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*Girly-Glam Closet Makeover REVEAL!*

Y’ALL! I’m SO EXCITED about this day!! I have a new favorite place in the entire planet, and you are invited to come party with me there.

It’s my newly updated closet, which suddenly feels like a sketchy and awkward place for a party, but it’s nothing you and I can’t overcome together. I promise not to be too shady and creepy while I gently fondle my new wallpaper and grope the chandelier.

I know, I know — shut up and show the pictures!

REWIND. This is what it looked like before, when I set aside my pride, put a picture of me in my pajama pants on the interwebs and JUNK GOT REAL.

These are the little plans you and I made together in this post:

And – EEEK! I can’t even talk. Just LOOK.
Stunning DIY closet on a budget! So many DIY ideas to copy and transform your own closet!

*(Excitedly jumping up and down while you look)*
Gorgeous DIY closet with a million ideas you can use in your own space! Beautify your closet on a real budget!

Did you SEE that? It was real.
Stunning DIY closet makeover on a small budget -- check out all these ideas you can copy in your own home!

I can’t even handle it, guys. I can’t. I’m just in a giant pool of excitement-slash-exploding-brains from it all. There are no words for how happy and thankful I am for this teensy little slice of ultra-feminine heaven.

The original plan was to smash as much girliness into these few square feet as the universe could possibly handle, and to create organization and function where there was none. NONE. The disorganization wasn’t my fault: it was the closet’s fault.

Let’s dig in and talk details, starting with the right side of the closet.
Stunning DIY closet on a budget! So many DIY ideas to copy and transform your own closet!

We built the shelving (see how to do that here), painted it all Benjamin Moore Atrium White, and created this little vanity area for jewelry storage.
DIY closet on a REAL budget! Come see the rest of the pics and get ideas to steal for your own space!

I searched high and low for a mirror to fit those exact dimensions, then – true story – I dug under my bed and found this mirror that I’d bought from a yard sale years ago for $1. One fat dollar. And it fit perfectly!
A million creative closet ideas! Check out the jewelry storage inspiration for your own house!

The clutches are kickin’ back in a clear plastic letter sorter. Gets the job done!

Here’s the jewelry situation. We screwed little hooks on each side of the mirror for necklaces.
Jewelry storage ideas and inspiration -- do this yourself on a tiny budget!

And we built the drawers below (see how we built them here!), lined them with velvet (here’s the post on how to make velvet lining for almost nothing!), and added the DIY precious stone knobs that are a knock-off of Anthropologie’s $128 (per knob!) version.
DIY jewelry storage! See how to make your own velvet-lined drawers AND the knobs!

DIY precious stone knobs, like Anthropologie's $128 version but for MUUUCH less!

Under the vanity area, we made a space for purses with some shower curtain hooks on a closet rod. (I don’t love these particular shower curtain hooks; I’m on the hunt for some better ones.)
Create purse storage with shower curtain hooks! Check out all the creative closet ideas at this link!

I switched out all my mismatched plastic hangers for wood, and it took my whole life up a notch or seven. Don’t look now, but I might be a real grown-up now! (Wait, nope. Nevermind.)
Switch out your plastic hangers for wood, and you won't believe how fancy your closet feels all the sudden!

I shopped all over for the best deal for wood hangers and the cheapest I could find was Ikea, where they’re 50 cents each. I bought these at Target when they had a sale that knocked them down to just over 50 cents each. (Ikea is an hour away, so I was cool with paying a couple extra bucks for these.)

I limited myself to three boxes of 25 hangers, and it was a perfect excuse to purge my clothes down to what fits me right now today at the exact size I am. (No more storing the just-in-case-I-gain-weight clothes, or the maybe-someday-I’ll-look-like-that-again clothes.)
Dying over this gorgeous DIY closet, done on a budget, with tons of REAL ideas you can use in your own house!

