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The headboard becomes a bench!

Oh, hi there little bench, and welcome to the foyer.
Turn a headboard into a bench for entryway seating!

Remember when you were just a simple white headboard, neglected at a yard sale with a $3 sticker slapped on your face?
hollywood regency headboard
Look at you now! You’ve lost weight length.
Turn a headboard into a glam, glossy bench for your foyer!

No, you’re not finished yet…

  • I know you want to be shinier. There is no amount of glossiness that will satisfy you.
  • You might want an upholstered bench cushion, possibly in a graphic black and white stripe?
  • You might even change colors, who knows! The possibilities are endless. Except turning you back into a headboard. Those days are over.

Let’s take a look at this little buddy’s journey from unappreciated yard sale castoff to foyer bench that, I think we can all agree is “whelming” at LEAST.

First, we took it apart by removing all the staples holding it together on the back, and surveyed the situation. While wearing our favorite light-up Buzz Lightyear shoes, apparently.
Taking apart a headboard to make a bench
We started by shrinking down that facing board with the little swoopy sides, and re-cutting the swoop with a jigsaw.
How to turn a headboard into a bench
Then we cut down the cane insert and shrunk down the bamboo bar across the top by cutting it into the cylindrical portions and the little bamboo portions, then glued and nailed them onto the swoopy part.
How to turn a headboard into a bench for your entryway
Andy cut the legs, seat and side pieces and attached them with his kreg jig, then filled the old holes and caulked it.
Attaching bench seating to a headboard
Next up, we primed it and used our paint sprayer to cover it in an oil-based enamel for max shine. (Although, like I said, I kinda want to step up the shine a bit more. We may add a high-gloss poly on top at some point.) We used the standard Rustoleum black enamel – it’s already premixed and sitting on the shelf waiting for you.

The color decision was a tough one, especially with all the AWESOME suggestions you all made in the last post. I would’ve loved to go navy, except there’s no navy in the rug at all and I didn’t like the way it fought with the black. And for those of you who voted pink? Just you wait… just you wait. There may be some pink in that foyer very soon.
Painting a headboard/bench with oil-based enamel
My husband wins the Most Serious Veins Award. Don’t even try to compete.

Then we were done! Except for all the reasons we’re not done. There’s the possibility of additional glossiness, and I think an upholstered bench may or may not be in its future. PLUS, I’m still looking for some more fab pillows to go on top.

I think it needs pink and gold. It craves glamour.
Turn a headboard into a glam, glossy bench for your foyer!

I stuck a woven basket underneath the bench and now we have a place to store our shoes that’s NOT right in the middle of the kitchen! Total life upgrade.

I’m also thinking the frame above it needs some black and/or gold, so that’s probably coming soon.

Here she is from the side, and you can see that I am having an impossible time deciding what fabric to use for the curtains in the office. It has to play well with the cowhide rug AND the foyer rug. I wonder if I should just go with a solid? Thoughts?
And that’s all! Isn’t Andy’s Magical Headboard Shrinking Machine pretty impressive? I dig it. I like the bench too.

By the way, you can see more about the foyer project here, inspiration for this headboard project here, and the details on THAT RUG right here. 🙂

Turn a headboard into a custom-sized bench for your foyer or entryway!

And if you liked this post, make sure you mosey over this way. (Click on the image to see the makeovers!)

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  1. Wow. Looks awesome! You were brave for attempting this. I can’t believe you were even able to disassemble it without breaking it. Impressive work, congrats!

  2. Kelly this is magical. You are magical. I absolutely love it!!! Happy Weekend!! xo Kristin

  3. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    This is so awesome! My first thought was how on earth did they cut that. Looks so pretty. (by the way I was trying to pin the last graphic and had trouble with the pin it button, just FYI)

  4. Fantastic! Looks great with that awesome rug too!

  5. Kelly, the bench is adorable. I’m pretty much always a sucker for bamboo. I want to marry your rug. And the comment about your husband’s veins cracked me up!! I bet I could give him a run for his money in the Hand Competition. 😛

  6. Perfect! Well done! 😀

  7. Looks so good Kelly!

  8. that is an awesome transformation! because of you i sort of want a rug similar to yours! but alas i don’t need one =)

  9. It’s gorgeous!!! The black was a perfect choice with the rug, and I agree with you… Throw in some pink and gold and it will be ultra GLAM!!!

