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Four Unrelated Things.

1. Weston’s Styling Tips
One of my favorite parts of blogging is “styling” photos, even if I’m a total amateur. It’s just a fun decorating party every time, where the guests of honor are my favorite pillows and accessories. When I was taking photos of the bench for the last post, my favorite three-year-old stylist wanted to get involved.
…so I didn’t fight it. I told him he could make the bench look pretty using whatever he wanted in the whole house, and here’s what he came up with.
I think the guitar was a pretty inspired choice, don’t you? That’s a Nemo backpack stuffed underneath the bench, and shoes piled on top of the pillows.

Email me to hire him to style your next photo shoot. He brings his own light-up Buzz Lightyear shoes, but he demands a hefty payment of assorted dum-dum lollipops.

I totally forgot to tell you guys I finally got my grubby paws on a real-live fiddle leaf ficus! Meet My Precious.

Remember when we talked about how epically glorious they are when they grow big and strong and try to eat small children? But how they are also way expensive? My local nursery finally got some in for a decent price and I snatched this guy up and ran!

By the way? I don’t mean to brag, but that happened back in MAY, and guess who’s still growin’ strong? HAVEN’T KILLED HIM YET! It’s my proudest accomplishment. Just let me have this moment.

On the other hand, my money tree is not lookin’ so hot. Can’t win ’em all.

3. Need Your Input Please!

Second, a question! I’m really interested in your opinions on this. Sometimes when I redo a room, I keep the whole project under wraps until it’s done, then do a big reveal, followed by individual posts on each aspect of the room. (Like how I did my laundry room reveal.)

But so far, in the foyer, I’ve just posted about each little thing as I go. Which do you like best?

Option 1 is cool because it’s like a grand before-and-after! But you miss some of the decisions along the way. Option 2 is cool because you see it all as it (hopefully) comes together, but then I’m sharing photos of spaces that are not “done,” and spewing out caveats left and right. (“I’m going to change the art! I know I need curtains! Just imagine it like this or like that, even though you can’t see it yet!”)

Which would you rather see as a reader? Thoughts? Preferences?

If you’re wondering how this photo of my sweet baby girl in a floofy dress on a rocking chair relates to this post, let me cut to the chase: it doesn’t.

4. Thoughts on Clothes and Shopping for Clothes

Let’s play a game where we list the worst possible feelings in the world. I’ll go first: arriving to an important event to find you’ve made a drastic miscalculation as to how you should be dressed.

The end. That’s the worst.

In order to avoid this horror, I’ve spent the entire last week canvasing every single clothing store in all of Georgia to find something to wear to an event I’m going to this week. Let’s just put it this way: if you go buy a dress from anywhere in metro Atlanta right now, I’ve probably already tried it on.

I don’t like that fact any more than you do, but if we’re going to be friends, we’ll need to share some hard truths.

Because I like to hang out with people who are way out of my league, I’m headed this week to the Better Homes & Gardens blogger workshop in NYC, followed by their annual Stylemaker’s party. Y’all. The party is CALLED the Stylemaker’s party. (Not the “Style-lacker’s party,” to my chagrin.) And it’s in NYC, with magazine editors and fabulous bloggers. PRESSURE MUCH? (Plus, let’s all remember my history of fashion failures when it comes to BH&G.)
I’ve shared before my struggles with understanding the mysteries of the ankle boot, and my complete and utter disapproval of some of the current trends. I’m quite sure this is why my invitation to New York Fashion Week got lost in the mail this year. (Do they even send invitations to that? Is that a thing? I know nothing.)

I brought home this one dress. It was a pretty fabulous gold sequiny number, a short-sleeved sheath dress that I thought was a pretty strong contender. (I think it was just like this one, but short sleeves.)
I put it on for Andy and he actually laughed at me. Like, an out-loud guffaw. No dress has ever been returned to the store as quickly as that one was.

Here’s an important life truth I’ll pass on to my daughter and my daughter’s daughters: if you need a cocktail or special event dress, you will not be able to find one. If you have NO important events coming up, you’ll see beautiful dresses in abundance. It’s just a rule of the earth, like physics or the incontrovertible rules of calorie justification. If you find a dress you like, YOU SHOULD BUY IT RIGHT THEN. Even if you have no special events coming up. This advice shall be my contribution to future generations.

