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DIY Precious Stone Knobs — Anthropologie Knock-offs for (MUCH) less

Guys, life has been SO HARD lately.

We built these jewelry drawers for my closet

And then I embarrassed myself in the last post when I made the velvet lining for the insides.

But all this time, when I wanted to open the drawers, I had to reach under them because there were no knobs. It was exhausting, y’all. I’m drained. You just don’t understand.

Several of you commented, worried about how I was opening the drawers. I thank you for your prayers during this difficult time. You’ll be relieved to know we’ve remedied the problem.
How to make Anthropologie Precious Stone Knobs knockoff

These precious stone knobs are probably not for everyone – that’s okay, I’m the only one who has to use them – but I wanted to do something different, and my only requirement was sparkle! I’m basically Liberace, at this point.

I was searching for cool knob ideas and found this one on Anthropologie:
I looked at the picture, thought “hmmm. That’s kinda cool and interesting. Definitely sparkly!” Then I looked at the price.



(Plus tax.)

I know what you’re wondering. From what I can tell, that does not include concierge service to install the knobs for you, and a handful of magic beans which grow money trees. That was my first thought, too.

After I had recovered from a massive dose of righteous indignation and confusion, I set off to make my own, and here’s how that went down.
Materials to make Anthropologie Precious Stone Knob Knockoffs

Materials Needed

  • One chunk of pyrite (aka “Fools Gold”). There are some pyrite chunks on ebay, or you can check your local rock shop, but my bud Caitlin has access to some pretty incredible gems, so she sent me these. They were $5 each. She just opened an etsy shop where she sells home decor stuff out of gems and agate now. Pretty gorgeous stuff.
  • Quick-set epoxy glue. This is the kind I used.
  • Screws. This is what we used. I don’t think there’s anything magical about that particular screw. It just looked like a good length and width.
  • A bowl of rice or beans. Or lentils, in my case. These are the lentils I used. (Ha! Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Um, this tutorial is kind of stupidly easy. Pour out the two sides of the epoxy glue and mix. (I just mixed it right on the back of the glue packaging with another part of the package I’d torn off.)
How to use epoxy glue to make your own knobs
Then put a healthy amount on the back of your pyrite chunk, stick the head of the screw in the glue and try to get the glue all around it. Then hold the screw in place until it sets, about five minutes.
How to make pyrite knobs (anthropologie knockoff)
…during which time, if you’re like me, you will have trouble sitting still, get distracted, move the screw around and generally almost ruin the whole project with your impatience.

When it starts to set a bit, put it in your bowl of rice/beans/lentils – where you can’t bother it anymore – to finish setting for 24 hours.
How to make knobs
This tutorial could also be called “How to make knobs out of anything.” Because you just glue a screw to something and it becomes a knob. Like magic!

Since we were working with brand new drawers, we had to find the center of the drawer, mark it off, and drill a hole for the screw.
Hey girl.
(He loves this stuff. I’m just here to make him happy.)

With the hole drilled, you just screw in the knob from the front and use one of the provided nuts on the inside of the drawer to hold ’em on.
DIY anthropologie knobs
Here’s how that mirror section is shaping up.
DIY closet

And this is where we’re headed:

The knobs cost me about $25 for all three. They weren’t the cheapest possible knobs, but I really like that they’re natural, unique, sparkly (!) and NOT $128.

(One twenty EIGHT. !!)

I think a version of these with amethyst geodes could be pretty incredible. (Someone please try that and send pics!)

Love these blingy knobs! So easy to make your own Precious Stone knobs, like Anthropologie's $128 version, for less!

And I’m so happy to report that the drawers are much easier to open now too. Whew! I can breathe again.

What’s the most ridiculous way you can think to spend $128?

P.S.: You can check out all my other knockoff projects here!

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  1. These knobs aren’t my jam, but they are clever and as long as you love them, they are a win! I really just wanted to comment to tell you that you are delightful! Thank you for providing some giggles with my coffee this morning!

  2. looks awesome!! $128 for a knob may be on of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard… I didn’t even pay that much for my COUCH (thank you Craigs List!). I’m excited about Caitlin’s shop too… I need to figure a way to work those agate slice hooks into my life. 🙂

  3. so cool and expensive looking!

