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Christmas Goodies at Pier 1 Imports + Gift Card Giveaway!

Thanks to Pier 1 Imports for sponsoring this post!

If you were here yesterday, you saw The Dining Room That Saved Christmas:
Dining room decorated for Christmas with candles and a fur runner
Did you love the assorted mercury glass and silver candlestands as much as I do? Pier 1 Imports, guys.
Christmas decorating ideas for dining rooms!
I let my whole family loose on the store a few days ago and we had so much fun checking out all their new holiday decor and gift ideas.
Shopping at Pier 1 Imports
If it looks like we just went crazy and invaded the place, playing with things and sitting on the furniture… well, I can’t really deny that. But I also took the chance to check out the pretty holiday goodies, like their pillows and throws:
Pier 1 imports holiday pillows and throws
That’s the Red Silk Bow Pillow (LOVE) and their Happy Holidays Oversize Pillow.

There was so much fun stuff! This is what I picked up for my tablescape:

And the stars hanging in my windows are these multi-point stars from Pier 1.
Windows decorated for Christmas with shimmery stars and live rope garland
I was digging this Star Mirror Pillar Plate — yes, it’s meant to hold candles, but it would look SO cute hung on the wall, and there are holes on the back for that. If I didn’t already have 57 mini sunburst mirrors all over the place, I would’ve brought it home.
star mirror
Um, there are gifts for other people there too. *Ahem.* If you can get past all the pretty decorations for your own home. Pier 1 Imports always has beautiful ornaments, so I picked up a few for some of the people in my life.

But I can’t just show you all these pretty things and not help you get your own! I’m giving away a $50 gift card for you to spend on anything you want from Pier 1 Imports, and if it turns out you only found decor that you needed for your own home… well, who am I to judge? 😉 Enter via the rafflecopter below. Happy shopping!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Come enter to win $50 to spend at Pier 1 Imports!

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  1. Elizabeth F says:

    I love the stars in your windows- so pretty, and easily left up through January with their wintery feel! 🙂

  2. I love Pier 1!

  3. Love Pier One, but it’s a store I haven’t been to in years! I forget about it!!

  4. I love Pier 1, but always forget to stop by there. The mercury glass looks perfect on your table!

  5. I’m honestly shopping for myself, I don’t see the shame in that, I already got my Christmas shopping done 🙂

  6. I would shop for myself, I’m almost done with everyone else!

  7. Totally shop for myself….whoops….I mean probably buy at least 1 gift for someone…..

  8. I love Pier 1, and your dining room looks divine!

  9. Love Pier 1 and love your tablescape!

  10. If I won I’d love to hit Pier 1 after Christmas for some decor!

  11. I love Pier One. Every time I go there, I think, “I should come here more.” When I was in high school, they used to sell clothes, and I had this really amazing patchwork skirt from there. Sometimes I still miss it.

  12. Love that store!

  13. I LOVE this! Those candlesticks looks awesome, it is classy and pretty, I will definitely be using some of your ideas 🙂 I haven’t decorated my dining room yet :-O AND we are having hubby’s family here for Christmas… procrastinating at its best!

  14. Pier One DOES have the best ornaments. The DJs on my local morning radio show were actually talking about that fact on the air yesterday!

  15. Great give away. thanks!

  16. I love Pier One! I went there the other day with a couple friends and one baby. I could spend all day there, so I didn’t end up buying anything, I just felt bad making my friends wait 🙁 I need to go back, like tomorrow lol. Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed xx

  17. definitely gifts. then after christmas it’ll be all about me!

  18. I will admit…I would be shopping for me. 🙂

  19. I love the ornaments at Pier 1, and all the dining room/kitcheny stuff. Such a beautiful store!

  20. I’d probably shop for others… I always tend to find amazing things that remind me of people, even when I am TRYING to shop for myself.

  21. I have a Pier1 right by my house, so I’d love this!

  22. Absolutely great tablescape! I can’t wait to get home from my buisness trip and start decorating mine! I’m totally inspired by yours 🙂

  23. I keep meaning to go to pier 1, but I never seem to make it there. Could be the tornado of a 2 year old. I would totally spend it on myself if I won!