  10. It came out so awesome!!! Is it wrong that I’m just picturing it as a mini bed?!?! And I say pink and gold curtains in the office! Do it! It would go with the cowhide and the turkeys!

  11. So I have to ask: did you buy those shoes, which match PERFECTLY with your amazing rug, before, or after the rug purchase? I mean, if after, all the power to you finding the perfect photo prop, along with the red purse, to accent the rug. But if BEFORE the rug, maybe your inner fashion self connected with that rug because it just KNEW that rug was AMAZING? lol
    Seriously though, love the new bench. I would personally have a couple/few pillow covers to switch out when I was in the mood (maybe an India-indian look fabric with a gorgeous pink and luxurious gold), but I’d leave just the one pillow on the bench- more and you won’t really be able to use the bench. I might also look at adding gold detailing to the bench, and then use both in a new frame for the picture. I’m more of a matchy kind of person, but that pic/frame does seem very lost to me.
    Anyways, love your site, love the emails, love your design sense/style. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Kylha Lust

    • Ha! The shoes came after the rug, and I’d like to say the purchases are unrelated, but who knows what my subconscious was up to. 🙂

  12. Nothing else could have been more perfect. You and your husband win First Place for a furniture re-do! I’ve seen thousands on Pinterest, and there is no comparison. No comparison in ready-made benches, either. You should start a furniture design business! (I enjoy reading your posts–very entertaining.)

  13. LOVE IT! I love that style of headboard and love the new bench even more. This might be my favorite bloggy project of the year. Good work!

    Now for your curtains. The cowhide rug is a large pattern. The foyer rug is a medium pattern. Therefore, you need a small pattern for your curtains. Those blue dots will do nicely, I think. I think they’re blue? Or maybe grey? Anyway, the second one from the top. Love how you’re veering away from the safe and matchy beige!

  14. You guys rock! I can’t even think of doing things like this with my hubby! We are not the most creative people around. It looks so great!

  15. Oh and I think that frame needs some gold spray paint? Especially if you’re going bold for the seat cushion?

  16. Awesome project. It turned out great. Would look great with a touch of gold!

  17. And there you go again…making fabulous things look even more fabulous. Seriously…it’s gorgeous. And black was the way to go I think (even though I am pretty sure i said otherwise in an earlier post!). I am jealous…very, very jealous.

  18. The bench looks great! It’s a perfect fit! I love your photo styling with the new rug, too. For the curtains, a solid always works, but if I had to choose one of the four you’ve got pinned up, I like the fourth one the best. (Is that black or navy??? I’m screaming black-and-white graphic!)

  19. Seriously?!?! I NEVER would have thought of this, but am now on the lookout for the perfect headboard to transform. I cannot believe how amazing this is. I could go on and on but I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm. I’m submitting my vote to keep it black!! Go glossy, yes, but it has enough character on its own (and more!) as a black piece. Also, don’t want to compete with the rug. And for the curtains, my eye definitely prefers the fabric at the bottom. You’re so kind to ask for and listen to opinions from one and all! 🙂 GREAT JOB – this entryway is looking amazing!!!!

  20. Love it! I agree with Ali’s assessment with the pattern size, however, I like the idea of the fabrics that have pink in them to tie in with the rug. I keep looking at the top one simply because all of the others are more of a diamond pattern and that one being different, would break it up. Can’t wait to see what you pick as you have a great eye! When you tweak that picture, it will be even more fabulous! I have a question for you. We just made one of these, too, a few weeks ago and I have yet to finish painting it. Anyway, we made it kid’s size/height. I’m painting it off-white. Do you think it would be best just to do a whole seat cushion since it’s for kids instead of a pillow? I don’t have children, so you would know better! I’d appreciate your input!

    • Thank you so much! Having kids, I can tell you that unless whatever cushion you use is attached, it’s going to end up on the floor no matter what. 🙂 (I love the idea of a kid-sized version!)

