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Moodboard for the deck and the new love of my life

If you give me a flat surface and some furniture, I’m going to make a moodboard. That’s just how I was raised.

Even if the flat surface is outside, like our new deck.

You might remember that we’ve been making over our ugly ol’ patio as part of Home Depot’s Patio Challenge. Home Depot set us up with the beautiful Barnsley 7-piece dining set, which we chose because we wanted something cushy that could seat six people. We also wanted something that would last a long time – not a wooden table that might need repainting or that might rot – and the metal table and chairs seemed like a smart bet.
Ain’t she purdy, y’all?

Next decision: outdoor rug. We talked inexpensive rug options a week or two ago, and I ended up settling on this beauty, which came from walmart-of-all-places. (You have to add “-of-all-places” to the end of “walmart” every time you get something fabulous from there.)

I’ve been on a bit of a navy kick lately, like for the last two years or so. I don’t know when it stops being “a kick” and starts being just “I love decorating with navy.” And I loved how the circles in the rug kinda echo the circles on the back of the chairs. Seemed meant to be, and who am I to question fate?

Next up, I knew I wanted color. Lots and lots and LOTS of color. I hit up World Market for accessories, and pretty much melted into a bumbly love-struck mess as soon as I laid eyes on these placemats.
WHY ARE THEY SO BEAUTIFUL? What is their freaking problem?! I can’t even take it. I’m mad at them.

World Market makes placemats, tablecloths and cloth napkins in that Whippoorwill pattern, and I am ABSOLUTELY going to find a way to bring it inside my house. I think some pillows-made-from-cloth-napkins are in my near future. Actually, I already kinda cheated. I was thinking about making pillows out of that fabric when I took this photo of my breakfast nook that I shared in this post.

That pillow on the chair? It’s actually just a cloth napkin draped on a pillow I already have, while I try to decide whether I want to use the pattern in my breakfast nook, or somewhere else, or just plaster my entire house with it.

Probably option C.

I’m in love with the whippoorwill and I’m going to marry it.

I like how it has the red color that matches the color I already painted my back door on a whim that one time, and I like how it’s just spewing color all over your eyeballs.

On the deck, I’m going to add a bunch of accessories on the table and lots and lots of flowers and greens, so this is the whole plan:
Outdoor Deck Mood Board at View Along the Way
I really, really want to add a gaggle of colorful outdoor chandeliers to that picture, something like this:

Photo: John Granen & Peter Krumhardt; Design: Heather Christothoulou; Via Traditional Home

…but without any kind of ceiling or pergola or way to hang a chandelier from a small cloud, it’s not a possibility for now. We’d like to build a pergola at some point though. I’ll keep ya in the loop!

The other thing I lobbied for was a cool outdoor water feature like this amazing rain chain by Erin at 110 + 2.
rain chain by 110 + 2
She shared the whole tutorial to make your own and I think it looks very simple to achieve and SUPER cool. I’d love one hanging just to the left of the back door. However, this idea was vetoed for now because we don’t have a convenient outlet for a pump and also I ran out of time.

But even without a water feature and fab chandys, I’m still excited about how this whole situation is working out. Planning to show you the whole thing, totally finished, next week!

Have you done any outdoor work? Are you covered in pollen like we are here in Atlanta?

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  1. I know why it is necessary to add “at Walmart out of all places” to anything you buy there because they are forever cursed with the website! The display of their well dressed (NOT) customers on display will forever haunt them LOL. That website just cracks me up and I could browse it for hours.
    You plans are looking fabulous and I love the placemat fabric too. I wish we’d have a WorldMarket close to us.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the set. And that RUG! Walmart, sometimes you are amazeballs. Sometimes, you are cray cray. But in this instance… yes. I love navy too and I am finding more and more that I want to use navy in my decor. Which is hilarious to me, as when I was getting married three years ago, I wanted RED kitchen decor because I thought blue was dated. But now I am seeing that red itself for kitchens was kind of dated! Thankfully I am coming up with ways to mix the red and navy for a nautical look. You live, you learn I suppose. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it all put together!

  3. Walmart Of All Places?? Yes I think that’s actually the store’s official name. That rug is great and I love all the colorful elements in your mood board. It’s going to be so lovely out there!

  4. So much fun. I totally had “If you give a mouse a cookie…” (do you know that book?) run through my head when I read “If you give me a flat surface and some furniture…” Loving all the inspiration and what you’ve gotten already. That whippoorwill pattern in purrrdy and I hope you two will be very happy together.