  24. My sister’s house is full of Pier 1! She’s got some great things, I would love to win the card!

  25. I love the red accents you added to your dining room!

  26. I would get some Christmas decorations for everyone in the house to enjoy. 🙂

  27. I will be shopping for me. There is a new Pier 1 in the area, and I’m looking forward to checking it out!

  28. Becky Warner says:

    Totally for myself! Hey, I deserve it! 🙂

  29. atlantagalknows says:

    Definitely shop for myself!!

  30. LOVE me some Pier One! And that giftcard likely won’t be spent on anyone but me…

  31. I’m shopping for myself!

  32. I will totally be shopping for myself! I have my eye on a holiday wreath!

  33. oh man, it’d totally be a gift for me. I just can’t help myself sometimes! your dining room looks great, I love the mercury glass.

  34. We recently moved and I just figured out where the closest Pier 1 is! Would love an excuse to stop in.:)

  35. obviously i will be shopping for myself…it’s PIER ONE for crying out loud!

  36. Fingers crossed! I NEEEEEED more throw pillows and can’t get enough of Pier One!

  37. If I won, I would probably use the gift card to shop for someone else.

  38. Being as I’m done buying gifts, I’ll be shopping for myself. No shame.

  39. I have Pier 1 close by and frequently visit it! Thanks for a chance to win!

  40. Is it even a question?? I will buy gifts for others elsewhere…but Pier 1 is all mine 🙂

  41. And of course I’ll be shopping for myself! 🙂

  42. Your home looks beautiful! And I love Pier 1! 🙂

  43. A gift for me is usually a gift for us. Win-win!

  44. Jolie Carroll says:

    Your dining room looks beautiful! I’m a sucker for mercury glass. I would probably shop for myself. 🙂

  45. If that pillow with the red bow is in my Pier 1…it is as good as GONE when I get there!!!! Love, love, love it!

  46. Love all the decorating in your dining room, so pretty. Love the red!

    Pier 1 is great.,

  47. Chrissi Culver says:

    love all the holiday decorations!

  48. Can I just live in your home and watch you work?! Everything you create is wonderful. I love this dining room. So gorgeous!

  49. Shelly O'Brien says:

    Id use it for me. I love Pier 1, but ive never had the extra dough to shop there. Just admired from afar.

  50. Loveeeee pier 1!

  51. I’ll be shopping for me, so totally. Hey, you said be honest!

  52. Def shopping for my new house! 🙂

  53. Not gonna lie, I would so shop for myself!! 🙂

  54. I love that store!!! Thanks for the giveaway!! I hope I can “see what speaks to me”! Cute commercials.

  55. Cute table setup! love that store

  56. Love Pier 1, love your tablescape, Merry Christmas!

  57. I’ll definitely be shopping for myself! Love Pier 1!

  58. Just bought a house recently, so I desperately need some decor to fill it up with! Yay for Pier 1!!!

  59. I would probably use the gift card for both my home and some Christmas gifts.

  60. DoRe' Arnall says:

    I cannot tell a lie–I’d be shopping for me! Pier 1 is where I go in my mind when people say, “Okay, picture yourself in your “happy place”…..” 😀

  61. I love Pier 1. I always find something cool there. Love your tablescape.

  62. Myself, for sure!

  63. Should have read the entry directions first. I’m done with gift shopping, so I would be shopping for me.

  64. Who doesn’t love Pier 1!!!! Gifts for home and others all in one spot!

  65. I love the stars in the window. I think I’ll be stopping by Pier One and snagging a couple of those tonight!

  66. Love your blog, love your table, love the mercury glass, love Pier One!!!

  67. I stop @ Pier 1 frequently! I would love some extra $$ to spend………..okay, on myself!

  68. Totally would be shopping for myself! Yes, I can be stingy when it comes to Pier 1 😉

  69. Jamie Roberts says:

    Shopping for the garden to build on this lovely new, but treeless lot.

  70. I love Pier 1. There is one 2 blocks from my home. They helped furnish my new house. So please pick me. = Elaine

  71. I’m not gonna lie . . . I’ve been eyeing up some holiday pillows for our couch! Besides, I already got my mom something from Pier 1, so that’s like having my cake and eating it, too–right? 😉

  72. If I win, I will definitely buy things for our home!

    Thank you!

