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Second blogiversary, and a call for questions!

I can’t believe it’s already time for my second blogiversary! Could you tell my blog is entering its terrible twos?  The tantrums, the extreme emotions, the throwing of food against the wall in fits of rage?
Really, I’m so thrilled to have been at this for two whole years and couldn’t be more grateful for the chance to spew ridiculous thoughts all over the internet, share what’s going on in our house and in our lives, and – best of all by a longshot – connect with you guys, who I truly feel have become for-real friends, even though we may not live close enough to sit down for coffee while the kids run screaming through the downstairs in their underpants.

Warning: this post has several parts and they’re all disjointed with no good transitions. Kinda all over the place, like a two year old.

Let’s take a quick look back!

View Along the Way: by the Numbers

  • 300: total posts to date. (Seriously, this is post number 300! How cool is that?)
  • 1.6 million: total pageviews in the last two years. (1,100,000 of that was just in the last six months!)
  • 143,897: approximate number of times Andy has had to redo something I did because I was impulsive or impatient.
  • 7,362: total number of comments you’ve left. (And it is ridiculous how excited I get over EVERY one. Did I mention I love blogging?)
  • ~200,000: approximate number of spam comments that have never been published. They’re usually in broken English and often hilariously out of context and weird.
  • 12: approximate number of times I have repainted the master bedroom.
  • 4.5: years we’ve lived in this house
  • 1: number of walls I’ve ever stenciled.
  • 1: number of walls I will probably ever stencil.

And, just for fun because I like pretty visuals, here’s a word cloud of all the stuff I’ve talked about lately:
Apparently Andy should be charging me royalty fees or something.

Top Five All-time Most Popular Posts

  1. How to make any lamp cordless
  2. Secrets of Craigslist Shopping
  3. Free hack for hanging gallery frames
  4. How to sew lined back-tab curtains
  5. Easy DIY quote art
  6. State of the Blog

    Last year, my company downsized and laid off everyone in my department who was part-time, and even some full-timers. I was a part-timer, and I found out I was being laid off the same day I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl.
    Clearly, it was “a God thing” and we were very okay with God taking control of the direction of our lives and my career.

    I had been blogging all along, but right around this time last year, we decided to make blogging a family priority, to see where it takes us. On paper, it’s my part-time “job,” but I use the word “job” to mean: “hobby that I love which supports my decorating addiction and which I would totally do for free, and did do for free for a long time. And also I would probably pay to do it.” It’s a loose definition of “job.” 😉

    Now that we’ve opened up shop and the blog is growing, we’re starting to dare to dream a little. What if one day Andy could stay home and we could blog together, full time? What if this amazing fun hobby became a way for us – you and me, and this little VATW community – to give back like we did last summer? What if it became a way to free up Andy’s time so he could stay home and teach our kids while they’re still little? What if… what if?
    Those things might never happen, and that’s okay. But it motivates the heck outta me to have a direction and a goal for our family, and the fact that it involves this little blog, and all of you, just melts my guts into a big happiness puddle.

    A quick favor to ask…

    I was surprised to see that my lil blog had been nominated for top DIY & Home Projects blog on Apartment Therapy! You guys, this is going to go STRAIGHT to my blog’s head. You can’t spoil a rotten two-year-old like this.

    This contest is whatcha call “kind of a big deal” in the home blogging world. BUT — I need your votes! If you love reading here, if you’ve ever learned anything or even if you haven’t, would you please stop by and vote? You only have to vote once – it’s not a daily vote thing – and voting ends Friday, so I only have WEE little bit of time to gather votes. I only need to make it to the top 6 to be a finalist! I know we can do this! 🙂 Please?

    A call for your questions!

    One thing I have NEVER done is appeared on a video here. There’s a reason for that, and it involves my complete awkwardness in front of the camera (and also in real life.)

    BUT. I’m taking the plunge. I LOVE reading Q&As on other blogs, so I thought I’d open up a Q&A here for blogiversary numbero dos. Andy and I will answer your questions together, on a video – YHL style – next week, or whenever I get up enough courage to actually do this.

    SO: is there anything you’ve always wanted to know? Any burning questions or weird unknowns out there that I’ve neglected to answer? Feel free to ask anything about us, our family, the house, something totally random, whatEVs. Post your questions in the comments here, or email them to me at

    (Part of me wants to say: please don’t leave me hanging! Ask something, anything! But then the other part of me says: no! No questions please, so I can get out of making this video and putting my awkward self out there for the whole world to see.)

