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En-DEER-ing Christmas Mantel

If cheesy puns make you gag, you may want to go ahead and click away now while you’re still holding your cookies.

My Christmas mantel is up!
Christmas mantel: brass deer with greenery and a DIY golden magnolia garland!

In the past, my Christmas mantels have been sparkly, silvery metallics…
Metallic holiday mantle with natural and silvery elementsMetallic-inspired holiday mantel vignette with white wreath and twigsMirrored Christmas mantel with sunburst mirror and greenery
But this year I went a different direction with a brass deer, graphic black and white and some DIY golden magnolia garland. (Tutorial for the garland is here!)
Christmas Mantel at View Along the Way: Brass, black and white and greenery are a magical combination!

It all started when I found that handsome little reindeer, whose name shall be Blitzen. He is bronze and heavy and has the charming, distinguished face of a gentleman buck.
Brass deer with wreath and bowtie

I feel certain he is precisely the kind of reindeer who might own a pocketwatch.

I brought him home and didn’t show Andy for a few days because he tends not to understand my little growing menagerie of animal statues. He likes to laugh at them and call them names… (like Pinocchio). I knew I had to buck up and reveal him eventually. But as soon as he saw Blitzen, Andy grabbed him enthusiastically out of my hands, ran to our bed and held him on the wall right over the headboard, asking if we could hang him right there in our room, as the centerpiece.

I was speechless. “You actually LIKE HIM?!!” Andy had never looked so attractive as he did at that moment.

So with Andy’s blessing, I decided to have some fawn. I popped Blitzen up on the mantel and added the wreath around his neck to give him some extra visual weight. Because he is clearly the most noble, dignified reindeer of all, I gave him a striped bow-tie in black and white ribbon.

I love him deerly.

To one side, I added some glittery twigs and a stem of black and gold-glittery dogwood flowers…
Christmas mantel with twigs and black dogwood

On the other, just a simple apothecary jar of ornaments.
Apothecary jar of golden ornaments for Christmas

And anchoring the whole deal is a gold magnolia garland. I’ll show you how I made that in another post soon!
Christmas mantel at View Along the Way: Brass, greenery and black and white ribbon.

I’m kind of “having a moment” with black and white + gold, if you couldn’t tell by this post. It’s a different look and doesn’t scream “CHRISTMAS, YO!” but it was fun to try something new this year.

I’m fawned of it.

Oh deer.

In all fairness, I warned you the puns would not be intelligent. Do you decorate a mantel for the holidays? How do you feel about brass animals, excessive personification and silly puns?

P.S.: This week is the holiday housewalk! I’ll be sharing my home tour Thursday, but in the meantime, you can check out the other homes in the tour right here.

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  1. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    I’m going to come and snatch that deer head!!!
    Black, white and gold is the best and so is your mantle.

  2. I think I would like to see a video of you creating these posts. Like when another pun happens, do you start to chuckle to yourself? Or is it more of a high-five to yourself? Either way, it’d be good to watch.

    Also. Gold magnolia leaves = genius.

  3. it looks perfect! i love the gold leaf garland!

  4. LOVE the magnolia wreath. Muah!

  5. I’m up for a good pun or 20 any time of year! 🙂

  6. you make me laugh!! so funny. And Blitzen is adorable…as is your mantel.

  7. Oh deer…I’m a fawn of your puns. Ha 🙂

    Your mantle looks great- and I love the magnolia leaf garland!! I can’t wait to see the tutorial- I’m thinking I might need to go scavenge some magnolia leaves from our property and use them on our mantle this year!

    I put up our Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving and am loving them!!

  8. Love the gold magnolia leaf garland! And Blitzen! He’s darling!

  9. What a pretty mantel! I love the colors. It looks great!

  10. We have lived in 4 places since we got married. Only one had a mantle. I loved decorating it for Christmas the year we were there! The other years, I hVe decorated my hutch like it was a mantle. This year, we decided to skip decorating for Christmas so we could get more done to the house. It’s kind of sad but it does make sense.

  11. To punny. Love the mantel and the puns. I have no brass animals, but I was very close to purchasing some the other day. Pretty!

  12. You know I love this 🙂 Gold and a deer head?? Hello!!! I think it should be everyone’s goal that by 2014 they have an animal head in every room 🙂 …wait, just me then! xo Kristin

  13. It’s so pretty! And i’m glad it doesn’t scream “Christmas Yo!” LoL
    And I loved all the puns! You crack me up!

  14. oh he is darn cute. Andy is cute too for thinking Blitzen is cool.

  15. Love it! Where did you get your Blitzen?

  16. Love your mantel! And your puns! Your mantel and your humor make me smile. 🙂

  17. Please never stop being funny. Ever. !

  18. If there’s one thing I love more than a whole slew of terrible puns, it’s a brass deer head!

  19. I really like the gold and black you used this year!

  20. I am holding my sides 😀 I’m kind of liking the gold accent pieces myself; I bought gold spray paint today…now I just need a day to go to the thrift stores to find something to paint!! Bwahaha!!

  21. Blitzen is a handsome devil. Definitely the pocketwatch type. Too funny. I’m feeling the black and white and gold right now too. Cardboard-packing-boxes-brown is also trending. Just a heads up.

  22. Love the brass mixed with black and white and that magnolia garland is pretty fantastic too!

  23. Case in point to my previous comment: “I love him deerly” ….:) smiling 🙂
    Your gold garland is SPECTACULARLY gorgeous. I am running out of superlative adjectives this morning, there is so much eye candy as I catch up on my blog reading here!

  24. How do I feel about it ? I LOVE all of it !


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