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Dapper New Window Skivvies

Finally, I can look you in the eye! My previously nude windows

…are finally appropriately dressed and presentable to the public!
Breakfast nook with bamboo blinds
No more do they run and hide when people see them. Now they walk with a little joy in their step, the way you do when you’re wearing a new outfit and you just know you look fab.

I’m always like, “Hey windows – lookin’ hot today. Love the new duds.”
And they’re all, “Oh, this old thing?” As they twirl and blush.

You might remember two months ago when I told you I ordered up some fancy-but-affordable custom blinds from Payless Decor. They arrived on my doorstep in no time, perfectly sized for my windows. I even got to choose which side of the window the cord goes on. I don’t know why that’s such a big deal to me. Just seems super cool.

Anyway, we brought the box inside and… didn’t install them. For two months. I am kicking myself that we waited so long because the installation took all of five minutes. You just screw the provided little brackety things right into the window.
How to install custom bamboo blinds
Then you slide the blind right onto the screw…
Installing custom bamboo shades
Tighten the nut, and you’re done. That’s it. Seconds.
Hanging custom bamboo blinds
Custom bamboo blinds in breakfast nook
I still want to add some long curtains to these windows, but I can’t decide what I want to hang there. I’d love to do pattern but I don’t want it to compete with the plate wall. Because the plate wall will kick them in the KNEES! It would be no contest.

So maybe a solid? I’m kinda feelin’ navy, or maybe simple white with some kinda embellishment, but I’m dying to hear what you think.

In the meantime, I’m pretty crazy about our new shades. I love that I can hide the craziness in the backyard if needed, and I was pretty thrilled with how easy it was to order the blinds from Payless Decor, how quickly they arrived and the total cost for these custom beauties.
Installing custom bamboo shades
No more fig leaves, for you, little breakfast nook.
Breakfast nook with bamboo blinds
What do you think? Are you a fan of the bamboo look?

The blinds were provided to me by Payless Decor, but all opinions are mine of course! I trust ’em 100 percent and have been so thrilled to work with them.

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  1. Looks fabulous, I agree!
    Love them!

  2. Kelly, I love it! Adds so much more texture and interest 🙂 xo Kristin

  3. I love bamboo shades and yours look great! Call me crazy, but I love them alone with no other drapes added, but I am sure it will look beautiful if you add drapes too!

    • I’m with Kathy – – I love them as they are! But perhaps I’ve been brainwashed by my husband who hates curtains with a passion (he thinks they collect dust and block the sun and are hence our enemies).

      But your no-longer-nude windows are looking smashing, I must say. And I love how you personified your windows and plate wall in this project. I’m always imagining, “If this project could talk, what would it say?” Hence, my overuse of the thought and speech bubble in my photos! Ha ha. Great job here, Kelly!

  4. LOVE them! we have bare windows because where we live we don’t really need blinds in the main living areas, but if we did, i would go this route.

  5. Yep, they look great! I’m a big fan of natural shades. I’m with Kathy, I don’t necessarily think you need any other curtains with them…but then you will probably do something awesome and make me realize I am totally wrong. 🙂

  6. I love them! I’m totally ready to hop aboard the bamboo blinds train.

  7. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the bamboo look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them.

  8. Isn’t it amazing what a difference something like new window shades can make? Changes the whole room. Love it!

  9. I love how they look – they definitely bring a little richness to the space.
    I hope you have a chance to actually sit at the table with your cute shoes, magazine and coffee and admire them! 🙂

  10. I’m totally cat calling those blinds. Looking good there baby dolls.

  11. LOVE the bamboo shades! I have them in my bedroom and they’re fabulous! Whether you leave them the way they are or add side panels….they are fabulous either way! That’s why I love em soooooo much! Have a great day!! ~~Angela

  12. Love them! It makes me want to get some bamboo shades… like yesterday!

    I think curtains would be nice to soften it up a little – I like the idea of navy or maybe of a nice green colour like that leaf plate on the plate wall?

  13. Awesome! I love the bamboo against the blue. Now I want to spend all day searching Spoonflower for curtain fabric for you. But I can’t! I have children! Anyway, really it’s too expensive to make curtains out of Spoonflower fabric. Unless they’re dollhouse curtains.

