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On decorating with family photos, taking risks and breakin’ rules

First, thank you guys a million for taking the survey in the last post and for voting! I’ve been reading through the survey responses and I’m so inspired by your ideas and feeling some serious freedom and excitement for the future. I’ll explain it all in a post soon where I tell you what my takeaways were, but just wanted to say THANKS! — for the epic feedback, and your hilarious responses to question #5.

* * *

I used to feel handcuffed by “the rules.” When we were first starting to fix up our house, I devoured decorating how-to books and considered any rules I read to be The Law Which Shall Not Be Broken Without Swift and Severe Punishment.

As if the moment I chose the Wrong Light Fixture, a decorating SWAT team would storm through the front door, arrest me and take away all my fabric swatches. It sounds silly, but I was driven by two things:
1. Hard-wired desire to make everybody happy. (Which would just result in a house with no perspective or personality, so who even really wants that?)
2. Hard-and-fast belief that decorating was black and white. There was a Correct Choice and an Incorrect Choice, and nothing in between, and it was my job to break down the code and check the right box.

This blog has been a journey away from that perspective and toward freedom. I still have my own decorating rules (and you can read them here) but it all comes down to decorating with what you love. Because it’s your house, and what does anyone else know? (This would have saved me infinite grief in the harrowing tale of my kitchen remodel.)

One of The Rules I took away during that stage was that you are not “supposed to” decorate with family photos in common areas. Save them for the bedrooms. I internalized and obeyed that rule for a long time, until I decided to rebel like William Wallace, cry “FREEEEEDOMMMMMM!!!” on horseback with my fist to the sky, and start decorating with what we love because we live here.

Remember the photo grid wall in my living room?
Grid of oversized DIY picture frames! (And lots of great art ideas!)

This was my first major departure from that rule and just one of many steps toward finding joy and freedom in fixing up my home.

And part of that freedom is the willingness to just try things. Maybe they’ll work, and maybe they won’t, and being that this is not brain surgery, decorating mistakes tend to result in very few casualties and/or deaths. So sometimes I just like to try things and see what happens.

And that’s what happened here, with this little mini-gallery wall (of family photos! Gasp!) that I just threw up on the little partial wall between my kitchen and breakfast nook.
Create an eclectic, mini gallery wall!
I just always felt like that little wall wanted to be something more, you know?

Soooo I have this teeeeny hoarding problem. When I see a picture frame for about 50 cents at a yard sale, I just buy it. Do not pass go, do not even worry if it’s cute, just take it and run! So I gathered up my giant picture frame collection, measured out the size of the wall (and the lightswitch placement) onto the floor with masking tape, then laid out my frames until they felt even and balanced.
How to lay out a gallery wall: use masking tape on the floor!
It kinda looked like a chalk outline a la CSI, right? (I didn’t even clean off my countertops for y’all. I’m so sorry: I had precisely one nap time to do this whole thing. Pretend like it was messy only in that one portion of the counter that’s visible, and spotless everywhere else.)

Hanging the frames actually went really quickly with the help of the handy-dandy frame-hanging tool, which is basically the most valuable thing Andy and I ever created together. Except the kids.
BRILLIANT! The free way to remove all aggravation from hanging picture frames! Hang them quick and easy from now on!

The photos are all just some faves of the kiddos, a couple from our honeymoon/wedding, plus a couple little printables I whipped up in photoshop.
Aaaaand I’m about to wave my freak flag high, but that top printable? It’s our family rule: Everybody Love Everybody. I KNOW. SO CHEESY. We started it in jest, but now if you ask Weston what’s the family rule, he’ll tell ya: “Everybody love everybody!” Covers all the bases, right? Be nice. The end. I think Andy got that from a Will Ferrell movie.

(If you want that printable, it’s yours! Grab it here.)

The other printable is this one — the words are from a Bible verse that says, “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” You can download that one here.
Free Bible Verse printable! "Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly" from Micah 6:8

So basically, it’s a wall of wisdom from Will Ferrell and Jesus. That’s eclectic.
Make a mini gallery wall!

Here’s the thing: I’m not really sure how I feel about the wall yet. ?? I’m not really married to the whole idea yet. You know what I am married to? Andy. And he doesn’t like it. (Doesn’t like to have to look where he’s reaching when he goes to flip a lightswitch.) It’s an annoyingly valid complaint.

