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Gold leaf Christmas canvas + craft supply misbehavior

Look, I know it’s technically not Thanksgiving yet, but I’m hoping you’ll be a little lenient this year and let me start talkin’ Christmas anyway! Because I accidentally already started doing a couple Christmassy things here and there.

I didn’t mean to. The gold leaf LEAPED into my hands and hurled itself upon a canvas.
DIY Christmas art! Gold leaf on canvas

I can’t be held responsible for the misbehaviors of my craft supplies.

It’s been an incidental tradition every year that I whip up some kinda Christmas art. Here was year one.

After Christmas that year, I put it away in a closet with my other decorations, which apparently all came to life, Toy Story style, and held some sort of fight club, so the next year it emerged looking like this:

See? My craft supplies are mischievous. They cannot be controlled. Since that canvas was inexplicably destroyed, I made a new one that looked like this:

And this year it was all about gold leaf…
…and God stepping out of heaven into a filthy manger. Holy love coming down from above and making Himself human to demonstrate His love for us. I have an incurable love for Christmas.

And gold leaf. This was my first time using it! First I just slathered some navy and black acrylic paint all over a canvas. Except instead of using a new canvas, I used this one from my DIY herringbone art project.

Not that I hated that piece or wanted to destroy it, but it was the only large canvas I had on hand and sometimes I’m a SMIDGE impulsive. I thought once I painted it, you’d never know it wasn’t a blank canvas to start with, but I was w-r-o-n-g. You can totally still see the texture of the herringbone underneath.
"Love" pencil
Oops. Just pretend like you don’t notice.

First I wrote the words in with a pencil, then used this gold leaf adhesive pen (affiliate link) to just make a bunch of random dots all over the outside of the letters.
How to use gold leaf adhesive pen
You let the adhesive dry for a couple minutes until it’s tacky, then lay these very very thin sheets of gold leaf over the glue. I dabbed it with the back end of a foam brush to make sure it stuck to the glue, then used the soft end of the foam brush to wipe away the extra gold leaf.
How to apply gold leaf to canvas
For the “came down” words, I just painted with metallic gold craft paint. No idea why I didn’t use gold leaf there.
painting with metallic gold paint
I was all settled in with my fireplace and crazy hair and hot chocolate in a happy little place, so Andy came by and took that picture. Kinda wish I’d tamed my hair a bit first, but I think the art comes out better when you look a little wild.

I did the same gold leaf affect on top to symbolize the savior of the world stepping down from heaven in the ultimate expression of love at Christmastime, and called it a day.

DIY gold leaf Christmas art! So easy!

No idea where I’ll hang it yet, but it was a fun little pre-Christmas craft to get ring in the holidays… a couple days prematurely. Can we still be friends even though I’m a little early?

Have your craft supplies ever misbehaved? Do you make any art pieces for Christmas?

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  1. This is so pretty! I’ve never used gold leaf but I may have to give it a try. And I cover over old canvases all the time. 🙂

  2. The canvas is lovely, as is your “wild and untamed” hair. (Grass is greener, straight hair mama talkin’ here…) I am a bit skeered of using gold leaf, but the glue pen might make it doable…

  3. LOVE this! It’s so pretty, and I love the symbolism behind it. I’ve never used gold leaf before, but I’ve seen projects pop up everywhere with it lately and I really want to try it!

  4. Lovely! And I’m guilty of repurposing old canvas too. Sometimes it works, and sometimes…meh. This you could chalk up to “on-purpose” texture though!

  5. I am ALL ABOUT black and gold lately, so I think this is FABULOUS

  6. this is stunning, kelly!!!! i adore it! great concept and execution, friend!

  7. It’s beautiful! What a fun tradition to have every year 🙂

  8. This is a such a beautiful and creative project! Just thought I’d share my two cents!

  9. I love it so much! You can just hang it in my house, mmkay thanks.

  10. I had no idea they made gold leaf adhesive pens, going to need to get one of those. I love the gold and black together! I’m totally impulsive when it comes to crafting and end up using whatever I can get my hands on 🙂

  11. Always up for gold leaf. And Christmas decorations that don’t scream: “I am red and green! Love me!”

  12. Love the gold sparkling down. You should listen to “I Celebrate the Day” by Relient K to really get in the Christmas spirit. It is literally the music behind this art work. You’ll understand when you hear it.

  13. I love impulsive people. This is super cute. Ad is your artist hair.

  14. Ahhh I love it!! The black and gold is just a perfect combo and it was so nicely executed… it wouldn’t be so perfect over here for sure!

  15. I love it. The adhesive pen is brilliant – SO Much easier than a paint brush. And the herringbone just adds texture 🙂

  16. Oh, I love it! And I had no idea that there was such a thing as a gold leaf adhesive pen. Good to know! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  17. This is beautiful!!! I’m having a wee crush on it. So lovely!

