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New Art and Coolest Framing System Evah {And a giveaway!}

We don’t have a lot of “real” art in our house. We have the giant tree painting at the top of the stairs:
Foyer with dark hardwoods and white trim
And I have a canvas that my mom painted for me:
hallway with canvas art
But otherwise, it’s all been DIY art, like my quote canvas and my herringbone art canvas:
diy art ideas
But I just got some fancy-schmancy new REAL art to add to my walls! Framed in a pretty frame! Check it out:
childs painting in wide white mat
I commissioned that piece myself. Don’t the brush strokes and color choices move your emotions? It’s a pictoral story of pain, hurt and growth that rises from the ashes. Of course, it was created by an up-and-coming artist in high demand.
boy painting art
…who uses only the best-of-the-best artist’s paints:
crayola washable fingerpaints
But once you frame it in a crisp white frame with a wide mat, doesn’t it elevate to looking expensive and fancy?

I dig it.

And there’s another way I kinda cheated on this whole art situation too. You guys are going to LOVE this.

You know how framing and matting something always SOUNDS simple, but manages to be annoying and terrible every time? I always end up sacrificing my fingers to those tiny metal pieces that hold the back of the frame on, then I add the art to the mat, go through the whole mess of replacing the mat and the back, and then find that I did something wrong. The art is not centered, or I got a big piece of dust or paper or something between the mat and the glass and have to go back and undo. It’s an ordeal.

Well willya check this out! I got a chance to try out the Change of Art frames which are designed to make the whole process of changing out art easy and quick. This is what the back of the frame looks like. You just pull out their placeholder art:
change of art
If necessary, use it as a template to cut your own art. You can see that the artist was very interested and involved in this whole process.
cutting art to size
He even slid the art into the slot of the frame. (How cool is this matting system?!)
adding art to change of art frames
That’s literally all it takes to change out the art in these frames. The company is called Change of Art and their system is set up to make it super quick and easy to replace the art on your walls.

This is perfect for:

  • Mamas who want to display their kiddo’s latest artistic creations
  • Grandmas who can never decide which photo of her grandkids to display
  • Or just decor-addicts who like to change their decor for the seasons. Find a free printable from pinterest and pop it in the back, then change it out for a different seasonal printable a month later.

SO BRILLIANT. You can even store your extra photos or art right there in the back of the frame.

And I’m *CRAZY* about how amazing that frame and mat look. They look fancy and expensive and beautiful. I’m kinda gushy excited about this company because their stuff is SO smart without sacrificing being frickin’ gorgeous.
childs painting in wide white mat
But what about taking the frame off the wall every time you want to change the art and leveling it and all that mess? Pssh, don’t even think about it. Change of Art made THAT process easy-peasy too. With each frame, they send you a paper template you can tape on the wall.
paper template for framing
And they send you this cool round thing AND a nail. Seriously, they even provide the nail.
change of art hanging hardware
Once you have your template right where you want it, just nail that round thing right into the paper, and pull the paper off. You’re left with this situation.
change of art hardware
You literally just pick up the frame and set it on top of that black circle. When you want to change out the art, just pick it up, change it out, and put it back. It’s self-leveling!
art in a white frame
COULD THAT BE ANY EASIER OR BRILLIANT? Answer: nope. Sure couldn’t.

Think of how easy it would be to hang a gallery full of these guys! Tape up your template, nail in your little black disks, and done.

Do you REALLY want to know how easy it would be?

I have great news! Change of Art is giving away a whole gallery full of these beauties! You can win a six-piece starter gallery in your choice of silk white, matte black or dark cherry.
Oh wait! I almost forgot one of the coolest parts! For every frame you buy, they donate 50 cents to your choice of one of these charities. Pretty sweet.

Enter using the rafflecopter widget below. Good luck buddies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

change out framed art

P.S.: Speaking of art, check out my guest post on Unskinny Boppy where I share 6 budget-friendly ideas for covering blank walls!