So we decided to live with it for a bit, try it on, feel it out, and see if it stays. Maybe it won’t, and it’ll just be this weird thing I tried once, but what is there to lose? Like I said: very few people will die as a result of this.
Create a mini-gallery wall of family photos in your home!

By the way, this post is part of series about Decorating with Pictures over at Kristen Duke Photography. She has a giveaway going on today too, so you can hop over and enter, then check out the other ideas for displaying photos!

Here’s what I want to know from you! Do you decorate with photos in your common areas? Are you a rule-follower? What project have you been putting off because you’re not sure you’ll like the end result? (Go try it! See what happens!)

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  1. Obvs, Jesus + Will Farrell = Decorating Genius.

    Also, when you say “FREEEDOOOMMMM”, I naturally think of this:

    You’re welcome.

  2. First of all I love this little gallery wall & think it looks great. Second of all you have know brought something to my attention that I hadn’t thought about as I plan for my gallery wall in my entrance – flipping the switches with all the frames around it. I am going to be doing this to both sides of my kitchen entrance which is also the front door entrance area & both sides have switches so I can see my man complaining, but I’m going to do it anyways!!

  3. I’m working on the exact sort of issue in my bedroom RIGHT NOW! We have pictures, we have a plank wall, but I’m just trying to lay them out with no rules and what feels right. I used newspaper though. 🙂

  4. I have always decorated with family photos but I always had more of my family than my husband’s so this time around, I have a gallery wall in our living room with photos of just my husband and I at different stages in our loves.
    In our Dining I have a mini gallery with a huge mirror and two photos of us, one from Thanksgiving and another from Christmas.
    I have been debating on another gallery wall above the fireplace but too afraid!

  5. i want to start decorating with more photos but i dont want our faces EVERYwhere in the house. Working on a few now but I def see a gallery wall in our future but include maybe a few other odds and ends in there!

    • Yeah I think it’s changed for me post-kiddo. When it was just Andy and me, I didn’t want to look at our dumb little faces all the time.

  6. so i have them in my family room and our bedrooms and that is it…. not because of any rules though but because i suck at actually ordering prints. i want to add more to my house though and i think Jesus and Will Ferrel would approve.

  7. Love. We are huge family photo people. If I see someone with art or a painting in their house I’ll wonder why it’s there (is it their favorite scene? Or a loved place?). If it’s just a random piece I think it’s weird.

    I just vinyled that verse around our fireplace. Love it!

  8. We have sooooo many photos of our family and I’ve kind of done the same thing. I have tons of frames, and tons of nails, so why not? Up on the wall they go!! And I can always change it. I have no problem pounding nails in the wall (much to my husband’s dismay). 😉

  9. Just a thought….for the sake of you loving your gallery wall, and Andy loving to turn on light switches without collateral damage….maybe there is a way that you can secure the photos that are directly around the light switch, so that they wouldn’t fall? You know like how in restaurants that have lots of framed photos, they screw each frame to the wall, top and bottom? I’m not suggesting you screw all your frames to the wall and create a bunch of unsightly holes, but maybe something that does the same thing without the damage?

    • command strips? They’ll mount directly to the back of frame and adhere to wall without damaging it (theoretically since it doesn’t work that great on 80 year old lath and plaster walls).

    • Yes, great idea! I think we probably will do that if we decide to keep the whole wall.

  10. As a photographer, you’d think I’d have more family pics displayed, right?

    I only just got around to actually doing that a year ago…Before that, we had nothing. -____-

    I really like the gallery wall. And the printables! They are lovely. 🙂

  11. I have never heard of such a silly “rule” about photos only in the bedroom. One of my favorite things about going to someone’s home is looking at the famliy photos around the house. I decorate with them all over. I love walking by and seeing them, reminding me of a good memory.
    Your wall looks fantastic by the way!

  12. Totally agree that many decorating rules are made to be broken, and most definitely believe that everyone should make their home their own! Give it personality, give it soul and life. Love your family motto! May it multiply 🙂

  13. I love the printables!! What is the one at the very bottom? It looks pretty. And I like the idea of the gallery wall, but to me personally it seems a little busy and crammed in right there. We have an awkward little wall like that in our bedroom and I put one big-ish, really pretty painting (I think it’s 1 foot square) centered and up near the top. Sounds boring but it looks good!

