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When I was a teenager, we used to have “family meetings,” which were dreaded by me with an intensity now reserved only for calling customer service , or clipping Mila’s tiny fingernails, or trips to the DMV. My dad would gather us all together, and start every meeting with this:

“Any old business? Any new business?”

— followed by GROANING by me. Then he’d launch into family-type stuff we needed to discuss, which as you can imagine, is a unique, precise form of torture for any 14-year-old.

I don’t know why I just told that story. Except that I’m going to start this post with new business! Then follow it up with more new business! But it’s all fun stuff. Nothing painful, like talking about who’s going to do which chore or why everybody’s been arguing so much and WHY CAN’T YOU ALL JUST GET ALONG?!

First off, I’ve been getting around, if you know what I mean. I really, really hope you know what I mean – I’ve been on some other blogs. That’s all that I mean.

Some of my best projects were just featured over at Eclectically Vintage, which is written by my bud Kelly who has a very pretty plate wall which I happen to be partial to. You can see my house tour over at 6th Street Design School, and if you stop and check out Kirsten’s blog a little, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the eye candy she shares. Finally, I shared 7 Decorating Hacks at 52 Mantels.

That’s really ALL I meant by “getting around.” Don’t get any ideas.

Next up: more new business! Shopping-type business. Like how this is a great time to check out some GOODIES from my amazing sponsors who help make this whole shebang possible. I love them with an ooey-gooey devotion.

Belvedere Designs: Wall Quotes

If you’re looking at a giant blank wall and thinkin’ it’d be nice to be able to fill it with something unique and beautiful… solution found, friends. Belvedere Designs does some beautiful vinyl wall quotes, like this “Family Rules” version:

Such an inexpensive way to make your house feel special, cared-for and set apart. Check out Belvedere Designs at for all their beautiful designs!

Warehouse Fabrics

How do I love thee, beautiful fabrics at Warehouse Fabrics? Let me count the ways…

Strie Ikat Malachite | Lattice Bamboo Raspberry | New Damask Greystone

The green ikat is SO tribal, SO ikat, SO in right now. I’m crazy about the color too. Check out their full selection here, and stop by their blog for their monthly $50 giveaway!

Change of Art

If “things” could make you happy, my pretty, easy-to-change Change of Art picture frame would bring lifelong joy. I seriously love it every single day. THIS is the way all frames should be made: take out the art without removing the mat or glass, and it levels it self when you put it back on the wall.
MAGIC, right? Click here if you missed my post about how these work. Best invention ever! Check out Change of Art and order your own gallery frames right here.

Bright Box

YES! This is a very special sponsor I’ve been SO excited to tell you about! If you have a woman in your life who is hard to shop for… or if you need to give something TRULY special, Bright Box is on it! They comb the world for the BEST brands and make-you-feel-so-pampered products – think organic soaps and luxe bubble baths – and combine them into one unique package.

Coco Gift Set

Bonus: It’s owned and run by a very talented woman and friend, and I’m so excited to support her business!


Craftsy always has some cool free classes going on, like this quick & easy bags class, which is free and available any time.

Online Sewing Class

Make sure you sign up for their Daily Crafting Deals email!

Compassion Int’l

Compassion International is an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.

Andy and I have been sponsoring and exchanging notes and gifts with our Compassion kids for *years.* It’s a top-notch organization that does amazing work! (In fact, my “sponsorship” with Compassion always has been – and always will be – unpaid, as a way to support the organization.) Come look into the faces of these kids who need to be sponsored.

* * *

Speaking of ooey gooey devotion? Thanks for reading guys. You just make my whole little world go ’round.

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  1. Congrats on all your features. That is really exciting. Ok it’s Easter, so I’m going to say EGGciting 🙂 Because that’s just how corny I am. Happy Easter Kelly!!

  2. Beautiful fabrics! I’m such a fabric junkie…heading over to check them out now! 🙂

  3. I do love Warehouse Fabrics! You’ve got great sponsors, Kelly!
    xo hm

  4. Leave it to you to turn a “sponsor” post into a grrrrrreat read!

    Congrats on the exciting features this past month. You’ve been busy, girl.

    We also sponsor a child through Compassion, named Marcos from the D.R. I think sponsorship has been just as much of a gift to us as to him…perhaps even more.

    Hope you had a happy Easter, friend!

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