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5 easy steps to a luxury guest bathroom on a budget + a giveaway!

Thanks to Homewerks for sponsoring this post!

My little guest bath has come a long way from its days as a ballerina-bordered, pepto-bismol-colored “statement.”

After we moved in and fixed it up, it had its hey day as a rarely used guest bathroom, complete with carefully placed soaps and new, fresh white hand towels… you know, the kinds of things that vanish the moment you pop out a kid. Like, the instant the child emerges from you, they are gone. It’s wild.

Nowadays, it’s home to bath toys and Toy Story-branded toothpaste, but we still like to freshen it up when we have company coming, and this week we made the snazziest of updates. (Wait til you see!) Let’s talk about how to make a bathroom feel like a retreat for guests!
Make your guest bathroom feel luxurious for guests with a few simple steps!

1. Use soothing colors
We went with a soft greige on the wall and a silvery-blue shower curtain to keep things calm and restful for our visitors, especially handy now that visiting guests are typically fielding requests from three-year-olds to play Hi Ho Cherry O, or getting walked-in-on by curious little ones who don’t know the concept of bathroom privacy.

I guess what I’m saying is: maybe lose the Pepto Bismol paint in a guest bathroom?

And make sure you have good locks.

And maybe teach your kids about bathroom privacy.

2. Opt for a curved shower curtain rod
I used to have a job that required me to travel ALL THE DAYS, and I always enjoyed the extra space and openness you get in hotel showers with curved shower curtain rods. It’s like your tiny bathtub becomes Narnia: you open the shower curtain and it feels like a whole new world in there, with supernatural amounts of space!

3. Keep extra toilet paper RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.
Okay, tell me I’m not alone in this. You go to a friend’s house and use their restroom, but notice too late that there are about 3.5 squares of toilet paper left on the roll. IS THERE ANY GREATER LEVEL OF PANIC IN THIS LIFE?

There is NOT. You don’t want to be rifling through their cabinet, increasingly panicked, hoping to find an extra roll there.

I like to keep extra toilet paper visible, so no one has to wonder if they should cut things off prematurely for lack of extra necessities. I like a nice pile of ’em in a basket.
Keep a basket full of toilet paper visible for guest bathrooms - plus other GREAT tips on a luxury guest bath!

And along those lines, I like to keep the fluffiest of toilet paper in my guest bathrooms. Even if you go with budget brands for the rest of the house, it’s nice to have something that feels super luxe for guests.

Was that enough potty talk? No? No such thing? I like the way you think.

4. Invest in good towels.
This is another way I like to take a cue from fancy hotels.

I’m all about keepin’ it within the budget, but I have learned that I never regret investing in thick, ginormous towels. And by “investing,” I mean — I still find them for a great price at somewhere like Ross, Marshalls or TJ Maxx for around $7 each. But you use them every single day, and who can argue that a fluffy towel the size of a bed sheet isn’t a fantastic way to start your day? No one can, that’s who.

I like to keep some rolled up within easy reach.
Rolled up towels make a luxurious guest bathroom
If I could do it again, I’d go with all white towels. I think they’re just easier to keep clean and you don’t have to worry about matching the towels to the bathroom.

5. Blow ’em away with the best bathroom technology
This is what I was so excited to tell you about! See this guy? Looks just like a bathroom fan, right? Nothing special?
Check out this Bluetooth-enabled bath fan! Pretty snazzy!
THINK AGAIN. That’s a Homewerks Bluetooth Bath fan, which – get this – is a fan that doubles as a speaker to play music wirelessly via Bluetooth. So as you’re doing your makeup or taking a shower, you can be rockin’ out to music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop from up to 30 feet away.

Or, in our case, you can be singing the Rubber Ducky song to your very own rubber ducky while making bathtime lots of fun.
My kids love that they now get to listen to music in the tub!
I like the concept better than a smartphone speaker dock, because in bathrooms like mine, there’s just not enough counter space for an extra gadget, and this way we don’t have to worry about getting the speaker wet and electrocuting ourselves.

If you’ve ever installed a regular bath fan, installation is virtually the same. We had to cut a slightly larger hole in our ceiling to fit it, then inserted the new box from above and placed the new cover over it from inside the bathroom. The box has easy-to-follow instructions included if you’ve never done it before.
Installing a bluetooth-enabled bathroom fan
Tell me: what are your favorite tips for making your bathroom feel luxurious on a budget? Do you make any changes when company’s coming over?

This post was sponsored by Homewerks
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Make your guest bathroom feel luxurious for guests with a few simple steps!

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  1. Paint. Cheap, simple and room-changing.

  2. ZOMG. I want this…this THING! Amazing!

    • Oh…And we put a dimmer switch in our guest bath…you know, for…um…candlelit showers? I don’t know. But it’s so handy in the middle of the night–we just leave it on dim when guests are over. Frees up the outlets from night lights. Not very luxurious, maybe, but super handy!

  3. Alycia Wilson says:

    I have the same problem with not enough counter space for extra gadgets. I would love to rock out to some classic rock while getting ready for work in the mornings. 🙂

  4. We clean?!? We’d rock out to something on Pandora.

  5. Brittany D says:

    I invested in good towels for my guests and like to leave out a basket of sample size toiletry items, in case they forgot shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

  6. I think great towels are the key!

  7. Any music that isn’t kid music is what I would be listening to.
    I hear ya about the toilet paper for guests… it’s just thoughtful. 🙂

  8. Julia @Cuckoo4Design says:

    What??? Get the heck out! That is so cool! I so want one of those fan speaker thingers.

    • I live in an apartment how can I work this out by putting it on the counter or in a drawer or mounting it on a sidewalk

  9. Bathroom looks great!

  10. Candy Cook says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the tips.

  11. Such a great upgrade Kelly 🙂 xo Kristin

  12. Love these ideas for small bathrooms, especially the curved shower curtain rod – genius!

  13. The speaker is an incredible idea! I try to make sure the bathroom is neat, clean and organized. Yours looks wonderful!

  14. cayce wegman says:

    wow amazing!! Hope I win it! I love to sign in the shower 😉

  15. I give my guest all the good towels and tp too! I really should up the luxury level in my own bathroom. And love that your kids are as “curious” as mine 🙂

  16. What a great makeover! Simply beautiful.

  17. we’re currently redoing both our bathrooms- and I have that same vanity sitting in my living room right now waiting to be installed!! I also “splurged” on monogrammed handtowels for the bathroom… from KMart. On Clearance. CAN’T BE TAMED.
    thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  18. LOVE this! It’d be awesome to listen to Pandora while I’m taking a shower! 🙂

  19. I love listening to 90’s pop music when I’m getting ready for a fun night out with the hubs (mom of 2 = not very often!), so the throwback music makes me feel young & fun : )

  20. Love the reminder about splurging on extra luxurious towels.

  21. I’d probably listen to some kids songs. I can’t seem to escape at this stage in life no matter how hard I try!

  22. I love that speaker idea and our bathrooms sure could use some updating!

  23. I LOOOVE that fan, even if I dont win I am getting one!

  24. I like to keep something like a candle or plug-in so it always smells nice.

  25. Emily Wilson says:

    I love the idea of a bluetooth speaker in the bathroom!!