    I have not gotten around to putting up my bridal portraits yet, which I wanted so much to have that I over a year after my wedding, I went out with a friend and took photos in a park! 🙂 I dunno, it seems like some weird kind of shrine to myself, to have a big picture of me in my own house… but I will be ALL OVER some family portraits when we have a baby!

  14. I love that you are doing your own thing. And I don’t really understand where this “rule” even came from? I’ve definitely heard it when selling a house, but if you are living in your house, of course you want some family photos around. And you do this well.

    I call a new rule. FAMILY PHOTOS EVERYWHERE.

    Also – love the printables.

    • I totally agree. For re-sale I understand, but other than that, you have to make your house your own! Surround yourself with things you love and since your loved ones are most important (well second to God) then photos are a close second for when they aren’t around! So many of these rules or ideas are ridiculous!

  15. I actually do really like it, but can see Andy’s point too. Sounds like the right strategy to live with it awhile and see if it grows on you both! And a wall of wisdom from Will Ferrell and Jesus…I mean…just perfect.

  16. Keep it! Love it! The end.

  17. Family pictures EVERYWHERE, I say! (although I have not nearly enough out at my house. but most of the ones I do have are in my den). I’m going to order giant banners with my childrens’ pictures on them and hang them on the front of my house, in fact, so everyone walking down the street can see them. I’m not really. But I definitely approve of your decision to put yours in your kitchen 🙂

  18. I just printed out “Love Everybody” for our clipboard gallery wall. Love that. And I think Will Ferrell stole that one from Jesus too, when he said something about “Love God and Love your Neighbor” being the sum of the whole law. Your writing style and humor are my favorite. I love your blog.

  19. I think i’m with Andy on this one, the whole looking to turn the lights on and not knock down a picture would make me nuts! Thanks for posting the sayings ~ I stole them both 😀
    I put pictures that I like wherever I want to because like you said, it’s my house, I have to live here and if it makes me happy then that’s all that matters! That’s my standard rule of all time, do what makes you happy as long as you’re never hurting anyone else in the process. I don’t like that saying without the last part, some people need to be reminded of it. And just one more reason to love your blog the best ~ a blogger who’s actually human, actually lives in her home, and it’s not a perfect showcase at all times!!

  20. Of course I decorate with photos … who wouldn’t want a photo of my great aunt Wanda riding on the back of an ostrich? Or great aunt Alice wearing absolutely nothing except an American flag? (she was quite young at the time and not an aunt or great aunt at that point)… If you’ve got slightly crazy or at least unique relatives, you’ve got to show them off.

  21. I like you! You. Are. Fun. Let’s do coffee 😉

    Love the wall.

  22. I love your gallery wall, but can also see Andy’s point. (Sometimes we have to also decorate with our spouses wishes/desires in mind, especially if they allow us free reign regarding most other decorating decisions 🙂 In addition, if he didn’t accidentally knock one of the photos down leaving glass to be cleaned up, he might still knock one crooked or get fingerprints all over it. This, I think, would drive me nuts (OCD?). I suppose, as one commenter suggested, you could screw the tops and bottoms of those hung around the lightswitch plate. OR, you could decide on one kind of large framed photo or quote hung sufficiently above the lightswitch. Either way, do live with it for a while. You may decide you don’t like it after all, or Andy may decide that it’s not that big of a deal to look where he’s reaching. Let us see what you decide.

    • Thanks for weighing in! I try to give him a vote, and it’s extra valid when it’s a functional issue. Sometimes if it’s just an aesthetic issue, I know it might eventually grow on him, but I do want our house to function comfortably for him. 🙂

  23. I suppose this means Andy’s favorite movie is Anchorman? And what was question #5, I’m worried that was the one I couldn’t come up with anything funny.

  24. I think your home should be filled the the things you love and the ones you love!
    However, my husband would complain if I made the gallery, then removed the pictures and left all the nail holes behind. I say it’s a little thing- nothing a little spacke and roller of paint can’t take care of!

    • Totally agree! I was actually kind of shocked that Andy didn’t mention the possibility of a swiss cheese wall when this is all said and done.