  21. This is absolutely fabulous! I am so jealous of your skills (and the skills and patience of your husband). Although, I am crying a little on the inside for that awesome headboard. So, may I have the left overs? 😉

  22. AHH-MAA-ZIINGGG!!!! It looks awesome!!

  23. Gorgeous! I love it much more as a bench than I did as a headboard!

  24. LOVE it!! Looks like it’s been a bench it’s whole life!! 🙂 and it fits perfectly in your space. love love love!

  25. GAHHHHHHH! I’m so in love with that bench! So awesome what you and Andy did with it!! I love the color, a great choice! I wasn’t sure that was navy or black either and suggested navy but since it’s black, that was the color to go with. Did I say GAHHHHH?!?!? That’s what I feel like saying when I see this. Your vision for this room with some gold and pink will be fantastic. Okay, now for the curtains if I was going to pick one that’s on the wall, I’d pick the ikat-ish dot pattern, but I do love the idea of a solid since there is a lot of pattern in there – maybe a gray with a sheen to it like a shantung just to keep it interesting, either light gray or that darker gray going on in the top pattern sample. But don’t listen to me, go with your gut because your gut churns out awesome decorating things.

  26. AWESOME!!! This looks so good! I have to admit I wasn’t sold when you first mentioned this idea but you have won me over. Great job! Also, I love the black…now you can get some fun, bright pillows to put on it!

  27. It looks SO much better in black than it did in white! I love the potential in garage sale finds! Personally, I like the second from the top or bottom fabric in the office. The other two I think will end up being OVERwhelming. No need to overpower the whelming going on in the foyer. : )

  28. This turned out super cute – perfect size and I like the black. Great Job!

    For the curtains I would go with the purpley geometric pattern. I think it would be pretty and really pull out that color from your gorgeous new entry rug.


  29. Love the bench, so adorable! As for the curtains in the office, i like the 2nd from the top fabric swatch 🙂

  30. so, so impressive– I was very confused at how you were going to shrink it down and keep all the details but it looks fantastic. I’m all aboard the high gloss train too- that baby wants to shine.

  31. LOVE the fabric nearest the bottom!! It has got the right vibe (can fabric have vibes? this one does!) to go with the cowhide and a good pattern to go with the rug!

  32. Several thoughts spring to mind: 1) I have had more than one teary eyed moment because they do not make light up shoes in my size. 2) I really, really want to start an IV on your hubster. I think I could do it by tossing it at him from 5 feet away. (You can trust me, I’m a medical professional!) 3) Love the bench. Even though it’s not shiny purple with fuschia pink cushions. Seriously Love It.

  33. I am so impressed with Andy’s work on that bench! That was a big job. I hope you gave him lots of amazing husband points. Also, I like the second curtain sample from the top.

  34. Pinned it! LOVE this! It turned out so well. It looks so chic and perfect, and custom. I’m excited to see what else you decide to dress it up with.

  35. It’s ammmmmazzzing!!!!! Emphasis on the ammmmaaazzzing. Love it, girl! And I’m still laughing about the veins. I love a good manhand moment. At least yours is actually in reference to a man, unlike mine….when it’s just my hand. 🙂

  36. Whoa! You really trimmed that headboard up! I was curious to see how you’d do that. It looks fantastic! Love the glossy black!

  37. OMG, LOVE IT! OK now I really believe you guys have a magical shrinking machine hidden somewhere in your house? Now maybe your hubby should shrink those veins lol, jk my hubbys arms look like that too, I can handle it until he starts pushing on them veins then I feel a little queasy.. I love that you chose black ( that’s what I suggested) definitely needs some gold, and maybe a small dose of color (pillow or seat). The picture above needs some black and gold too (maybe using gold L brackets and attaching them to the corners). For the curtains I would choose the second one from the top (looks like dots)? Something more simple not to compete with the rug and the future pillows. But I am sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know cuz your awesome like that! Great Job Kelly!

  38. This might be the most amazing re-do I’ve seen in a long time. No it is. Definitely. You are superwoman! And now I want a jigsaw.

  39. Love it! That seriously looks amazing! Big fan!

  40. What in the world?! This is even more amazing than I imagined. Seriously. FANTASTIC.

  41. I scrolled down to the comments after seeing that first photo so forgive me for not ready first (will in a second) but HOLY. COW. You guys did an AMAZING job! If I didn’t know, I never would have guessed that bench used to be a headboard! Bravo!

  42. I just KNEW it would be spectacular! And thank you for not making me wait so long to see it! You chose the perfect color and yes, the glossier the better! I think it’s sooo happy to be a bench now better than a headboard I can actually see it smiling! Only you would be able to find a pair of flats to match your foyer rug, and that cracked me up!

