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Easiest, cheapest little wreaths of all time

I don’t know what it is about “simple” and “free” that sends my little heart into orbit, but I’m just built that way: simple and free feeds my soul.

Check out what happened when coat hangers collided with fresh boxwood cut from my front yard.
Make these wreaths from coat hangers and boxwood! Simple and free!


I’m not saying these tiny, happy little wreaths will completely change your entire holiday experience…

But I’m not saying they won’t.

All I’m saying is this: once I made three for the backs of my barstools, I found myself tearing through the entire house like a velociraptor, ripping through closets furiously and hungrily, hunting for MORE WIRE HANGERS. I need MORE and MORE wreaths! They are so tiny and versatile and SIMPLE AND FREE.

(I saw some similar wreaths on pinterest where they used embroidery hoops, which I thought was super cool — but I didn’t want to have to actually buy the embroidery hoops. When the lightbulb came on to use wire coat hangers instead? I danced a Christmas jig! I heard the herald angels sing! It was a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!)

I mean look at this. Wire coat hanger. Cut in half. Looped around.
Make DIY coat hanger wreaths!
Wrapped in boxwood branches with floral wire, over and over again until you can’t take it anymore: you have to go hang it on things.
How to make a fresh boxwood wreath from wire hangers!
Christmas vignette with DIY coat hanger wreath

Could you hang them in windows? YOU COULD. Could you use a WHOLE coat hanger and make a larger version? YOU COULD. Could you make a hundred, pile them in the middle of the room, run and leap into the pile, throwing them around happily and swimming in them because they’re just so good?! YOU COULD!

You may want to close the blinds first. The neighbors might not understand.

You know what it would cost you to do that? Practically nothing. Wire hangers. Floral wire. Boxwood clippings. It’s virtually free. I think this may be my favorite Christmas craft of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Just LOOK at them.
Make a wreath from a wire coat hanger!
UGH. I want to eat them. I will sprinkle them with salt and swallow them whole.
Hang little DIY wreaths from the back of a barstool for a cheap, easy Christmas decoration!
Go forth and make 50. You will not regret it.

You'll never guess what this wreath is made of! Make your own from materials you probably have on hand. So simple and beautiful!

Do you make wreaths from fresh greens? Does your heart go pitter-patter over simple and free like mine does?

P.S.: Come back tomorrow for my holiday house tour! In the meantime, you can check out the other home tours here.

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  1. Ashley Bee says:

    Cute! But, the ultimate question…. Do you have any Boxwood’s left?! 😉

    Down with shrubbery in the name of swimming in fancy little Christmasy wreaths!

    • haha! You’d be surprised how little it takes… I think I have enough boxwoods for an entire swimming pool full of these. (Hmmmm.)

  2. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Oh these would be perfect for my chairs too. Love them!

  3. Looks great on the chairs Kelly! I have some boxwoods to hack up in my yard now…xo Kristin

  4. LOVE THIS! Boxwood wreaths are my holiday favorite and they are so expensive to buy. You made this look so easy!

  5. What a great idea (and so pretty!). It is officially open season on all the evergreen shrubs in our yard! (No boxwoods here…sob!)

  6. Very pretty, and I love that they are free!

  7. Love these!! Send some boxwoods my way so I can make some too!! 🙂

  8. Well now I’m regretting getting rid of all my wire hangers. I have the boxwoods and wire. Think I’ll see if my friends have any to spare. Because this is my kind of DIY project: quick, easy and free.

  9. Love this wreath and its so simple to make! Now I just need to get my hands on some wire hangers. LOl.

  10. i need to plant boxwoods in my yard. stat. they are going on the list, just for projects like this.

  11. Brilliant! I’m going to get some floral wire and make some of these today! Love this! 🙂

  12. Oh, I love these! But I don’t have any boxwoods. 🙁 This post is basically an invitation for me to show up at your house with scissors, right? Right? 😉

  13. So adorable! They look so great on your chairs.

  14. Okay Kelly, I have to ask. I cannot see the other side of the chair so I have to ask. How did you hang the black/white striped ribbon over those gorgeous chair?

    • It’s kind of a woven wicker material, so I just stuck a sewing pin through the ribbon and into the chair. It makes a teeny tiny hole which you can’t even see because of the material. If I was using fabric chairs, I might safety pin (or tape?) the ribbon in the crease of the seat… probably depends on what kind of chairs you have. Hope that helps!

  15. LOVE! I just hung a boxwood wreath in my window with black and white floral ribbon, that’s such a pretty combo to me too! Yesterday I massacred our cedar tree and some of our boxwoods and am starting to work on some decorations with the cedar around the house. I’m with you on free decorating from Mother Nature, it makes me giddy!