  25. I ♥ your little photo nook — makes your home looked like its a place filled with love. xoxo

  26. Love this post — made me chuckle as usual. Plus, that idea of laying out the wall in masking tape. Uh…brilliant! I think family photos throughout the house are great. My mom used to have the back entry way hall lined with them (which was the entrance everyone used), and it really created a traffic jam getting people in because people enjoyed gawking at those pictures so much more than if she’d just hung a piece of art.

  27. Very impressive productivity for one naptime! Way to jump in and go for it! I waaay procrastinate on small-scale projects like that and then wish I had just gotten my behind in gear and finished them.

    One thought on the new gallery wall: maybe it would feel more cohesive if all the frames were the same color?? I think that’s what really makes your living room gallery wall look so fantastic. Having so many different sizes in the new gallery wall is a neat effect, but it feels like some of that’s getting lost since there are also a few different colors. I am no expert – just food for thought!!

    Also, I <3 the Micah 6:8 quote! Nice addition 🙂

  28. I’ll have you know i died as soon as i opened this blog post. Gee thanks. Sike! I love it! And having an awkward wall and quite a hoard of thrift store frames myself, the design juices are bubbling. Thanks for being so fantastic! 🙂

  29. Laura Adelman says:

    I love the idea of having family pictures in public areas of the house. You are absolutely right, you’re the one who is there every day, put up what you like to look at. Do you have a command center anywhere because that could be a pretty good place for it.

  30. Do not tell your wonderful beloved yet, but at this point, aren’t you tempted by the other wall on the left side (where the window is) to experiment with? 🙂 hehe do remind him there is no light switch over there.

    Not so much for family portraits, too many favourites to deal with, my ideal solution would be a photo projector for one wall. In the space of your mini gallery wall, I would hang a scroll of beautiful Chinese painting instead.
    No rules indeed. So long as a house is clean, the décor remains personal. And yours certainly is lovely.

  31. oops sorry, a light switch is there!

  32. I love decorating with photos and your gallery wall is awesome!

  33. Heck yeah I decorate with family photos! Why wouldn’t we want to look at our favorite things (OK – people) every day? Actually, we recently refaced our fireplace with dry-stacked slate tiles, floor to ceiling, then added some diy rustic shelves (pallet wood and “L” brackets spray painted black) on either side. That way we can set photos on them and change them out for new ones without putting more holes in the walls! If i knew how, I would totally post a picture so you could see. We’re pretty proud of ourselves, and the shelves fit with our whole rustic/modern vibe we got goin’ on. Anyway – rules, shmules! Decorate with what you love!

  34. Your gallery wall came out great Kelly! The family photos only being shown in private spaces…..who comes up with these things?

  35. Perhaps an acceptable compromise would be to remove several of the frames closest to the switch, leaving a larger open area surrounding the switch.

  36. I think it looks great. My husband would complain about the same thing. I wonder if you could secure them more to keep them from being knocked around?

    Also, I couldn’t help noticing that the final layout changed from your masking tape layout. Did you paint some of the frames as well?

  37. Sarah Elliott says:

    I love this idea and I will totally use it! On another note, how do your sofas stay so pretty and white with 2 little ones? I’m thinking of going lighter, but I’m afraid they’ll get ruined.

    • I’ve actually been thinking about doing a post on this. The answer is bleachable slipcovers! 🙂 The sofas are ikea and the slipcovers are only $50, so even if they get absolutely terrible at some point, we could have them looking brand new again for only $50.

  38. I’m glad someone thinks family photos are ok! I am doing a gallery wall over my couch, made up entirely of 8x10s of my two girls. That’s what I most like looking at, so that’s what it’s going to be! Suck it, Internet.

    Still not sure what to do with my other walls, though.

  39. I love the wall — it’s not awkward anymore!

  40. LOVE the gallery wall…but I’m really going to need to you hang two more pictures at the bottom….or take some off at the top.

    My compulsion to have all things they way I think they should be thanks you in advance 😉

  41. I’m mostly a rule follower, so I’m glad I didn’t know about the “family photos in common places” rule when we put together the photo wall in our living room full of family photos.

    I’m all for displaying great photography everywhere!