  26. Love the bathroom. I guess I need to step up my game in our guest bath. It’s pretty boring. I definitely make sure I clean it when I know guests are coming. With three boys it can be a pretty scary place!

  27. The bathroom looks wonderful! Guess I need to step it up in our guest bathroom. I make sure it’s clean when I know I have guests coming though – that counts, right?!

  28. Even though I’m young, I’m boring. I’d probably be listening to an NPR podcast. Hey, I like to be informed.

  29. The speaker is such a great addition!

  30. Oh sweet lord I wants that!

  31. This is the coolest thing! I love to listen to music from Glee in the shower! I am so adding this to my wish list.

    Also, your bathroom looks beautiful! Love the soothing blue curtain. 🙂

  32. Couldn’t agree more about the white/fluffy towels. THEY’RE SO FLUFFY! (Isn’t that from Despicable Me or something?)

  33. Not only was my main bathroom pink, but so IS the tub and toilet…I can’t wait to change them out!

    • Kasey Thiele says:

      You can easily resurface your tub with a kit from Home Depot for around $50 if a new tub is further down the road.. idk how it would work on a toilet but they aren’t as expensive

  34. Would love to put in a fan/speaker… currently have neither!

  35. I like to put a candle in there so it smells great!

  36. Love the idea of the speaker/fan. I’d be listening to some 80’s to get me going in the morning!
    To make my guest bath more welcoming I always leave out hand cream on the counter next to the soap.

  37. I love the idea of a curved curtain rod!

  38. Love this! Great idea for the speaker/exhaust fan.

  39. Love the bathroom speaker idea! It would make my mornings way more upbeat. 🙂

  40. Right now, my husband and I put our iPhones in a solo cup to amplify the sound while we’re in the shower/ bath. It would be nice to have a legit sound system in the bathroom! 🙂

  41. No clutter- plenty of room for your guest to put their stuff

  42. The toilet paper “in your face” is cracking me up. I totally agree about having extra out so people don’t have to go through my cabinets! : )

  43. Our “guest” bathroom is also my 14 year old son’s bathroom, and also the only bath with a tub for my 6 year old, so it’s hard to keep it “luxurious” without some effort. 🙂 We were . . . fortunate? to have a leak in there a few years ago, and were able to renovate the 1970 yellow tile to something of this century with the help of our insurance company. For guests, we mostly just freshen up the matching towels that are hanging in there (mostly as decoration), and remove the gazillion bath toys if they are staying overnight. It would be awesome to win that fan . . . especially since we currently have a brand new fan installed that is not actually hooked up to anything (hubby was waiting for it to not be 200 degrees in the attic space). LOL

    • ha! In my experience, nothing motivates husbands like cool technology. (Somehow this project leapfrogged over some other ones on our to-do list.. )

  44. Okay, that fan is SO cool!!! I want one bad. I’d crank up some Paramore, Lorde, and AWOLNATION.

    I’m all for white towels. It really does make things easier and I found that my family stained colored towels all the time. So last winter I asked for NICE white towels for Christmas. MIL delivered with half of what we needed and then I snagged the other half when Target put some really nice ones on clearance for 50% off (yay!). So come February/March, check Target for white towels on clearance.

  45. Once again, loving your emails! The bathroom update is amazing, and just what I needed to help me with my own bathroom renovations. Thanks again!

  46. I would SING my heart out with my Pandora radio!!! How awesome would that be!!!

  47. Our guest bathroom also doubles as the kids’ bathroom, so to combat the bright colors and bath toys, I like to have the softest bath towels and bath rugs I can find. And since I have two little ones also, there’s nothing like a little Metallica to get my sleep-deprived mornings going. 🙂

  48. I clean?! With four kiddos running around there aint much fancy left, but I make sure it’s clean! Love that fan! What a concept!

  49. Melissa F. says:

    I need this for my bathroom!!!!!!

  50. I can’t enter since I a not in the US, BUT, I just have to say that I NEED one of these in my life! That’s amazing. Our fan in the main bathroom sounds like a 747 taking off, so needless to say, we don’t use it…which results in major streakage on the paint that I so painstakingly applied. So yes, I will be hunting for one of these. And…I am so with with you on the curved shower rod…it’s like a double wide shower 🙂

  51. the added speaker feature is the butter cream frosting on the bathroom vent cake!

  52. We need one of those! I need one to play soothing music on Sunday morning to keep me calm while trying to get everyone ready for church!

  53. I definitely try to clean before people come over!!!!!

  54. I love the idea of toilet paper in a nice basket, but i think my cats would enjoy that fluffy spot too much lol since our “guest” bathroom is the cat bathroom.

  55. This is awesome! Pinned for future reference in case I don’t win! 😛 I always make sure there is a visible trash can, toilet paper and most-dreaded-to-have-to-ask-for-EVER: the plunger.

    • Ooh good point on the plunger! I’m always torn on that because it’s ugly, but yes, there is nothing worse than needing the plunger and not finding it!

  56. Pretty, fluffy towels. Candles. Filled up hand soap. Fresh bath mat. And I’m with you on the toilet paper extravaganza!

  57. I’d rock out while spraying poop off of baby girl’s cloth dipes!

    • HAHA! That’s exactly how we use our bathroom! (We should make a poop-cleaning playlist!)

      • Maybe it would distract me from the poop I somehow seem to spray all over the place. We’re on our third month of sprayable poop and my technique has not improved!

  58. I love this post! I think a good Jock Jams mix would keep me motivated enough to thoroughly clean my bathroom.

  59. I would love this! Totally rock out while getting ready for work, or more importantly while cleaning the bathroom!

  60. I burn a candle in my bathroom any evening that visitors are over. It seems inviting even if the light’s kept off. Also, for those who are paranoid about bathroom smells…it’s always a scented candle. My favorite scents (not too obnoxious, maybe more natural) are from Pier 1.

  61. Dede Jackson says:

    I put in a fresh candle. Always new unused soap and other bath accessories! Fresh plush towels!

  62. Chrissi Culver says:

    These are some great ideas!!! and cute kiddos!!! 😀 I love the speaker too.

  63. I wish we had enough space in the tiny guest/kids bathroom to add the curved shower curtain rod.

  64. Love the color of the cabinets and the speaker in the bathroom idea!

  65. Jamie Rowe says:

    I love plants in the bathroom. Ferns especially.

  66. Marissa W. says:

    I would jam out to any and all music! I already take my phone in there while putting on make up and fixing my hair. I also have to mention that I lol at “bathroom duties”… I’m going to blame it on my 10 yr old son. 😉

  67. I love all of your ideas. Especially that fancy speaker thing! I like to add the little shampoos and soaps. I know I like that when I visit someone, it makes me feel like I’m in a fancy hotel. When guests come I make sure the toilet seat is down! (My son uses the same bathroom!)