P.P.S.: Change of Art is my newest sponsor and they provided these frames for me to try. However all opinions and mushy-gushiness are mine alone. I just love these frames.

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  1. so clever and i love the name! and i love your masterpiece!

  2. These frames are awesome! I have a 2 1/2 year old artist who’d LOVED to be displayed.

  3. This is awesome and I love your post about it. The artist is amazing!

  4. These are just what I need to start a gallery wall! So clever! Thank you for the post.

  5. What a great little artist you have! Ingenious frames!

  6. I would frame some of my local seascape photos.

  7. Brilliant!

  8. What a cool product! And “It’s a pictoral story of pain, hurt and growth that rises from the ashes.” You are too hilarious 🙂

  9. We are doing a gallery wall soon, this would be perfect!

  10. I would love these for my kids’ artwork!

  11. This is genius. Seriously. They are REALLY nice looking frames.

    And that art. Get him an agent. Do artists have agents?

  12. Really clever! You may have to rent that “artist” out?

  13. I think you truly have a budding artist in your family. I was honestly fooled!
    As for those frames, what a brilliant idea. Wish I’d thought of it.

  14. I would love to be able put up a wall of photos! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but as I’ve found out frames are spendy!

  15. This is the best thing ever for hanging. frames. Now if only they can make that for all things you put on the wall, like curtain rods.

  16. Love these! I have a five month old who has yet to show up in a picture frame around my house…

  17. Such a good idea, I have 2 little artists who love to have their art displayed!

  18. yay, i love giveaways!

  19. I would use these frames for kids’ art. Our art teachers always send art home in back

    • Sorry! As I was saying, our art comes home in backpacks, so it is folded and wonky. With these frames, I could salvage a nice piece of the art. Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  20. I am challenged at leveling frames on the wall, so this is perfect! Would love to frame a charcoal & watercolor series I’m working on in these!

  21. We have some art-y greeting cards that would look great in these frames!

  22. Heck yeah!!! Awesome!! The picture of course…the artist for sure!! And the frame. I want!

  23. Ooo these frames are UH-mazing! I always have trouble getting my frames level…
    I have no idea what I would display in them but it would probably be some family photos!

  24. Um pretty sure this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

  25. Such an awesome giveaway! I can think of so many things I would put in those frames if they came to live with me 🙂

  26. That is soooo friggin’ awesome! I love how easy it is to swap out the art.

  27. I love these! We just moved (after 6 years) from a 900 sq ft. apt to a 3000 sq ft house. I am desperate for art and frames to fill our walls!

  28. these are great! Would be especially helpful for the higher up frames, since I find those are always the hardest to get level

  29. What a great product. I might actually hang up some wedding picture if I thought I could change them out that easily!

  30. This is awesome, and they would be perfect for the completely blank wall in our master bedroom!

  31. Love this idea — and how easy it is to change out art work!!

  32. kid art of course! We have plenty of that 🙂

  33. My kids art !

  34. Wow, those frames are awesome!! I’ve put so many unnecessary holes in my walls over the years.

  35. I really could have used these the other day when I made my gallery wall!! Still have more to do, these would be great!

  36. Love these frames! Coincidentally….I have some artists in residence who have some amazing art that needs to be displayed! Great frames!


  37. Where have these been my whole life??? They are fabulous!!!

  38. Ah! This is amazing!! 🙂

  39. SERIOUSLY AMAZING. Cannot get over it.

  40. Wow! Change of Art is a game “changer”… I have such a fear (actually I’m a perfectionist and lazy so its easier to do nothing at all than to wrangle leveling and measuring) of hanging pictures. These look amazing, especially for people that like to change things out!