    So whether you’re new here or you’ve been sticking around since post #1 (hi mom!), THANK YOU so much for hanging out and joining in the journey! Don’t forget to stop by THIS Thursday and link up your “hey girl” photos!

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  1. Great post, I’m awkward in front of the camera too. Very, I hate to hear myself talk 😉 It sounds like you guys have wonderful plans and I wish you the best.
    I do have a question: “Do you guys ever have horrible fights during your awesome DIY projects? Or does he always say YES honey?” Lol
    I had to ask this because there is no way my husband and I can happily work along side and I always wish it would be like that. That’s how I imagine it works for wonderful DIY couples like you 😉

  2. Congrats!!! You are killing this blogging thing. Seriously. I’m so very proud of you!

    What do you wish you knew about blogging when you started?

  3. Congrats on being Nominated! 😀 I definitely voted for you! -I just started reading your blog, but I find it informative, interesting, and hilarious! Your writing style is so engaging that I have spent quite a few mornings reading archived posts during my coffee time. -Keep up the great work!

  4. if money was no object, what is the one diy project you would contract out?

  5. Two years! Congratulations! I voted for you the other day….love your blog and so glad I found it :). I will have to think more on a question….

  6. Hi! I signed up for an account so that I could vote for you but I really can’t see how to do that, everything I click on takes me back to your blog. Let me know what to do and I’ll go back and try it again. Congrats to you!

  7. Q and A: Do you or Andy have any unrational fears or phobias.
    you are welcome blogging world. *wink

    Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary!!!!

  8. Wow, a big congratulations on your 2 year anniversary!! I will definitely vote for you.

    What’s the most difficult thing for you 2 to overcome when you’re working together on a project?

  9. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I love seeing your new posts in my reader because I know most of the time I am guaranteed to laugh….and because I am all about not taking things too seriously all the time. How can you with toddlers anyway??? They make you loopy. (I’m currently drinking of my coffee cup that says “Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children” – true, right?)
    Keep dreaming….things can’t come true if you don’t dream them – at least that’s what I tell myself in an attempt to keep pushing forward some days.
    Here’s my question: What’s your best photography tip?

  10. Sonya ~ At Home With The Barkers says:

    Just found your blog today!! Love it, heading over to vote now. (btw…looked around the home tour and you guys do a fantastic job! love your style!)

    Question…I am a VERY new blogger (as of Jan 2013) and I had the same question as michelle@decorandthedog…what do you wish you knew when you first started blogging that you know now?

  11. Happy Blog-a-versary!!!! I know all your dreams and goals will come true with this wonderful blog! You got it going on girl!! Read you everyday! Keep up the hard work … and I know it is hard – my one year Blog-a- versary is coming up at the end of the month.

  12. Happy blogaversary!!! YEAH! I hope that you get big enough for Andy to stay home…then I can say “I knew her when….” and I hope you’ll still be friends with me. 🙂 Did you REALLY paint your bedroom twelve times?!?! REALLY? And here are some other questions: What is your favorite Bible verse? What is your and Andy’s favorite thing to do on a date? How often do you wash your hair? What time do you get up in the morning?

    Ok, the end.

  13. Woohooo congrats to the super blogger extraordinaire!
    Okay as a relationship counsellor I have to ask what are your top three tips for harmoniously DIY’ing together and avoiding threats of divorce or banishment to the spare room in the process?

  14. I am so glad you told us you have painted your bedroom 12 times. I have only painted ours once and its mauve! Disgust. My husband thinks I am crazy to want to repaint a 2nd time. I will tell him otherwise.
    Will definitly vote for you, congrats on your blog success, and one question……we all know you do fabulous things, but what’s your worst DIY project or paint color choice or decorating mishap you have had? And what did you learn from it?

  15. Congrats!! I have been a follower for a while and love getting your email in my inbox and seeing what you have done. Your definitely a pro blogger! I am a very new blogger 2 weeks today..and I am trying to make my blog stand out, and get followers. What tips or advice would you have? I would LOVE any advice! Hope your blogging career lasts a lifetime, keep up the great work!

  16. Congrats on your Blogiversary and your Homie nomination!

    Q1: What kind of advice do you have for semi-new bloggers that haven’t “blown up” yet?

  17. Remember my mean tease-y comment about paying $139 for a few pieces of wood, and how it caused you anxiety until you realised it was a joke? Well, I remember and I’ve felt bad ever since. Anyhoo. I just voted for you to make up for it.

    So, how do you do all this stuff without tripping over the kids?