  68. Love that fan! Great tips as well!

  69. That is AWESOME! I would rock out to some motivating Led Zeppelin in the AM to get me going.

  70. There is nothing WORSE than running out of tp at a friends house. Heck, even at my own house my screams can be heard only so far before things get serious! LOL

  71. ERMAHGERD!!!!! NEED DIS!!! 🙂

  72. Stephanie Hager says:

    We are just finishing up a guest bath remodel and I broke all of these rules 🙂 guess I need to win the Bluetooth fan so I can follow at least one rule. I am debating buying nice white towels because I cannot find good peach ones. Our walls are a light green/sage color. Peach and green are not probably considered soothing! I would rock out to anything I can dance to!!

  73. Great looking bathroom, love the bluetooth fan, I must get me one

  74. Holy comments, batman!!! I HAAAAATE it when I go places and there is no TP left. Panic does ensue!! We are in the market for new towels and I guess I never really thought of white! Hmmm……

  75. some fresh flowers always brighten up a space and make it seem inviting for guests 🙂
    and this fan/speaker is amaze-ing!

  76. Kristin L. says:

    I love the idea of a fan with benefits! Our current bathroom is still pre-remodel and has no fan what-so-ever…ick! This would be super awesome for the mornings when I need a little extra energy to get me in the mood to run around after two small kids. I’m thinking maybe some Michael Franti or Beyonce to get me pumped up for the day!

  77. wow, never would have thought to put a speaker in my bathroom… that would be awesome! we recently re-did our bathroom. when we bought the house it had ugly dark blue walls and dark brown (ugly!) cabinets. we didn’t have the budet for a new vanity/cabinets, so we went bold and painted the existing ones a light robins-egg blue and the (formerly dark blue) walls a nice beige (coffee & cream) color. we put up a curved shower rod and coordinated blue/beige shower curtain and a couple new bath mats and VOILA! a whole new beautiful bathroom for super cheap.

  78. I use my big fluffy white towels and make sure it’s clean as a whistle.

  79. I hate chores! to combat that, I like to rock out with totally 80s music or what I call my bad ass rap mix. cuz rapping makes cleaning better.

  80. I like to put out yummy smelling candles. I also agree that anything guests may want ( toilet paper, towels etc) should be easily visible.

  81. I think I’d put on some good 80s music–get me pumped for the day!

  82. Jaclyn york says:

    I enjoy interesting art work on the wall to give them something nice to look at, as well as some sort of deodorizing spray. 😉

  83. I would reeeeeeeally like to win this. Henry and I would be rocking to classic rock – our favorite is CCR – while he gets a bath. Total score. What a cool idea!

  84. Love all of your suggestions. We’re moving into our new house this weekend, so it’s a good reminder for when we’re setting up house! My suggestion for a guest bath is good lighting above the mirror! It’s never fun doing hair and makeup in an underlit or badly lit area!

  85. I had no idea they made such a thing! That would totally eliminate the need of be balancing my computer on the toilet tank just so I can listen to music while I get ready!

  86. Von Ann Wells says:

    Love the fan and the idea that I could have music is great-probably easy listening.

  87. I agree that putting out all white towels ups the ante, but I also like to light a fresh-smelling candle in a guest bath.

  88. Scents! I have one of those automatic scent dispensers in the bathroom, to keep it smelling pretty. I also made some scented toilet fizzies (found the recipe on Pinterest) that guests can drop in the toilet after use.

  89. Love the speaker idea!! We have a shower radio over the curtain rod (not attractive). Less clutter for the bathroom always a plus!

  90. Kelly! I love this bathroom! We just moved into a new house so I’ve been combing your blog for weeks for ideas! I love the floor especially in your bathroom 🙂

    I’d totally rock out to some show tunes and Broadway while in the shower! My baby daughter loves it too, i’d just have to keep her from standing up and dancing in the bathtub 🙂

  91. I enjoy jamming to 80’s rock while applying blue eye shadow and glitter lashes!

    Not really, but it sounds like a good time.

  92. If I had this in my bathroom, I wouldn’t want to leave

  93. I pinned you

  94. This is awesome! I think the speaker would get its most use on cleaning days, when I like to rock out to Fall Out Boy.

  95. These are great tips! We’re redoing our bathroom right now – changing the colors from a blinding gold-ish color to a nice calm grey. It makes all of the difference in the world!

    These bluetooth deals sound awesome! I would love to add that to our bathrooms!

  96. I love all your tips. Especially the toilet paper. I was shaking my head in agreement about it being panic-inducing when you can’t find any! In response to the Rafflecopter question, I’d rock out to….audiobooks. I feel like that answer is very *womp, womp* and unexciting, but I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in front of the mirror applying my face and wishing I could listen to my audiobook (w/o having to work around my ear buds)!

    Thanks for hosting this. 🙂

  97. Oh my, I want that fan. But funny story, last time my hubby installed a fan in our bathroom, he fell through the ceiling. Hee hee! I know what you mean about the missing special towels and doo-dads. All mine are in my daughter’s room . . . somewhere, never to be seen again. LOL!

  98. I’d certainly rock out while cleaning the bathroom. That fan is the neatest thing since sliced bread!

  99. …a ceiling fan in bathroom…so wonderful in the summer!

  100. Great bathroom, and I LOVE the idea of a speaker/fan!!

  101. AMAZING! Fingers crossed that I win! 🙂

  102. Bathroom tips when company is coming….. make sure there’s enough paper on the roll, and there’s nothing that needs to be flushed down in the bowl!

    Rubber duckie I’m awfully fonddddd of you.

  103. I totally jam out to things like Marc Broussard while cleaning. It definitely helps the time fly.

  104. I would probably rock out to some country music <3
    Your kids are so cute I can't stand it, I love the curved rod I idea, and what a cool speaker/fan!

  105. Love this shower fan idea! What a great concept.

  106. That fan. Is. Amazing. I’m always looking for new ways to make the bathroom more cozy and less let’s-do-what-we-gotta-do-and-get-out-of-here! I’m thinking John Mayer, Fall Out Boy, and The Lumineers for a great bathroom playlist!

  107. i’m pretty sure i would rock out to britney, as usual.

    I didnt know this existed…i need this in my life!

  108. Love this! I’d pick someone like Adele, Pink or Kelly Clarkson to listen to.

  109. My daughter would kill to have a bluetooth bathroom fan!! So cool.

  110. So the bluetooth bathroom fan is ahhhh-mazing! Definitely adopting that idea 😀 Love the color choices. love, love!

  111. Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. cathy Johnson says:

    Love your bathroom! The Bluetooth bath fan is genius! I would rock out to anything from the Eagles.

  113. I like to make some space in the bathroom closet when I have out of towners visiting so they have a place to keep their things (e.g. hairdryers, makeup bags, etc.)