    • Ha ha…If you give me a flat surface, I’m going to make a moodboard. If I make a moodboard, I’m going to shop for accessories. And then I’m going to want to buy them. And some lighting….”

  5. I adore those placements! I’ve noticed that in addition to faux bamboo, campaign furniture, and anything Asian, I have a THING for birds. I love all of your choices and can’t wait to see it come to fruition for you. Oh, and I totally get you on the moodboard thing. 🙂

  6. Ooooh! Can’t wait to see it come together! I walked into our World Market yesterday and it was about 90% EMPTY! Don’t know how I missed the news (and probably fabulous sales!), but they’re moving down the road. I nearly had a heart attack thinking they were closing for good in our city…

  7. i can’t wait to sit on your deck late june! it’s going to be AWESOME.

  8. we have 20 cm of snow in the forecast this weekend…so by the looks of things i might be able to make a deck mood board in September. Maybe i will make an igloo mood board with all things fur and fire instead. BUT…since you get to sit on your deck, I will be happy for you….while you are enjoying dinner on those awesome placemats!

    • We have snow here too! Lots of it… sigh. I would love to join you in your igloo mood board, I’ll bring the hot chocolate!
      I love and love that rain chain! Why don’t you make it anyways just for the looks?

  9. You are so funny. What IS their problem? I was in World Market the other day, and I pretty much love it all. Definitely go for option C. 😉

  10. The pollen is insane here! Thankfully the storm washed some away yesterday 🙂 But not my covered patio! So that means sweeping will happen this weekend 🙂 I love the look you are creating! In the middle of reading your post I jumped over to find a World Market near me since we just moved. Thankfully there is one close by, this could be good or bad 😉 Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  11. Can’t wait to see what you do with the space. I love your mood board and the pops of color. Have a great weekend! xo Kristin

  12. I can’t wait to see it all come together! This warm weather has me dying to do work in our yard and on our patio, but I don’t think a new patio is in our budget this year. Wah!

  13. Walmart is totally steppin up their game. I saw a pair of man loafers there yesterday I wanted to buy for my husband. They were so classy! Love thr rug, can’t wait to see it all finished!

  14. There are pictures of a smaller not whole roof like pergolas, probably just the right size to hang lighting from. Just saying…..

    Pollen? I know it’s there somewhere under this snow.


  15. I can’t wait to see it all!! And I am in love with that rain chain …. we have been tossing around the idea of some kind of water feature … hmmmmm, a new idea to consider.

  16. This is all so gorgeous! Thankful for rain last night to wash the pollen away…I’m north of Atlanta right between Anderson and Greenville SC. I have a beautiful custom built patio with NOT a bit of color. I am following along with you because I love your style! AND I totally agree about the placemats…Fantastic!

  17. Gorgeous fabric!! I love the direction you are heading. That chandy photo is gorgeous!! Hope you can do a pergola down the road sometime! So pretty!

    Can’t wait to see it come together!

  18. OMG Kelly I am loving your vision! It always makes me happy to add some bright punches of color to a space, and that fabric is amazing. I can’t wait to see it all done and beautified!

  19. I can’t wait to see it all finished!

    And don’t be mad at the poor little Whippoorwill … it’s not her fault!

  20. A) I love your anger at the placemats for being so beautiful. It’s such a human reaction, and I love you for voicing it.
    B) That rain chain might be one of the coolest things I have seen in a while (and not to brag, but I’ve seen a lot of cool things). 😉
    C) I feel like you need to write a children’s book about “The Gaggle of Chandeliers.” Their exploits. How one chandelier escapes from the gaggle and causes mischief until he learns his lesson and comes back to the gaggle. Don’t ask me why. My brain is strange.
    D) This back deck is going to be UH-MA-ZING when you’re through with it. After this mood board, I can see it now! Hooray!

  21. This is going to bears one. I’m moderately obsessed with that pattern from World market. Kid of reminds me of a pattern I loved from Pottery barn back in the day. Really pretty and I love the variety of colors.

    I’m also totally digging the rug Very chic.

    Do you have a downspout nearby? My gram has an identical looking water feature that she uses in place of a downspout. Raining has never been so pretty.

    I’m currently working on a tutorial for hanging a Chandy from a cloud. Stay tuned.

