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Joss and Main sale is LIVE!!

*Squeal!!* It’s really happening!

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My Joss & Main sale is live and I’m more than a little bit weirded-out-excited to see my house right there on the website of one of my fave shopping destinations.

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But the weirdness is worth it because there are tons and tons of goodies to shop for. Like 30-some things under $50.
And some gorgeous furniture and lighting.
Full disclosure – as thanks for curating the sale, I do get a small commission from Joss & Main, so this is like all other bloggy stuff that helps pay the bills. But seriously? This was the funnest thing ever.

The sale just went up a few minutes ago and stuff is already selling out, so don’t waste any time – head over and snag some little pretties for your house while ya can!

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  1. So cool, girl. And can I tell you how much I love that grey nailhead chair?? Ummmmm…a lot.

  2. That is so so awesome. So happy for you. I love the orb chandelier. So beautiful!!

  3. Congrats Kelly! I’m so happy for you! I love that pixelated pillow and that bamboo table. I may have to make one of them mine…

  4. Ok, I’ve mentally spent about $3,000! Congrats and all good things to you!


  5. I love your Joss and Main collection. You weren’t lying when you said you were price conscious. I browse Joss and Main regularly and not all their collections are so affordable. Yours is positively tempting with those prices. Thanks.

  6. Heading over now, this is amazing! So so so crazy excited for you!

  7. So much pretty stuff. Love it all!

  8. Yay! Your home looks beautiful! Congratulations. I can’t wait to go check it out. I love that grey tufted chair!

  9. I love the light fixtures, anything in white, and all the nailhead trim. Some of the pillows were so beautiful. Congratulations!


  10. Being the geek I am looking at the first photo, I thought you had a large black and white picture of yourself on your kitchen wall. That’s what I was going to purchase.

  11. Congrats lady! I’m off to go check out your collection! 🙂

  12. Yay! Congrats! That is some seriously beautiful stuff!

  13. Woot! Congrats! Can’t wait to head over and drool over all your picks.

  14. very happy for you Kelly, Congrats! everything looks so pretty! 🙂

  15. At first when I looked at that top picture I thought you’d hung a framed b&w of yourself in your kitchen window. But then I realized that would be weird. (Congrats again on the sale!!)

  16. I die.
    (Did I just quote Rachel Zoe?! Ugh.)

    Love it!

  17. I am totally in love with all the lighting you chose. We have very similar styles.

  18. Great picks, my friend! I especially love the teak side table and white elephant and the colorful rug! It’s in times like these when I wish I had a home decor budget. Well, I suppose I do…I just blow it on craft supplies! 😉 So excited for you, Ms. Curator Kelly!

  19. First BHG and now you are curating collections. FANCY! I’m so proud of you! 🙂

  20. I just want you to know that I keep telling people I know you – when in fact I don’t really but I sort of do but you just make me seem way cooler than I actually am. SO SO excited for you!

  21. Beautiful collection Kelly! I especially love that gray chair and the lighting fixtures!!

  22. Love the orb chandelier. Congratulations! Heading over to see if there is anything left 🙂

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