You guys get to take credit for that wallpaper – it’s Anthropologie Watercolor Peony Wallpaper which we got for about half price – because you helped me decide, and for that, I owe you an extra squishy hug!

…unless you’re not a huggy person, in which case I will just nod in your general direction from a safe distance.

Here are all the details on the (shockingly easy) wallpaper installation!

I found this little vintage horse hook on ebay…
Vintage horse hook!
Isn’t he such a charmer? So much personality in that little face. I have a crush on him.

I made this print (and you can get it free right here!). It’s from a Bible verse which says “Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience… And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”
Perfect art for a closet: 'Put on Love,'from the bible verse in Colossians,

I thought it was a fun reminder for the room where I clothe myself — to remember to “put on love” above all else. But you should probably still wear actual clothes too.

DIY crystal chandelier

That’s a DIY.
DIY crystal chandelier!! ADORE.

After my big fat chandelier fail, I’m thrilled to have this happy ending! I basically die over any amount of SPARKLE, so this just tickles every little piece of the inside of my soul, and I will love it until the end of my days. Click here for the tutorial – it only took about an hour to make!

Now to the left side!
Gorgeous DIY girly-glam closet makeover on a tiny budget! Check it out!

This is where most of the functional storage is happening.
Loving this DIY closet makeover! Come check out all the inspirational ideas to steal for your house!

I have all my out-of-season clothes in those baskets, so I can finally have all my clothes inside the closet, in one place. It’s life-changing.

We made a little slide-out scarf organizer on one of the walls:
DIY slide-out scarf organizer! (Plus TONS of DIY closet organization ideas and inspiration!

My scarves are so happy in their new home. Seriously, they will NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT.
DIY slide-out scarf organizer!

We did a similar thing on the other side of the closet with belts:
DIY slide-out belt organizer

Read all about how to make your own scarf or belt holder here!

This is a terrible photo, but I can’t figure out a good way to show you this. We actually installed some LED light strips in the shoe shelves, so whenever I turn on the chandelier, the shoe area lights up.
DIY shelf lighting!
It was really cheap and easy! We used the same lighting we used for our DIY office bookshelves, and I’ll have more details on this – you guessed it! – in an upcoming post soon.

All my old, grody flip flops I’ve had since college — (Ugh! Why do I still have these? Why do I still wear these?! Why did I just CONFESS that I still wear them?!!) — are hanging out in these little folder box things I got from the Target dollar spot. (Is that a folder box? I don’t even know.)
Great idea for flip flop storage! Keep them in a folder box -- and check out the other AWESOME DIY closet ideas at this post!

I put lots of little hooks everywhere because, well, obviously, right? Who needs reasons for this?
Epic DIY closet makeover, with tons of great ideas!

I’ve had the closet complete for less than one day now, and I can already tell my world has been rocked all over the place. It is SO FUN to get dressed in this little room!
Check out this amazing DIY closet makeover on a real budget!
If I ever go missing for several hours at a time, I’m probably just sprawled out on the floor of my closet eating chocolate-covered strawberries, sighing happily and composing poems to it, which I then recite from under a giant pile of scarves and ten-year-old flip flops.

Let’s talk dollas, baby. Rough cost estimates:

The total came to about $400, a quarter of which was the splurgey wallpaper purchase. I’m totally thrilled with that — you’d spend many times that on just the custom closet organizer – on one wall – without any of the fun extras, decorations, chandelier, etc.

This easily tops my laundry room as my most favorite room we’ve ever done, and if we ever move, I’ll probably just rip this whole closet off the studs and stuff it into a moving box. Reasonable? (Just say yes.)

Should we have one more quick look at the befores-and-afters? If you insist.

Left side:

LOVE!! Make over your closet on a budget -- check out the inspirational ideas in this post!


TONS of budget-friendly closet makeover ideas you can steal for your house! Check out this post!

Right side:

Make your dream closet on a tiny budget!! Check out these ideas to transform your own house!