  4. Love the knobs and glad that they do not cost $128! Because that is insane.

  5. HollowSquirrel says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEY LOVE LOVE. Seriously. You are genius. LOVE.

  6. Seriously?! $128?! And people actually BUY them? Please

    These look great!! *Looking around to see where I too can add precious stone*

  7. What’s the most ridiculous way I can think of to spend $128? On a single knob when I can make 5 for $25 🙂 I like!

  8. They are so awesome and I’m so jealous!

  9. Oh my goodness, I love these! I am totally stealing this idea! Thanks for the laughs this morning 🙂

  10. Love it! Great job!

  11. I want to meet these people that would actually pay $128 for a single knob. Do they know they can get, like, 3 entire dressers for that price on Craigslist, haha? These are really cute! It would have clicked right on past them on Anthro’s website thinking that there was no way to recreate it. So smart!

  12. Oh my gosh, they are SO fabulous!! I think you need a cute outfit from Anthro for the the $$ you saved! (Make that partial outfit!)

  13. Wow! These totally rock! I LOVE them! I love a little extra bling and these are perfect for your jewelry drawers. I am so jealous!

  14. This is so awesome! In fact your version looks so much better and more unique.

  15. This is awesome! What a great DIY and an amazingly beautiful finished project. So creative, Kelly!

  16. I am pretty sure that Jen needs to do this in her room. Like, immediately. 🙂

  17. I want to be your friend

    • Cindi – I agree, Kelly is a hoot! And smart. That is what I look for in friends (smart, funny, and basically a very good person to have around). Now we all need to move to the same state. I pick Washington cause that is where I live. 😉

  18. I love the knobs! But then I love anything different, and if it’s done as a way cheaper knock off of something you saw for sale somewhere else, I’d be high fiving you all over the place! I love the sparkle too! Very girly, and living with all men, It makes me dream of things to come if they ever move out! (hehe) $125.00 for a knob is C.R.A.Z.Y! Think i’m going to try to make 2 knobs I need for a dresser, and I want shiny sparkle too 🙂

  19. Did you use a washer on the back to hold them on? Just curious how they don’t pop out when you pull them. And gold isn’t my thing but I LOVE these!! Natural, pretty, and sparkly!

    • Thanks so much! Yep, the little bag of screws came with nut/washer things that you just screw on from the inside of the drawer, and they stay put.

  20. It looks amazing!! And I can’t get over those prices. I hope no. one. bought any! We just bought the agate ones from West elm on clearance but it was still a little painful!

  21. now i’m sad that there are no magic money growing beans. sigh, how i wish there were! these knobs look great, super diy.

  22. Well, they’re cute! Probably wouldn’t put them on my (non existent luxurious closet jewelry) drawers, but I’m sure they’ll be a stunning addition to the big beautiful picture. I can’t wait to see the closet finished! And I’ve also decided that aside from you just moving in and helping me redecorate from the ground up, your man needs to give my man a few lessons. Starting with power tools.

  23. Oh they turned out great!! How clever! I am excited to see the whole area come together!

  24. These are absolutely beautiful! Way to stick it to Anthro!

  25. I have had to retype this eleventy times because I could not seem to find an appropriate way to compliment your knobs. See what I mean? But yes. Love this!

    Also – at first I thought the bowl of lentils was the aforementioned magic beans. ha!

    • hahaha! Materials needed: Bowl of magic beans. Step one: Grow a money tree. Step two: buy anthro’s knobs. The end. 🙂

  26. Your knobs are so cool. You come up with the best economical and creative, while still beautiful, solutions! Although the Anthropologie knob is pretty, I don’t think I would have spent $128 for one knob either. Why, when yours look exactly like theirs for much, much less. At this price, you could have several different sets to change out as you desire. And you’re right, amethyst geode knobs would also be beautiful. I love Etsy (maybe too much, ha!), so I’ll have to check out your friend’s shop. Thanks a lot, Kelly. (Btw, I was glad when you got to the step for the use of the beans/lentils. At first I thought they were going to be a part of the knobs…lol).