The event is this week and I have no idea what I’m wearing. None.

My point? I totally had one. Hold on. Okay, I forgot what it was, maybe it was that that’s why there are no actual projects in this post.

But I’m still dying to hear your take on topic #3. What’s your preference?

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  1. Option 2 – real time updates! I had a nice long comment explaining why, but my phone bugged out and I don’t feel like typing it again. Let’s just pretend we’re such good Internet friends that you can read my mind, OK?

  2. I am in love with your little Weston 🙂 He sounds like my Sam. I think he did a bang up job! I struggle with the grand before and after or the see as you go posts. I don’t know…I guess everyone loves the big B & A. I do both…for me it is content related. If I am working on something it takes all my free time (like I have any) and it becomes my post. Oh, and totally jealous about your event 😉 Can’t go wrong with a LBD…xo Kristin

  3. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    Love little decorating helpers. My girl’s favorite prop is duct tape, everywhere 🙂
    I just bought a money tree and am hoping that it’ll do better than yours.
    And you are so lucky to go to that BHG event. I read there were only 50 spots…you lucky duck.

  4. For the big No. 3… I like both. Keeps things interesting. I always like before and afters though! And for Weston’s styling… I love it!

  5. I had to comment today because I’ve been going through the same ordeal as you when it comes to dress-shopping … and I’m in Athens, which makes Atlanta shopping even more of an obstacle! I have my best friend’s wedding this weekend … as Maid of Honor … in Charleston … and she’s poured almost a half-mill into this baby (I call her my friend from the one percent). Needless to say I felt some pressure to look the part as the MOH for not just the ceremony and reception, but the bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal dinner, welcome party and good-bye brunch. I searched high and low in Athens and in Atlanta. I finally decided when in a pinch, try Asos, Modcloth (hit and miss) and Rent the Runway. It pains me to spend as much through Rent the Runway as I would on a regular dress, but the options are pretty fabulous. Anyways, had to share those thoughts! Have fun at the conferend this week!

    • Thanks! I actually spent some time on Rent the Runway, but apparently procrastination ruined me – all the good dresses were booked by the time I went to rent. It’s a great option. (Also, it’d be SO fun to go to half-mill wedding. Soak it up, MOH!) 🙂

  6. If I posted a room reveal first and then did the how-to posts afterwards, I don’t know if I would have anything to write about. Honestly. I only do them in that order because it’s what’s going on at the time. I’m not sure if I would do that in reverse even if I could though. I enjoy the building suspense of a project from start to finish. To each their own though. If that works for you, stick with it.

  7. I’m a new reader. Found you on Pinterest and really enjoy your blog. As to your question, I’d prefer to see the step by step method. ( Makes me feel like I’m not the only one who doesn’t decorate without any missteps or questioning. :D)

  8. I like the real time updates. Kinda like YHL does. It really lets the audience see — what you’re doing, and sometimes it even ends up getting ideas of how to execute something EVEN better! or someone throws another idea that you hadn’t even thought of! I think it works best that way!

    and for clothes — absolutely. When you look for something you can never find it, when you’re not looking it’s everywhere. right now i have been wanting a LBD that’s sexy but not OVERTLY revealing but also not so subduded that i could wear it to work. IMPOSSIBLE! as for that gold sequin dress, that sounds gorgeous. sorry that your husband laughed at you. I know the feeling all too well!

  9. Love real-time updates. Not only do we get to see everything unfold and learn about how to go through a decision-making process when it comes to decorating, I think it’s more reflective of real life. When you just see an entire room reveal, you can say, “Oh, hey this took three months of work with several disappointing steps along the way” but people just gloss over that. I think “grand reveals” have the potential to make people feel bad about what they can or can’t accomplish when it looks so easy. I’d rather see how everything unfolds and then get beauty shots at the end.

  10. i love to do the step by step method only because it gives me material to write…. as a reader i like both! i love seeing the whole room and then getting the pieces after, too.
    and i think weston is on his way to being a photo stylist. the guitar…. it was the perfect choice to say “we live here and like it relaxed, but we also know how to rock”.

