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Crushing on: Pink + Gold

Something happened to me over the last few years. Something I never would’ve predicted: the combo of pink + gold decor has inexplicably wormed its way into my heart.
The EveryGirl: Pink and gold combination

The Every Girl

You could say I’ve got a FEVAH and the only prescription is more cowbell glamour.
Pink + Gold combo (Kelly Wearstler design)
Kelly Wearstler in Domino magazine

If you’d showed me pink + gold a few years back, I would’ve thrown up all over your face and said it was gross and pretentious… but now I’m infected.

I think what I dig about it the most, is that it’s so unapologetically glam. It KNOWS it’s fabulous and it DOES NOT CARE what you think. I can respect that kind of confidence, you know?
Pink and gold color inspiration
Jonathan Adler via Elle Decor

(Do you really think the giraffe cares what you or I think? He has much more important things to worry about. Like not following the fate of the zebra. Or finding jeans with a long enough inseam.)

Something about the glitzy, rich gold, all haughty and “old money,” combined with the fresh youth of ballet pink or sassiness of fuschia: it’s so rock and roll.
Pink and gold color inspiration!

Bradley Agather Of Luella & June

I’ve never typed the words “rock and roll” like that on my blog. Should it be rock-n-roll? Does typing it out in perfect English make me sound like an awkward old person? I don’t know the rules about these things.
Pink + gold color inspiration
I prefer gold with hot pink, so it doesn’t get too sweet and it still has some personality.
Pink + gold color inspiration
Kari and Kirby Schlegel via D Magazine

I’ve showed you the picture above before, but I can’t get enough of it. I want to shrink down to a four-inch tall person and live inside the picture. And drink out of a thimble and – ooh! I know! – befriend a boisterous little mouse family.
Pink and gold color palette inspiration
Elle Decoration, photography by Jeremy Wilson

I know I should talk more about pink and gold here, but now I’m distracted by this mouse family idea. I’m fairly certain they’d let me sit at their dinner table and eat spaghetti with them. They’d be cute and probably sing songs – Disney mice, not gross real mice with actual tails.
Color palette inspiration: pink and gold
Photo by Danielle Capito via Ruffled

Ooh, remember my $8 DIY interchangeable tray? Check it: pink and gold. For the win.

Look at Mila’s sweet little face. She’s the sweetest. She likes to play a game where she repeatedly hands me things and says “Dank-doo!” (“Thank you!”) in a sing-song voice. Adorbs. I love the still-baby-kinda-toddler stage. I love that girl. I love pink and gold. I love my theoretical musical mouse family.

What do you think about pink and gold? Do you have a fave color combo of late? If you want more color inspiration, check out my creative color palettes pinboard. What would you do if you were four inches tall?

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P.P.S. Don’t forget – Monday, August 5 is the LAST Ditto DIY link party of the summer! This month, link up your designer-inspired trash can makeovers. For all the details on August’s DIY challenge, head here.

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  1. i love it! i am not a pink person for myself…. i like it in small doses like flowers, but i can totally appreciate the look and i know emmy loves it!

  2. I used to hate gold, but now I am a convert. And if I could ever talk my husband into allowing a pink and gold color theme into our house, it would so be done. Although now I am thinking that I could possibly talk him into allowing this in my daughter’s room…this might be my new inspiration for her future “big girl” room.

    Also, I want to live with this tiny mouse family too! I have been reading a lot of Beatrix Potter to my daughter and it has been making me wish I could go live in tiny villages in the woods with all the little creatures. 🙂

  3. I’m in the process of decorating my new apartment and up until now my accent colours were robins egg blue, coral and gold… but now I might just have to swap the coral out for pink!!

  4. Poor cousin Matthew, one younger than he could not say his name but could say Dabdoo. Now as a 35 yr. old man we still call him Dabdoo.
    More Cowbell!

  5. I think my favorite color combination is pink and…..giraffe! I love that giraffe.

  6. I am SO into this combo. Like, forever. I mean, my blog background is even pink & gold. I pretty much think the reason is that my husband would never, ever agree to decorate like this. That’s okay, I can drool all over all your pretty pictures.

  7. Hi Kelly, Your blog–never fails–is my go-to for a lol! 4″ tall…The Borrowers were my obsession as a child (well, still kinda are!) Pretty sure it was their resourceful ‘decorating’. I never gave up on gold but am loving I can (for now!) bust it out without *being judged*. My pink is more coral/salmon often paired with Kiwi green…nice to see Elle Decor confirming my latest fabric crush. Rock on….

  8. Haha my little boy walks around giving me things and saying “dagoo” too. Also does it when he wants help getting food on his fork. Little ones are too funny!
    Just last year gold made me gag and now this year, well, I’m starting to love it. I was overloaded with ugly gold when we moved into our house. Gold light fixtures, gold ceiling fans, gold outlet covers, my kitchen with its badly painted gold trim, fuchsia-y paint under the chair rail, and 80’s-ish gold and fuchsia-y striped wallpaper. With matching fruit border. Oh, and the knotty pine cabinets and blue-ish countertops and white and blue-gray linoleum…can you tell I hate it? Anyway, I’m starting to love gold again, and I’m fine with the pink in small doses. Too much reminds me of my awful kitchen.
    My favorite color combo at the moment is navy and white. We’re redoing our little guy’s room and your office actually inspired me since the room we’re moving him into has built-ins. So yes, loving navy right now!