  18. Congrats on 2 years! I love your blog- you always make me laugh! I’ll go put my vote in for you! How did you get 1.1 million people visiting in the last 6 months?! What brought in that surge of traffic? That’s crazy! I’d like to hear your advice on how to “get serious” about the blog and start gaining followers, sponsors, etc.

  19. Glad to be along for your ride, Kelly! Congrats, my friend!
    xo Heidi

  20. I loved this post!! Congrats on all your accomplishments!! Silly me, I’d never even heard of that award was until someone told me I was nominated as well?! Like, what?!!! I’m going to go vote for you now, girl!!

    Oh and for a question….How did you choose the names of your kiddos?! 🙂

  21. Yay!! Have blogiversary!! What, oh what, do I want to know … what project that you’ve blogged about was the most fun for you, regardless of the amount of pageviews it got?

    And you know I totally voted for you, homie!

  22. Question #1: Andy, is it true your bride repainted the master bedroom 12 times? If there is a support group for the husbands of women who repaint the repaint, you can be the leader, but sadly mine will be in the group too.

    I’ll be thinking of more….


  23. This made laugh “143,897: approximate number of times Andy has had to redo something I did because I was impulsive or impatient.” My husband is Andy too, AND I am the most impatient/ impulsive human on Earth! Congrats on 2 years in blog land!

  24. Congrats! My 2 year blogiversary is on Sunday. I think?

    What would you say are the top 5 things you did to make your blog successful? What are your favorite movies?

  25. Congratulations….on everything! Okay….now a question…..ummmm…..let me think? What is your favorite kind of M&M’s?

    Have a great day rock star!

  26. Congrats on two years! I don’t comment very often, but I’m an avid follower of your blog! I am a new mom to a beautiful 6 month old boy, and I still struggle to get the day’s chores done inbetween caring for him. How do you manage to take care of 2 young ones and keep up with your blog and DIY projects?

  27. Really, it’s only two years? Are you sure? Cause this operation is looking all grown up and profesh. Congrats on your blogiversary! Question: How do you manage your blogging time with kiddos? (PS – just popped over to AT to vote. Crossing my fingers for you!)

  28. Happy Blogiversary! I am so stupid excited that you decided to do video, I can’t wait to see all your awkwardness on camera. Everyone already asked such good questions…hmmmm, what to ask what to ask…. Okay really I just want to know more about you and Andy DIYing together, mostly just the horror stories. Yeah, the juicy stuff. What was the project that you presented to Andy that he thought was ridiculous? The most ridiculous…if your like us then their is a long list. Does Andy like everything you do or does he just not care that much (Adam is a perfect mixture of both :)). How do you do giant projects with the kids around? Mine usually just run amok and cause fights over who should be watching them more. I don’t know why I feel the need to answer all my own questions.

  29. Over a million and a half views in two years….dangggggggggg girl!!! You rock! 🙂

  30. We have a lot of work to do to make our kitchen amazing, and I am wondering in what order we should do the following: (I’m sure there is a right order to do these projects in, I just don’t know what it is!) New tile backsplash, paint cabinets, new sink, new countertop, new stove and hood, new cabinet hardware. We have already freshly painted the walls, so hopefully we were supposed to do that first. 🙂

  31. Here is my question, “With both your little ones at home, how do you find the time to blog?”

    Love you and the blog:)


    Oh, and “what products do you use on your beautiful curly hair?”

  32. Congratulations! I love your blog and am glad I found it =) I think your DIY crib skirt is what got me here from google! I can’t wait to read what happens in the next 2 years!

  33. I’m so excited about your question and answer session! My kids are almost the exact same age as yours (within a couple of months) so I have lots of questions I have been dying to ask you! 1. Do you kids make messes? Seriously…you house is just way 2 clean for 2 little kids!! Does it always look that picture perfect? 2. What do you use for toy storage? I am looking for a way to hide toys that is functional…but still looks decent. 3. You seem to have lots of pretty but breakable decorations. How do you keep your kids away from them? Especially the baby? Mine just started to crawl and pull up on stuff so nothing is safe!!!

  34. Happy two year anniversary! How fun to read the numbers and hear of your dreams! I hope it goes just how you imagine it could.

  35. I can’t wait to see you in 3-D. Well, not really 3-D but alive and moving! I wish I had a question to throw out there …. but I’m drawing a blank!

    And keep dreaming, my friend! Congrats on all your well-earned successes!!!!

    🙂 Linda


  1. […] couple weeks ago for my second blogiversary, we put out a call for any questions you have about anything, and Andy and I sat down together to answer them in the video below. It’s 15 […]

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