  41. Wow…really cool! This would be perfect for the bazillion pictures Kate draws for me daily!

  42. I would display pictures of my 6 month old! He’s changing so fast – pictures from just a two weeks ago look ancient!

  43. So very cool. Looks fabulous!

  44. This is incredible! I guess I would do wedding pictures for now… and later, baby pictures, family portraits, kids’ artwork, everything. Doesn’t really matter, because I could easily change it out for something else as the mood strikes! 🙂

  45. Holy cow that is cool!! I’m seriously thinking I need a gallery in my new house. 🙂 And a BHG feature!! I can’t believe you didn’t say anything, that is so darn exciting!!

  46. I would display lots of family photos!

  47. mary anne fields says:

    I’d display my photographs. Love this system.

  48. This is exactly what I need! I am the most indecisive person EVER! I would hang these frames right in my living room, with my kids’ art work inside. Love it!

  49. Ummmm…. yea! That is so greatI I have framed art my kids painted but of course I don’t have this easy frame. Great idea!

  50. I would display photos from recent trips!

  51. That is an amazing system- I love when companies are smart about their products. And your son is supremely talented 🙂

  52. BRILLLIANT!!! I LOVE IT!!! (yes i’m yelling)

  53. I have so many works of art from when my son was little. I would love to have some of these frames to showcase them. Especially since I will not be receiving anymore of them. He turned 18 recently and no longer fingerpaints! ROFL

  54. Jenna Karschner says:

    These are awesome…I would use them to display engagement pictures, and wedding pictures (once we get married lol). There are so many I like, that I hate having to decide which few to print and frame.

  55. Such a cool system!

  56. I think I would keep changing the art out for new pieces!

  57. Gorgeous! I was so surprised to see the back of it. Well designed.

  58. kelly thompson says:

    i would display my kiddos art!

  59. How fun is this? I think you’ll need another soon for Mila!

  60. I totally need these for my living room!

  61. this looks so great. I can imagine it in my house already!!!!

  62. I love this!! Talk about making it simple! 🙂

  63. This is a great idea and great give away.

  64. I forgot to say, I would put all of these in my entryway and show off my kids watercolors.

  65. This is seriously the best idea. I’d love them for our upstairs hallway.

  66. These are amazing! Please let me win. See- I asked nicely : )

    I would totally hang art by that fancy artist of yours. Does he have an Etsy store?

  67. Great way to show off all that kiddy art!

  68. UM….those are amaaaaaazing!!!!!! What a brilliant idea! Pinned, tweeted, and pinned again!!!! xo

  69. Stephanie DuCharme says:

    I would love these for my family room wall! We are in the process of updating and they woul be perfect!

  70. I would use the frame for my sweet Grand daughters photos. How awesome are those frames!

  71. I would frame all those old family photos I have stashed away! Thanks for the chance!

  72. Even more than the ability to switch out images, I love the hanging template and hardware. So much easier!

  73. How cool!!!!

  74. These frames look awesome!

  75. i just got a pack of 3 of these, but i’d love a whole set like this, and in white. thanks for offering this!

  76. What a fabulous find! They would be so handy to have on hand for new grandchildren photots or artwork. Thank you!

  77. I would rotate art made by my bazillion kids. And me.

  78. If i won the gallery frames, I’d put my wedding photos in them!

  79. I would probably do the whole pinterest thing. I’m addicted!

  80. I love this idea for family photos of my kids – 3 boys who are always changing. I can barely keep up with all the photos we have displayed – this would certainly help!

  81. These are amazing! What a great idea. How did they know I hate (and stink at) framing/matting/hanging pictures so much?

  82. I would use this frame to change out seasonal pictures.

  83. Freakin’ amazing! I can’t wait to plan my gallery wall that I have been putting off in fear!

  84. carrie eastman says:

    I would love to have this to showcase and change out my daughters art work!

  85. I would display nautical prints. That’s my current crush right now.

  86. I would display kids’ art and/or pictures!

  87. This is exactly what I need…love it! I also love your little man’s art 🙂

  88. I am one of those “change with the seasons” ladies. & struggle with frames, I do. This would be an amazing way to do a quick-switch for this lacking-patience decorator! Thanks so much for introducing the brand!