So — closet party! Who’s coming? I’ll bring the chocolate-covered strawberries! And the poetry!

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  1. As someone without a closet, let me be the first to swoon over this closet! OMG!!!!! The wallpaper makes it. And that chandy! and those knobs! and the storage!

    • Thank you! (You have NO closet?! I’ll share!)

    • What are the dimensions of your closet? It appears to be walk in, is it? I have two “long” skinny closets in my bedroom which are parallel to each other. They probably are the depth of the length of my arm (if that). I did have a closet makeover done years ago, not with fancy materials like yours. But I wish I knew how to make them more functional. I love your drawers, but don’t have the room. Love, love, love what you did. I wonder if there is a way to do more with mine. I dont’ have room for wood hangers. I started using the “huggable” type hangers as they take up little room. But they don’t make them with clips, or my problem is skirts and pants.

  2. Wow! Love how it all turned out, Kelly! There’s something about all of those wood hangers that makes it all feel so intentional and unified. <> 🙂 Looks great!

  3. Love, love, love the closet. And also love that theoretically, you could also have a sip of scotch while picking out scarves!! 🙂

  4. Awesome!!!!!!!! So pretty and organized. I cant wait for your diy posts on the different elements!! What is illuminating the room, as I can’t tell if the chandy is on?

    • Thanks so much! I have some photography lights in there so I could take pics with the chandy off. When it’s on, it just looks like a glowing orb in the photos and you can’t really see it at all, so I brought in some other lights for illumination. Normally I like to just use natural light in my photos, but the lack of windows made me get creative!

  5. Move over-I want to come in and party, too! It’s BEAUTIFUL Kelly!

  6. Aaaahhhhh! This is just so BEAUTIFUL 🙂
    I love love love the closet. Perfect mix of girliness and functionality; In love with the little art you made Kelly. So simple yet means so much!
    I’m in for the closet party 😀

  7. Freaking awesome!!!!!!

  8. I don’t want to alarm you, but if you wake one morning to find your closet is mysteriously gone, don’t worry–it’s just come to visit me at my house. FOREVER AND EVER.

    Also, this confirms to me that I need wallpaper in my house, like yesterday.

    BEAUTIZFUL <——- I typed that so quickly it got an extra Z, but I left it because it seemed appropriate somehow.

  9. I’m in love! Now if only I could convince my husband we should finish our closet before any other room in the house. And get him to put his drum set and gun safes and clothes somewhere else. Sigh. I really can’t decide between the drawer pulls and the wallpaper for my favorite part! Beautiful.

    • Yes to all of this! We just moved into up a fixer upper so I’m guessing the closet isn’t high on his list. Thankfully this house has an office where he has moved his guns/gun safe to. So glad I don’t have to see it anymore! 🙂

  10. Oh my WORD!!!!!!!!! Love love love it, it is amazing. You guys did such an amazing job! All those little touches are just perfect. The horse head…awesome. I think I will be avoiding the sight of my own closet for several days just to limit the shellshock after viewing your gorgeous one! : )

  11. *swoon*

  12. Your closet looks to be about the same size and shape of mine, and it is gorgeous! I love it! And wow, you did it all for a great chunk of change! I am so jealous right now!

  13. Holy smokes, it’s incredible! And I CANNOT believe that chandy was a DIY. Can’t wait for that post!

    Now I’m off to gaze at the pics again. Don’t mind the stranger who is a leeetle too attached to your closet.

  14. Is it weird that I was really excited to see this post in my reader? It looks fabulous! I’ll bring some extra chocolate covered strawberries…we wouldn’t want to run out!

  15. Hot glam girl! 😉 you are so spoiled now. And shut the front door over your lighted shoe shelving. Seriously! I can’t take the luxury! I’M SOOOOOOO JEALOUS!

