I saw a lot of things I could relate to. I’m a nurse and devoted to it, but I love DIY and interior design and all kinds of crafts. Your husband is much like mine, following behind me (sometimes reluctantly) on all my decorating whims. A plate wall is in our future, but he’s not on board jut yet. I think a blog about blogging (even if you try to limit those) would be helpful. One girl to another, I’d sure appreciate it! Maybe you could take a look at mine, and give me some of your tips of the trade!

    Happy blogging!

  49. Holly Martinez says:

    I laughed the whole way through! Loved it! P.S. Do you have an Instagram account? I remember you mentioning it… Love from Texas, xoxo.

  50. I started following your blog a few weeks ago and realized I should read some of your posts that are more about you…this was an hilarious video! I had so much fun watching your interactions and I feel like I know you much better. I think those sound like fairly rational phobias–I have a fear* of large bugs and spiders of every size and description, so I can’t be judgmental!

    Please don’t stop being funny and personal! You make me feel that it’s totally okay that my house is far from perfect. In fact, I feel so okay with it that I actually get off my self-pitying butt to do something about it. It’s amazing how empowering grace is!

    *I mean, FEAR. I am even more afraid of dead spiders, in fact. The few times I haven’t been able to wait for my husband to come home and kill it, it takes me 15-30 minutes to calm down (I’ve thrown up a couple times) and the next night I have nightmares that the spider’s children are chasing me and trying to suck my blood.

  51. Hi, I found your blog through Pinterest. The Be Still wall art project. Then I realized that not only do you have a gift for writing and making your words flow, and easy to read, but your also funny and are able to keep my attention. Everything is very practically put and there’s no snooty unrealistic decorating challenges. Your video is cute. Reminds me of my hubby and I. I think I found a fun new deco blog!

  52. I watched the whole thing over two days. You guys are a great team. Thanks for sharing!


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