  73. Sonya Schiphoff says:

    My Christmas shopping’s done; it’s all for me! 😉

  74. Totally shopping for myself….no shame here! Love your dining room “jewelry”. Thanks for a chance to win this great giveaway. LOVE Pier 1

  75. Pier 1 has been a favorite place of mine since I was a teenager. I love to go and just look. If I had a gift certificate I would buy gifts.

  76. I would so be shopping for myself! My fiance just bought me a new dining room set and painted the dining room so I need to start decorating it!

  77. I love Pier 1. I live in a tiny apartment, but can’t wait to move up to a townhouse or home so I can decorate more!

  78. I love Pier 1! I would love some fun new things for our house as I just repainted the entire upstairs and my walls are looking oh so bare.

  79. Von Ann Wells says:

    Love your house and I may have to go to Pier One, so I can finish my dining room for Christmas. Love seeing your family.

  80. I will definitely be spending the gift card on myself. No shame!

  81. I have my eye on some blue waffle drapes from Pier 1!

  82. I think I would shop for myself!!! Maybe check out the after Christmas sales and buy a few more Christmas decorations!!!

  83. Selfish piglet that I am… I’d shop for myself. I always forget about Pier One as a place to shop, but love the mercury glass!

  84. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  85. Jessica Crawford says:

    Quite honestly, probably both. Normally I would just use it for me but I just don’t have any more room for decorations in my living room. I have too many blankets and pillows already (but those are darling!) and no more places for candles and odds and ends!

  86. For myself, of course! All finished with everyone else 🙂

  87. Kelly Palmer says:

    I would go into Pier 1 with the intent to buy something wonderful for a friend or family member but since my Christmas shopping is done I would probably end up shopping for myself 😉

  88. Thanks for your inspiration! And for making me laugh!

  89. pick me! pick me! 🙂

  90. I love Pier One too! I would shop for my house since we are slowly remodeling. Thank you!

  91. I haven’t been in Pier One forever. Winning this card would be a great reason to go there 😉

  92. I’d probably end up using it for myself. 😉

  93. Love the blog, follow you on Pinterest. Can’t wait to own my own home so i can put some of your ideas into practice! Hard to do with a rental property!

  94. Louann Tibbs says:

    Hi Kelly!

    Omg, first, I love your Christmas house tour! I just love your style in general. 🙂

    If I won, well, I’d probably end up shopping for myself. haha I just love that bow pillow, so cute!

  95. I would totally use the gift card on myself! I love going there and drooling over everything but can rarely afford to buy something so I would love to actually have some MONEY to spend!

  96. Shhhh, I would totally spend this entire gift card on myself! 😀

  97. First myself. Then if I don’t find anything I can’t live without, my married daughter. I can live without most everything.

  98. that red satin bow pillow WILL. BE. MINE. (evil laugh…)

  99. Love Pier 1 and would looove a gift card 🙂 !

  100. Shopping for me!! :-). I am done with everyone else!!

  101. I love Pier 1! Your table is amazing.

  102. Totally shopping just for ME!!!!

  103. MYSELF!

  104. As much as I’d like to keep the gift card, I’d give it to my daughter who just moved to a new house.

  105. Honestly, I’ll probably go into Pier One looking for gifts for others and come home with an armful of goodies for my new mantle… I can’t help it!!!! Fingers crossed 🙂

  106. Tamira Johnson says:

    no shame here, girl! I’ll definitely be shopping for my own Christmas decor! I’ve been drooling over some of their sparkly items (similar to yours in your dining room) since Black Friday when I was in there last…..oh how I just LOVE Pier 1 🙂

  107. I LOVE the idea of hanging the star plates on the wall! I will have to go and see if they have them in silver. I have stars and moons in my bathroom and these would go so well. Thanks for sharing! Victoria

  108. Beautiful dining room. It’s my birthday so I’m really wishing to win, and yes, I will spend it all on me!

  109. I would probably buy something as a gift for my sister in law, her and her husband just bought a house and I’m sure I could find something to give them at Pier1.

  110. Pam Severson says:

    I love the red with your grey and blue. The Pier One candlesticks are absolutely perfect!