  16. Whoa. this is seriously impressive! I’m really glad you went for it with the wallpaper, because it’s PERFECT!

  17. OK now….. if a laundry room gets you a page, this should get you a cover. I’m not one to swoon and be awe struck easy, however Mrs. M., I love your closet. Fantastic job. When we party I am probably guaranteed a spot in the corner which I prefer, since space is limited.

    • If you’re a wallflower at parties (which I somehow don’t believe, not even for a second), you can take the spot back behind the clothes, and just peer out at everyone else from over the hangers.

  18. YOU GO GIRL, This is seriously so awesome I can’t even stand it! I’m so happy for you to have this gorgeous, organized, girly place to bedazzle yourself 🙂

  19. That wallpaper is soooo worth the splurge!! I’m coming over to get dressed in there now. Wait, I’ll come over with clothes on, yeah, that’s a better idea. Love it. Nice work to you and Andy!

  20. I do not have enough adjectives to describe how AWESOME this turned out! You guys did a kick butt job!! Now…care to help me with mine? 🙂

  21. Maybe you said & I missed it…where does your husband hang his scarves & other manly stuff 🙂 Seriously, we’re about to renovate our SHARED closet which kinda presents another set of issues. We’re on the hunt for lighting so cannot wait for reveal on yours’. Confession: Last week, I saw some thing at Hobby Lobby with those gold mounted crystals and stood around a bit trying to figure out your chandy sneak peak. Closet is fabulous–ideas worth stealing–Pinterest worthy!

    • haha! Thank you so much! My husband has a separate (much smaller) closet, so his boy-things don’t have to spill over into my girl-space. Maybe if you make your shared closet extra girly, he’ll slowly surrender the whole space to you. 🙂

  22. this is SO inspiring to me because my closet is similarly sized and shaped and mine is awful!!! i am loving this so so so so so and one more big SO much.

  23. What a lovely dressing room!

  24. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I can’t stop looking at the pictures! Could I just sit in there, for maybe a half hour, and just feel totally happy? It’s soooo pretty I can totally relate to your poetry, chocolate covered strawberry closet time! Going to drool a little more at the pictures now, *sigh*

  25. Magnifique !! I love it ! And this wallpaper !! And the drawer knobs ! The mirror, and the wood hangers… I love EVERYTHING in this closet !
    I have a closet too, a slightly bigger one, but unfortunately it’s not MY closet, it’s OUR closet, so we went for more neutral colors, and no sparkly details !
    One little thing, though : I think now you should chose your clothes so they match the colors of your wallpaper :o) !

    • haha! Yes, I totally agree. I’m only buying clothes if they look pretty hanging in the closet. I love the way you think! 🙂

  26. Phenomenal! Fabulous! I’m just in awe! It’s stunning! And your budget…even better!! The wallpaper sooooo pulls it all together…and I typically loathe wallpaper…so that’s saying a lot! 🙂

    And can I just LOVE on your art work for a minute! “Put on love.” I love that verse, love that artwork, love your closet, love, love, LOVE! Congrats, and enjoy!!! 🙂

  27. Arlene Saldivar says:

    I have to be honest – I never would have chosen anything you did. Your taste is completely different from mine. BUT if I ever found a house for sale with THAT closet, I’d buy it just for the closet! I LOVE the finished product!!!!

  28. Kelly,
    Well, well, well you have hit this one out of the park. Sorry, but this is the closet of a grown up. Own it girl! I have been avoiding my closet for far too long. Today you have inspired me. This closet is like functional art. Really thank you, after this long, dreary winter I haven’t even wanted to decorate.GASP! I was ready to turn to vodka, but your closet has done the trick. Look out Marshall’s, Anthro and Target here I come. A+ post

  29. This update could not have come at a WORSE time for me. (or for my husband, I should say). We just finished an exhaustive kitchen remodel, where I swore on the grave of my childhood cat, Ernie, that I was done — nay, FOREVER FINISHED — with room remodels at our house. And then you just had to go and post this. And the wallpaper??? I died. Everything is gorgeous! Do you just hide in there? Cuz I have two little boys and I am pretty sure if this was my closet that door would have a lock on it!! Man, all the dear diary moments you could have in there…

    Seriously, bravo!!! So beautiful.

