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Three things we need to discuss + {June sponsors}

Remember in the last sponsored post when I anguished about the state of my shamrock plant, which was apparently trying to die while very similar clovers in my yard just inches away were thriving?

WELL. The more I wrote that post, the more heated up and passionately angry I got at my shamrock. What is its PROBLEM, you know?! Just GROW already! I don’t ask much! So I started ignoring it. I virtually stopped watering it and stopped glancing in its direction except to glare.

I don’t forgive you, shamrock. This just makes me more mad at you.

If you follow this blog via google reader, well, the good old days are about to come to an end. Google reader ends July 1, so make sure you follow some other way! You can get new posts sent to your email here, or follow via BlogLovin or feedly.

But whatever you do, make sure you follow somehow! It would just break my poor little heart to lose you. And I’m already in an emotionally vulnerable state over the shamrock. This is just not the time for an emotional breakup, my friend.

Don’t forget that Monday is the Ditto DIY linkup! Copy haute couture design in your home and share your projects right here, Monday morning. We’re all challenged to frame fabric and share it together. Here are the details.

And now for the fantastic June sponsors and some fun shopping!!

Decorator in a Box

Decorator in a Box is a service for the DIY homeowner who wants a little help from a professional designer but without breaking the bank. Who WOULDN’T love that?!

Get more info and start the process right here.

Warehouse Fabrics

SO MUCH FUN to dig through all the new stuff at Warehouse fabrics! Like these beauties:

Django Persian | Alhambra French Blue | Kashan Kiwi

Check out their full selection here, and stop by their blog for their monthly $50 giveaway!


Craftsy always has some cool free classes going on, like this quick & easy bags class, which is free and available any time.

Online Sewing Class

Make sure you sign up for their Daily Crafting Deals email!
Daily Knitting Deals at

One Kings Lane

Hit up One Kings Lane for low-priced, gorgeous decor, even some one-of-a-kind finds! Score! Sign up today for a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more.

Compassion Int’l

Compassion International is an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.

Andy and I have been sponsoring and exchanging notes and gifts with our Compassion kids for *years.* It’s a top-notch organization that does amazing work! (In fact, my “sponsorship” with Compassion always has been – and always will be – unpaid, as a way to support the organization.) Come look into the faces of these kids who need to be sponsored.

* * *

Hope you have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Kelly, my shamrock did the same thing. I just decided it needed a rest! She looks great now, so we must be doing something right!

  2. Shamrocks are a fickle plant.

  3. A…Murphy’s Law?!

  4. For real?! Ohhh, that shamrock. 😉

  5. You literally stopped watering it and it grew?! so weird.

  6. Your Shamrock has sprung back to life. So awesome!! That makes me happy 🙂

  7. Oh plants. This has happened to me several times before, at least it came back!

  8. It’s my first year trying to garden and it has been a doozy! So hard to find the balance of not underwatering OR overwatering.

    We just started sponsoring a child through Compassion a few months ago. Such a great organization! Glad to see they are getting some exposure on your site 🙂

  9. I’m all for stubborn houseplants! This past year, I was a bad plant Mommy & didn’t do anything to take care of my plants. My purple shamrock sits on my table & I throw a glass of water in it when I think to do so. Recently, it seriously slipped my mind & it became a deadish mess of dried stems. I threw some water in it & it’s recovering! My palm tree that I bought during our first year of marriage sits outside on my front porch & I let nature determine whether it gets water or not, died in the winter & grew new palm fronds this spring! My Mom gave me some of her spider plants to create two hanging baskets off my back porch & they were outrageously huge last year! I kept forgetting to bring them in during the winter & they sadly died a tragic death. About a month & a half ago, I saw green tips shooting up through the tangled mess of dead spider plans & now, they’re well on their way to being beautiful & full once again! So, apparently, I need to own plants that are as stubborn as me! 😉

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