  111. I’d probably be shopping for me (or maybe for my mom if I found something I thought she’d love)

  112. I LOVE your fuzzy white table runner!!!

  113. Love Pier One! I’d be buying something for MY home. 🙂

  114. I would definitely be buying something for my home. We need throw pillows!

  115. Jordan Brooks says:

    I love Pier 1! It is definitely my go to for anything decor related! I will definitely be using it on myself!

  116. Myself…but since its for my house & the comfort of others…it doesn’t count against my “me” quota!

  117. I will totally be shopping for myself.. I need a couple big ole mirrors and maybe even a new tree topper!

  118. Babs Yingst says:

    If I win, I’m sorry but I’m going to buy something for my own home.

  119. I still need a sunburst mirror in my home… I love the way they look but I’ve never found “THE” one for the right price. This just might help me pull the trigger! 😉 And that red bow pillow… is amazing!! Might need one of those too. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  120. Kelly Garcia says:

    I love your blog and love Pier 1!! I’m not gonna lie, I’d be shopping for myself (; thanks for the opportunity! <3

  121. I’d probably shop for myself … but I might get something for my husband. He proposed to me using an ornament from Pier1. 🙂

  122. I love your table pretty. I love Pier 1, too!

  123. I’ll probably go in intending to shop for someone else but end up with something for myself!

  124. Christmas shopping is done, so it’d be me. I’ve only been to pier one once, so that’d be fun!

  125. i’ll probably shop for myself since i’ve already bought all my gifts!! need more christmas decorations since we just moved to a new house

  126. I would shop for myself, well really for my house. I LOVE the bow pillow.

  127. I love the mercury candle holders. Love Pier 1 also. Thanks for sharing.

  128. Rebecca J Eckerman says:

    I could spend my entire paycheck on Christmas tree ornaments! I love to mix store-bought beautiful, shiny, glittery (you can NEVER have too much glitter) ornaments with our homemade ones. I love our family’s tradition of sitting down together for several afternoons just making ornaments of whatever pops into our heads. It’s always *interesting* to see whose ornament my 5-year old daughter will attempt to copy first. 😉 Good stuff!!

  129. Love Pier 1!!

  130. I used to work at Pier 1 during college! It didn’t last too long but I’ll always have a soft spot for that tiled floor. I would probably end up spending it on myself 😮

  131. Yeah. I tried to curl up and sleep there one night, but they didn’t take too kindly to that. I guess I should just shop there and make my house look like Pier 1. That they might like a little better.

    Love, love, love you tablescape. It’s tots gorg!

  132. I’d be shopping for the house – for both of us – so it’s not entirely selfish, is it?

  133. I would be shopping for our living room.

  134. I’d so shop for myself 🙂 My sister once told me that pillows are like jewelry for your couch. I thought she was full of it until I saw Pier One’s pillows. Now I get it!

  135. Beautiful table!!! Love Pier 1!

  136. Mary Happymommy says:

    I will be shopping for gifts.

  137. I would be shopping for myself. Thankfully my shopping is done.

  138. I agree with your husband. I like the traditional red in your dining room. Call me old fashioned. Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. I’m selfish, I’d shop for me!! 🙂

  140. First I want to say that I love how you decorated your dining room. & I would spend it all on me & would NOT feel bad about it!

  141. We have such a small apartment, I’d probably spend it with my mom on things for her (normal-sized) home!

  142. wendy rozema says:

    I’ll be shopping for me!

  143. We moved this summer and I’m still working on figuring out how to “do” this house, that’d be a fun way to use that card! 🙂

  144. Vicki Austad says:

    Greetings from Chaska, Minnesota! I’m a new subscriber to your blog and must say, you have wonderful timing! A giveaway to Pier One right off the bat?! Awesome! I love your Christmassy house and your tablescape. The red you added is perfect and the stars in the windows are a sweet finishing touch. I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and blessed Christmas and New Year!!

  145. Your home looks beautiful. The gift card would come handy – there are a few items I would like to pick up. Thanks for sharing.

  146. I would be shopping for gifts.

  147. Vicki Austad says:

    Oooops! I wrote my comments before I went to rafflecopter…
    PS: If I win this Pier One giveaway, I’d probably spend half on Xmas goodies for my apartment, and half on my mom’s gift. She and I both love the Pier One’s potpourri and ornaments.

  148. Been meaning to get by there before Christmas. Your house is really coming along. Saw your spread in BHG. Great job!