  27. Love those knobs and their Liberace ways! Using a bowl of beans is such a good trick. I always make that kind of stuff harder on myself with some sort of complicated cardboard and tape set-up. I will remember the magic beans!

  28. Recently, I realized that the knob on my craft room closet door is the astrological signs. I had never looked closely as it was just ugly. But now that I realized it, I’m disturbed. Especially since I live in a parsonage! But I hadn’t found anything yet that made me excited to replace it. Whole new opportunities have been opened!!! (Let us know how they age, though. I think I can count on you not to be super gentle to them all the time. Which, of course, is irrelevant because I always handle things with grace, patience, and gentleness!)

  29. omg i almost fell off my chair when i read 128 PER KNOB. are you kidding me!?

    Yours are a spitting image too! sheesh.

  30. Um those are AWESOME! I love!

  31. Oh lady you make me laugh!
    And you are so creative – I love this knockoff – yours are 10x prettier!!!

  32. i LOOOOOVE these!!!!! amazing! sparkly and gorgeous- and your knobs are, too!

  33. Kelly they’re incredible! So sparkly and gorgeous! I’m so happy I could assist you in knocking off Anthro 🙂

  34. 128? are they made out of real gold nuggets? geez…
    When are you going to do the kids vs. white couch post? I need to pick out furniture and I’m still not sold on the idea, but I love how it looks! ARG. So tough.

  35. You are a RIOT.

  36. absolutely ingenius!

  37. Wow those are amazing! I love them!!

  38. Um, awesome.

  39. So pretty! And why the @#%$ would someone pay that much for a knob!? Wow. I’m so glad you came up with a much better solution. Now I need to go check out your friend’s shop. And send Andy over to work on my closet when he finishes yours!

  40. I love it Kelly! They look soooo good! I am so excited for Cailin’s new shop too 🙂 xo Kristin

  41. He hee! mad your groom… He is such a good sport? Really he sounds like a blessing.

  42. They’re so purdy! Love the shiny :). Way to find a way to make these on a budget, Kelly!

  43. I love them! Now you have my wheels turning about what I could make drawer pulls out of. I’m thinking I might refurbish a coffee table into a batman table for my fiances mancave and use actual batman as drawer pulls! Bahaha way too ridiculous.

  44. That is so clever. What a great idea Kelly!!! Love it. You had me stumped on the lentils at one point, but now I get it ! They are of course glue dryer holders 🙂 duh!!

  45. I think knobs are pretty much the most ridiculous way I can think of to spend $128. What?! Outrageous. I love your knock-off anyway, but even more because they cost so much less than that. It’s all moving along beautifully in there still!

  46. So Kelly, I read this on my phone this morning (which doesn’t include pictures.) When I finally clicked over this evening to see the gorgeousness, I gasped, because it was way more beautiful than my imagination made it out to be. And your knobs are much much much prettier than Anthropology’s. I’m so happy for you! (Which is probably code for I’m super jealous.) And I’m going to try it some time.

  47. These are sooo sparkly and pretty! Love this idea.

  48. June, I pick NC or GA. You will love it here. We will have tons fun together

  49. Love these! They turned out great and are so unique 🙂

  50. I want the geode goodness on my jewelry chest! You are just brilliant! Go girl, go!

  51. You are making the fanciest, sparkliest closet EVER. I love it!

  52. “Where you can’t bother it anymore”. The real key to the good result! It worked and the result is very nice looking. Your closet is shaping up beautifully.

  53. Love the knobs and how easy they were for you to make – now you have my wheels turning in searching for the materials to make the kind of knobs I want on our dressers in the bedroom (whenever I do get to decorating our room ; ) ). Thanks for sharing!

  54. Ooooo fancy! I kind of did a quick glance the first time I read it and thought you glued on lentils and sprayed them gold. I’m glad I was wrong!

  55. Those knobs came out awesome! I can’t believe anyone would even consider buying a knob for over $100! That’s just nuts!

  56. Caitlin L says:

    Come to think of it, both my couches were less than that knob, too!

    So my husband and I have a game we play in Anthropologie (his mom shops there sometimes and drags us along… I mind less than he does…) Anyway, we take turns holding up something and guessing the price, then laughing/enjoying righteous indignation. I showed him the knob and his first guess was $50, then $70, than $72, then $150.