  89. Oh my GOODNESS, the possibilities are endless! Kids’ art, MY art, found art, AND SO ON!

  90. These things are ridiculously awesome!! I would love to display our daughter’s artwork, but until she gets a little older, I’d definitely be a proud mama and display photos of her!

  91. i’d prob put wedding photos…or photos of my dog 🙂

  92. I’d display art by the kiddos.

  93. Wedding photos and fun fabric

  94. I have a collection of pictures from New Orleans that I have been wanting to do in a group. That’s what I would put in them.

  95. Brilliant! I’ve been dying to do a gallery wall of our recent family photos in our family room — these would be PERFECT!!
    Thanks for hosting, Kelly!
    xo heidi
    PS — congrats on BHG!! keep me posted1

  96. I have so many pictures just lying around that never go into frames, because I hate changing them out. This would be great!

  97. Would love to have these!

  98. Love it! I have an entire blank wall behind my couch in the living room that this would be perfect for! Seriously… the wall is like 15 feet long and completely blank. Gallery frames for the indecisive lady it shall be!

  99. These frames are a DREAM COME TRUE. Ohmmmaaaan. I would LOVE these for a gallery wall I’m about to attempt!

  100. Ooo, I love the idea of using one of these frames to change out free printables!

  101. Pam in Missouri says:

    My compliments to the artist. That is a brilliant piece he created. What a fantastic frame system.

  102. Small prints of my art 🙂

  103. Family photos!

  104. love these! i would display my kiddos art projects as well as pics of her!

  105. i’d definitely love these for rotating all the kiddo’s art in our house.

  106. I think I’d like to display a daily or weekly Bible verse in one of these..thank you for the chance to win it.

  107. Love this idea!!! I’ve been wanting to add more family pics around the house but I don’t have time to mess with cutting, matting and leveling!!! Super easy!!

  108. I told you how much I love LOVE this idea when you did your last sponsor shout-out! I must win this prize …

    Oh, and I love your little Picaso’s masterpiece! Perfection!

    🙂 Linda

  109. That is really cool! I would use them to display vacation photos.

  110. I’d love this…my little black metal tabs are starting to break off…I’m left with only a few!

    • Oops! I meant to also say that I’d display my kids’ art. We’ve got 3 artists, so a gallery wall would be so nice!

  111. These are great! I make my own templates, but having a frame that comes with its own template is so much easier. I’m not sure what I would display…but I know exactly where I’d put them. I have a very naked wall in my living room just aching to be a gallery wall.

  112. DeNise Tatum says:

    I like your idea of displaying your child’s art. I think I would display some of my grand daughter’s art.

  113. Great idea! I swap out art and pictures all the time so this would be very handy!

  114. I would display pics of my new grand daughter. She’s halfway across the United States, but my daughter does really well (so far!) with providing me daily pics so I can see how much that cutie is growing. To be able to switch them out with the newest pic would be fantastic.

  115. I, too, have a budding artist and these frames would be perfect!

  116. I would totally have to display my niece and nephew and my furry baby! Oh and maybe some lovey dovey pics of my hubby and I!

  117. cathy Johnson says:

    This looks like a wonderful system. I would use it to frame pictures of my family!

  118. These look cool. I have some spirographs I’ve been wanting to frame.

  119. My grand children’s art!

  120. I would display my daughters art work and pictures of her!

  121. Your artist sure is cute. 😉 I have four artists in my house, and their art is also framed/hung around here.

  122. I’m one of those who frequently wants to change the picture!!…LOL What a great system!!

  123. These are great! I love the dark cherry color idea. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  124. I would put up pictures of our family that we don’t get to see very often

  125. karen campanaro says:

    I love these frames, what an amazing idea!

  126. karen campanaro says:

    I would display all the vintage art I’ve been collecting for the last 2 years!