  149. Weeeeeelllll, we did just change the whole color scheme of our living room and I could use some accessories… 😉 Thanks for the giveaway, Kelly!

    ~Abby =)

  150. I would most likely be shopping for myself…I love that store!

  151. Mercury glass is always a favorite of mine!

  152. I want that sunburst mirror for myself…then I might look for things for others. Maybe. ; )

  153. I love Pier I, and I would be shopping for myself!

  154. I’d shop for gifts.

  155. I especially love the mercury and silver candlesticks you chose for your home. I haven’t been to Pier One in so long. Looks like I should!

  156. Margaret Smith says:

    I love Pier One. But right now, I can use a few house warming gifts for my Brother & Sister in law who recently moved and also my niece who just moved into her own place.

  157. great ideas from pier 1! your table looks great!

  158. I always wonder what the kids do when you’re setting/ staging things… But also, I really like the mercury glass!

  159. I have always coveted mercury candle holders. I love them!

  160. Christmas shopping is done, so I’d be forced to spend it on myself…although there a 3 family birthdays in Jan/Feb, so I could shop early for those!

  161. My initial thought would definitely get something for myself!!! However, I do have a tendency during the gift-shopping holidays of utilizing these amazing credits/gift cards for others…. So I honestly can’t know for sure… There are so many things I’d like to get for myself, but I always couldn’t get the courage to do it…

  162. I have really enjoyed your blog. Your ideas are pretty and do-able. I appreciate that. Love your table and the color of your dining room.

  163. I would give the gift card as a gift.

  164. Ashley Brooks says:

    To be completely honest, I will be shopping for me. My fiance and I just moved into a new home, and I think this will be the perfect chance to jump start the decor in our new home.

  165. Oh man. Decorating is the lifelong project that goes on and on. I love that it never ends and that there’s always more stuff to find, build, rebuild, paint…!

  166. Wow awesome! I love Pier 1

  167. Yes, if decorating my home counts as shopping for myself =)

  168. For myself! Our house could use a little pick me up!

  169. I’m just wondering. Dya suppose the worker bees at Pier 1 would be that open to my kids cavorting on their furniture? Since I’m not promoting them in a blog? Heh. Just wondering. Oh, and I’d be buying for me.

  170. Love what you picked up! So cute!

  171. I bought the same pillow (the one with the big red bow) in silver. So pretty!

  172. Ooo, how fun! I’d probably use it for myself – it would be a little late for Christmas, right? 😉

  173. I would be shopping for my self and my daughter-in-law. I can share a little bit. HAHA.

  174. I totally am shopping for myself, because I too am fixing up an old foreclosure home, and totally loving the process. I LOVE this blog, I literally check it multiple times a day! lol

  175. Colleen Boudreau says:

    For myself.

  176. I love the mix of metallics this year!!

  177. Terri Egelund says:

    I’ts for me…I’m shameless.

  178. Honestly, I would give this gift card to my mother-in-law because Pier 1 is one of her favorite stores!

  179. Darlene Carbajal says:

    A little bit of both!!

  180. I would be shopping for my house, so I guess that means myself. I don’t like to look at it that way. I mean technically everyone gets to enjoy what I buy, so it’s really like I’m shopping for the family.

  181. To tell the truth I am not sure if I would use this gift card for myself or to buy someone a present. I think how much it would help me buy to present but honestly I will probably find something that I love and get it for myself

  182. Ill be shopping for myself!!

  183. I would most likely be shopping for myself.

  184. I would probably end up shopping for myself! lol

  185. Diana Walters says:

    I was already planning on hitting up thier after Christmas sale for some ornaments! My husband and I want to get to “us” ornaments that we actually picked out together. So we would use it for US!

  186. Staci Torgerson says:

    Pier 1 always have the best gifts for teachers, friends, co-workers, etc and great prices. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  187. I’d shop for gifts & perhaps pick up a little treat for myself along the way. 🙂

  188. Holly Thomas says:

    Myself, I could spend hours in there!

  189. Rebecca Graham says:

    I will shop for myself.

  190. Most likely it will be something for my daughter’s apartment.

  191. I win and I’ll buy something for myself. I’ve been seeing the commercials and ads for Pier 1 Imports and I’ve been itching to buy something from there for such a long time.