  9. So glam, I love it! I’m with you on the darker pink and gold. Been thinking about it for my little girl’s in-transition big-girl room. Because it’s pink without being too “little girl,” you know? Thinking a gold cowbell with raspberry ribbon somewhere… 🙂

  10. That Schlegel/D magazine living room definitely had me at hello. So pretty. The shape of the table base is so fabulous, I could stare at it all day! Love the flowers!! Yum!

    I sewed a pillow with a tiny hint of pink….. for my entry hall. That’s how far I am with pink. LOL… Oh and my logo flower of course… The original is also displayed in my hallway.

  11. I am with ya sista! Pink and Gold all the way! (cheer leading days coming back) I too have that photo (the one you want to shrink to fit into). I have had it saved on my cell phone and my computer for a good while now, I love it, no I LOOOVE it! The gold has to be a certain shade of gold though for me, not the shiny, cheapie looking gold if you know what I mean? I relate to the giraffe, hehe always have had problems finding those long inseam jeans!

  12. Kelly, you are way to young to be granny-izing the term rock n roll! That made me laugh right out loud!! 😀 Like my sister trying to be all “with it” and telling some kid “True That” hahaha, to funny, instead of tru-dat!

    Ok, time to get serious now. I’ve never had anything in my house that was pink, probably due to the fact that I have all boys, but I think I may just sneak some into my bedroom now. I think a romantic kind of pink. Not baby girl pink, and nothing to bright pink as I can’t shock my system like that right off the bat. Thanks for making me take the plunge 😀 I’m very excited!

  13. if I ever have a daughter…this will be the color scheme of her bedroom. i just think it’s so chic and classy, and can grow with her.
    darn it though, i will prob have all boys!

  14. I love pink and gold together. That’s pretty much what we did for Christmas. It’s so great together.

  15. OMGosh, you are hilarious!!! I just about died laughing about the giraffe! I’ve always wanted a large giraffe like that!!! Smashingly rockin, girlie!!~~Angela

  16. My favorite color combo lately is navy and lime green. I’m working it into my kitchen and living room, and I can’t get enough!

  17. Is coral considered a “pink”? ‘Cause if so, I am totally loving coral right now on my new dresser. Can’t wait to buy the paint and get started!

  18. I absolutely, completely agree! I never would have imagined that I’d like pink and gold, but I’m kind of obsessed too. It’s so glam and gorgeous!

  19. I love the gorgeous fuschia flower blooms in the gold-dotted vase. Beautiful! And the tablescape with the gold utensils and table runner and pink flowers. Oh yeah! I want to sit down and dine.

    I’ve never been hugely fond of gold, but the gold touches in a lot of these photos are really pretty.

  20. Ooh, I love pink and gold! I’m so attracted to it. I’m the same as you, a few years ago I would never consider it in my house. I’ve always liked wearing it though rather than decorating, but I’m adding more gold into the house and loving it. Pink is still a color that’s hard to integrate for me though, I’ve tried to stay away from it with the guys in the house. My favorite pic above is the one via D magazine – that one makes my heart pitter-patter! Okay girl, have a great weekend. xoxo, Sharon

  21. I must admit is is growing on me. TOTALLY something Jen would do!

  22. Kate Thompson says:

    Hahahah! The gold has bitten me some too! I just attempted painting my kitchen table with gold and white chevron……it was an epic fail for reasons its own BUT. There was something about it that were just sooooo pretty! LOL

  23. Diana Walters says:

    I. Love. Pink. I am not now, nor have I ever been a gold person, but I LOVE pink. Light, dark, deep, sweet…. matters not! My husband picked out my engagement and wedding bands (with very little input from me). He chose sapphires for my wedding band because they are my birthstone, then had them done in PINK because it’s my favorite color! Both the husband and the color are keepers!

  24. I’ve pinned so many of these exact same images!!!! I am so in love with this combo, and just eclectic spaces as a whole make me giddy!!!

  25. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    Love pink and gold now too and it snuck it’s way into my heart 😉

  26. pink and gold is one of my favorite color combos, if my hubby wasn’t against it I’d have it in our master bedroom!

  27. Truth be told, with pink and gold never again will your room grow cold! I posted a response:

  28. Oooh I love, love, love this combo! So girly and glam–perfect in my book. Now to convince hubby to let me add more pink to our male-heavy household… 😉 Hope you’re having a great week, friend!

    ~Abby =)

  29. My bedroom in my new condo will be pink and gold and turqouise! You will LOVE it I’m sure. I’ll send pictures when it’s finally done. I’m kind of obsessed with that color combo. 🙂

  30. Well the gold is already there but the pink has been sneaking it’s way into my home room by room and the best part? Wayne hasn’t clocked on. That’s a win in my book. Love all your pretty pictures and your weird mouse family fantasy. I actually just really love how weird you are 🙂 xxx

  31. I know exactly what you mean! Out of the blue my eyes have been drawn to the gold and pink combo! Funny how things change- it reminds me of a Devil Wears Prada where Neryl explains how we are told what to like or think. Seen it? A little disturbing!

  32. It is great that there are so many colors which always change our perception of how our home could look. Especially in the European construction market people are considering the advantages of being not like the others.

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