  11. #4. what time of day is the party? lunch, mid afternoon, evening? If it’s during the day, here are a few options that great for wearing long after the event is over (because I don’t like to have to buy things I wear only once) or outfits in the middle)
    for evening and it’s not formal for more of a rock and roll feel or these (maybe dress pants and not jeans, but styled the same way)
    and semi formal (the middle one)

  12. one of the links for messed up in my previous comment

  13. I like to see the journey along the way … just show us each part you’re working on and then the big “TA DA!”. You can get so many more posts out of that.
    My take on the “Stylemakers” dress, go with something really simple and well tailored and then blow them out with awesome accessories. Kind of like doing a room; simple tailored couch and then outrageous cushions and throws. Show your personality in your shoes or big statement necklace. Consider yourself a decorating project … and you’ll be able to use the dress lots of ways in the future.

  14. Your husband is a wretched man. That dress is magical.

  15. ha! I love the styling….maybe a little less is more next time? 🙂

  16. #4. If need be, go with the tried and true little black dress…or dark grey. You can dress it up, dress it down…add fun colorful or bold jewelry, maybe a little belt. Check out JCrew, Banana Republic, White House Black Market etc; they always have the classic styles. Don’t go crazy, it’s you that you want them to see, not your frock. Good luck!

  17. You crack me up. So funny. As for #3 – I think step by step is the way to go….then save a bit at the very end so the reveal still has a ta-da moment. And as for the dress, seriously, I am zero help. I used to love shopping…and then I had a kid. What happened? It seemed to lose the excitement. Now i order from my desk chair, and it’s usually a gong show and most everything tends to go back. see…no help.

  18. Your kids are adorable! I think your son did an amazing job of finding meaningful objects to put on display! 🙂 I have the same dilemma about how to post room makeovers. I think I’ll try posting one project at a time, but leaving a little mystery at the end and then throw it all together for a big reaveal!

  19. I definitely prefer the as-things-progress blogging style. And RUN. SPRINT. back to the store to buy that gold dress (again!). Men don’t get fashion.

  20. I like hearing about your updates as you make them. That way, I feel more realistic about how my own progress in my house is going and I don’t feel like I need to build the whole room in a day. Plus, when you post a whole room reveal, that means I have to wait a couple of days until you can tell me how you did part of it. And I never like waiting for the next post. I’m an instant gratification kinda gal, I guess.

  21. I like when bloggers show each step of their process rather than wait for a huge reveal. I like seeing it all come together and hear your thought process through it all. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  22. My friend wore this awesome Anthropologie dress to a wedding last weekend (, maybe try there to see if you can find anything?

  23. Love your little stylist! I remember when Ari was that age and loved to “decorate”….which mostly meant lining Little People up on the windowsills. Interested in the answers you get re: room reveals…although truth be told I think I lack the self-restraint to wait until the end to post!

  24. Ok, I agree with the others. That gold dress is awesome. I could not pull it off but you have great coloring for it. And your hair! It would look awesome with your hair. Have I already said awesome? But if you go more subtle, I agree with White House Black Market. Love their dresses and they always have something when I need it. Shoes on the other hand…I can never find shoes when I need them.

    I like the blog both ways so I’m of no help there.

  25. Your kids are so cute! Love the styling 🙂 It’s totally true that when you are looking for something you can never find it and always find an abundance of it when you’re not looking!

  26. I choose to see it when it’s completed and broken down into before(s) and afters! 😀 that’s the most exciting! And because I have the patience of a gnat, and can’t wait for each and every posting of whats to come! I like to see it in all it’s glory 😀

    And yes, they do send out invitations to fashion week, if you ever want to go, let me know and i’ll hunt up some tickets for you and a friend to take with you!

    So, I was thinking about the dress (I hate dresses myself!!) and think you should go with classic beauty! Something chic, yet classic. French manicure, that glorious hair down and shining and you’ll knock em dead. Besides, the only thing they’ll remember is your personality and GREAT sense of humor anyway!!!! Hope you have a great time! It’s very chilly hear, 40’s in the mornings and hasn’t passed 70’s during the day ~ just so you know!

  27. Ps ~ you and Andy make BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!!

  28. I LOVE how he styled the bench. Genius. I see a future for him in design. Also, I like to see a project in process, and little by little. It helps me feel more involved.

  29. I personally prefer the big reveal, instant gratification I guess. Loved the gold dress too, thought it was beautiful! p.s. I agree with other readers, your kids are adorbs!