  22. And I truly apologize for all those typos. Trying to comment from my phone. 🙂

  23. Totally marry the whippoorwill pattern–it’s amazing! 🙂 Love your picks and can’t wait to see the finished space! Have a wonderful weekend, Miss Kelly!

    ~Abby =)

  24. Mindy@findingsilverlinings says:

    I would have never thought to look for a rug at Walmart! I love that one!!! I won’t allow myself on world market. I get tunnel vision lol

  25. Apparently I need to make a trip to World Market. Your mood board has me craving flowers. We got 6 inches of snow today.

  26. I was oohing and aahhing all through your post, Kelly. Love those whippoorwills! They would look fabulous in your breakfast room. The rug is also adorable, and I add “at Walmart of all places” sometimes when I get something really good there—rare, but it does happen. And navy? That has been my fashion color of choice since last summer and it is starting to make it’s way into my decor now too. Maybe you should say “Tut tut, it looks like rain” and then a little rain cloud will come to hold up your chandelier. Or maybe you should just wait and build the pergola which is also a good option. Happy weekend!

  27. Whoa, that is going to be one sweet deck–love your choices! Good call on the metal table. We used cedar for ours and I’m already not loving how it looks two years later. And, GASP, those whippoorwills! Can’t even take it. Thanks for introducing me. I’m already on the World Market site trying to figure out which pieces I should get to make pillows. The table runner is 90″–too lung for a lumbar?

  28. Oooh, that is FABULOUS!!!! We just started on our porch project, and guess what?? We have navy blue on our shutters and front door! I may just have to head on over to “THE WALMARTS” (of-all-places) & check out their rug selection. Do folks pluralize Walmart in Atlanta, too? Seriously, Kelly, I can’t wait to see how your deck turns out. Whippoorwills, chandeliers, and echoing patterns throughout? You’re amazing — and totally Pinteresting,too!!

  29. Oh it’s going to be beautiful Kelly!! I have no doubt!! I love that “pillow” in your nook btw. 😉 I have 5 place mats that I picked up from WM about 3 months ago to make pillows for my screened porch furniture and I have yet to do it! They are draped across the old pillows I have out there just like the one in your picture !lol It’s enough to fool me into believing they are done…for now. 😉

  30. I’m still wearing coats and hats and glove and Ugg boots here. Seriously. It’s mid-April and you’d mistaken it for February …

    Love your inspiration board. I’m all for navy and an explosion of color!

    🙂 Linda

  31. Oooo, great plans! I need a World Market in my neck of the woods!!

    And that rain chain is awesome!

  32. Susan Brown says:

    I agree with other comments re Wal Mart Of All Places – this should definitely be its official name! And that web site with Wal Mart People – it makes my day. Here in Australia we don’t have Wal Mart, just K Mart which I think might be pretty much the same. I just hopped over to World Market’s store and I am in love! Another store we have to live without. BUT we DO have IKEA thank goodness. I LOVE your ideas for the deck and those placemats are to die for and they look so good as cushion covers. I have been trying to get into the habit of mood boarding and now that I am a bit Pinterest savvy perhaps I can start. I just had a light bulb moment this morning and realised if I could train my husband to be tidy (lol) I could squeeze our computer desk into our dining room, so I feel a mood board coming on! Cant wait to see your deck finished, you have such great ideas

  33. I love that bird print place mat. It’s just perfect to tie all the other colors together. I am hunting for outdoor rugs too at the moment. I really like the one you picked. I can’t seem to make up my mind what to get. I need two that will work together, but not be matchy, matchy if you know what I mean…

  34. Can I just say that I am the president of the fan club of that rug!!!!! Seriously! Does it come in black? I am trying to order rugs for the back porch right now….and I had almost settled on a lattice pattern from Ballard….but this is soooo much cuter!

    I know your porch is going to be amazing!


  35. Fab.u.lous. I want to have it. All of it. OR, you could just invite all us bloggy buddies over for tea once you’re done!

    PS – The town we just moved to has a World Market and we bought a table for our breakfast nook there last night. Win!

  36. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out!!! World market is one of my favorite stores and luckily I live close to one. The floral is beautiful although I have a super weird issue with birds that freaks me out (I blame it on my childhood and the seagulls at the beach :)!!!). That’s just me but I adore it for others!!!! The color scheme is so beautiful!!!!! I am inspired for sure!!!


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