    Now for your office ~ (bwahahaha) just go for it Kelly! Put a little bling and a smile on your face every time you look at the curtains and go for the second from the bottom fabric! It incorporates some of the colors in your rug, and will bring a new dimension to the room. And will add your pink! And Maybe if you have some left over, you can make a throw pillow for that fabulous bench!

    But in the end, the most important thing is to do what makes your heart swell and your face smile!! 😀

  43. Oh, I forgot to ask, are you going to paint Andy’s table a high gloss black too? I don’t see how you can ever get rid of that bench unless you re-purposed it like you did the headboard…

    • We’ve actually already started on a replacement for Andy’s table. It’s about a million times better. 🙂 (And Andy’s like: “throw away the old table!”)

  44. I LOVE it! It’s perfect for that space and looks amazing. I’m so glad you did this, I saved my ancient Jenny Lind bobbin bed to convert into a bench. You have totally inspired me and I know exactly where to put it. It’s always helpful to be able to show Hubs a pic of what I’m aiming for. Thank you for the inspiration!

  45. I laughed out loud at that comment about Andy’s veins. Those are some serious veins! That must be a very heavy paint sprayer, haha. The headboard looks perfect, y’all did a great job!

    Also, I think solid is a must for the curtains or else things might get a little crazy. I do like that bottom swatch though, so maybe crazy is good. I’m really no help at all.

  46. AWESOMESAUCE. Honestly, Andy and his vein-y arms are magnificent, I’m in awe. Of both.

    Also, god I want you to use this fabric on the bench cushion but that’s cuz it’s on my brain at the moment as I’m desperate to use it on my faux bamboo chairs – even though you don’t ‘do’ orange:

    GAH!! Also, the 2nd fabric down would look LUSH with that rug. LUSH I TELL THEE. And I’m not even into plums.

    So excited for this new more colourful Kelly – you have a colourful personality and now it’s about damn time your home reflected it!! YOU GO GIRL. xxx

  47. wow–that turned out beautifully! you’d never guess it wasn’t born to be a bench! and I bet plebotomists (that’s what they’re called, right?) LOVE drawing Andy’s blood. Not me. I am constantly scolded for having such tiny veins. But I really can’t help it.

  48. I am SO impressed with this! You really have made a $3 purchase go such a long way! And the finish looks so expensive too. I wish i had your creativity! x

  49. whoa. super chic. can’t even handle Andy’s mad skills (and veins). mad props.

  50. The Man done good.

  51. What a transformation!!! I love that you went with black! It is more versatile that way and it really stands out against the light walls! I’m amazed at how you guys cut up that headboard and it looks like it was always that size! Brilliant!


  52. WOW! It looks stunning, what a great idea. It looks perfect in there!

  53. You did a fantastic job of shrinking it down to size! It looks great – and I love that you chose black!

  54. It looks sooooo gorgeous! And perfect with the rug. Nice work, you two. (Must have been those Buzz Lightyear sneakers.)

  55. Great job! As for the office curtains I vote for the top swatch, I think it would go really nicely w both the cowhide and the Turkish rug

  56. Ohmyword this is amazing. I really wouldn’t have believed it was made from a headboard. It just looks like a custom bench. And I love the dark and moody color you chose.

    You are fabulous. That is all.

  57. Um…I don’t even know how to express how fantastic this is. Awesome yardsale find and insane job of “shrinking” it down! Winning!

    (and I like the smallest of the prints for that curtain-can’t wait to see what you pick!)

  58. Wowza! She’s a beauty. You guys did an awesome job!

  59. Love the creativity you have, and Andy’s willingness to carry out projects. (That so doesn’t happen in my house, but I did buy a jigsaw and a circular saw. Maybe I’ll open the box next month.)
    Curtains often compete with other things in the room and thus detract rather than enhance. Both rugs are so bold and dynamic that a solid might be better so as not to compete with the rugs–too many patterns and/or colors just confuse the eye and the brain, and you love the rugs so much that you don’t want the viewer to think about other things. Top: the green color (I think it’s green, anyway) would maybe blend with that beautiful plant. (What is the plant, anyway? I’m sure you blogged about it, but I can’t find it.) But the circles seem to oppose the rest of the room(s). 2nd: print small enough maybe it won’t compete with either rug; doesn’t blend with pillow, even though same colors; not enough of the black-white in foyer rug; black of curtain opposes brown of cowhide rug; 3rd: magenta/purple agrees with foyer rug and the white agrees with the cowhide rug (as well as window trim); lines also agree with foyer rug and bench pillow; doesn’t really blend with cowhide rug; bottom: only “blending” is it has the same colors as the bench pillow. I think the two rugs compete with each other. Can you put the cowhide rug somewhere else in the office–i.e., farther away from the foyer rug?