  30. I really like the little updates better than (or in addition to) a big reveal. It just seems more “real” to me, and sometimes I feel like the little details get left out in the grand reveal. Also, I like to know the ups and downs along the way.

    So excited for your upcoming event! I feel you on the dress issue. I stockpile dresses so I normally just go into my stockpile for events, but something like this is beyond any type of event I’d normally attend. Can’t wait for your recap. And could you do a basic, classic black number with some awesome accessories? I feel like that’s always a winner!

  31. What a sweet little guy for helping his momma! So cute! I think you should keep doing your process posts and then at the end also do a reveal and link back to all your related posts and projects:).
    You are one lucky lady to get to attend that event! What a treat but also super intimidating! I’m a firm believer in the same dress principal and you can never find what you need when you need it!


  32. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says:

    Hi, I choose Option 2 to see and hear about the steps along the way. Let’s me know your thought process and helpful hints of why you are doing what you are doing. Love lots of before and after pics too. I enjoy reading your blog because you keep it real. I also like the pretty gold dress.

  33. I like updates along the way 🙂

  34. I love Weston’s style! The guitar was a great choice. My son (a little older than yours) surprises me with his style sometimes. I’ll be scratching my chin and he’ll throw out an awesome idea that turns out to be perfect.
    I like real time updates. I love to see the nitty gritty.

  35. On #3 – I like the way you’ve been doing it, with the room reveal first as a reader. But as a new blogger who also has a family and works outside the home full time, there’s no way I can do that without taking very long breaks in getting content out there, I’d lose the few followers I managed to scrounge up! Either way, I like what you’re cranking out so do what works for you (:

  36. I like the view along the way. Sound familiar? Love to see the process and then links back to them when it’s the final reveal.

    Your children are beautiful. Got a chuckle out of the shoes on the top of all of the pillows. So precious!

    Totally understand on the dress situation, isn’t that always the way? You have such a cute style I’m sure you will come up with something. You are probably stressing more than need be as I’m sure most of us would in this type of situation. You will be fabulous! No worries! 🙂

  37. On the dress – a black wrap dress is always classic an works for anything from office, funeral to party. I have 3. One is wool, one is summer, and one is year round. Wear with knee high boots, flats or pumps. Throw on a statement necklace and cool clutch and you’re set. Banana Republic or Ann Taylor is a good starting point for the dress. Or you could go Gap/Old Navy or Diane von Furstenberg for a $$$ version.

    The only way I’ll own ankle boots is to wear UNDER my pants. I’m medium build and short. I do not have the long slim legs necessary to pull off the ankle boot. I’m okay with that. Just bypass them, they’ll go away eventually. And then come back – “Hello pointy toe shoes from 2006! I saved you because I knew you would be “in” again in the future!”

  38. I like the share as you go approach, I think it helps keep you more relatable to people who aren’t bloggers/don’t think they know how to DIY/etc.

    also, please give your son a giant blue ribbon for that magical display. because he was smart enough to stay in the picture so we’d all look at his cuteness and not the hot mess that’s around him 🙂

  39. I will hire your son right now, please and thank you!
    My opinion on three is I like seeing the progress posts. I think it’s more realistic in a sense that not everyone (ME) is able to get everything done at once and sometimes things have to be done in stages and that’s perfectly okay. (I’m really just trying to make myself feel better here.) I think the progress posts are really cool and you could still totally do a grand post about it after with the before and after and include the progress posts/links in the grand post. Does that make sense?
    Fashion – ah! I think you should go with a simple black pencil skirt and a fancy/dressy top/blouse. Classic pieces that can be worn over and over! I DESPISE paying for an “event” dress that will only be worn a couple of times. Why? Because those dresses are always so darn expensive! Classic pieces like a pencil skirt, dressy blouse, wide leg trousers, etc. can be worn again and again and again. And again. BUT you COULD always get a plain black number and spice it up with colored shoes (red?) or a waist belt. DONE!

  40. Little black dress, high black shoes and big bold jewelry. You’ll be stylish and trendy, without going crazy. Try making your own fabulous bold necklace with antique pins which is a hot seller right now.