  42. I’ve always used family pictures in common spaces…I didn’t know there was such a rule. Ha! 🙂 Given our history though…those are some of our favorite things in our home. Just call me a rule breaker. 😉


  43. My only Rule when decorating: A home should feel collected, instead of decorated. Therefore, pictures that are important to me can go anywhere. Except in a grouping in the bathroom, because really, who wants your family watching you in there? Ugh!!!

    How about doing something fun on the light switch cover, like cover it with a favorite photo (use the switch itself as a nose or something! or a dog tail!) Then frame around the switch cover like the switch itself is a picture?
    Side note: we have a huge collection of pictures of the back ends of animals because somehow that is all that is on view when we go to zoos. I’ve always thought a calendar of them would be hilarious, but now I might have to go around and cover a bunch of light switches with them…..

    • I just reread my comment about back ends of animals as light covers and thought ewwww. Why would I want to flip the tails of animals all day? So, NO, I won’t be doing that. Sorry I ever brought that up. Yuck! I apologize profusely.

  44. I decorate with photos of us, our dogs and our siblings all over the place. We live in a tiny one bedroom apartment so there’s kinda nowhere else we could feasibly put them… because I too have a frame hoarding problem. Only I get them all from Hobby Lobby. On sale. With a coupon. They’re all ornate and girly and its magic. I never knew there was a rule against family photos everywhere… I just figured its MY house and I do what I want. Red hair, don’t care. lol.

  45. Just found your blog and LOVE it! I’m also married to a math teacher with 2 kiddos and we are on one income also! Everything here is so inspiring and love that you are glorifying God all along the way. I’ll definitely be back! P.S. Can SO see my hubby also complaining about the light switch thing…so practical, those math guys!! 😉

  46. I definitely agree that trying to find the light switch would be annoying but I’m not hating the wall either. Also, I decorate with family photos in our living room. In fact, my 4 favorite pictures from our wedding are arranged above our mantle (I do want to get a funky-cool mirror though for that space) and I don’t care! Everyone that comes into my house needs to see my pretty dress. That’s all. 🙂

  47. I am so happy that I came by and saw this post…love this idea that you had…it looks GREAT!!! I would have never thought about using a wall like this one, as a gallery wall. Thanks so much for sharing it.


  48. I really like the wall and I’m actually very pro using family photos in common areas, though I’ve also heard it’s taboo. But I think, these are people we like and some of them live here, so why not?

    Your printables = amazing, and I’m going to hang them in my office!

    And also I’m glad I’m sad to say my husband banned me from saying “Freeeedom” ever again, because apparently I think it applies to way too many situations. But it’s just so perfect!

  49. I think the “no family photos everywhere” rule should only be followed if you are staging your home to sell, not decorating for living in it. I love what you did with the mini gallery. That said…I’m kind of with Andy on the light switch issue. Maybe there’s a way to have the gallery up higher than the switch and…something else lower? I’m really no help. Hopefully someone commenting above me is on the ball!

  50. Personally when I go to someone’s house for the first time I notice if they have family photos in common areas and if so I think: my kind of people! Bonus points if they use kid art in formal frames in the living/dining room. 🙂

    Our house has a frustrating lack of wall space so we hang family photos wherever they will fit!

    I really like your mini gallery wall. A solution that occurred to me that I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet is to keep the upper frames but remove everything below the light switch, so that the light switch is essentially the lowest element in the mosaic. I think that would help your hands find it more easily/reliably without creating a “hole” in the mosaic.

  51. I love seeing family photos in other peoples homes and do it in my own home. I don’t know where I came across this rule but it is the exact opposite of your old rule – don’t have family photos in your bedroom, that is for photos of you and your partner only – I think it had something to do with romance…

  52. Love how your gallery walls fills up that space!

  53. Have you tried the Command Picture Hanging Strips ( Since we’re renters and I hate spackle, we use these for almost all the stuff we put on the walls. They’re basically like velcro and are *very* secure. I don’t think you would need to worry about knocking them off.