  114. Life changing. Never thought I’d get all hot and bothered over a bath fan!

  115. Whitney Crawford says:


  116. I like a visually soothing restroom. Pleasant sleeps are a plus. Music playing would be awesome.

  117. Love the concept of the curved shower rod! Any broadway musical number would get me groovin’ in the shower

  118. Margaret Smith says:

    Love this fan! What a unique idea. I’d love to rock out to classic rock.
    Thanks so much.

  119. I’d take a bubble bath and listen to something chill, like Norah Jones or Fleet Foxes 🙂

  120. I would definitely rock out to some great country music while showering/getting dressed/putting on my face!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!! It’s awesome!

  121. Oh, I forgot to ask… Kelly, do you remember where you bought those baskets? They are gorgeous!


  122. Love the idea of a fan and a speaker in one! I love some country music in the morning!

  123. I am now certain I can’t live without a bath fan/speaker system. 🙂

  124. I always keep a pretty smelling candle in the bathroom and make sure it’s lit when we have company. I love candles for both the smell and the ambiance. And who doesn’t like a good-smelling bathroom?!

  125. This is perfect timing. I am currently re-doing our guest bathroom on a very tight budget. Follow along if you’d like! Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. definitely would rock out to my 10 month old’s Little Einstein’s CD 🙂

  127. Pandora 🙂 Fletwood mac!

  128. I’m lucky enough to have a designated guest bathroom – finally! It’s due for a make-over but meanwhile we keep really nice towels, soaps, and lotions on hand.
    All white towels is the way to go, that’s for sure!


  129. Andrea Sebald says:

    this is awesome, and would be great for parties, where you could continue the light background music into the restroom for your guest..always nice to create a sound buffer for friends and family! 😛

  130. I need this! I want to rock out to a new bluetooth fan/speaker system!!!

  131. Adrienne Gordon says:

    Katy Perry.

  132. Wouldn’t this be awesome? My boys would love this.

  133. AWESOME! Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. Come on luck, let’s win this!

  135. Ashley Bee says:

    I think that simple glass jars (preferably 3 different sizes) filled with pretty bathroom doo-dads really looks makes a bathroom look luxurious. Mine were cheap from Michael’s, and are filled with cotton balls, q-tips, and rolled up wash cloths. So easy! Seems practical! Looks luxe! Cheap! 🙂

    But my gadget-lover husband (is there an app for that?!) would LOVEEEEEE the wireless speaker in the bathroom. I’m still trying to convince him that we probably don’t need Philips Hue bulbs in the hallway, hehe. (

  136. We have some cool open shelves that I stock with cool jars stuffed with cotton balls etc and beautiful trays filled with luxurious soaps lotions toothpaste etc. I love the speaker fan!

  137. Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. I like to keep my guest bath comfy and functional….A diffuser keeps it smelling nice, reading material in a french wire basket behind the door, and a “wow” starburst mirror to make it a bit fancy. I love the idea of a bluetooth fan…going to redo my master bath soon and would love to make that a part of it.

  139. My Pachelbel’s Canon channel on Pandora would be so relaxing while taking a bath!

  140. Stephanie Funk says:

    I would love to have a music player in the bathroom!

  141. Love the curved shower curtain rod idea! Would also love to have the speaker fan in the new master bath we’re planning to build soon!

  142. Shoot, how cool is that?? I’d be rocking out to a little Maroon 5, most likely… maybe even singing along. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  143. Omg, that fan/speaker thing is awesome! Will be on the lookout for one.

  144. I’m with you on the white towels for the guest bathroom. We use white for guests, and then a different color for our “family towels”. That way the white towels stay nice and white and clean, and aren’t used to clean up toddler spills, animal accidents, etc. Seriously, between the kiddo, hubby and mutts gross things happen to my “family towels”. Heavy sigh. 🙂

  145. Christine Sanchez says:

    We leave a basket of toiletries for guests with a little sign that reads “help yourself.” Oh, and we try to remember to buy fresh flowers to put in there – the cheap $4 ones from the grocery store that look awesome in a little pitcher vase.

  146. Our kid/guest bath has the lovely 60s pink tile so the accessories are gray and white. For guests, I just try to make sure it’s nice and clean with fresh towels. I really need to buy the kids some toothpaste that is not blue!

  147. i have showered in there…. and it is lovely!

  148. My bathroom definitely needs major upgrade! What would I rock out to? Hmm, how about Friends in Low Places! 🙂 Thank you.

  149. that fan/speaker looks great Kelly and your guest bathroom is very pretty; love the colors you chose! 🙂

  150. I’d rock out to some Miranda Lambert! Nothing gets your blood pumping in the morning like listening to her sing about shooting her ex.

  151. I’d love music in the bathroom! Also have to have the nice, fluffy towels and really nice soaps in the guest bath. My guests always comment on those two things.

  152. I’d definitely go upbeat for my morning shower to combat the just-out-of-bed blues.

  153. Andie Jodko says:

    Awesome giveaway! Not exactly for the guest bathroom, but in our guest bedroom, I leave out a pretty glass vase filled with travel size toiletries. It’s easy (free) to snag (steal) them from hotels and I think they make a nice presentation. Bonus points for the samples from fancy hotels!

  154. Something loud to wake me up in the morning!

  155. Bernadette says:

    I’d be listening to Marvin Gaye. His music seems to get me moving.

  156. Love it! I am always reminded of how nice fluffy towels are when I go to my parents house.

  157. Awesome! I’m totally with you on white towels, they look great, bright and the fluffier the the better. Would totally rock out to Queen!

  158. I am not a morning person, but I think if I could rock out to some 80’s rock (BonJovi or Journey could work), it would definitely wake me up! I would also probably be singing into my shampoo bottle 🙂

  159. Oh man that bathroom speaker would be perfect for us! We use our phone and i’m always worried about it getting water damage from the steam. amazing!

  160. Hi!
    I am seriously in love with your blog. You’re hilarious! Usually I just creepily lurk and never comment but that bluetooth speaker looks too good to pass on 🙂

  161. Love this! We recently got married and moved into a new house. Family will be here every weekend this month and I’ve been looking for ways to make our second bathroom a little nicer 🙂

  162. First of all I really need this in my life. Second I would probably be rocking out to Disney radio. Shameful but Ramona loves it.

  163. So, usually, I read your blog and feel good about my decorating choices. But this day, you have caused me to question a couple… We are in the process of re-doing our bathroom (finally! and painting soon!) and bought about half the supplies yesterday. We have not bought a vent yet, though, so it’d be super exciting to win one, and a high tech special one at that! Here’s what I’m doubting though. We had decided to use a straight shower rod because the bathroom is so narrow and we thought a curved one might make the bathroom feel smaller, even as it made the shower feel larger. Also, I was planning to paint the trim and doors throughout the house white and the tile in the bath surround and floor will be white, so I had decided to go with a very light gray for the walls. I think, even though I had momentary doubt, the gray walls are the way to go. It’s still neutral. But I’m still wavering on the rod now!