  60. The bench is perfect for that spot. You could also tape off the top or bottom of the basket and spray it with either the pink or blue or red (whatever you want to echo again in that area) for a dipped look accent stripe–just a band of it to bring it into the color scheme.

    You could do the same with the mat of the picture above–tape it off and spray a stripe to bring in a rug color you want to bounce up there.

    I think any of your curtains would work–if you want to bring that in, use either more of the curtains or find a coordinating fabric and make a pillow on the bench to repeat the curtain color/pattern. In my experience, all you really have to do with most design elements you bring in is repeat them somewhere in the space to make it look intentional.

    I am envious, I have no carpentry skills–i have a little space at my front door that would love a little bench like this.

  61. I meant to add- your rug is a kind of chevron pattern, I wonder if could find a wide chevron pattern for the curtain fabric–there is a lot of that out there–maybe a gray if black is too bold–not sure if it would be too much-/

  62. Kelly.
    That bench is FANTASTIC. And your house…those rugs…everything…I’m SO delighted!!! It all makes me enormously happy!!!

  63. WOW Kelly that bench seriously rocks my socks 🙂 I love that you so carefully took it apart instead of just a chop chop down the middle or something. You really kept the integrity of the design and it actually looks so much better in its new size. Love it black too.

  64. Kelly- this is incredible! I love it soooo much!

  65. Curtains: I think the second from the bottom. Purple with large diamonds. 1) The purple goes well with the hall rug.2) The large pattern goes better with the cow rug. 3) The size of that window needs a larger pattern.

    I don’t like the top one as well. I think the spots compete with the spots in the cow rug. Of course, if you end up painting the walls some shade of pink (you sound very cryptic in your comment about more pink), then the curtains should be the bottom one. Nothing goes better with bold colors than the plain black & white accent.

  66. Beautiful!! I would not have known where to being with such a project, but you guys rocked it! Andy’s veins are very impressive, and I vote solid curtains.

  67. That looks awesome! I’m impressed! I am in love with the rug too! Love the colors! And this was so well written! Hilarious:)

    House Envy

  68. Growing up in the country I’ve seen many things that work well with cowhide, even things you wouldn’t expect. Just go with your gut! I do like the idea of tying it all together with the same fabric on a pillow or something to tie it in. Good luck!

  69. Absolutely crazy fantastic bench! I could not figure out how you were gonna get that wide headboard to fit in that small space! Now I’m slapping myself upside the head!
    As for the curtains, looking at the overall design of the foyer into the room, I’d go for the top fabric myself! In my opinion you can’t have too much color and pattern!

  70. It is totally OVERwhelming Kelly! One of a kind, I love how it came out. And I am a fan of painting anything and everything black, it goes with everything and your bench looks so great in it!

  71. IT LOOKS SO AWESOME! what a perfect addition to your foyer! i’m happy to have at least played a small part in its creation! you are magical. i need to replicate this in my own house!

  72. perfect! I think adding a touch of gold to the room is a great idea too. still can’t get over how much i love that rug!

  73. it looks so slim in black. 😉 seriously amazing and love the custom fit and glossy black!

  74. That bench is fabulous! I think an upholstered seat will take it out of this world.

    As for the curtain question, I think, first and foremost, you should do what you most want to do because it’s you that has to love it. I’d cast my vote for the third fabric down though. I think it picks up on the pink in the foyer rug (and maybe the future pink that’s on the way), and I think it’s totally possible to rock a bold geometric fabric with a cowhide rug.

  75. Kelly–I love this project! The rug and styling is beautiful, too. (Why do I feel like I will start hoarding thrift-store headboards in my garage, now??)

