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Hey Girl… come link up!

YES! It is finally here: the “Hey Girl” link party! Husbands across the world have been dreading looking forward to this day with an intensity normally only reserved for antiques shopping and tea parties!

Today is the day we all share “hey-girl-ified” photos of our men, pets and objects of affection of all kinds. I don’t know about you, but sorting through old pictures of my husband made me get kinda melty and sentimental and falling-in-love-all-over-again (plus it was a fun walk through memory lane!), so clearly this idea actually DID benefit Andy after all.

Which is something I’ll have to remind him after he reads this post.

Let’s get to it!
Hey girl: we should probably increase your decorating budget
That was Andy right around the time we met. He was a college athlete, he was beefy and I was totally crushing.

Hey girl, why would you shave your legs? Summer is months away.
Most people don’t know Andy used to shave his head bald. (Not anymore at the gentle nudging of his wife.) I used to stare at this picture of him right after we met and turn into a swoony little schoolgirl.

hey girl, angle of a dodecahedron
Click here if you’re thinking, “dodeca-what?” This photo is from our wedding day and I am shocked at how young Andy looked. Like a teeny tiny baby.
Picture 307
I knew you’d come around, honey. I just knew it.

Maybe you should plan their dinner too.

I know, babe. I know.


Okay guys. I am DYING to see what you created. Link up your blog post below if you’re a blogger, or just link your image if you’re not. If you need help, send me a note. (Don’t forget to check out the posts by my co-hosts too: Michelle at Decor and the Dog, Chelsea at Two Twenty One, Bliss at Bliss Ranch and Ashley at Domestic Imperfection.)

Hey girl… thanks for linking up.

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  1. LOL, I loved looking at my husbands photo too and still do. He was beefy, as you call it 😉 too. Some hubby reminiscing is certainly great!

    But is it just me or my browser but I don’t see anything where I can link up…

  2. I’m excited to linkup. 🙂 Hopefully Rocky won’t kill me… I’m still working on my photo though, and have to run off this morning, so hopefully I’ll write my post and linkup during afternoon naps…

  3. OH! I Love. Love. Love. the plates on the wall one!!! LOL Exicted to link up. I’ll check back later to see if the link is working 🙂 xo Kristin

  4. i didn’t make one because this week has been crazy, but i can’t wait to go through them all. but if i did make one it would say,
    “hey girl, thanks for keeping me in shape with all the heavy lifting you have me do.”

  5. How fun! Love the walk down memory lane. You’ve got a keeper there, my friend!

    🙂 Linda

  6. Haha, my husband hates that I want to hang plates on the wall 😉
    Thanks for the link up; it was fun!!

  7. I think the plate one is my favorite! My husband hates that too!

  8. The plates comment on yours, and # 2 and # 20 linked. OMG hahahahaha

  9. Hah! Man, I want my husband to increase my decorating budget. This has been such a fun link up, Kelly!

  10. That Andy is such a sweet dude. I mean, not having to shave the legs until summer. He’s a keeper.

    Thanks for being the genius behind this madness!

  11. Bahahaha!!! Those were fantastic!!!

  12. This has been so much fun! (You’re right about him looking so young…what a cutie!)

  13. Love this! Thanks for hosting!

  14. LOVE!!! Those are great!! And he’s a cutie!

  15. What a great idea! They are so funny, I need to start working on my own to link up.

  16. Well of course you should increase your decorating budget! Haha!!! Shoot. I barely went down memory lane. I was like, “Ok. Just stand here… smile!” What amazing men we have! 🙂

  17. Oh Andy…… Ryan’s got nothing on you! And just for the record…… I dig bald guys. Now, about Kelly’s deco budget…..


  18. Haha! I love this link up. These were great! I can totally see my husband hating the idea of hanging plates on a wall….

  19. Your “hey girl”s literally had me laughing at my desk! This party is all kinds of awesome!

  20. Haha, this is hilarious! What a great link party.

  21. LOL I love all your memes!! This is such a fantastic party, I’m having a ball reading all the links! And Ryan who? After seeing all the gorgeous husbands out there, he may have lost his title!
    (My husband had a good laugh at himself lol)
    Debbie 🙂

  22. Oh my goodness, BEST link party EVER!!!! LOVE it!

  23. Hahahaha!!! Gosh, I love this party. Too fun!! Not just hilarious, but great to see everyone’s special man. What a treat, thanks for doing it! ~Angela~

  24. Seriously, this is hilarious! I am sitting at my desk at work cackling! Awesome.

  25. Oh my gosh. I laughed so hard at the meme about shaving your legs. Man makes a good point though! Thanks for hosting. These are hilarious.

  26. BEST.LINKY.PARTY.EVER!!! hahaha

  27. You are “hey girl” machine!!! Loved it!

  28. CRAP. I should’ve done one with my homeless fiance from Paris. I love these so so much!

  29. i did it!!!!!!
    and by the way the leg shaving one might be my favorite. not that i relate. at all.

  30. Ok- I am SHOUTING it..along with all the others- BEST PARTY EVER!! I love getting the hubs involved.. seeing them is so fun! What a great idea.thank you to all of you ladies for hosting!