  18. Love these canvases!

  19. very pretty. i’m loving gold this year!

  20. Very inspired by ALL of your Christmas art! One of my goals this year is to more intentionally include actual Christmas themes into my decor, and you have so many great examples here – thanks for the inspiration! You make this little project look easy, but anything I attempt will be much simpler 🙂

  21. Gorgeous! Love it. Thanks for the inspiration and have an amazing Thanksgiving 🙂

  22. OOOOHHH! I love it! So pretty and creative, and I love the message on it too. Plus you have an awesome head of hair, girl! 🙂 xoxo, Sharon

  23. The mantle composition in your opening photo is terrific. 3-D concept. For me, the top edge of the canvas is GOD, the source of “Love” in the composition. GOD’s Love is the theme. That is THE story…

    Well told in a gold-leaf blog post, to the whole internet, almost unapologetic, with charm and conviction, before Thanksgiving


  24. I love this, it turned out great! I too have painted over a canvas thinking you would not be able to what was underneath. Didn’t work for me either. Oh well, no one will notice but you. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  25. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    So pretty! And that looks like my idea of a happy place. Painting by the fireplace with hot chocolate (or wine 😉

  26. Kelly!! OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!! I am like obsessed with everything gold right now. Hope your family has a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  27. I have already put up my Christmas decor and made a TON of art including map canvases with Santa’s sleigh and name cut out, an old hutch door turned stocking holder and much more!

  28. I am in LOVE with this!! It came out amazing!!

  29. Love this Kelly! What a gorgeous piece and a great reminder of the real meaning of Christmas! I may copy you 😉

  30. I can’t tell you enough how that single painting touched my heart or soul or mind. I think it touched every one of them lol, isn’t that strange? It made me feel happy, and peaceful and a little retrospective…. and thoughtful. I’m impressed and wish I could do something like that, but my 10th grade art teacher told me I have latent art ability but not so much in painting LOL. It’s dreamy and maybe just maybe i’ll try a wee little one and see if I can do it (talk about nervous!)
    Wishing you and Andy and your beautiful wee ones a very Happy, Love filled Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to see you’re next post. You’ve been awful quiet lately. Hope all is good and that you’ve just been busy.

  31. I love this so much Kelly!!! Perfect words to describe Christmas. It actually reminds me of a Kari Jobe song!!! “Love came down and rescued me, Love came down and set me free…”

    Also, I have never seen those adhesive pens and I think I bed to get one for myself!!!!

    Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  32. I. LOVE. THIS. It makes me think of that Amy Grant “Love Came Down” song – one of my favorite Christmas songs. Wonderful post – I am totally in the Christmas mood!

  33. I love this Kelly- the way you did the reverse lettering for LOVE is fabulous and I love the quote you chose- it puts that song “Grace Like Rain” into my head… ‘hallelujah Grace like rain…falls down on me”…So pretty!!

  34. I love the sentiment of the art. I would pay money for this…and that’s saying a lot.

  35. My favorite part of this post besides the amazing gold-tastic project itself? The idea of a Fight Club in your closet between Christmas decorations. (I’m a sucker for personification, what can I say?)

    Also, now I have Point of Grace’s Christmas music stuck in my head, which is a good thing. “When love come down…on Christmas mooooooorn!”

  36. I love this — it turned out great. I may have to make my own version because it reminds me of several of my favorite Christmas Songs by Point of Grace and Relient K.

  37. Totally sharing this in my DIY Christmas series! You’re up this week! Love the fight club story.

  38. Wow. That’s pretty.

  39. Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous! Love, love, love it!

  40. this is fabulous!!!

  41. Found your blog through Pinterest and love what you’ve done ! Also enjoy your great sense of humour! But most of all , I’m happy to read about your Christian perspective on life . It’s not about having the best and most expensive but about making a house a home filled with joy and memories . God bless you !

  42. It turned out beautifully and my little ten year old daughter has hair like you, so I was imagining h in years to come;)

  43. I LOVE this! It looks amazing!

  44. Happy Holidays Kelly! This is my first response to any blog but happy to make it you. I stumbled on to your site looking for a newly wed ornament for my son and new daughter. While looking around I watched your family grow, handsome husband & beautiful wee ones, and I’ve been inspired by your enthusiasm. Many thanks!

  45. I absolutely LOVE this! I am totally going to have to steal this idea and make one myself. I just recently finished rub and buff’ing a plain ceramic nativity set with the gold leaf color and this will be absolutely perfect to put behind it! Yay! (yes, I know I’m commenting in August, but you can never start too early crafting for Christmas, right?)


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