    • Don’t doubt! I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous. Light gray walls with white tile sounds perfect! I think the rod decision depends on how big your shower is. In ours, without the curved rod, I always hit my elbow on the shower curtain while shampooing, so it feels nice to have that extra space. But if you think your bathroom feels too small already, I’m sure you made the right decision. 🙂 congrats on the new bathroom-to-be!

  164. Um, hello, this is BRILLIANT! I have been known to blare the good ol’ 90s tunes while getting ready for the day…

  165. I’ve been living with my awful bathroom for way too long. I just need to bite the bullet and make it over already. Thanks for the inspiration!

  166. The Bluetooth Bath Fan is a great idea! I love all your ideas and tips. I also like making available for guests things they may have forgotten like extra toothbrushes, and travel-size toiletries. Great post!

  167. If I had a cool bathroom speaker/fan like yours, I would totally rock out to Bastille!

  168. Awesome gadget! I would rock out to some Celine Dion or Whitney Houston in the shower because I couldn’t get away with it anywhere else.

  169. Ann Fantom says:

    I’d rock out to some Motley Crue!

  170. I have that same pepto pink bath (and the master bedroom and closet were painted the same color)! I love having plenty of magazines to read while soaking in the tub

  171. First and most importantly, I thought you wrote HomeTwerks and I had a serious moment of doubt. I apologize for doubting you and thinking that you were touting some Miley Cyrus VMA gadget whodamajiggy.
    Broadway tunes, baby! I can’t sing but shower acoustics make it sound pretty darn close

  172. Mostly we just clean, clean, clean and tidy when guests are coming over (to fool them into thinking that we always live like that – ha ha). Love these ideas though. Some very easy, simple tips for making things more welcoming.

  173. whoa. the speaker/fan is blowing my mind. Dave would love that, AND his birthday is coming up, so I am entering All The Times. Remember when they used to sell shower radios? Maybe they still do. I had one once, I think. But this looks better.

  174. Narnia!

    Teach them about privacy! Bah! You crack me up. A friend said she wouldn’t even know where her children were but if she had to pee… BAM. All three need something and they go in to ask her.

  175. Love, love, love fluffy towels.

  176. I would rock out to Britney!

  177. We recently purchased our first home.. This would be awesome in our bathroom!

  178. Julie Kraft says:

    I would love to rock out while getting ready for work every morning. This would totally start every day off on the right note!

  179. Awesome bathroom redo! When company comes, we hide all the kids bath toys:)

  180. The music fan is just about the coolest new thing I’ve seen for a bathroom…I’ll definitely be cutting holes in my shower ceiling soon!

  181. I would “rock out” to one of my Pandora stations (i.e. Amos Lee or Ellie Holcomb) if I had that speaker! 😛

  182. Beautiful!

  183. “Do you make any changes when company’s coming over?”

    Ummm… The change would be that we actually clean when company’s coming over. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  184. Linda Coleman says:

    Sweet bath and giveaway! Thanks for sharing both. 🙂

  185. I am so in need of this fan!

  186. I’d be jammin’ to some 90’s rap (“This is how we do it”) but Shhhh! Don’t tell!

  187. That is totally cool to have a fan that allows you to listen to music! I don’t usually have a lot of guests lately but I love the ideas you’ve given to make the bathroom more guest friendly.

  188. We try to have a system in place for making sure that our guest’s towels can be differentiated from my boys’ towels, since they still use that bathroom when guests are here. Different colors, chalkboard tags, whatever. No one wants to use a towel that’s not theirs.

  189. Speaker/fan sounds like a great idea…amazing what people think of.
    Towels make an amazing difference. To ditch the threadbare, full-of-holes “but still usable” towels for something that’s actually soft and a pleasure to look at (and yes, that cost money)…what a difference, and it almost makes using the bathroom enjoyable.
    And don’t laugh at me, but having raised (er, still raising the last several) ten kids in a 1.5-bath house, it is still amazing how yukky a bathroom can seem when there are spatter spots on the mirror, toothpaste grossness in the sink, and a faucet that has spots all over it. (I’ll spare you and not describe the rest of the room.) It only takes five minutes to make it look way better–and only, I think, about five seconds for *someone* to put it all there. (Shudder.) So if I just take that five minutes and remove the worst offenders, it’s not really *clean*–but I might fool myself (and company) into thinking it is.

  190. This post really helps me out. I just bought a new home and really need ideas for my guest bath. Thank you

  191. Shanly hopkins says:

    That speaker is awesome!

  192. Love these ideas!

  193. Great ideas!

  194. I decked my bathroom out with vinyl decals- super affordable and not permanent. I always get fresh flowers and light a yummy fresh smelling candle when I have company coming over. I love your Narnia shower curtain reference, totally true!!

  195. Why had nobody thought of this before?!?! I could totally use this in our bathroom remodel.

  196. I would totally rock to Ingrid Michelson, Beatles, or really rock out with Styx or Journey.

  197. Love, love, love the speaker fan! That is so great, I could definitely use some good tunes while cleaning the bathroom!! I do love belting out random disney musical songs to my little guy as I clean, or we play!

  198. I love good quality towels and pretty accessories (soap dispenser or dish, etc.).

  199. I would put on some Pink Floyd.

  200. Tami DeLong says:

    That fan is awesome!! I’d love to have that in my bathroom!

  201. Great tip on the curved towel rod. Will do!

  202. Love the bathroom ideas!

  203. I love turning on my N Sync Pandora radio station and going back to my high school days. 🙂

  204. That bluetooth fan is so cool! I am constantly battling my countertop for space with my speakers (my master bath is about as big as your guest bath!). I swear a woman invented this, only girls care about precious counter space! 🙂

  205. Love these ideas! Great point about the towels!! A small bud vase of dried real flowers is also a nice, low-maintenance touch 🙂

  206. Jamie Harrison says:

    I would love to be able to makeover one of our bathrooms!

  207. The curved shower curtain is such a nice touch. As is the visible toilet paper 🙂

  208. Love it! I could totally lose myself with a radio in the shower.

  209. I would totally listen to JT in my bathroom while getting ready. Awesome!

  210. I’d probably rock out to some Disney tunes!

  211. Brittany Burns says:

    LOVE the bluetooth speaker!!!

  212. Erin Brekke says:

    I think you have to have a real glass or ceramic dispenser for the hand soap – no ugly plastic bottles on the counter!

  213. This goes without saying but a sparkling clean room transforms even the simplest bath into a welcoming space. Keep toiletries someplace easily accessible and maybe add a “help yourself note.”

  214. That is such a good idea! and I love the curved shower curtain, never thought of that!

  215. I love all kinds of music. Seriously, it totally depends on my mood…. but Dave Matthews is always a good one…. or Nickel Creek…. or Christmas music…. or… or… or…

  216. Michelle Weaver says:

    I love these ideas, I’ve actually used quite a few in my own bathroom.