  192. Catherine Shaw says:

    I need some stuff for my apt so I’ll shop for me, myself and I.

  193. Mary Casper says:

    yes, I really dont have anyone else to shop for

  194. Ivana Jankovic says:

    I will buy present for my mam 🙂

  195. Now I have to add Pier One to my shopping list. Love the stars and mercury glass candle holders.

  196. I will be shopping for my wife!

  197. I would love to get something to gift my parents for their new house.

  198. Myself. Fo sho.

  199. Rita Leonard says:

    i love everything at Pier 1 so I will shop for myself

  200. Jenn S (FotoJennic) says:

    I absolutely LOVE Pier 1 !! I have since my mom first took me to the store 25 years ago and I still have the Papasan chair she bought for me. I could use some new pillows but I would have to look around and see if there is something perfect for my mom or someone else first.

  201. i will probably give it to one of my daughters even though i would love to spend it on a new throw i do not need any more throws

  202. i would be buying something for my daughters new house

  203. I would probably look for some home decor for myself.

  204. Stephanie Williams says:

    I love how you’ve decorated! I would have a hard time taking it all down after the fact. If I were to bring home the $50 gift card, I would buy something for me and my husband and our new house 🙂

  205. I was checking out all that mercury glass just the other day–I would buy it as a gift for my house? (total copout)

  206. katherine tino says:

    It depends, if I see something I have to have, then for me. But, I still need to shop for my mother and sister.

  207. I will be shopping for dinnerware for my home.

  208. Susan Christy says:

    I say I will shop for myself, but usually end up buying for someone else.

  209. I’d love to shop for myself, but one of the kids will probably get it.

  210. Both, I’d buy something for me and at least 1 other gift!

  211. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    Honestly I would shop for my mom and my nana!

  212. I’d be shopping for myself necause I love Pier One!

  213. You have to have red! Everything looks beautiful.

  214. Kim Henrichs says:

    I have two house warming gifts I need to buy and would love to get them at Pier 1!!

  215. rebeka deleon says:

    i would buy this for our home. we have no decorations are in desperate need of some!!

  216. I love Pier 1, so I’d probably shop for me 😉

  217. Tanya Holland says:

    It’s definitely shopping for myself at pier 1.

  218. I’d love to shop for myself 😉

  219. I would probably be shopping for myself 😉

  220. Oh….I have to say myself!

  221. Depends on what I see.

  222. Depends on what I find. Sometimes I find thing that I know someone will love and just have to buy it for them. Then if not I can usually find something I like too.

  223. I’ll be shopping for myself because i’ve already got everyone else’s gifts!

  224. I will probably be shopping for myself.

  225. I will probably shop for myself–or for our home I should say….

  226. I’d be shopping for myself, of course! I love Pier 1 Christmas decor!!

  227. I must admit I’ve done more shopping for myself this season than for others! But one has to take advantage of the sales! I would like to pick up a few more black and white accents for my black and white living room and kitchen.

  228. I must admit I’ve done more shopping for myself this season than for others! But one has to take advantage of the sales! I would like to pick up a few more black and white accents for my black and white living room and kitchen.

  229. I’m the easiest person I know to shop for, so I will totally be shopping for myself! 😉

  230. Love Pier 1! And I love those stars in your window.

  231. I’d totally shop for myself. The decor in my house is sorely lacking, and I need to liven this place up.

  232. Thanks for sharing your Christmas home and thanks for the giveaway too! Wishing you and yours many special blessings!

  233. more than likely for myself

  234. Myself, but to my credit, my walls are pretty bare and I have very few home decorations. Having cats makes that difficult, so anything I got would have to do somewhere safe!

  235. Definitely myself! 🙂

  236. for myself

  237. Leann Lindeman says:

    No doubt I would be shopping for myself

  238. Looks fabulous as always and love Pier One Imports. I do love those chunkier candlesticks best. Hmmmm.. .. have me thinking!

  239. you guys are so cute!! Your home is so jolly and sparkly, love it! Mine is none of the above…I’m such a bad holiday decorator. Like seriously, it’s bad!

  240. I love shopping at Pier 1. If I won, I would shop for myself!

  241. Honestly, I’d shop for myself. My poor *new* house has no decoration at all and it’s driving me nuts! I need pretties on my walls.