  127. This will make my gallery going up the stairs a cinch now! What a fantastic idea!!!

  128. Wow! Why didn’t I think of this?! This is wonderful…I would use it for kids artwork, family photos, etc.

  129. Perfect for kids artwork!

  130. Genius! I think I would even swap out all of my old framed photos with these frames.

  131. Oh I have three rugrats that would live to have their art hang and look all fancy! Mommy likey too!

  132. Sheila Laurence says:

    Probably something from my more artistic daughter. I love your house!

  133. Pictures of my kid or travels!

  134. What an ingenious idea!! I would probably frame a quote!

  135. I would display my dog! Thanks

  136. I’d probably frame my kids’ art. Or my own. Probably not pictures. But we create so much art that we love and don’t want to sell (or that nobody but us wants!) that I never get around to framing!

  137. How neat! Family photographs and if I’m in a different mood (& because of the ease of switching out) my chikdrens art

  138. Wow… this looks fabulous! I am wanting to do a gallery wall of our family’s pictures in our family room and these would be fantastic!

  139. Elisabeth U says:

    Those look awesome! I’ve made an attempt to start a gallery wall but it still needs a lot of work. These frames would be perfect for some of our wedding and family pictures!

  140. Holy Coolness!
    This is something I ACTUALLY want to win.
    I think I shouldn’t share this one. lol.

    but I will… 😉 Shannon

  141. I LOVE IT!

  142. I love the painting! What an artist! Those frames look very cool. What a genius idea!

  143. I need these in white! So cute!

  144. Pat Henderson says:

    These frames are awesome! Would love to have them in my home.

  145. What a GENIUS idea!! The people that came up with that idea are making SOOOO much money. That’s what I’d frame. Money. (Jokes.) I have a million and two ideas of things I could frame… Pictures, son’s artwork, art, fabric, the list goes on!

  146. carrie cantu says:

    Love these! I’d use them for my kiddo’s artwork!

  147. I would love to display my sons artwork and also my photographs that I take for fun!

  148. I would love this! I have a toddler so I would definitely use it to display his art work. What a neat idea!

  149. Okay, first things first – – those frames are AWESOME. I love how professional AND practical they are. So excited about this giveaway. If I won, I’d totally frame my nephew Jeremiah’s artwork. His most recent gift to me: a picture entitled, “Auntie Lauren’s leg.” That’s right. My leg is the subject of a work of art. Love it.

    Secondly, you give me hope that someday, when I’m self-hosted WordPress, and I open my blog up to sponsors, and if some crazy person decides they sorta might wanna sponsor me or do a giveaway, I could write a sponsored post that is as authentic and REAL as this one. You’re quite a gifted writer and also such a genuine person, that I read this entire post start to finish…and that’s more than can be said for most sponsored posts out there. So…keep up the awesome work!

    And any sponsors out there who might be listening, give Kelly your money! She is going to create incredible content for you!

  150. I’m loving these amazing handmade marbled papers I’ve been seeing on the web.

  151. I would definitely put up my collection of vintage sepia postcards of castles, chateaux and ruins!

  152. I would do a mix of photos and my daughters art work.

  153. This is such a fun post 🙂 I would display something similar that my daughter created.

  154. Brilliant! If I dont’ win I’m going to buy some myself, I adore this idea! I have WAY too many kid pics around, must arrange them in pretty frames so it doesn’t seem self-indulgent:)

  155. Wow! These sound amazing! I would display photos of my girls and their artwork.

  156. I love this, especially with thinking about changing out my daughters’ latest art pieces.

  157. love these ! 🙂

  158. Would love a gallery wall done with these. Self leveling…..yes!

  159. Oh my goodness. I have a stack of stuff that needs to be framed. I would finally get my collection of art and prints up on the wall!

  160. I would love to win! I’d use it on one of the million blank walls in my house!

  161. pics of my kiddos

  162. Tari Lawson says:

    I would display pictures of my kids or scenes from family vacations.

