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7 Sources for Inexpensive Outdoor Rugs

In the last post, I mentioned that we have four very, very small weeks to redo our ugly patio and build a new deck.

What’s that? You want a little sneaky-peeky? TWIST MY ARM.
IMG_0374 (Custom)
YEP. That’s deck progress, buds. My dad come over one day with a pile of lumber while Andy was at work, and like a little lumber-elf, he had the deck halfway finished all by himself in like five seconds. (THANKS DAD!)

As you can see, he had lots of help with the sweeping. And the sweeping was necessary. Can’t have stray leaves hiding under a deck, guys.

Now. If we’re going to make this deck happen in place of that not-so-cute patio…
…then we’re going to need an outdoor rug. Because it would be pretty. So that fits my definition of “need.” Otherwise I don’t really understand outdoor rugs. (But don’t worry too much about that, Andy. They have a real function. Ahem.)

We’re looking for an 8×10 rug for under $250 – preferably way under – that’ll hide big ol’ doggy footprints which have slopped through the red Georgia clay.

I’ve been on the hunt the last few days for some pretty outdoor options, and here’s what I dug up so far.


The largest this one comes in is 6×9, so it won’t work for us, but it’s pretty!

Malibu 6×9 rug: $94.99


Blue/Orange Outdoor Rug: $184.99

houndstooth rug

Houndstooth Rug: $136.19

2. Rugs USA


Quinta Nawra Outdoor Trellis Rug

This one reminds me of the pricey Dash & Albert rugs, but with a much better price tag.
Brilliance Outdoor Chevron Trellis: $220


Hacienda Lattice Trellis Rug

3. Walmart


Nourison Waverly Rug: $169

Mohawk Herringbone Stripe Rug: $113 (only 5×8)

4. World Market

They have some pretty choices in the smaller sizes. Here’s one of the larger ones. Simple, but it could be pretty.

Red Border Rug

5. One Kings Lane

(These rugs are part of an outdoor rug sale at OKL that ends today.)

LOVE this one.

Oahu Outdoor Rug


Ala Outdoor Rug

6. Target


Isla Bela Geometric


Sari Geometric Rug


Cleo Geometric Patio Rug


Calypso Geometric Rug


Botanical Green Leaf Rug

7. Home Depot


Martha Stewart Faux Bois Rug


Red Medallions Rug


Paisley Green Rug

BOOM. You did NOT just expect to get slammed in the face with a never-ending list of affordable outdoor rugs, did you? That’s what happens around here, guys. You gotta be ready. At all times.

I have a favorite in this list which I’ll show you soon… my little plan is starting to come together juuuust perfectly… she says, rubbing her hands together and squinting her eyes like an evil genius, except without the genius part.

What’s your favorite? Do you do outdoor rugs at your place?

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  1. Great looking rug chices! Ballard Designs has some very nice large outdoor rugs for under $250. They have good sales plus you can usually find some sort of coupon for them. Have fun looking!

  2. I was just going to say Ballard Design too. And Home Decorators! I have a lot of outdoor rugs in the house. They are so easy to clean.
    I actually have the “Cleo Geometric Patio Rug” in grey in my living room. I bought it on Overstock but it was called a different name. Love it
    Can’t wait to see which one you picked! Doesn’t your hubby need to do a tootsie test first to approve any rug even outdoors?

  3. Jessie @ Cape 27 says:

    Don’t forget Dash & Albert, one of my favorite sources for outdoor rugs! Super cute designs. Love reading you blog btw! New follower 🙂

  4. Oh yes if I could choose one it would be the blue Oahu Outdoor rug. It’s beautiful. You’ve got to love that red Georgia clay 😉

  5. Walmart? Who knew! I need rugs BADLY. Thank you for the roundup!

  6. Love the choices! The colours and patterns are great! Make sure they are soft enough for Andy’s tender baby feet! haha

  7. I have lots of stray leaves, I’ll even let your helper use the blower in addition to the broom. Since he is yet so agreeable to manual labor, send him to me. He can bring his sister.


  8. Great list! I love them all. What a hard decision! Can’t wait to see which one you choose.

  9. We have the Cleo geometric patio rug in our front hall! Love it. I don’t understand outdoor rugs quite honestly… I mean, I get that they’re a different more durable material, but it seems like it would just get WRECKED being outside all the time! I’m hoping you might be my guinea pig as I’d love to bring a little color to our patio… 🙂

  10. Ack! Beautiful rug overload!!! My head now hurts as much as my surgered finger!


  11. Love it! Can’t wait to see which one you choose! I must admit I have an “indoor” rug outside on my patio! It’s been there for about 5 years now and is still going strong! Course, I don’t have red clay and I live in Texas where our winters are mild, but still!! Have a great day!~~Angela

  12. I have 4 rugs from Rugs USA and love all of them. I don’t have an outdoor rug yet, but it’s definitely on my wish list. I’ve done a lot of comparison shopping and a 50%-75% off sale at rugs USA beats anyone else online–even One King’s Lane.

  13. It’s going to be hard to decide! I think I like the first one actually. Maybe check out HomeGoods too…sometimes their rugs are super inexpensive. Have fun with the project!