  41. YOU SPEAK TRUTH ABOUT SHOPPING!!!!! So stinking annoying and so true.

    Also, I like to see the process. 🙂

  42. (1) Be yourself . It’s the reason I actually read every post. (2) Kiddo, those high end dresses don’t announce you fit in. It announces you want to be Miley Cyrus. A hospital smock covers more. Black jersey slacks with a little sparkle top or a sparkly necklace. Don’t sweat it, you’d be a hit anywhere.

  43. Sorry but I’m chuckling that #3 starts with “Second,”
    Soooooooooooo excited you are going to NYC!!!!!
    Your kids are super cute.
    Now you will owe us a photo of what you end up wearing!!! I’m sure you will look amazing. Good luck!!

  44. This will sound crazy- but check out bridal shops. david’s Bridal in Seattle had a really great LBD that I bought for my stepdaughters formal event, and I’ve worn to Cirque in Las Vegas, date night to a fabulous local place and I’ll wear it everywhere I can until I wear it out….
    Super flattering!!!

  45. YES! You finally found a ficus. That is a b-e-a-utiful fiddle leaf fig. I’m the one who totally had critters living in mine, but I’m gaining the courage to purchase another one (or another indoor plant). Any tips for keeping those buggers alive?

    Oh and option 2… I like real-time updates! 🙂

    • Pssh, I am certainly not the person to ask how to keep plants alive! The fact that mine is not dead yet is definitely some kind of miracle.

  46. I love seeing the decision making process rather than a grand reveal at the end. I like to see a before and after, but I would much rather see how the room got there.

  47. Ok, #3. Both scenarios have their merits. In general, for smaller spaces/projects that don’t have as many facets, I enjoy a grand reveal. The larger scale projects with lots of components? I enjoy seeing them come together bit by bit. I especially like seeing or reading about the inspiration and direction for the space up front, so I can anticipate a bit, and then be surprised by what’s changed since post #1. KWIM? Every space is fluid, and it’s not the same reading about those changes in scheme after the fact.

    Besides, how else are we supposed to tell you what we want you to do? LOL

  48. Okay Kelly, follow me here because I tend to babble. First thought: remind your husband you know somebody that LOVES to start IV’s the next time he laughs at you. I’m only about 5 hours away from metro ATL, have car, will travel. (That will at least make him lightheaded enuff to stop laughing atcha!) Now, as to the reveals? I’m going with option two. I like the real time. It’s one thing if it’s a simple project, go ahead with the big TA-DAAAAA. However, I love seeing the process. Getting a glimpse into the way your hamster wheel turns. Finally? Keep in mind the lovely peoples over at BHG just want to see how your wheel turns too. It’s not a fashion show. Show up clean, neatly turned out and confident that you smell fabulous and look even better. They are going to love you because you are YOU! A Supah Star! (Outside the Deep South that reads as “Super Star”)

  49. I like the progress…but I like seeing the before/after in the final post too…which I think most people do. so…good comment, faith. 😉

    fancy nyc party time?!! awesome. and totally terrifying. I have no idea how you shop for that. but ps – I kinda dig the sparkly one you returned. this is probably why I don’t get invited to cool stuff. 😉

  50. Love the real time updates!

  51. COME VISIT ME IN NYC! Um.. I mean… I read your post and it was good and I vote for real time updates and your son is a genius stylist who will have his own show any day now and Mila obviously needed to be in this post. That’s what I meant to say. Nothing creepy about meeting up in NY.
    Phew, good save.

  52. Always have great luck at white house black market or anthropology…and accessories can make a lbd into something special.
    just as a side note, I think you have a fun sense humour but the whole getting the Turkish out of the rug has started to become offensive. I am not Turkish but I do know that they pride themselves on a spotless home, it is always guest ready. seriously there is rug cleaning shop on every corner. There is never any heavy odor associated with a Turkish home, they have a mediterranean diet just like Greeks. So obviously your beautiful rug was some how mishandled in the past.

    • Oh no! Every time I talk about it smelling like turkeys, I’m using lowercase, as in the animals, because that’s what Weston thought we were talking about. I don’t think anyone would refer to Turkish people as turkeys, so I’m making a joke about what Weston misheard. Definitely not at all referring to Turkish people!