  217. I would listen to 80s music like Prince and Madonna.

  218. I’d rock out to Maroon 5 🙂

  219. Wow! 80’s music blasting always gets my stuff done faster!

  220. It’s getting close enough to the holidays so right now, some grooving Halloween songs(a little Michael Jackson’s Thriller thrown in the mix). Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  221. Sarah Simpson says:

    i would so paint my bathroom new paint is such an uplift for any room

  222. I am in the market for two new bathroom fans! I would listen to my favorite morning show, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, while getting ready for work in the master bathroom. I would put on something constantly in the guest bathroom like foreign language lessons. How fun!

  223. Monique Rizzo says:

    Maybe some Pink or Bruno Mars.
    Thanks for the chance.

  224. Forget the guests! I want lovely fluffy towels the size of a sheet for me. That is currently on the wishlist… Which is probably a mile long…but they are on there!

  225. ooooh LOVE THIS! So amazing that you’re giving one away!!! I’d totally rock out to Lana Del Rey, Lordes, and Taylor Swift when I’m home alone either relaxing in a bubble bath or cleaning up!

    Amazing post, love your blog and Pinterest!

    XO Sahra

  226. Heya *S* I don’t know if my previous post got through on my phone. Anyways, it would be great to have ‘backup’ when I sing in the shower! And a gift card from Lowe’s never goes amiss with all the fixing and restoring going on around here – double smiles if I win! Thanks for the chance!

  227. Jennifer H. says:

    As a mama of twin girls, I can definitely employ some of these strategies to make our bathroom guest-friendly again!

  228. I’d listen to some old rock and roll! Such a great beat!

  229. I change the towels out, and make sure there are visible extra toilet paper rolls, when company’s coming over. As for budget/quick updates — changing the shower curtain completely changes the look of a bathroom! 🙂

  230. Great Tips!!

  231. Starr Greenwell says:

    I would listen to Lyle Lovett

  232. Soooo many practical jokes!

  233. I think you should come and redecorate my house 🙂

  234. Oh Kelly, we mustn’t forget the toilet paper trick housekeeping uses at ALL hotels… On your current roll of hanging toilet paper, fold the first sheet on the diagonal and then the opposite side as well to form that neat and tidy little point. It’s a touch equivilent to leaving a chocolate under the pillow!

  235. I would rock out with my Bathroom reader (book)

  236. I love keeping extra towels and washcloths rolled up in a basket. It looks so spa like and inviting. Our house doesn’t have a master bath, so we have to share our bathroom with guests. We leave the basket of towels on a shelf in a nook of the hallway. It makes an otherwise unusable space serve a purpose, and it makes it much nicer when guests come over.

  237. I love the idea of the speaker! I’d love to have ceiling speakers all over my house!

  238. We’re redoing our hall bath and this would be super! Love the colors in your photos.

  239. i would listen to pandora

  240. This is such a cool gadget! I like to make sure the bathroom smells extra nice for my guests!

  241. Love it! Our guest bath is just a 1/2, and teensy to boot, but it packs a punch with color and floof! Of course, with 3 boys, I did have to add some command hooks lower down to ensure that the towel was caught on something other than the floor when they half-heartedly throw it at the ring.

    And, since I’m sure the boys would rock out WAY more than me, I can hear everthing from ‘5 little ducks’ to Nickelback coming out of that speaker 🙂

  242. Sheila Laurence says:

    Soft, fluffy towels!

  243. I love that speaker….I would rock out to some Reverend Horton Heat.

  244. Jennifer Miller says:

    I love a big, fluffy towel!! The thing we mostly do to make our guests feel comfortable is…CLEAN!!!

  245. Kristen Lavergne says:

    I would listen to relaxing music to help me calm down after a busy day!

  246. I rock out to country. And scented candles makes it lux for me

  247. I dont even have a fan in my bathroom right now.. what an amazing combo!! I want one!! 🙂

  248. Christina Marie says:

    I’d rock out to jazz music while doing your bathroom duties. Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would rock out to Bruno Mars.

  250. Oh I’d LOVE to actually be able to hear my music in the bathroom. I’m always terrified that my iphone will get moisture damage so I won’t bring it near the bathroom. This is such a great gadget!

  251. I’d probably jam to some Black Eyed Peas radio on Pandora, just to keep my booty moving while cleaning!

  252. I clean up and make things presentable.

  253. If we had this we would probably always have Trace Adkins playing! He is our favorite and even our daughter likes him!

  254. The bath fan is surely the first thing I’ll be buying soon or winning. Who knows… I’m very much addicted to music and this is just a discovery for me. Never thought that I would say this, but I seem to like bathrooms of this kind with smaller space it’s easier to make them luxurious in a cheap way (I’m not greedy person, ok I am). Thumbs up for your bath and smiling children! 🙂

  255. Just built a new house- and the curved shower curtain rods were a MUST! Love them. But the speaker/fan is super cool-might have to try that in my new master bath…

  256. Love everything on your site! The fan might be the next upgrade for the master bath. My bestie and I are making back tab curtains based on your instructions tonight!

  257. Tari Lawson says:

    I like listening to classic country music when cleaning.

  258. what a wonderful idea! My family would love something like this 🙂

  259. The idea of playing music to drown out my little bath time admirers sound delightful. Any music would be great!

  260. It would totally depend on my mood. If I was getting ready to go out, then probably something upbeat like rap. If I was taking a bath it would be something I could sing to, so some ballad band. If I was just showering, then probably some 80’s hair band!

  261. I set out the plush, pure white hotel towels.
    As for the music…we have an old iPhone we’d load up with different play lists. Something for anyone!

  262. Queen – I like them

  263. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We just bought an older home and completely remodeled the kitchen…now on to the bathroom. I love some of the ideas you incorporated into yours! As for music—maybe some rockin’ blues 🙂

  264. Oh my gosh would my husband love that fan!!! That would be the perfect early Christmas present, for him and myself. 🙂

  265. Love it! “Singing the Rubber Ducky song to your very own rubber ducky while making bathtime lots of fun.” Hilarious!
    Also, I need to go buy a curved curtain rod. Every time I take a shower I feel like the curtain is attacking me.

  266. Love the bathroom, it looks great. I agree on every single suggestion as I use each one of those suggestions too! Now on to the important stuff….HOW CUTE ARE THOSE KIDS???? Seriously, I’m completely smitten!


    In my house it would either be classic rock, classical, or the Red Army Men’s choir. Not even kidding.

  268. I’m a classic rock kind of girl! (and I have also recently upgraded to gray walls and a curved rod)

  269. What a beautiful bathroom! I never thought about the whole toilet paper dilemma, but you have opened my eyes and I feel like I must remedy this problem right now! I also love the fan-slash-speaker – how clever and great is that to listen to music while getting ready? I’d totally put that in our master bedroom. Thanks for hosting a fab giveaway!

  270. Kathy Luman says:

    It would have to be something that gets me moving so I would have to say Micheal Jackson.