    • Thank you! And congrats (and my sentiments?) on your kitchen remodel. I know exactly what you mean! Yes, I will be spending all of my time locked in the closet with my diary. lol. Your kids must be close in age to mine. 🙂

  30. I’ve been waiting on this post…and as I thought I now have the absolute worst case of closet envy. It’s amazing!

  31. Perfection!! Can’t wait to hear more about the print you made. I need one!

  32. Tana Ryan says:

    OH MY GOSH. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. WHAT THE HECK. I think I have tears. This is … this is … I’m not sure the word has been invented. I die. I laugh. I cry. ♥ ♥ ♥

  33. I LOVE your closet and am so impressed! I would kill for that kind of organized AND girly space! We did a custom closet install in our shared master closet last year and while I like it okay, it is not NEAR as attractive or functional as yours. And it cost much more- I shudder to say how much more. Sigh…I want your wallpaper and jewelry and purse storage!

  34. My closet is on my list and this is such an inspiration!!! LOVE it!!

  35. Sigh… you had me at closet reveal… althought chocolate dipped strawberries also work all by their lonesome. The journey was fun (for us to watch without having to actually DO any of the work) but the reveal was EPIC.

  36. Wow, Kelly, this is GORGEOUS! I have been wishing I could afford to re-design my closet like this, and now I know that I can! I can’t wait to see the rest of the posts about this!

  37. Jawdroppingly fabulous. Truly.

  38. LOVE IT! simply chic!

  39. gorge! it doesn’t even look like there’d be room in there to do all you did.

  40. Kristin Royalty says:

    Gorgeous! Seriously jealousy coming through the computer right now from me to you. I have to tell you that you are absolutely one of my top 3 favorite bloggers. Super funny, happy without being disgusting and honest. Love it, keep it up and thank you!

  41. Holy smokes! Fantastic work. Loooove it! Truly enjoyed your step by step post on how you did each element. Helps me think about how to tackle my closet –
    Now I feel bad about my closet. It’s overcrowded with clothes and I can’t find anything to wear! You and Andy are inspiring!

  42. Ummmmm- stop it with this gorgeousness. I love it!! Will you pretty please come transform my closet into something this beautiful? I will pay you in sparkles and unicorns 🙂 This is amazing and I look forward to reading how you made that chandy because it is AWESOME. 🙂

  43. What a dream closet! It looks great! You have inspired me to redo my walk in closet (which looks a tad too much like your before picture)!

  44. Meh. … … Kidding! 🙂 It’s great. Lurve the wallpaper. Have been anxiously awaiting the reveal and can’t wait for the follow-up posts. While I was waiting, you inspired me with your office built-ins (a project I’m about to farm out as there is not enough time to DIY these days). I had a couple of questions about that. How are you liking your cupboard latches? And how do you feel about the MDF? I want pained built-ins and it seemed like a good choice for a really smooth finish but I didn’t want things to feel cheap. Thanks so much for any info you can give! Love, love the closet. Like someone else said, totally a grown-up’s closet.

    • Ha! Thanks so much. I’m still really happy with the cabinet latches and the MDF. It doesn’t feel cheap to me at all. It’s heavy and thick, not like flimsy particle board, so I honestly can’t tell the difference between it and expensive plywood once it’s painted. Good luck with your built-ins!

  45. This is truly exceptional. You had a great vision and worked so hard! I am proud of you…. Can I say that? Now can you come and give me a hand with my closet? Also, totally jealous you don’t have to share a closet! Can’t wait for the DIY chandelier post… I can’t believe it!