  14. So many awesome options, and yet only one cute little sweeper! 🙂

  15. That very first one? The Malibu one? Yup, in my living room as we speak. 🙂 My baby spilled PAINT on it. PAINT. Martha Stewart’s Silver Polished PAINT. And I soaked it in the tub and it’s all good. Yay for plastic rugs! LOL.

  16. I really want an outdoor rug (and some nice furniture) for our one day patio!

  17. Were you not just recently on the cover (or a feature page) od a national magazine? And

  18. Were you not just recently on the cover (or feature page) of a national magazine? And now just a few days later you are selecting an outdoor rug for a deck-in-progress?

    Decks. Wooden outdoor decks. What could be not to love? In a word … MAINTENANCE. There may be some virtue in an on-grade outdoor living area


  19. actually ive been considering some outdoor rugs for in the house. they are easy to clean because you can just hose them off etc.

  20. Hi Kelly! Andrea Kauffman (my sis-in-law) told me about your blog and I’m so glad I stopped by for a visit! Your family is ADORABLE and your home is beautiful! Just wanted to say “hi”! 🙂

  21. So good to know–pinned! I can’t wait to check out your finished outdoor space! Hope you’re having a great week, Kelly!!

    ~Abby =)

  22. Who knew outdoor rugs could be so colorful and beautiful? Mark found a pretty sweet outdoor rug that we have on our dock; it’s nautical themed with sailboats and such, but it’s only two shades of beige. I really like the bright bold looks you featured in the post.

    My faves? Probably the Houndstooth Rug or Nourison Waverly Rug. I’ll be so curious to see how much the rug inspires the rest of your design…or if it’s happening the other way around!

  23. I’ve not ever used an outdoor rug — just can’t quite bring myself to do it for some reason. BUT, there are lots of gorgeous options! I vote for the houndstooth. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  24. Great list!! We have been searching for an outdoor rug, so your timing is seriously PERFECT! Haha, I flippin’ love reading your blog! (Twisting my invisible evil genius mustache while beginning to plot how I can get my hubs to start working on our deck!!)

  25. I’ve never heard of an outdoor rug. I suspect that’s because I live in rainy Britain. Here the closest we get to an outdoor rug would be grass (stoically undamaged by wetness and muddy footprints).

  26. New subscriber here! Congrats on the BHG coverage! Loving the excitement and thought I would chime in on the outdoor rug selection. Despite the gray exterior of your home, I’d have to go with Red Medallions because of the red Georgia clay. Something tells me red Georgia clay has had more than a few belly laughs at outdoor rugs before but Red Medallions might make it do a double take. 🙂 Good luck and I’ll be enthusiastically watching as the project blooms.

  27. Pinned! We have an outdoor rug that we love form Overstock, but I was surprised (in a good way) by the Walmart choices:)


  28. I got my outdoor rug at that fancy-schmancy Walmart. Unfortunately for me, it was under several feet of snow when we moved out, so it’s still there on the deck that I don’t own anymore. Think they’d mind if I went to go get it??

  29. this post came on the perfect day. I was just looking for some and you saved me some time!!! Home Decorator’s Outlet has some good prices too!

  30. THANK YOU for this! I just blogged about getting new patio furniture and I want a new rug to go with it but don’t want to do the research for one haha Already found two winners from your post!

    PS: Can your dad road trip it out here and help me with some projects? Pretty please! 😉

  31. *Gasp*….I’m loving all of the blue and white!!!!! I cannot believe that the one blue and white is from Wally World (Wal-Mart in the Ozarks.) I’m kind of a sucker for anything Waverly though. I’m not sure why. Maybe my parents left me in a fabric store on accident as a child? (That didn’t really happen.) Okay…enough of that! I know that whatever you decide will be mahvalous dahling! 😉 k.

  32. Ooooo, love these choices! Our screened porch needs a pretty little makeover – thanks for doing all this great research!

  33. Love the burnt orange striped one!! I have thought about buying a couple small ones for the kitchen since those bad boys can be sprayed off with the hose. 🙂

  34. wow, those are some super pretty rugs. I love the one from One Kings lane and the navy lattice ones!!! beautiful! can’t wait to see which you chose.

  35. I love them all! I wouldn’t be able to decide. We’re hoping to build a deck this summer so I’m definitely pinning this for future use. Can’t wait to see which one you choose!

  36. I’ve gotten indoor/outdoor rugs from Overstock and Home Depot and love them both. We actually use them inside because with a toddler and two large dogs a nice rug is simply out of the question. Plus you can get a huge size for not a lot of money. They’ve held up wonderfully for going on three years now too. Good luck with your hunt!

  37. Great resource tips! thanks for sharing! I’m pinning/repinning this too. Little Bit from

  38. I love the look, pattern and ideas of this type of rug but I’m wondering about putting one on my second story deck. Do these outdoor rugs damage wooden decks? Or do they dry quickly enough so that there isn’t mold/moisture problems- for the rug or the deck? Any thoughts or experience with this? Thanks!

  39. Kris Lee says:

    I say buy a canvas painters cloth for about $25, use paint and paint your own in the design you want. Water proof the fabric and paint. VOILA` you have an outdoor rug

  40. Try Garden Ridge

  41. I found an old sisal rug on the side of the road and I painted it for my porch. It really looks cute!

  42. Thanks, great post.


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