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Quick and Dirty Christmas Kissing Balls

I mean that literally: these sweet little kissing balls are fast, and messy.
DIY mossy kissing ball

They look sweet hanging in your entry or sitting contentedly on a little footed dish. Look how happy!
DIY Christmas kissing ball - so easy and inexpensive! I LOVE this!

SO EASY, it feels like cheating. Here’s all you need:

  • Styrofoam ball in whatever size your heart desires. I think this is the size I got. (By the way, look at the 1-star review for that ball on amazon. It’s hilarious. I’d love to see that spaghetti monster.) *Affiliate link
  • Hot glue.
  • One paperclip.
  • Ribbon.
  • Moss. I got one bag of it from Michaels, which was MORE than enough. I could probably make 2-3 of these with one bag of moss.

Materials to make a mossy kissing ball
(That picture was SO hard to take, guys. A small person in footie pajamas kept stealing the styrofoam ball and running away with it as soon as I set it down.)

Plop yourself down in front of a cheesy Christmas special and just hot glue the moss to the styrofoam ball. I feel dumb even typing that as an instruction, because it’s so ridiculously easy.
How to make a Christmas kissing ball!
Just keep going until the whole ball is covered.
Tutorial for a DIY kissing ball
And you find yourself with a giant mossy Christmas mess.
DIY mossy kissing ball tutorial
Then unfold your paperclip until it looks like this. Or you can use a floral pin if you have one and want to be fancy and proper about this.
Tie a bow with your ribbon, and use your safety pin to clip the ribbon to the ball. I also hot-glued a faux flower to it.
How to hang a kissing ball
That’s the end. Isn’t that quick and easy? And dirty? Just as promised.
Can't wait to make these DIY kissing balls! They're so simple and beautiful!

Are you doing any Christmas crafting? Are you still wondering about the spaghetti monster?

P.S.: I made a different kind of kissing ball last year with fresh greenery. Here’s a different take on the idea:Tutorial: How to make a Christmas Kissing Ball

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  1. Quick and dirty…LOL! My kinda thing!
    Love it!

  2. These turned out great! I love a quick and easy addition to decor!

  3. so pretty!!! i need to make one- we are having a new year’s party and you can’t have a new year’s party without a kissing ball!

  4. Your post on Christmas artwork inspired me to do some crafting for our mantle: I printed some selections from Handel’s Messiah, aged them with tea and coffee, and framed them. My husband proposed to me the day before we sang The Messiah with our choir last year, which makes the music even more special to us 🙂

    The bonus is that it’s a super easy gift for a close friend who sings the alto solos! Score.

  5. Why, I’d never even HEARD of a kissing ball before! Learn something new every day. and you can’t go wrong with moss and hot glue.

  6. I bet if you let that poochie inside you could get lots of kisses! LOL My question is–where is the mistletoe in this kissing ball? In the south we hang mistletoe to kiss under. Is that just a southern thing?

  7. Hahaha, I read the review and am SO curious about the spaghetti monster!

  8. That little “footie Monster” is the cutest! I don’t know that I could have taken it away from her! The spaghetti monster review cracked me up. Oh and by the way, I haven’t been able to comment on your posts lately because I tried to make little mini wreaths like your boxwood ones out of holly and my hands just now started to heal! hahaha, I’ll never do that again!! Think i’ll make this one instead, it looks soft and easy!

  9. Well isn’t this just perfect?! I love quick, dirty, and easy 🙂 Right up my ally. Especially when hot glue is involved.

  10. These are cute! I’m loving moss this holiday season! My dog would totally be stealing the Styrofoam balls.

  11. I love this project Kelly! I love the way moss looks during the holidays especially when paired with black and white!

  12. Love this! Everyone needs a fun, messy project every now and then! 🙂

  13. Absolutely love this. I love using greenery in Christmas decor. It’s just so timeless. Love your kissing ball 🙂

  14. I think if I were at your house, I’d just kiss that ball… never mind Morgan. 🙂

  15. Very chic kissing ball, even if you will be finding moss under your couch cushions for months!

  16. So fun! I love anything with moss. It just feels so fresh and authentic

  17. Love the mossy look. Great idea to incorporate it into Christmas decor!

  18. I love it! We so need one of these before we have our party. It reminded me of this… it will have you laughing so much!

  19. You did this post just for that eye catching title, I know it – admit it…… And I can’t even touch it!

  20. I’ve never seen or heard of these and I’m quite smitten. They are adorable!

  21. Hot glue…of course! Tried these in a mini version with spray adhesive. Didnt stick too well. Might be the absence of the dreaded footie pajama monster. Mine are all too big!

  22. Ooh so pretty! I have some mossy balls already so this would be super easy for me to just add a ribbon and flower. 😉 I’m cracking up about that “terrable” review – haha! I’d like you to do your own interpretation of the spaghetti monster sometime soon. AND, I love the cheesy Christmas movies! Some of them are so terrible and yet I have to finish watching the whole thing just to see if it gets any better.

  23. I love it! And the black and white ribbon is perfection! 🙂 I used moss, styrofoam and hot glue to make a succulent arrangement a few months ago-
    Good thing I have leftovers…now I can make a ball!! 🙂

  24. Oh my goodness this is so adorable. I love easy crafts like this. I am going to bookmark this to make this coming year!


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