    I am LOVING this closet, btw.

  57. This is brilliant. I’m an impatient reader when I’m at work (pesky day job) so I’m scanning the post and all I can think is “Lentils? Lentils?! How in the world did she make them look like that?!” They look great.

  58. LOVE THIS. Oh Anthro, such a tease- but yours look just as good if not better. I’m glad you survived this difficult time. Hehe. We have 2 pieces of furniture that need knobs, so I am using a screwdriver, fingernail tactic to open them. It’s rough. 😛

  59. What an awesome idea! They turned out great. I would totally spend $25 for 3 than $128 x3!!! Ouch! I cannot wait to see the finished product!

  60. $128 for a single drawer knob? Wow. I like me some high end stuff but…wow. Your idea is just as cute!

  61. I dig ’em. I’ve been eyeing some lovely geodes but had no idea how to use them…you have given me inspiration m’lady.

  62. I’d like to share a little dialogue that took place between my 11 year old daughter & me after reading your post. Daughter: “I love those! Can we make some of those?” Me: “You don’t have any drawers that you would need to make knobs for.” Daughter: “I know but, I like them! We could just have extra awesome knobs around and then when we need them, we have awesome knobs!”

    Great idea you had! Again, you’re a genius! And we both loved your pic & caption with Andy. You crack me up every time!

    • hahaha! Your daughter sounds like my kinda girl. You never know when you’ll have a knob-mergency and you’ll be so glad you had these. 🙂

  63. Awesome knockoff, my friend! And as usual, your commentary had me in stitches! You are the best. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Miss Kelly!

    ~Abby =)

  64. Saja Montague says:

    These are wonderful! And you used a glue that I really, really like cuz it lasts forever. I would add one this – I usually mixed the two sides of the glue on a left over cat food can lid. At the time, I had lots of cats & lots of tins, but any kind of metal lid will do & will also allow you to re-read directions, if you happen to forget them like I do. I really love following your blog! It’s so much fun!

  65. I’m so glad I found your blog! This totally seems like something I would do and would write about. I’ve been on an anthro knock-offs kick for like a 6 weeks now. Your knobs are amazing. (That felt weird even as I typed it…)

  66. I LOVE this idea. I fully intend to start looking for unusual materials for drawer pulls. This is great and I love the look of your knobs! But I have to tell you, just reading your post even without this wonderful idea is hilarious!! You could easily be a comedian if you don’t want to blog! I laughed all the way through it! Great! Just great! Keep it up!

  67. Anthropologie owe you an apology!!!! their nobs doesnt even look nice, I thought it was foil crushed together….man, seriously ))))
    Your nobs look so much better and more precious.

  68. I feel like several things have gone wrong since discovering this website and pouring through it all day (whoopsie, work.) One, I now have about 20 things I want to do to my house (my husband will be SO pleased.) TWO, and the WORST one, I had NO IDEA Anthropologie had a home section and now I’m just sitting here drooling over everything and wondering which body part to sell for it all. I’m also wondering who the person is that’s spending $128 a pop on a knob. Yours are beautiful by the way!

  69. You make me laugh. All your posts makes me laugh. This….had me spurting water put of my mouth laugh….I’m in public.

    Oh…gorgeous DIY knobs btw. Humbly agree…One should not spend more than 5-10 dollars for ONE knob! Unless it is like…Diamond knobs…on your fingers. And used on anyone who disagrees.

  70. I LOVE these. And I found this tutorial on Pinterest! What size were the pieces you used? I can’t get a grasp for how large they would measure? I’m trying to order some fool’s gold and am looking on ebay but I’m not sure what size pieces to look for!

    Thank you!

  71. I may have missed this somewhere, but about how big are your pyrite chunks? I love this idea!! You are so creative.

  72. I love these! Also- the etsy shop StructureMinerals has fabulous chunks of rocks & minerals for really reasonable prices. All different colors & sizes & email them if you don’t see what you want.

  73. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this tutorial. Genius! I adore quirky drawer pulls but they always cost a fortune.

    My boyfriend is not going to be happy I found this post because all of our cabinets are about to get pretty crazy.


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