  14. I think some basic, white sheers would look gorgeous against the dark brown and wouldn’t compete with the plates, but compliment them. Plus, they’re affordable typically as well and always seem to be in style. Can’t wait to see what you decide! 🙂

    • Susan Brown says:

      I agree – white sheers would keep the room looking fresh and clean and soften the edges of the beautiful bamboo blinds. Am a big fan of plates on the wall and your plates are gorgeous.

  15. It looks beautiful! I love the color you chose! Pinning now, they are officially on my “to buy” list for my living room.

  16. That looks amazing. I love that hit of dark brown up there. Like perfectly manicured eyebrows 🙂 I love the bamboo look!

  17. Kelly, I love the bamboo look! I think they look fabulous. And I think long curtains would be fab too!
    At least they are not naked anymore… tagging them in any racy pictures. lol 😉
    Oh and I say go patterned for the curtains!

  18. You know I am a fan – they look great in that space, Kelly!!

  19. Gorgeous!!! And I love the idea of navy curtains!!

  20. Love them. I’m a huge fan of this look and will be adding them to our master bedroom very soon.

  21. I love these curtains! They are both navy & white. Maybe they’ll work for your room?

  22. Love them. My best friend had a million windows in her kitchen eating nook and those are exactly what she went with and the look great. Curtains would have overpowered that area plus she has 5 kids. They Look great!

  23. ~wolf whistle~ Looking mighty fine!

  24. Beauts! Love that the installation was so easy too, I will tuck this source away for sure.

  25. Lovely shades, I know from experience that they filter the light in such a way that the room feels cozy and warm and full of instant charm!

  26. Susan Takeda says:

    The blinds look great and I think navy curtain panels would make your windows the belle of the ball. Go for it!

  27. Your windows are lookin’ sexy! I love the added texture they bring to the table, err, window. Maybe pair them with a simple white drape that has a colored border of some sort? Maybe ribbon or pompom trim? I saw some cute ones at PB Teen but it looks like they’re sold out. I bet you could easily DIY them though!

  28. Man! What a difference! Looks great!!! <3

  29. I LOVE the bamboo look and I’m dying to put blinds just like that in my bedroom, but my HOA has a fit if the outside of your window coverings isn’t white (LAME). Your windows look great!

  30. Beautimus!!! They add a whole new element! I think it’s pretty cool you can pick the side of the pull too 🙂

  31. They look great! I love how rich you went with the color. And I’m still loving your plate wall!

  32. Window treatments are becoming one of my favorite things! I don’t know why I stuck with plain white cotton panels for so long. I like the navy idea.

  33. They look great! Love the texture ~ if you’re thinking drapes I would do white with maybe the simplest of trim. Just my 2 cents worth!
    xo Heidi

  34. They really pop! LOVE them, Kelly!

  35. Love them! That bamboo is gorgeous with your floors! Totally perfect 🙂

  36. I LOVE them. i couldnt talk adam into shades, he wanted blinds blinds…so we went for the fuax wood ones. but yours look gorgeous. im going to show him your photos so he can see the beauty he is missing…

  37. Rick’s co-worker says “damper” instead of “dapper” and we joke about it so much that now I slip up sometimes myself. 😛 So your damper new shades look great. 😉

  38. I LOVE! They are perfect! I also love the purse in the first shot and the shoes in the next. lol! I believe that you know my passion for looking in the background. 😉 Cannot wait to see the curtains/drapes/ that you choose. I know that they will be lovely! k.

  39. Jackie Hardy says:

    Love the window treatments, but how have you attached the plates to the wall!!! Love them!!!

  40. It looks great!

    And a question about that – you have the 2 windows close together – is there a reason you went with 2 shades instead of one big one? I’ve been thinking about doing this to my dining room windows…

    • Do you know what? It NEVER occurred to me to do one big one. I bet that would’ve looked better. Next time I’ll send all my decorating decisions through you first! 🙂

  41. Absolutely perfect for that space! Job well done.

  42. Love those chairs! Shades play nicely with dark wood floors. Nice work.

  43. They look great! I too have some naked windows in my house. . . I should be ashamed! Life to the full, Melissa

  44. I think these shades are the perfect choice. I love it when something is easy. Makes my day! They look awesome in your little nook too.

