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Beyond Bunnies and Baskets

Reposting this from a past Easter. Hope your weekend is incredible!

When Andy and I were in college, we very unwisely procured a tiny pot-belly pig we named Lady.
Lady learned tricks, learned to use the litter box, and took naps sandwiched between my feet. Once, she left the yard and ventured onto a busy road, where was hit by a truck and broke her pelvis. We nursed her back to health over several months in a dog crate, letting her broken bones heal, hand-feeding her and loving her despite the sudden moodiness she displayed as a result of her newly-onset PMS symptoms.

Eventually, Lady got well enough that we felt comfortable taking her crate outside to see if she could walk gingerly and carefully in the grass. The second we set her crate in the grass, she leaped over the side and ran full-speed through the grass, celebrating the fresh air and the sweet taste of freedom.

Every year when it gets close to Easter, I think of how, two years in a row, Lady escaped from her pen outside and showed up at the church down the street just in time for their outdoor Easter sunrise service. Two years in a row, a perfectly-timed escape. I’m not sure how she knew the day on the calendar, but clearly she knew she didn’t want to miss a chance to celebrate the real meaning of Easter.

Every year when it gets close to Easter, I think of Lady, and I think of peeps and Easter crafts and eating the heads off chocolate bunnies.

But I try not to forget…

That what happened at Easter is the reason for the hope I have inside. That without a death and without a resurrection, I would have no hope, no leg to stand on, no future and no life. That the One who deserved it the least took on my debt, wrapped Himself up in my sin and left it there on a cross on a hillside, so I could be wrapped in His grace and know what peace and life feel like. He gave His life so that I – so that we – could have an abundant life.

This video is what Easter is to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Easter friends!

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  1. Sweet post. My brother is dying for a little piggy! Adorable!

  2. Must. Not. Type. What. I’m. Thinking. About. Easter. And. Ham.

    So sorry for that. Lady is adorable. And how very sweet of you to care for her … and such a sweet story. So sorry to tarnish that beautiful memory ….

    🙂 Linda

  3. That is so cute! Look at the little piggy!

    Though I did think of an Easter ham at first too 😉

  4. First of all I think it’s hilarious/awesome that you had a pet pig. Second, thank you for being a light and reminding us of the really important things : ) Be blessed!

  5. Awww that little piggy is sooooo cute! I love love love me some animals, so of course I was teary eyed when you said Lady got hit but it’s so awesome you guys saved her.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Awww, I love Lady! It’s been my dream to have a pet pig one day! My husband of course thinks I’m nuts and we aren’t allowed to have one in the township we live in. I’m scared to ask what happened to her. I can’t stand sad pet endings. And I had a really terrible day today with one of my kitties who won’t make it for much longer. So I hope it’s not a sad ending!

    • No sad endings! Just when we learned we were going to have to move out of state, we heard of a local petting zoo that was looking for a friendly pig. She still lives there and we visit when we can. Totally happy ending!

  7. Cute story and thanks for doing your part to spread the message of hope and love! xxoo

  8. Love this post. Such a wonderful reminder of Easter and all it means.


    He is risen. He is risen indeed!

  9. She is so very very cute!!! Love it! Lovely words too…

  10. Great post, Kelly! Hope you had a blessed Easter!
    xo Heidi

  11. I can’t believe you guys had a piggy! How cute! I hope you had a Happy Easter!

  12. Amen, sister! Reading the end of this post, brought back to memory a favorite old hymn. Maybe you know it:

    “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
    Because He lives, all fear is gone;
    Because I know He holds the future,
    And life is worth the living,
    Just because He lives!”

  13. Easter is my favorite. Even more than Christmas. It gives me hope and so much Joy! Thanks for sharing your heart.

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