  53. I do so enjoy seeing the “View Along the Way,” appropriately. I’ve said this before, elsewhere, but I love reading blogs like stories, like a character or a space that journeys somewhere. It’s the progress, being in the rough of it all, and seeing how people think through their decisions and give meaning to their choices that I love. There’s something amazing about being in the present, seeing what has happened, and anticipating what may yet come. =D In short, I vote 2, because all the fun stuff is in the middle (like burgers!) (Random, I know.) 🙂

  54. Option #2. After all , it is “View Along the Way” (lol). But at the end of the project, a before-and-after pic would be nice!

    • Here here! And there are so many other comments here that reflect what I would’ve said, that I’ll just second the motions and go to bed. 1) Like the gold dress. 2) Black can be dressed up with ANYTHING. 2) Your kids are very cute. 4) I never thought I would ever in my entire LIFE go for a silk plant. But I wanted year round hydrangeas. So I buckled. Don’t feel bad if you decide to tuck a little silk plant in your laundry room.

  55. I think Weston totally has a future in design! 🙂 The guitar makes the whole vignette. Adorable!
    Ok, I like real time updates – it’s fun to see as you go along, and you sometimes ask us what we think about the next step and it makes me feel like we’re neighbors having coffee chatting about our houses. 🙂
    BTW, I dig the gold dress. I totally have that can’t-find-a-thing-to-wear-when-under-pressure syndrome. Good luck in finding a dress! xoxo, Sharon

  56. I’ve been wondering whether the whole room then breakdown or showing the process is best. It’s hard to decide. I guess it depends on the project/room. I don’t know. What do the masses say?

  57. How exciting about your big trip!!! Have so much fun!
    I am terrible about blogging through the whole process of a project, but I DO like when other bloggers to do that! I’m trying to get better about it and do in-process posts, and so YES!!! I would like it if you did that too! That “floofy” dress on your baby girl is so adorbs…as is your little stylist! (The guitar is genius!)

  58. Beth @ incomplete guide to living says:

    I love seeing the step by steps! To be honest, I get frustrated when I read blogs where they just do a big before and after reveal without any of the “along the way” stuff. We are all HUMAN and I like to know how other people’s brains work so I can figure out whether or not we can be friends. (P.s. don’t worry, Kelly. We can totally be friends).

    P.s. your kids are stinkin’ cute and congrats on the BHG event!!

  59. I think it is really necessary to give your kids an opportunity to decorate something because they feel that their opinion is important and they feel that they are really needed. And as for the dress, I have the same one but it`s color is black and I really like to wear it.

  60. Love Weston’s styling. But when did both of your kiddos start looking SO GROWN UP?! Seriously.

  61. Wow – that is some fabulous styling going on. In terms of #3, I like to see the steps along the way. Congrats on the BHG invite. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect dress – there is one out there for you 🙂

  62. Wow, I need an amazing amount of time to read all the comments!
    Step-by-step helps readers connect more with what you are doing and feel more like they are your privileged friend and not “just” a reader. It also helps them give you points for the hard work invested and obstacles overcome “along the way”. It may be more of a headache for you to photograph things as you go. When our ancient (1895) kitchen needed an almost total rebuilding before it fell off the end of the house, I took lots of pictures, partly because I knew I would never remember, and I wanted a record of the amazing work that was done for us.
    Dress issue? No help here. Lots of people pay close attention to what other people wear, but I am not one of them. I cannot even tell–without looking down at myself–what I am wearing at the moment. I don’t remember. Hopefully I don’t embarrass my husband and/or children when I go places. Congrats on being able to attend the event.
    Hah! A fiddle leaf ficus, hmmm? I had asked the plant’s identity in my comments on the bench question earlier. Looks wonderful. Paddle plants are pretty cool as well.

  63. For posting on projects, I think you have to do what feels right to you for each project! Some may be “hmmm… I need input” and others may be “This so rocks, I’m keeping it all to myself for a while” – with maybe a couple of sneak peeks!

    NYC+Event = LBD. Trust.

  64. Speaking of dresses, I agree with you – buy it NOW if you find it. Here’s one I liked so I bought it. Granted, I’m (a lot) older than you, but a girl still likes to dress up!

