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Posts of Christmas Past + What’s coming in December!

BUDDIES! I hope you had the most amazing Thanksgiving of your life!

According to my official decorating rulebook, as of midnight last night, it is officially required that we immediately dive head-first into sparkly, festive holiday decorating, covering every surface in greenery and accidental permanent glitter. It’s just the right thing to do.

I’ve been a little quieter than normal here lately, but starting now? It’s about to get crazy. I’m going to have posts for you just about every day for the first part of December, and you’ll be SO sick of me. Go ahead and plan on THAT. It’s just that I’ve been doing Christmas decorating like my life depends on it, and I have so much to show you!

(You guys! I made these wreaths? They are SO GOOD… ACK! I can’t tell you yet! Stop trying to pry the details from me early! You KNOW I can’t resist your pretty little faces.)

I thought today we could get things kicked off by dusting off my posts of Christmas past, in case you weren’t around for these.

And if you were? Thank you. I feel like we’ve really bonded over the last year. Don’t you?

(Click on the photos to go to the posts.)

Part one: Doing fun things with greenery!

I would drape my whole house in fresh greenery, if I didn’t think it would end up looking like a giant bonfire and I’d be tempted to set a match to it just for the ambiance of a warm toasty fire.


I don’t know either.

This is my favorite garland trick, AND my top-secret BEST place to get free greenery if it doesn’t grow near you:

Once you get your garland, make a monogram wreath with it. Unless your last name ends in “O.” That’s cheating.

Or, if you come from a super-awkward family that likes to deceptively steal kisses on the lips from their unsuspecting children like we do, you’re going to want to check out this post.

Wrap your front door in greenery! From the time when our neighbors became concerned for our sanity: (Again.)

Part two: An evolution of Christmas Mantels

From the year when I first made my monogram wreath and wanted to put it on ALL THE THINGS!

From the year when I first made my coffee filter wreath and wanted to put mirrors on ALL THE THINGS! (Still do.)

From the year when I made a nativity-inspired mantel vignette, and you’ll totally need to read this post to see why it’s related to the nativity scene, and maybe you can help shed some light on debates from historical scholars about the presence of mirrored ornament balls in the manger. (I vote yes.)

(This year’s mantel is totally different! Can’t wait to show you!)

Part Three: Paint it up!

That time when I wanted to paint everything with a metallic pen, including my children:

That time when I tried REALLY hard to convince you that YOU CAN PAINT! (Friends, you SO can. Seriously. Just try it!)

That time that I just told you about in the last post but still wanted to include here because otherwise there’d only be two DIY art thingies.

Part Four: Stuff having to do with families

I couldn’t think of any other good way to group these.

I look forward to doing this every single year!

Advent starts NOW. Actually, Sunday I think, but practically now.

Part five: Other stuff

My categories became increasingly useless the further this post went.

I made these glittery snowballs two years ago, just pulled them out again this year and they are SOLID. They still look perfect!

If you’re planning to phone it in this year and want some EEEEASY decorating ideas:

I think that’s all! Today, my house looks like a glittery tornado tore through it and left piles of random Christmas decorations on every surface. I’m going to clean this mess up and show you what I did starting next week. Did you do any Black Friday shopping today? Do you wait for Thanksgiving to do your decorating?

Lots of simple, creative Christmas decorating ideas! Can't wait to try these!

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  1. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Wow, so many great ideas. I love your entry way by the way!

  2. let the wild rumpus start!

  3. Oh. Crud. And here I thought I was already sick of you! Kidding! Looking forward to feeling like I’m stalking you this Christmas!

  4. So many great ideas Kelly! I read your garland post, I had no idea that fake Christmas trees might contain lead! How are they still even allowed to use that in stuff?!?

  5. Ok, first off, this was like a big fat tease! No fair! ~ but just so you know when I make my monogrammed wreath this year, I get to cheat and use the “O” hehehe
    Please don’t make us wait to long to see all the beautiful things you’ve created just in case we (ok, I, I mean me) might have to make them too for this Christmas! Can’t wait! And no more teasing!! Just “bring it!” will ya? 😀
    I always wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate and this year it’s so close to Christmas I feel like i’ve entered the Christmas decorating marathon and i’m off to a slow start. No out of the house shopping for me on Black Friday, but some cyber shopping in my pj’s with a hot cup of coffee is sort of mandatory… and only because no one bothers me when i’m doing it. Sometimes I pretend to do it for hours even tho I’m usually done in a couple of hours! LOL

  6. Love the pic of your sweet doggie at the door under the kissing ball. Your posts always make me laugh, except the one about the dog, which made me cry and ruin my makeup for the day! Reminded me of when we lost our Ashley… Anyhoo, just finished making curtains from your tutorial in 3 1/2 hours- and I just bought the sewing maching, having never sewed anything in my life! That tutorial is the best, because just when you feel like you are going to pull your hair out, you read one of your funny comments and forget the frustration! Hurry up already with the Christmas posts. With my window pants finished, I’m ready to decorate!

  7. Love the greenery tip!! I just bought some garland at michaels for 1.99 each during their black friday sale 🙂
    Does the greenery that you cut from the yard last all month or so you have to replace it often?? Just wondering bc i may do this!

    • That’s a great deal on greenery! Mine usually lasts the whole season. I don’t think I’ve ever changed it out. 🙂

  8. You seriously crack me up. I’m looking forward to this wreath you speak of. I always get a little holiday decor crazy this time of year, too. It’s just so fun.

    Also, I missed the ornament album last year. Must check that out.

  9. Your post was neat….but we American have let the retail frenzy of buying to undue and change the times of Christmas.
    1. The first four weeks prior to Christmas are known as ADVENT–a time to look inside and prepare for the coming of the Baby Jesus.
    2. Christmas begins at midnight on Christmas eve ( in many European countries, mother decorates the tree herself and when the return from Christmas mass, small givft or exchanged”
    3. Christmas begins on Christmas and goes for twelve days (remember the twelve days of Christmas song–Yes the three Wise Men come on the 6 of January –officially ending the twelve days of Christmas…but “Christmas-tide actually ends on Jan 12 with the presentation of the Child Jesus in the temple.

    Please, Please post this—and may we all get the true meaning and times of Christmas in order and not just a shopping frency

    Jan Marie

  10. Like walking down Christmas memory lane! I’ve been working on some new projects, too, and am sooo looking forward to enjoying Advent and Christmas this year! Hope you had a great weekend!
    xo Heidi

  11. yay! so much holiday yumminess!! I just started to decorate last night and I am so ready to go nuts with it…in a good way…xo Kristin

  12. Looking forward to a December full of inspiration! So many great ideas already

  13. Love all of these ideas! My house is currently wrapped in over 100 ft. of garland and lights, you can never have too much garland!

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