  16. They’re so little and cute! How did you attach them to the front of the barstools? I’m assuming tape? We don’t have any boxwoods here but I bet I could use cactus needles since those are abundant around these parts 😉

    • I actually stuck a sewing needle in them. The hole is microscopic, so I was cool with it. 🙂 The cactus needles would be a fun look, if a little dangerous. Ha!

  17. Free Ninety Free! Sweet! These are adorable. They look great on the chairs. I’m a huge fan.

  18. Oh my gosh, I love these!! I’ve had my heart set on buying up a bunch of those preserved boxwood wreaths when they go on sale…which hasn’t happened yet…at least for the price I want to pay! Maybe I’ll make some of these instead! Now I just have to stalk someone’s yard for some boxwood ;).

  19. Looks fab. I made one too but posted about the bigger boxwood wreath that I made.

  20. Love the wreaths! The boxwood is perfect. I think a series of these hanging in front of a window would be really lovely as well.

  21. Absolutely LOVE them too!!! Now I don’t have Boxwood in my yard, but my neighbor has a holly bush that’s taller than my house practically, and much of it hangs over my fence…. I’m thinking I’d love to make some little wreaths with that, but I’m afraid my hands will be a bloody mess when i’m done. But it even has the red berries on it…. it may be worth the pain and bleeding tho, do you think?
    I have to tell you that I was reading this and Laughed so hard and loud that everyone stopped what they were doing and were staring at me with mouths open thru my office door! Please post more often, you made my whole day!!

  22. You crack me up, mama! Still smiling. 🙂 And a great idea, to boot! Pinning this one NOW.

  23. I love it!! If only we had that growing outside! We have the bushes that stab and cut you and I’m not brave enough to mess with those!! Maybe we should plant some and they’ll be ready for next year! 🙂

  24. I love those wreaths. They look so pretty with that ribbon on the chairs. So pretty!!!

  25. Those are awesome! I love the words simple and free too! 😉

  26. perfect!!! they look awesome and i am all about cheap and easy. 😉

  27. The last time I made a boxwood wreath I ended up with poison ivy. I feel like I might be safe in December. 😛 These are SUPER cute!

  28. Love this!! such a great idea!

  29. I sure do love a little wreath on a chair. I also love free. Nicely done, my friend!

  30. How do you have the best yard ever?? Boxwoods and holly?? I live in an apartment complex. No free, adorable boxwood wreaths will be happening here. 🙁

  31. You are the most awesome creature on earth, particularly because you said you were going to sprinkle your cute little boxwood wreaths with salt and eat them whole. Did I ever tell you that your blog just brightens my day??????? Because it does. I love your little wreaths and their price 🙂 and thank you for making me smile every time I come here 🙂 🙂

  32. Lovely! They look so great with the bar stools.

  33. These are worth every ounce of hype in this post! Absolutely adorable and so simple! I wish I had boxwoods 🙁 maybe I can “borrow” some from a neighbor…

  34. These are adorable. I want to make them for every chair in the house!

  35. I love simple decor! The black and white ribbon makes them look extra classy too!

  36. Kim Mullins says:

    LOVE!!! How long do they last?

    • Thanks! I don’t really know. 🙂 I made mine about a week ago and they still look great. The boxwood stiffens up after a few days, but it still looks green and fresh.

  37. No boxwoods here! 🙁 I did make some wreaths with Rosemary, and they smell wonderful! Love your humor!

  38. I adore your humor, writing style, blog and cute as can stinkin be wreaths! I must plant boxwood next year! Hmm….a black ski mask and a pair of clippers might just be in my future. Think my neighbors will mind?

  39. These are adorable. Why don’t I have a boxwood plant? I am missing out!

  40. lol You’re hilarious;) ‘Love your little wreaths, will definitely be making a few myself. Thank you for sharing, it truly IS brilliant. Merry Christmas Kelly!

  41. Pittering and pattering right over here … I have boxwoods in the front yard and wire hangers in the closet. And by gosh I’m going to have some for my daughter’s birthday party on Sunday. Thank you!!

  42. I needed that laugh! Laughed out loud…You Could! Haha. You’re on my radar now!

  43. So simple and effective. Proof that wreaths are not only for christmas!

  44. My little heart is singing. Thank you.

  45. Ok. You are the cutest thing ever and so are your cute little wreaths! Believe me, if you were my neighbor and I saw you leaping into a pile of mini wreaths just because they are so cute, I would TOTALLY understand. ❤️


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