  65. ok, I didnt read all the comments but i did read the whole article. #1 please tell Weston he is way undercharging there should be icecream included for such fabooo decorating, and the shoes with the pillows he is a decorating genius! Legit, you are an amazing mom for giving him the platform (and im serious about that). Second, both I personally like the end of the story in the original story (i hate when my mom tells me stories that end in…”so we’ll see…”) i also watch series after they’ve aired lol. However it is a valid point that it is helplful to hear the decision making process as it happens, so the answer both. 🙂 Next, I am with your hubs on the feeling about the gold dress, however i hope you hit him square in the nose with a decorate pillow (extra points for poetic justice if it had sequins) for gufawing, however deserved it was uncalled for, a simple chuckle would have made his point. I am a huge fan of going with the simple black cocktail dress in events where im just not sure and want to appear cool but not like im trying. I dress it up with a scarf a cute pair of earring and a new pair of shoes. I find im more comfortable if I can take a little piece of my comfort zone with me to these events. I have also found that if i feel to dressed up when i get there i lose the scarf or the earrings…my big point here is that if i feel uncomfortable in what im wearing im twice as awk as if I am confident and let’s face it you can never go wrong with the black cocktail 🙂 wish i were closer to you (im in ky) I’d offer to go shopping with you (hope thats not oober weird, but Im a little passionate about helping people be comfortable and cute because no one was there to help me 🙂 Let me know what you decide…either way you’re gonna be fab, and it is them who should be nervous to meet you!

  66. wow… should’ve re-read before I posted lol. I promise I can type and punctuate. 😀

  67. LOVE random posts like these! I think Weston did an awesome job styling! Clearly, he was trying to emphasize the functionality of the area, by showing how it can store shoes and backpacks when you come in the door. And all the pillows really add in the comfy factor! 🙂 As for how to present updates on projects… Idk. In some ways, I like the real time updates because it shows the reality of the “it gets worse before it gets better”. Yet, it’s also nice to see the finished product first, and then go back and see how the magic happened. That’s just my 2 cents!

  68. I prefer to be updated as you go along with the project.

  69. For number 3, I like it when you show your process as you go. It’s awesome to see big reveals, but watching them develop makes it seem more possible to do big makeovers in our own places. Often when I look at pinterest posts or blogs, you see some hideous “before” photo and then an “after” that looks like a totally different room. It’s hard to see the process, see how each element works, see how the decorator achieved the effects desired. If I want pretty tableaus, there are plenty to be found, but it’s much more inspiring & interesting to see real life human examples of how to make ordinary spaces beautiful.

  70. Bad Andy. Guffaw?? Of course he knows that is bad form. Just a momentary lack of focus. We NEVER imply there is ANYTHING at all unattractive about our woman’s figure/body/parts. I’m sure he meant to calmly suggest — with an entirely straight face — that some insignificant detail of the DRESS was lacking and therefore it could not possibly be flattering enough or worthy of further consideration. Would you like fries with that foot, Andy?

    Personally, I like your posts that describe and show some of the process behind the project. A little of “the journey is the destination” sort of thing


  71. Your little childrens are just absolute doll babies and I had to giggle a little bit at the shoes on the pillows. So great!

    And you will look beautiful and fabulous in whatever you end up in – but I do want to see pictures!! Have fun!

  72. I love the real-time updates because I don’t want to miss on any decision, however small!

    I’ve taken a page out of your new stylist’s book and I’ve piled shoes on top of all my pillows. My husband isn’t crazy about it, but I figure it’s the latest hot trend. 😉

    Annie XO

  73. My personal favorite is a little as you go along. Because then I’ll be all like, “yeah, I could do something like that around here!” and then I don’t, so…

  74. Your kiddos are so cute! I’m loving the styling of the bench by your little man. The shoes gave me a good little chuckle. I’ve always loved seeing the imagination and creativity of little kids.

    A houseplant that lives easily?? I want one!! I like houseplants, but I’m bad, bad, bad at any green thumbery. I wish you would’ve snatched me one too when you grabbed one and ran.

    I think there are fun things about both project options. Option 2 can seem real-lifey and fun to see what’s happenin’. But option 1 is great, because I never have time to keep up with and check into all the blogs and fb and online like I’d like too.

  75. Super cute stuff going on over there!! 🙂 Including that dress, I bet it looked fabulous! I know if my husband has a reaction like that it’s probably really styilish! I like real time posting on projects and the decision making (or indecision in my case) that takes place along the way.


  1. […] and we made a long, kid-free weekend out of it. (In case there was any lingering suspense after this post, I’d like to put your mind at rest: I was able to show up to both events fully dressed. It […]

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