  46. Girl, that’s just a dream! Your organization rocks and it’s beautiful as well. Score! I have a tiny closet (hubby is relegated to another room). Yes, our closets are a pain but after all the REST of my DIY projects that’s on the list! You did a great job, Kelly!

  47. oh WOW! I am so so jealous, it is FANTASTIC. The chandy and the jewelry storage are awesome. This really makes me want to rip everything out of my closet and start again. I might need to. Now. I think that’s an appropriate use of a sick day at work…

  48. wow. just wow.

    I have to admit, I didn´t think it would be so SO nice at the end! I thought, you mass it all up at the latest when you put the clothes back.

    But you even color coordinated your clothes!

    I apologise for underestimating your decorating skills. Now I´d just like to hear that famous poetry! 😀

  49. Such an amazing transformation Kelly! I loooooove all the customization. Your vanity are is fabulous. Your storage ideas are pretty genius. I can’t believe you accomplished it all under $500! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  50. I am so jealous. It turned out beautifully. Can I come live in your closet? Or is that just weird to ask? 🙂

  51. Stop it. Just stop it!!!!
    I’m swooning. Gasping.
    Ok….ok….. I’m JEALOUS!!!
    Soooo happy for u 🙂

  52. SHOWER CURTAIN HOOKS! Check Ross and TJ Maxx and Marshall’s…I got some nice S shaped ones for my necklaces at Ross.
    That being said, your closet is magnificent!! My favorite part is the vanity! And jewelry storage! And purse rod! And shoe racks! And chandy! And….! Nice job! 🙂

  53. In another house. In another life, I had a closet with similar features and it was wonderful to dress in. I know that you are going to enjoy this every time you dress. You did a great job.

  54. LOVE it! I dream about having a real walk in closet someday. One question, where do you hang your longer dresses?

  55. I die. This is just TOO FRIGGIN’ GOOD!!!!!!!

    {I now hang my head in shame at my ridiculous closet…womp, womp.}

  56. That is just spectacular! I love everything but especially the cute little details such as the horse hook and the ornate mirror. If that was my closet, I would just spend all day standing in there staring at it, LOL! Great job.

  57. I LOVE IT! I’m so glad you went with the peony wallpaper; although my favorite part is the jewelry station. We haven’t started our closet makeover yet, but this is so inspirational!

  58. KELLY!!!!! I think your girly glam closet has officially taken over as my favorite project of yours. I want to live in your closet. It’s so pretty and so functional. Best combination EVER. I love the print that you made and the inspiration for it. And the chandelier! OMG. I can’t wait to see that tutorial. It’s perfection. You totally nailed it. I am beyond inspired to makeover our master closet now. It’s very reminiscent of your “before” photos.

  59. Kelly, my friend, one word, WOW!

  60. Wow! I mean WOW! It’s absolutely gorgeous!! I have an idea for your next project…how about creating a guest room in your house with a closet that looks just like this one for MEEEEE! ???? No? You don’t want a total stranger living in your house? (I would have to bring along the husband & kiddos. So make that 6 strangers.) 🙂

    Seriously though, well done friend.

  61. Wow! You proved me wrong with the wallpaper for sure! I am not a wallpaper fan, but the end result speaks for itself. I love everything! I will revisit your posts someday when the time comes to renovate our closets.
    You’re so open & honest, I would have never guessed you are a closet drinker…not so much anymore, though, since you just posted it on the internet! 🙂

  62. I mean… seriously. My favorite: The wall hook. The mirror. The CHANDELIER… It really is diamonds, isn’t it?!?. The stool (I want to be friends with that stool).

    Also, what snacks should I bring for when we hang out in your closet? Is pie okay? Or a cobbler. Maybe a cobbler would be best. Kthanksbye.