  31. Hi-larious! The leg shaving one was just perfect!

  32. This is such a cute idea! I love reading all of them. Now I’m going to get lost in the linky party!

  33. You are too funny! I love the old pictures of Andy! He looks so young in some of them!!! This is the best linky party ever! I wish I had known about it in time (and could put Jack down long enough to take, edit, and post pictures).

  34. awesome. Ryan Gosling himself could never pull off the dodecahedron one ;). Thanks for hosting…so fun!

  35. Awww, I’m getting all sentimental and I don’t even know you two. Plus that one about shaving your legs is priceless. So fun!

  36. Gonna take me a while to plow through all those inspired links! Had a crazy awful week, so I didn’t get one done, but I’ll just ooo and ahhh over every one else’s.
    xo Heidi

  37. What a fun party! Your guy looks pretty close to Ryan in that last pic.

  38. hahahahahahahaha I don’t know who is funnier in this party! What a bunch of super creative and funny women! Thanks so much for dreaming up this idea – so much fun!

  39. I absolutely LOVE THIS IDEA! I am so in…I was doing a post about hubby anyway, so I’m so glad I found this over at Jen’s. I’ll be linking up tomorrow!

  40. So funny! Laughing so much at the “Plates on the wall” one! Been there! This is the best link party! I have laughed all day long! Thank you!

  41. Thanks for coming by my blog— this Hey Girl party …IS GREAT. Isn’t it nice to see all these ladies fall in love with their MAN all over again?
    I don’t think I’ve ever read your blog…so I can honestly say, coming here- I learned

    …it was fun, Pat

  42. Well this settles it once and for all: You have THE funniest readers on the interwebs! I’ve been checking throughout the day and bursting into hysterical laughter. I can’t take it. And of course the laughs started here. (Why would you shave in February?) This is hands down the best link party ever in the history of everness. Thanks for hosting!

  43. Love the decorating budget. That one is just a winner!

  44. This is freaking HILARIOUS. I’m not one for linky parties but totally making an exception for this one!! xxx

  45. I am loving all of these…so glad you girls put this together!!!

  46. What a great idea! It gave me just the push I needed to join up to my first Link Party! Thanks for doing this. I have bee reading them and just LOLing. My family thinks I’m insane! Wait til Hbs sees his picture on there! LOL! Thanks ladies! ~ Lisa

  47. haha, these are great! I love the shaving one, and the last one, and well… all of them! He looks like such a great daddy 🙂

  48. These are hilarious! Okay I think I might have to do this now. Lol.

  49. Thank you for hosting the HEY GIRL party. I have tears of laughter streaming down my face right now. Bloggers… a funny bunch!

  50. Those are adorable! I especially like the last one. 🙂

  51. LMAO! Great post!

  52. GENIUS! Can I do a Hey Girl fashion series???

  53. Love them…those sweet guys are really “taking one for the team” aren’t they?? Great party…thanks for hosting 🙂

  54. Hey Girl, what a FUN idea! Just linked up. Thanks for hosting.

  55. I love these! & I wish my husband would increase our decorating budget 🙂

  56. He he he… so well done. I don’t think he’ll be mad. He’s too darn cute! 🙂

  57. Oh My Gosh! I’m having a blast reading these. I made a mistake one my first link up and had to delete it and redo after reading a few. I linked up to a post that reflected my hey girl instead of a new post with hey girls. Got that corrected now.

  58. Thanks so much for hosting this fun fun fun linky party. I’ve enjoyed reading all of them!

  59. All are super funny but you killed it with the last one 🙂 That’s just hilarious! Great memes 🙂

  60. Thanks for hosting this fun fun fun Linky party! I have enjoyed reading all of them!!

  61. OMG. These are HILARIOUS.

  62. Who clued him in on shaving legs during the winter?! hehehe

  63. Hey Kelly, thanks for hosting! This is hilarious and enough to make me figure out PicMonkey (actually very easy) so I could play along too.

    I love your series of your husband through the years. I used one of everyone in my family for my post.

    Great to find you and I’m now following,

  64. What a brilliant party. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s memes. Your husband is certainly handsome enough to give Ryan Gosling a run for his money. The shaving the legs meme…HILARIOUS!

  65. Ha ha!!! These are so funny….your hubby is a cutie pie :0

  66. OMG, I’m dying. DYING! These are hilarious! I’ve got to tweet this one.

  67. This was too fun! Thanks for hosting. 🙂 Just started following ya! Have a good one…

  68. This has been so fun! Thanks so much for helping host it!

  69. Just joined up, Kelly. This was so much fun.

  70. Thanks for hosting! Found you through YHL. They’re reallllly fun to look through!

  71. These are seriously cracking me up! I’ll be enjoying them all day. Thanks ladies!

  72. Whoa, is that a Port Huron Northern huskies shirt your husband is wearing?!?! I was viewing the linky party through Two Twenty One and noticed the big ‘ole PHN on your hubby’s shirt. That’s the high school I graduated from in 1995! lol

  73. These are great!!! I’m loving the increase in decorating budget. I’d like one of those myself!!!

  74. Hey Girl
    I dunno how I found this site, but nice site.


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