  76. This looks great! And I bet it’s super functionable by the front door.

  77. I LOVE IT!!!! Came out so amazing! I love the thought of pink and gold, too.
    Someone above mentioned pink and gold curtains, and that sounds fab to me…but I also like the curtain option at the top. Colors and shapes all tie in! 🙂

  78. Wow, it really looks nice. Great job!

  79. AHHHH! This is amazing. Also I love that rug lots, please clone it & send one to me 🙂

  80. All those patterns in the panel samples are competing with the patterns in both rugs. You need to let them stand out and be a star. To bring both rooms together I’d do a nice solid for the panels in one of the darker colors you prefer for that room and add that pop of pink/purple that’s in the swatches as a band down the lead (front) edge of the drapes. You could even put some piping between the lead edge and band in a small pattern. You don’t want to go big and bold with an already big and bold rug.

  81. Nice! A big hello to your new stylish new bench. So inspiring.

  82. Gorgeous wow! Kelli, I was wondering how you did this from the picture! it turned out great and looks amazing at your entrance with your rug! 🙂
    I’m pining this now! 🙂

  83. This turned out so great! I’m seriously amazed it’s even the same piece! I tend to play it safe with curtains and go with solids, but I’m loving the small black and white print for your dining room!

  84. Oh I love this Kelly! It has an Asian flavour but it’s also classic. Nicely done!

    Annie XO

  85. Beautiful! And as for the curtains..I’m loving the second choice (the white with the tiny diamonds)

  86. What colour is the blue in your hall….it’s fab!!??

  87. Awesome!!! One of the best bargain finds and DIYs rolled into one. Love your rug too!

  88. wow wow wow I just love it – my foyer is tiny so i am so jealous that you have a place for a bench. i love it! so clever!

  89. Looks great! Where did you get your Foyer rug?

  90. Love it, Kelly! It turned out awesome!

  91. Pinned it! Love it!!! XOXO, Erica

  92. This is straight awesome! And I kind of love the purple fabric for curtains. I think the pattern is a large enough scale to complement both rugs. But, if you update that foyer corner with lots of bold pink touches, it may be a little much to add bright purple curtains to the mix, just a thought!!

  93. I love this DIY but what I love even more is your rug!!! Can you share where you purchased? I’m a new reader and looking forward to fun posts like this in the future!

  94. I love this DIY bench project! I found a link to it on Design Sponge.
    I just wanted to add in my vote for the curtain fabric, I would go with the navy/white fabric at the bottom. I think it would tie in the geometric angles in the rug, the blue in the rug, the two-tone of the bench pillow and add a splash of color without being overwhelming 🙂
    Nice work!

  95. Shweta Chadha says:

    Awesome…thanks for a lovely idea..:)

  96. Hi, I just had to comment on how beautiful your entryway is! I LOVE the rug. The top fabric would be my top pick for curtains, love it all.

  97. WOW, what?!?! That looks awesome. I especially love how you’re all like “so easy your newborn could do it!” or “build this bench in your sleep!” and I’m all like, not gonna happen and look good. Regardless, you worked some Harry Potter magic and I love it.

  98. Holy cow! This is the best Before & After that Apartment Therapy has shown in forever! I LOVE it!

  99. The fabric swatch (for the draperies) on the top…would be the perfect match to both spaces. Has elements of both spaces and has such life to it!

  100. Love your headboard to bench redo, would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know,

  101. I love your rug!!! Where can I find one like that? Also, the bench is a fabulous idea.

  102. What a tranformation! Your DH did a great the last few pictures, it looks as if the headboard has some other finish on it, like a weave fabric or caning? How did he figure out the curve of the bed/bench? Super project. I think a bit of glossy would really set that bench off. Fits perfect in that space by the front door. Good place to sit and pull off your shoes..was that the purpose to begin with when you started this project?
    Thanks for sharing this tuitorial with us.. Great job!

  103. awwwwweeeee yeahhhh… now that is too stinkin cute… thank you.. I had no idea what to do with that twin bamboo headboard i just hoarded… i mean i mean bought 🙂

  104. The red fabric, third from top, would look awesome. It plays off the red in the rug in the foyer and the geometric pattern brings out the pattern of the rug. The red also contrasts very nicely with the cowhide. Love it!


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  9. […] shrinking machine – you’ll have to read her post to understand that one 🙂   View Along the Way Did you see the office makeover Mandi revealed yesterday?  The whole thing is eye candy […]

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