  63. Very cute! Very girlie! Love it! I can’t wait to see how you made the chandy. You guys are so creative!!

  64. Oh my GOSH Kelly!! I have no words…really! It is just amazing to the hundredth degree! And how crazy it looks so much bigger now!! My closet looks just like your before …and about the same size. My husband and I have been going over and over and over on how to re-do it. It is next on our list! I can’t take the mess and disorganization (it’s definitely the closet’s fault! 😉 ) any longer…and now seeing yours I want to do it NOW. 🙂

    Every single detail….beeeeutiful!!

  65. Deneen@dreaming-n-color says:

    WOW!! Great job. Love the wallpaper and all of the fun gadgets to make everything functional.

  66. I love your closet, amazing transformation!!

  67. It’s absolutely gorgeous!! Wow. I am dying to hear more about that print and the chandelier (I’d buy both from you in an instant). Also, would you mind sharing where you got that cute little woven stool? Congrats again on another beautiful room!

  68. Cameron Moore says:

    Oh my gosh Kelly. Obsessed. Obsessed. I LOVE how girly it is. The pink…the sparkle. Stop it. I know Andy is jealous now/will probably put antlers in his closet. Tucking this away for hopefully future closet one day…. You are amazingly talented and creative! Love love love it! hug the babies for me.

  69. Amazing! And so pretty. New closets are awesome. I love all the little details you included like the hooks for the belts and such.

    I can tell you that we got a professional closet installed like yours with all those things and it cost us four times what you paid 🙂 Go DIY!

  70. The chandy, the chandy, I really need that chandy!

    That is seriously the most fun, functional and pretty closet I’ve ever seen!

    • Thank you so much! The chandy is actually a pretty simple project, took us a couple hours!

      • Carmen Porche says:

        I love the chandy and went to that site and they have it in silver(my bathroom fixtures are all in brush nickel!) So I’m probably going to order one but it doesn’t let me order on line!? Did you have to use their PDF order form or did you call them?

  71. It looks soooooo amazing. You are a decorating goddess. Love that little nook for jewelry! And I’d like to officially submit my RSVP for that party–I’m coming, as sketchy as it sounds.

  72. Love it! I redid my closet a few years ago and love going in there!!!

  73. AWESOME job! I love this! I’m so jel of all the little nooks and crannies of organization! and of all your necklaces! 🙂

    • Thanks! Seriously, I was shocked at how many necklaces I have. I had no idea what jewelry I owned, so when I pulled it all out, it was like, “Oh HEYYY little necklace! Hey friend! I forgot about YOU!” over and over. Total jewelry reunion.

  74. How are the rest of us supposed to go on living our normal lives with sub-par, before-picture closets???!!!! Seriously, you are such an inspiration and it turned out beyond gorgeous!!!! Absolutely love it!

  75. Wonderful, beautiful space! My closet is the size of a postage stamp. … Thank you for sharing

  76. Oh dear God! I don’t even know what to comment on first! The storage, the mirror, the chandelier, the pull out hooks, the bags on shower curtain hooks, the wall paper. I think my favorite thing is the bible verse! Will definitely be incorporating that in my closet! Amazing job!

    • Thanks so much Keitha! I’ll have a free printable for that in an upcoming post so you can just steal that one if you want. 🙂

  77. Stephanie says:

    SWOON. Quick – help me convince my husband to let me copy this closet to a T in our new home. Please. Thank you.

  78. Wowzers! What a castle! I have ONE piece of jewelry: my wedding ring. But I may get more now, just so I can hang glitter in my closet. That is girlie girl utopia!

  79. Amazing job!

  80. nice job Kelly! my favorite part is the simple scripture based art, a nice perspective reminder, because ultimately it’s just clothes and a closet (so remember to put on love). but that wallpaper is lovely too. and that light fixture…you and Andy should seriously go into the light fixture making business between the laundry room light and your closet light fixture…so much better and more affordable than a lot of stuff out there.