  45. Oooh, I’m lovin’ em! I think they’d look awesome with curtains. I like your idea of navy or white. Or maybe navy with like a white outline of some sorts. I can see it in my head but it’s hard to describe with words. Darn non-drawing capable commenting widgets.

  46. Goin’ against the flow here…I would have left the windows bare, unless you are trying to 1–keep direct sun out; 2–block view from neighbors at night; 3–block view from you of outdoors (do I see a covered grill? that would annoy me).
    I love the clean look of bare windows, and I personally don’t care for the bamboo look. You get away with it on your windows because of the contrast with so much light color in that corner, and because the blinds go with the dark floor (beautiful floor–sigh) and the dark counter that peeks out in a couple of pictures. I think curtains would make the area look too busy, especially with the plate wall. It would take the focus away from the plates (I know you love the plate wall!), and end up confusing the eye, and thus the mind. If you do end up doing curtains, I wonder if sheers in the same shade as the bamboo would keep the continuity and minimize visual clutter.
    Btw, I think you wisely chose separate blinds for the two adjacent windows. One blind for both windows would have a heavy and ponderous look to it, would make the windows look off-balance, and would lessen the flexibility you now have with individual blinds.

  47. They look great and yes the cord placement does matter ;)!!!!!! I also am obsessed with those chairs!!!

  48. Hey, lovely blinds! I love how it contrasts with your light walls and ceiling and how it establishes a nice motif together with the floor and the table.

  49. They look gorgeous! Love that they bring a natural touch to your room and tie in the floors. Beautiful! I’m just getting around to window treatments around my home – it’s only taken nearly 3 years. :-/ xxx

  50. Yes, love the look of bamboo shades and the texture they bring into a space. Love how they look in your room too!

  51. You just blew my mind! I think I must have been subconsciously influenced by you recently – as I am in the midst of putting in floors just like yours, painting my sunroom a suspiciously similar color, AND just today discovered Payless Decor (before seeing this post)!

    So needless to say…I love it. 🙂 (And maybe I need to start thinking about a plate wall too, ha!)

  52. They look great! We are in desperate need of new window treatments in almost every room of our house; I am gonna check out this site!

  53. Kelly McK says:

    They look amazing! You could totally get away with no curtains if you wanted, but I think some green panels would look great… picking up the green from some of the plates on the wall and also the chair fabric. Green would also really complement the light blue walls. Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  54. It looks amazing! It’s it so funny how putting something on a window changes the whole room. It makes it look more finished. I’m a fan of your windows. Oh how I wish I had windows that gave my house so much natural light. Next house I guess… 😉

  55. They look great Kelly! I love that color with your floors too. We also have bamboo/natural style shades in our dining room just like this {a lighter color} with an inside mount. It’s something I regret a little in hindsight because we lose 6+” of light off the top. Snap! I think The Lettered Cottage did a hack once taking their inside mount blinds and moving them above the window and adding “false” trim. Hmmm….that was awhile ago I saw that. Anyhow…I’m rambling and you have some great tall ceilings and I’m SO glad I don’t have to be scared of what kind of crazy nude content you’re going to be posting from now on! Lol! 😉

  56. Looks great! I love the bamboo and I LOVE those white chairs!

    Would love for you to link this up at a new link party I am hosting with four other bloggers:

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  57. They look fantastic! And apparently very easy to install. That’s always a good thing!


  58. If you add curtains I would go for white/ivory with a subtle texture. I’m a big fan of Ikea for this.

  59. This looks REALLY good! I love that it plays well with your dark floors and it’s a good contrast with the walls. Love it 🙂

  60. Hey Kelly, your breakfast nook looks so great! I’ve definitely had some of those projects that sit around FOREVER and only take a few minutes when I finally get around to them. I saw on your Home Tour page that this is painted Benjamin Moore Brittany Blue. I’d love to feature this on Involving Color. Let me know if you’re interested!


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