  271. I would love tolisten to Classical~

  272. I love the idea of an arched shower pole. Never thought about that to make a little more space in the shower!

  273. Wow, love that bathroom bluetooth fan. Amazing what they come up with these days. Great tips, Kelly!

  274. I always have to tell my husband you can’t skimp on towels. Fluffier the better!

  275. Love the colors and the simple things that make a big impact.

  276. Great ideas!

  277. Whoa! music in the bathroom without extra speakers–love it!

  278. My little girl just got big enough to move to the big tub. I would love to play her fun songs during bathtime!

  279. What a beautiful bathroom! We are in the process of purchasing a home & would love to add the bluetooth system. This is the first time I have heard of it!

  280. Love your bathroom–I’d “rock” out to Michael Buble’

  281. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I’d rock out to some Jason Derulo!

  282. I think lovely fluffy white towels are a must, but for our guest bath we splashed out on a heated towel rail (it was my Christmas present that year!) and under tile heating, which just makes it so cosy, especially for late-night bathroom runs. I always try to have fresh flowers from the garden, but I agree the real must-haves are ready toilet paper, make-up remover, toothpaste and a rubbish bin. But thats the mistake we made – our dog (we don’t have kids yet) has a habit of sniffing around in the bathroom, and our original rubbish bin didn’t have a lid, so our guests were sometimes quite embarrassed if their deposits were then sniffed out and carried all over the house. Bad dog! So now we have a bin with a lid.

  283. Meredith P. says:

    We recently moved and I would LOVE to redo our guest bathroom! Right now, the walls are bright yellow, it has a Parisian market scene border, and the vanity is basically functional. Just trying to save up the money to redo :). Thanks for the giveaway!

  284. Just like you, nice towels in a basket, soothing colors and cute glass jars to store toiletries. And flowers make everything better too

  285. I like listening to 80’s rock while cleaning. You can’t beat those big hair bands. thank you!

  286. sage lajoie says:

    I like to have better than average handsoap in my guest bathroom…but now I’m going to add a basket of tp too…watch out guests, THIS is luxury! 😉

  287. I always rock out to some musicals! My husband hates it so shower time is the only time I can play it!

  288. Jennifer G. says:

    new soap, fresh toiletry samples, freshly washed rugs that are extra fluffy!

  289. My ipod’s full of 80’s dance mixes. Those are my absolute favorite feel good songs to listen to and they make me and my kids groove uncontrollably!

  290. Does cleaning count as something special to do for guests?

  291. I’d rock out to anything high energy that would get me perked up in the morning because I am NOT a morning person! It’d be so fun to have a bathroom speaker like that!!

  292. That speaker is amazing! I would totally rock out to some hair bands to get me pumped to tackle my hair in the morning!

  293. Kellie Conklin says:

    This is so awesome! I’d probably be rocking out to broadway hits…my favorite is Chicago! Love that you can easily play music in the bathroom with this!

  294. Couldn’t agree more on the TP. Awkward moment when you’re snooping around someone’s bathroom looking for TP.

  295. I would rock out to Britney.

  296. Oh my gosh! That is SO cool! Right now I have a dreaded boob light/fan in my bathroom and I have been searching everything to replace it with something. This just might be the perfect solution! I hope I win!!

  297. Completely agree about the curved curtain rod! Also, big fluffy towels are one of the greatest joys in life. If a towel can’t double as a blanket, it has no business being in my bathroom.

  298. Love you blog!

  299. Love the big basket of TP and huge fluffy towels!!

    Visited my sister in law a few weeks ago and she had some beautiful fresh flowers on the guest bath counter. I felt so welcomed- sweet that she thought extra about us. 🙂

  300. Love your bathroom! We’re actually looking at a vanity super similar to yours. I just love the contrast of the dark vanity against the white top!

  301. That bluetooth fan is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, who knew?
    I agree with the fluffy towels for guests. Great ideas all around, thanks

  302. we are definitely getting that blue tooth fan speaker thing! i loooovvveee it!

  303. I also fill a 2 gallon glass jar with a bunch of different sample sizes of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc in case a guest forgot something. Makes them feel a little pampered, haha.

  304. Jill Myrick says:

    I love your bathroom remodel. Everything that you did is so gorgeous.


  305. crank the tunes, love the curved shower curtain rod

  306. I’ve tried the curved curtain rod…never going back! It makes it feel so much larger. And the kids in the tub…the cutest pic out of the whole post! They could sell anything! 😉 I like adding lots of toilet paper, fresh flowers, clean fluffy towels and all the showering needs!

  307. Lorena Keech says:

    Honestly, i want my bathroom to be quiet when I shower. I don’t even want the fan on when I’m in there. It may be the only quiet I’ll experience all day.

  308. I have the curved shower rod and it is awesome! I love the fan/speaker. Your kids are too cute!

  309. Rebecca Lock says:

    I would put this in the bathroom that we just remodeled for our three teenaged sons. I am sure that they would be rocking out to some Queen.

  310. Stephanie Larison says:

    I’d rock out to Journey’s song Stone In Love…my fave!

  311. I really love your site! I’m glad I found it!

  312. I love the idea of a bluetooth speaker in the bathroom… right now I have multiple speakers lying around taking up space in a room that’s already too small.

    And, I like to leave a little basket with travel-size or sample lotions and potions so that my guests don’t need to bring their own.

  313. um, outkast, so fresh and so clean?

  314. Love the speaker/fan idea! Didn’t even know they existed!

  315. Even as child I loved to have music blaring in the bathroom! I listen to TuneIn radio, picking one of my favorite stations. Anything from 70’s, 80’s, Classic Rock, Contemporary Christian, or soft jazz & light classical for those long, relaxing baths (we have no children at home).

  316. All of our family live in other states so I like to have a nice guest bathroom like yours. We have done all of these things and I am loving the fan/blue tooth speaker. We also installed lots of towel racks and hooks. My husband and I both agreed that this is one thing we’re bothered by when we are visiting other people (but we would never tell them that).

  317. Great bathroom, love your floor! Would love this for listening to music in the shower!

  318. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I love the idea of the curved shower curtain rod! It looks very high end for not a ton of money!

  319. Love all the ideas! We have a kid bathroom that I need to make more guest friendly & will def try some of these idea & I loo over the Bluetooth fan idea!!!

  320. Love your bathroom ideas! I like to rock to Eminem 🙂

  321. OMG Kelly you had me rolling with whole post. You’re so darned funny! And youre totally right. There is no greater panic in life:) Funny story..Im actually in the middle of revamping our guest/powder room right now and the one thing I always make sure there is is plenty o’ toilet paper and handsoap. This snazzy fan will be perfect for my kids bathroom though. Thanks for hosting!

  322. Really, I’d rather have the TV on than music, while I clean.

  323. danielle Marie says:

    i would rock out to the summer of 69. my favorite song.

  324. joseph gersch says:

    i would rock out to nine inch nails

  325. I make my bathroom more luxurious by always having plush towels and nice scents, either a candle or scented beads usually does the trick.

  326. That speaker is genius! I am lucky enough to have enough counter space for a stereo dock thingy, but…they look ugly. Enough said.

