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Ditto DIY + Easy Yarn Art Project

WOOOOT! Time for the July Ditto DIY challenge!
Ditto DIY logo
Remember how this works? Once a month, we’ll all replicate a couture design idea in our own homes and share them here. Ditto DIY is hosted by ten bloggers, but it’s about all of us – you and me – incorporating fine design elements into our homes in a way that fits our style.

The ten hosting bloggers include:

Darlene @ Fieldstone Hill Design
Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less
Cindy @ Skip to My Lou
Jen @ Balancing Beauty & Bedlam
Edie @ Life in Grace
Rachel @ Surviving the Stores
Karin @ Trophy Mom Diaries
Lauren @ I am THAT Lady
Kelly @ View Along The Way
Melissa @ The Inspired Room

This month’s challenge is inspired by this photograph (via Neiman Marcus):

The challenge: frame some fabric!

My challenge results

Welllll I just can’t leave well enough alone and follow the rules completely. I took a little bit of a different spin on the fabric framing idea. I made and framed a little piece of yarn art for my baby girl, Mila:
It’s yarn… which is kinda like fabric? … and it’s in a frame… so it’s totally legal. Right? Work with me.

Here’s the back story to this craft. One day Weston (my three-year-old) said: “Mama, your name is Mama-Too.”
Me: “It IS? Then what’s Mila’s name? Mila-too?”
Weston: “No it’s PEACH!”

And that is how Mila became our little Peach. I don’t pretend to understand the randomness that comes out of my kid. But the nickname stuck and she’s now our Peachy-Girl.
Easy DIY crafts: yarn art
This little art piece was SO quick to whip up. Andy made the frame for Weston’s nursery a long time ago, and it had just been laying around since we moved him into his big-boy room.

I just grabbed a piece of cardstock and drew a little peach shape with my pencil.
Pencil drawing of a peach
I covered the pencil drawing with a thin line of tacky glue.
Line of tacky glue to make DIY yarn art
Then I just cut a piece of yarn and carefully stuck it on top of the glue line. Totally felt like elementary school craft time playing with yarn and glue. #nostalgia.
Peach made of yarn
(By the way, as a kid, did you pour elmer’s glue on your hands so you could peel it off in giant, satisfying flakes like my friends and I did back then? Or is that something I should probably not admit again?)

I had planned to buy some orange yarn for the peach and green yarn for the stem, but thriftiness won out and I picked up one thingy – Is there a more technical term than “thingy?” Probably not. – of multicolored yarn so I could cut some orange and green out of it.
multicolored yarn
I’m actually glad I did because I ended up loving how the colors fade from orange to red, like a real peach. Can we call that “ombre” and pretend like it’s extra trendy?
Easy DIY crafts: yarn art
I kinda like how the yarn is dimensional too. You could make any old shape, or a monogram. I think it might be cool to fill in the shape with lines of yarn. And once I was done, I did a total face-palm: this project would’ve been PERFECT for Weston to help me with! If you have kiddos, I bet they’d love to make their own versions.

Simple yarn art: inexpensive way to add art to your walls

But enough about that! I can’t wait to see your framed fabric projects! Did you follow the rules better than I did?

And YES! Don’t forget to prep for next month’s challenge which we’ll all link up August 5. I won’t be hosting then, so you can link up to any of the other fabulous blogs that will be hosting!

Are you ready to see next month’s challenge? Here’s a hint: This simple design DIY challenge from our designer will turn your trash into treasure. Design IS all about the details. Head on over to see what our interior designer is challenging us with next month. And while you are there, don’t forget to read Darlene Weir’s tips on incorporating July’s fabric art into our homes.

I can’t wait to see how you did this month! Let’s see your projects!

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  1. Kelly your yarn art is DARLING! Love it! I am so inspired. And yes, yarn in a frame is totally the same thing as fabric! Duh! 🙂

  2. Love that! So simple and so inspired. Inexpensive too!

  3. Abby @ Just a Girl and Her Blog says:

    What adorable yarn art for your little peach! I love it! You picked the perfect yarn–definitely super trendy. 😉 Thanks so much for hosting this fun challenge, Kelly! Have a great week!

    #16, Unexpected Framed Art

  4. Adorable! I agree that the fading from orange to red makes it that much cuter and more perfect! We have affectionately called my little sister Beez (her real name is Regan) forEVER…nobody can really remember why.

  5. Adorable…and I love the story behind it. So sweet! 😉 Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

  6. Seriously? OH MY WORD!! How absolutely perfect does that look with your curtains. It’s beautiful art and from just yarn? Inspiring for sure!

  7. Peaches and her bro want to come stay the summer with me.


  8. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    Love the look so pretty with the curtains, which I want so badly by the way!