  242. I LOVE Pier 1!! Such pretty things in there, holidays and every day!

  243. I’d definitely be buying things for our new house, because Christmas shopping is done!

  244. That sunburst mirror is perfect. I keep looking for some but it’s so hard to find them at affordable prices!

  245. Girl, you’re craycrayadorbs; of course I’ll be shopping for myself!

  246. I absolutely love your blog! I can’t wait till I have my own home so I can do the same things you do! If I were to win a gift card, I would shop for my mom because she loves Peir 1 Imports. Thank you for being so awesome and making my day better with every witty post!

  247. Christine Waddell says:

    I would love to win the gift card so that I could shop the after Christmas sale at Pier 1.

  248. I love the little cloches on the plates. I rescue cats and also have big clumsy dogs, so those would be wonderful to put a couple of my favorite old ornaments under where they would be protected from tails and paws.

  249. I’ll be buying for myself because I really want the cloches on your plates. That should keep paws and tails away from some of my fragile ornaments. BTW, the above site goes to a webring, that my site is on. look center right.

  250. Pier 1 overwhelms me a bit, they have sooooo much gorgeous stuff!! My eyes kinda glaze over, I drool a little, then proceed to spend 325832 hours in there. I really want that sunburst mirror though!

  251. I would be shopping for myself!

  252. I love Pier One! I have some very similar mercury glass candle holders from a few years back, and lavender scented white pillar candles on them. Your home looks lovely! I would like to know where you got those mini cloches – so cute, and the possibilities are endless!

  253. Oops! forgot to say — my birthday is in January, so I would totally be buying myself a birthday present there. I can’t stay away from mercury glass, pillows, and lanterns there. And ornaments.

  254. I would totally start out trying to spend the gift certificate on myself but would probably end up leaving with not only something for myself but a new ornament for everyone in my family.

  255. Especially since I’m done with my holiday shopping, I think I’d splurge and use the gift card myself to get some new lighting or wall art from Pier 1. Thanks!

  256. wild orchid says:

    I will be shopping for me! I would love some new throw pillows. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  257. oh, I’d be shopping for myself 😉

  258. Cathy Johnson says:

    I will be shopping for ME!!

  259. Lynda Thomas says:

    I’d be shopping for myself. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  260. I have to admit that if I won, I would use the gift card on myself! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  261. I love your selections from Pier 1! I haven’t been there in a looong time! Looks like I need to make a trip soon!

    P.s.- I left a misspelled Pinterest ID on the entry to follow you on Pinterest. Oops! Following you now.

  262. Honestly- i am going to be greedy and keep it for myself 🙂 I am obsessed with the different sized handle holders you have, I want them!

  263. I would keep this and get something nice for the home.

  264. I’d shop for myself but for a couple of gifts too.

  265. I love how you wrapped the wall hangings to look like gifts – stealing that idea! I’m hosting Christmas dinner at my home for the first time this year and I’m looking forward to making a nice tablescape and will use yours as inspiration! Thanks for sharing! And I love Pier 1, too 🙂

  266. Me. me. me. Me. And I’m not singing!

  267. Probably for me!

  268. I’m new here and love your blog! I would be shopping for me! Hey It’s Pier 1!! 🙂

  269. Love Pier 1 and I would likely use it for our home as we are working on redecorating (or actually decorating as a family vs. combining our old items together).

  270. I’ll be shopping for myself and for gifts if I win the card.

  271. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    id buy items for my bedroom

  272. I’ll be shopping for my mom.

  273. Carey Miller says:

    I’d be shopping for ME! And I’m not ashamed to say it. 🙂

  274. I will totally be shopping for myself – I love Pier 1! 🙂

  275. Rebecca Peters says:

    I would get something for myself!

  276. I will be shopping for myself & others at the same time! 🙂

  277. rayraycartucci says:

    Oh Honey,I will be shopping for me…I have needs!

  278. for myself!

  279. I would definitely buy some more decor for my house. We just moved in September and need a little help and I LOVE Pier 1!!

  280. I would be shopping for me!

  281. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would be shopping for myself.

  282. Annemarie Z. says:

    I would shop for gifts!

  283. I will be shopping for my home

  284. Vikki Billings says:

    I am going to spend it on myself!

  285. I’m shopping for myself!


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