  163. This is awesome! Just when I was thinking I was the only person in the world that got frustrated changing out pictures in frames! 😉

  164. Great ideas! I’d frame our pets and some art prints that don’t have a home just yet.

  165. Photos I’ve taken!

  166. I would frame my grand children’s artworks they mail to me.

  167. My kids artwork – I love that idea

  168. The first week after hanging the frames I think I’d pop in family photos, but week two could be something entirely different … I love the idea of frames that can be changed as easily as my mood 🙂

  169. That is so neat! I hate trying to rehang a frame when I want to change the picture. This makes it so simple! I would use it to frequently update baby pictures!

  170. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    Family photos and my daughter’s art! 🙂

  171. Tammy Dalley says:

    Love these, I would display my boys art projects.,

  172. I have a ton of prints just laying around in storage that I really need to get on and frame already!!

  173. probably a copy of starry night its my favorite painting

  174. Pics my kids have drawn in high school art.

  175. All my photos would get shuffled in and out

  176. Alison Braidwood says:

    I’d rotate through a series of family photos

  177. I’d love to be able to use these to hang up the family pictures that I have in an album now.

  178. I would display my kids’ artwork! Right now it’s just tacked to a bulletin. So boring!

  179. Judy Hunting says:

    I would put up pictures my son draws, he is only 2 so what he draws is very entertaining, but definate masterpieces

  180. Dayna Wilson says:

    Love it! I’d display pictures of my family 🙂

  181. photos of family members

  182. melissa pearce says:

    It’s about time someone was a genius about this stuff. Can I even tell you how long it takes me?? No. I would put photos in these– my favorite ones like this one:

  183. My kids artwork!

  184. This is the best new product. I love it! I would use this for my daughter’s artwork. BTW, I really do love your son’s painting and how nice it looks in the frame.

  185. I’d love to be able to display my kids’ artwork!

  186. This is awesome!

  187. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    My children’s artwork. My son especially draws some great pictures.

  188. My first comment ever…these are just the coolest! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  189. I have been taking photos for years and have often thought of framing one or two. These frames would make them look amazing.

  190. Wedding photos!

  191. Do want! Would love these for kiddie artwork too. Or cheap photo prints from shutterfly!

  192. I would display pictures of my first grandbaby that was born on 2/21.


  193. Holy crap, this is the most genius idea EVER. I have grand designs about curating an awesome gallery wall, but in reality I’d probably frame a bunch of pictures of my dog. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  194. My kids art work

  195. Matthew Hill says:

    Possibly some of my own work.

  196. I’m not sure, I guess anything amazing that I want to display

  197. I love love love this idea…. I would use to display my daughter’s artwork…

  198. My husband is an engineer and loves to have everything lined up straight. He is forever trying to level all the pictures around the house after I dust. I LOVE that the frames are self-leveling!!

  199. I would use it for some fun original art that I buy directly from the artists.

  200. my dachshunds!!!!!!!!!

  201. Candice Hull says:

    How cool! And that is awesome they donate money, sounds like a great company. I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old, so I would let each one paint a picture, then use the others for family pictures and I would probably put one of our wedding or anniversary pictures in one.
    Thank you!

  202. Lisa Garner says:

    These frames are so neat! I would love to display all 4 of my children’s artwork!

  203. Stephanie Larison says:

    I love this! My toddler is always painting and coloring something, and I don’t want to hang everything up on the fridge, I’d like to put something special (like her spelling “mom”) in there to make it extra special.

  204. Suzie Williams says:

    Pictures my kids draw! They make the cutest art.

  205. Katharine Davis says:

    I love the idea of displaying my kids art this way!

  206. We put up pictures of family.

  207. Vikki Billings says:

    I would use them for wedding pictures after my fiance and I get married.

  208. Wow! Love these frames! I would display a variety of things…kids artwork, pet pictures, kids pictures….so many options and so easy to change. 🙂 Thank you.


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