  9. I think your little peach is way cuter than the inspiration piece. Nice job!

  10. I love the nickname! And I find humor in realizing that taking the photos of your completion of the project had to have taken waay longer than to actually do it. Cute idea–and one that even my musically-inclined but artistically-challenged brain can handle. 🙂

  11. I freaking LOVE that. Totally inspired!!!

  12. Wow, I love this! It’s so simple and cute and I totally love the “ombre” effect :).

  13. Not even gonna lie – think that’s totally genius. And the ombre yarn touch – to die for. Totally gonna do this in little boy’s room (well, maybe not the peach part…but the idea I’m totally jacking.) 😉

  14. Oh, I definitely slathered glue all over my body just for the satisfaction of peeling it off…no shame there!

  15. This is so cute! And yes, I totally did that with glue. Very satsfying…just like peeling the dead skin from a sunburn (although thankfully, I haven’t been sunburned in many, many years!)

  16. So cute!!

  17. Oh em gee….could that be ANY cuter?!!! I love the fade! 🙂

  18. I love how you drew that! It’s so whimsical looking. When we were in high school, Nick called me his Parker County Peach. I know it’s nothing like GA, but the small town I’m from has a peach festival and makes a big deal about their peaches.

  19. Aww! That’s so cute that Weston picked her nickname! Adorable!

  20. The “ombre” in the peach was the first thing I noticed… Like, how’d she do THAT? Crafty girl. 😉

  21. So cute, and I love the meaning behind it. And a “thingy” of yarn is called a skein 🙂

  22. Okay, this is so sweet! What a simple project that has so much charm, especially with the story about how Mila became Peachy-Girl. I really love that. You are just so dang creative, Miss Mama-Too!

  23. So stinkin’ cute! I love how that’s her nickname, it’s adorable. Yay for 10 minute projects!

  24. Grandmaw says:

    very cute, now do her other nick-name in yarn-Giddy

  25. So very cute! And yes, I did the glue on my hand thing too 🙂

  26. I love this – so simple yet so elegant!

  27. Love it! I like thinking outside the box so I enjoyed your spin on the challenge! I’m sorry I missed this one… it kind of snuck up on me. 🙁 But I’ll be ready next month for sure!

  28. Super cute, Kelly! That little Mila is one lucky peach!
    xo Heidi

  29. Such a cute little idea, especially for a kids room! I also love how simple and easy it is:)

  30. That is so adorable!

  31. I love it! I often totally overthink and overdo things and I love how simple this is and how simple it looks! I also love the nickname! I have a cousin that, while she goes by here real name now, was often “Pud” growing up. I can’t remember exactly how it started but I do know “Pud” is short for “Puddin’ Pie.” So, yeah, her nickname had a nickname!

  32. Dare I compare you to Picasso? I think I do! It’s simple, but you’ve got the essence and I toootally thought you were being all fancy pants with the ombre yarn and was really impressed (I’ll still pretend you did it on purpose)

  33. Adorable! I’m really digging the accidental ombre. Trend setter.

  34. Well done! The design is so clean and fresh 🙂

  35. Very simple and yet beautiful ! Great job !

  36. I love that story; how sweet!
    And I do not have to pretend, that IS extra trendy and I love it!

  37. I love it! So cute and simple, just my style 🙂

  38. So adorable and easy! Love it!


    Emily @ Town And Country Suffle

  39. It turned out so cute, I love it!

  40. so sweet and perfect for your little peach Kelly! 🙂 thank you for hosting too! 🙂

  41. So cute and so simple. Love it!

    Emily @

  42. Adorable – the art and the sweet little story behind it 🙂

  43. This is just adorable. I love how you worked with the colored yarn like that. It’s just perfect. Also those drapes are so terrific. I love the pattern. Not part of your challenge obviously, but I just needed to say that too 🙂

  44. Love it! Super cute and simple. I never would have thought to do something like that with yarn.

  45. My mom is head of sales for a fine art gallery that sells stuff including big names like Miro, Dali, Picasso, and so forth, so I’m gonna use that to back up my opinion which is… this is one of the most perfect executions of line that I have ever seen! My eyeballs love the curve and the negative space! I want to buy it from you! Seriously, I think my brain releases dopamine or seratonin or something when I look at your cheapo 5 minute art. It feels good.

    • Ohhhh my goodness! Thank you SO much! I’d like to pretend like I was actively thinking about something artistic, and not wondering if I could get the whole project done before the kids woke up from their naps. 🙂

  46. I love your piece! What an easy way to add a pop of color somewhere! I totally going to find a way to use this idea in my house!

  47. I love how this turned out! It makes me want to try some yarn art. And what a sweet nickname your son gave your little girl! 🙂

  48. oh so cute! I am picturing you unraveling the yarn slowly, searching for the perfect, most peachy section :). And such a geographically appropriate nickname, too!

  49. That’s adorable! I agree that the fade from orange to red really makes it extra peachy!

  50. Such a simple project but it really looks awesome, Kelly. (And Peach is such a cute nickname for your little girl!)

  51. It’s peachy! Love the simplicity of it – my kind of project!

  52. I think rules like the rules in the ditto diy challenge were meant to be broken…or at least bent…and I love that you created a piece of art this is not only beautiful (trendy ombre and all), but also so meaningful for your little peach. I heart it!

  53. That is soooo adorable!! I might just have to do a monogram for my frame wall!

    Btw, a thingy of yarn is called a skein, but I won’t fault you for it!

  54. Simple and so very cute!
    LOVE the curtains too! Could you please tell me where you purchased them?

  55. Where is that curtain fabric from!?


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