  327. I always feel that in a guest bathroom toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products should always be obviously placed, and readily available. And honestly if I had music to play while getting clean I would definitely be rocking out to some ACDC.

  328. tina reynolds says:

    I love the color choices and the new vanity is very pretty

  329. These are some great tips for making any bathroom feel more luxurious. Thank you!
    P.S. If not rocking out to some kind of preschool-friendly music during my little one’s bath time, then I’d either be singing along with some country music or being encouraged with KLOVE!

  330. The Avett Brothers Carpenter album.

  331. I just started painting my upstairs bathroom which sounds simple but its awful because it has sloping ceilings that I am struggling with. I have been listening to Michael Buble because my two year old loves him and it keeps him busy whilst I paint.

  332. I totally rock out to Rhianna when cleaning the bathroom!

  333. Tara Woods says:

    I would rock out to Christina Aguilera.

  334. sheri blessing says:

    I would rock out to Switchfoot!

  335. Instead of selling, we are fixing up the house. Glad I ran across some good ideas.

  336. Toilet paper. Yup.

  337. I love to rock out to Shania Twain.

  338. Susan Smith says:

    I rock out to the 80’s station on SirusXM.

  339. This is so great! Our bathroom needs a fan and I didn’t know that such techy (sp?) ones existed. My kids would totally love rocking out during bath time and I could probably get into a few mellow tunes during a relaxing bath myself!

  340. Gretchen Lane says:

    Would LOVE to try one of the Homewerks Bluetooth bath fans! How fancy!

  341. Krysta Houseknecht says:

    Love the baskets!

  342. What awesome ideas!! I would rock out to Pandora while I cleaned the bathroom!!

  343. Love the speaker fan….I’d listen to soothing in the morning and rocking night!!

  344. Richard Hicks says:

    Would rock out to the old school Elton John

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  345. katie Loehr says:

    that bluetooth fan rocks!! i would L.O.V.E that in my bathroom! fingers crossed.

  346. I’d have some chill out music and have a nice long soak in the tub 🙂

  347. Mary Cloud says:

    I love anything 80’s
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  348. I’d rock out to Bon Jovi. <3

  349. Linda Peavy says:

    Love rocking out to Katy Perry

  350. Lisa Garner says:

    I would rock out to anything Bruno Mars.

  351. I’ve been painting my master bath for two days; I’m definitely putting these ideas on my spruce-up to-do list! Then, I would jam to Motown.

  352. Anything by Rhianna.

  353. Tanya White says:

    I love your bathroom , it is gorgeous.

  354. Blossmgirl says:

    Wow, even the toilet looks better! Great job!

  355. Totally agree with the all white towels! I didn’t do that the first time around either and now that we’re redoing and ready to update, I’m only buying white 🙂 Beautiful updates! I would also add a good light (the one that came with our bathroom is so dim and only one bulb, so when it goes out you have to go in the dark if you don’t catch it 😉

  356. Such awesome ideas!!! Your comments killed me! 😀

  357. Great tips! Bathroom looks great! Love the transformation! And looks like 369 other people think so too 😉

  358. Just recently saw this post on Pinterest. Love your guest bath makover. I love the blue shower curtain. It’s the exact color I’m using in my guest bedroom. I do have some advice on using all white towels. I have been using all white towels for close to 2 yrs…….NEVER AGAIN! I’m one that always uses bleach to whiten my whites, especially having 2 teenage girls with makeup, etc…..NOT a good idea for white towels….it breaks down the fibers and before long they have gotten so thin and get ragged. My towels were an investment for me so imagine my disappoitment when they didn’t last 2 years. Too late for me, but I guess you could use non-chlorine bleach and see if that gets them bright. Just thought I’d share my experience with you.

  359. LOVE your updates! Especially the speaker/fan. Brilliant, functional and pleasing to the eyes AND ears. We are just finishing a bathroom reno ourselves. Also went with the curved shower rod. I plan to have a basket for towels as well but am really struggling with WHAT brand to go with. I purchased a set and am really unhappy with how much they shed and can’t seem to stop it. I have tried vinegar and baking soda with no luck. Imagine: Wet bodies covered in navy fuzz. Not cool. What brands do you love?

  360. Love-Love-Love!! Brilliant job!! Could you please share where you got that beautiful shower curtain! EXACTLY what I am looking for! Thanks!

  361. Hi! Where did you find that vanity? I completely love it. Your bathroom looks great! We’re going to be redoing ours soon, and it’s nice to have the inspiration.

  362. How does one really keep the white towel white and not get dingy!

  363. I like the white towel idea. You’re right easy to keep clean, bright and no worries about matching.

  364. Pamela Wheeler says:

    A nice vase on the counter with toiletries I have acquired from hotels! Just in case a guest forgot shampoo, conditioner or lotion.

  365. I’d love to get a basket for my bathroom, it would be a cute way to organize our towels and toilet paper. These are great tips to make the bathroom prettier and more organized, it will definitely be worth painting the walls as well. Thanks for the renovation tips!

  366. Since I cant read all the comments, I will just add mine.
    Does the fan run when you are playing your music? Is there a seperate switch for that?
    I keep a basket of sample size toiletries next to the bathtub. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair products, etc. I also keep a hairdryer, curling iron, comb and brush under the sink.
    Never had anyone say they needed something. Lol

  367. I would love a fan in my guest bath ours died and just a new plug-in to the old one is no longer available. The builder of our home in all of his glorious wisdom decided to place our water heater and HVAC in the attic right on top of the bathroom over the fan and vent. Estimated cost to fix all of the mistakes, like moving those very expensive appliances hooked up to the gas lines is $2,800.00. for plumbing, electrics, gas company, new fan, venting and permits x4. This was described as a conservative estimate. You were lucky, very lucky!

  368. I like this fan idea. I used to burn candles but recently found out allot of them aren’t so healthy for you to breathe so I use bath salts in a pretty container. If you stir them each time you enter the bathroom they give off a wonderful fragrance. I also keep them in my closets and under the sink. I change them when they no longer have any fragrance left. Less than $5 at Walmart for a fairly good sized bag enough to put small containers around the whole house.

  369. Engineering MyLife says:

    Great ideas…very creative. I love your curtains, where did you get them? I’m going to see how I can implement some of your ideas into my rental..

  370. I have a bathroom room just like yours, before the makeover. I never thought about,the curved shower rod in a small room. Is it used with a tension rod? That`s what I have n ow. I love those shower curtains too. Thanks for the good ideas.

  371. It’s really an informative post on “5 easy steps to a luxury guest bathroom on a budget + a giveaway!”. Thanks for sharing.I really liked the step by step procedure of making a luxury bathroom and I will implement these steps sure for my bathroom.

  372. Recently I am renovating my guest bathroom and trying to replace all the old accessories including toilet and bathtubs. I know it’s not too easy without so many money. But I got a beautiful ways to get that money as well. So I was looking for the easiest ways for making a luxury guest bathroom and guess what? I found your article. Thanks for sharing!


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