    I like having a mix of pictures and non-pictures in our living space and love the gallery wall on a skinny space like that. We have a similar area in our entry, and I might give that a try. Maybe put a frame around the light switch to help the aiming issue by leaving a little more space there, but still being tied in to the gallery aspect…

  54. I have never heard of the rule about not hanging photos in common spaces! I am in the military and my husband, daughter and I are currently living 800+ miles away from the rest of our family. Almost every square inch of our walls are covered with family photos. I come from a small but very close family and it is hard being so far away from my parents, my brother and sister, and my 6 nieces. We have photos all over the walls (and stairways and hallways) because it makes me feel closer to those I love. If it makes you happy, who cares about the rules…it’s your house!

  55. I turned our awkward wall into a chalkboard. Groundbreaking stuff I know lol! It was four years ago, and it’s still my favorite wall in the house because I change the art every month 🙂 I love the idea of taping the floor and moving the frames around until they’re configured the way you want them.

  56. I’m new to your blog and I love it! Question: when you hang photos do you use nails, screws, or??

    • Thanks! We usually just use picture nails. Screws can be a bit overkill for most picture frames and they’re a lot harder to patch.

  57. Kellie OBrien says:

    I love this paint color in the room – what is it? Sorry if this is posted elsewhere… I tried searching for it but couldn’t find it. Looks great!

  58. I like the gallery wall, but I think I would like it better with all the frames painted white. It seems a little heavy with the big white ones on the bottom and black right above that.
    And who can go wrong with Will Farrell and Jesus. Kudos!
    ~BTW, what font did you use for the printable? I have seen it before and I love it but dont know what it is. Thanks for the info!

  59. Hahahah this post is practically perfect in every way! You nailed it!

  60. Okay, so I don’t know if you’ll respond, as in I don’t know if your a blogger who responds to your readers comments or not. I’ve been around both kind of bloggers. I’m sure we all have, I guess. ANYWAYS, I really was just curious where you found those roman brown blinds in your window? We have these doors with solid glass going down the middle of them and I think those would look really good!

  61. I’m printing out your Everybody Love Everybody print to use on the prayer table in my Sunday school class for 3-6 year olds. The message is so simple and it gets to the heart of what Jesus was all about. I think I will keep the fact that it’s a Will Farrell quote to myself, though. 🙂

  62. This is a shot in the dark kind of question… Do you happen to know the paint color on the wall? It’s exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks!!

    • Oh, and where to purchase… Home Depot, ACE, Lowes, Sherwin Williams… THANKS!!

    • Sure do! It’s Benjamin Moore Brittany Blue, but we had it color-matched to Valspar brand paint at Lowes.

      • OMG, you ROCK!! Total shot in the dark question and you were able to answer it! Awesome sauce!! Thank you!!!!!

  63. I really love it! And I actually love the fact that the light switch just blends in but I’m not the one using it haha. But I had to say…I love the “Everybody love everybody” printable! My husband is always telling my kids that when they are fighting haha.

  64. Any Chance... says:

    LOVE your EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY print. Thank you for sharing.

    I’d like to update it with our own family motto… any chance you could let me know what font you used, and do I have your permission to go ahead and photoshop for our own use?

    Love your blog, I think most of my “home” board is stuff pinned from you. . 😀

  65. I live in an apartment (5yrs). Finally I have pulled together the perfect art pics to hang but I also want to hang pics of family too. I have a very large family & 1 very LG anchor pic (art). It took me 2 yrs to pull the collection together. Sorted about 3,000 family pics down to 50. I’m now in process of arranging for the final hanging. The only 1 that’s up so far is the 38×27 pic. I put it in the center of the wall & almost to ceiling. (Everyone thought I was crazy, until they saw it). Now I can’t decide if I should finish that wall with similar pc’s of art or all family y pics or a mix. I have another wall 3/4 the size, also. Do I separate the art & family to each their own wall or do I mix & match? Advice would be appreciated! Thanks

  66. I gave up on the rules a long time ago!! My house my rules. I love it therefore it stays! <my rule!! 🙂

  67. That is more an Interior Decorator’s rule as well as a Real Estate Agent or Brokers rule that you should de personalize your home . Well I live in my home and it gives me great joy to see my family and friends faces on the walls and tables etc . It gives me a warm and happy feeling and that’s where they will stay.
    I love Gallery walls but I do add collector pieces in with them which adds more topics of conversation with guests etc . love your Do it yourself projects ,very cool !

  68. impressive


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