  81. Wow! wow!Wow! Your closet is gorgeous. i would have never guessed you DIYed that chandelier. Amazing. I am still in the planning stage of my closet. I may have to steal your slide out scarf and necklace racks. I was planning on buying some but why do that when I can spend hours making my own right 🙂 Love your closet and so jealous mine isn’t even started.

  82. Um, congratulations?! Seriously, for some reason that seems in order. Can I move in? To your closet? I’m in love with it too! The wallpaper is perfection and I’m so glad you went with it. Can’t wait to see all the tutorials coming…no pressure 😉 Oh, and that mirror! Isn’t it the best when something you already own is the most perfect thing you need? $1? Get out. I would love to do something like this but hubby and I will be sharing a closet. Perhaps I can make it 1/2 girly? Oh well, it’s several years down the road, we are working on our very old house so our closet is not high on the list now. Awesome job Kelly and Andy!

  83. It’s gorgeous! Why is that closet door still there? Cause obviously you would never want to cover the closet up!

  84. OMG…..I LOVE IT!!!! Girl! This is so beautiful and so functional and so gorgeous!! That wallpaper and light NAILS it. I’m glad your other one didn’t work out- this light is way better! 😀 And I am dying that the mirror was only $1. Wow!!!

  85. *
    (falls off chair)

    To. Die. For.

  86. now THIS is a closet to die for! Happy and Dreamy! and I want all of your jewelry too! so many necklaces!!

  87. It looks amazing!! I love the sheepskin rug and woven stool. In some way I can’t explain, they totally glamour-up the chandelier and mirror. Girl, you’ve got some cute clothes, too! Does getting dressed in a beautiful room help you feel purdy in the mornings? ‘Cause that’s what I struggle with. In the mornings, EVERYTHING I OWN looks horrible on me (in my mind’s eye).

    If you keep making your house so pretty, you’re never going to be able to move!

  88. Annie Ozinga says:

    I LOVE every last detail to your new closet!!!! Fantabulous job!! Wish I could hire you to do mine!! lol Love the “verse” too!! and the jewelry area ~ seriously all of it!! 🙂

  89. Oh man! Kelly!!! I love every inch! So well thought out 🙂 xo Kristin

  90. I AM DYING over this closet. I’ve wanted that wallpaper ever since I came across it on pinterest a few months ago. Wish I could talk the hubby into it (and the crazy price tag). But everything else is so phenomenal too. I’m pinning this so I can go back and drool over in until I have a closet I can do that to!

  91. It looks awesome! I am glad you went with the white fluffy rug. My girls have it in the dressing part of their room and love the fluff on their toes 🙂

  92. I want to live in your closet! My closet looks much like your before pictures…my poor husband, he has no idea that he is about to redo ours!

  93. Awesome! Inspiring! Love it! The chandelier has got to be my favorite. It must be so much fun chosing what to wear every day!

  94. Oh MY Gawd, I LOVE it!! That wallpaper is GORGEOUS {as I knew it would be} and you guys thought of every single detail! I’m already brainstorming for a place to install that scarf storage thingy! I also can’t wait to see how on earth that chandelier is a DIY ??! XO

  95. Omg Kelly you’re a closet whisperer! Can you come over and clone it into my closet please?!

  96. Gorgeous! I love love love the wallpaper. The whole thing is stunning!

  97. SHUT UP! Oh em gee. That is the most beautiful closet in the world/universe. I just took all our clothes out of our walk-in so I can have a studio to sew more clothes. Yep. I’m a designer who shares a tiny closet with my husband. It’s so not right. I’m super jealous right now and even though we plan on moving soon, I am now wanting to fancify my closet studio!

  98. If Heaven were a girls only zone, it would look EXACTLY like this. I may have let out a squeal when I saw first right side pic. Thank goodness I’m home alone with only the dog to wonder what the heck is wrong with me! Everything about this closet is PERFECTION! Great job!

  99. Oh stop it!!!! This is beyond fabulous and I’m just dying over your beautiful new space! That chandelier…cannot wait to see how you made that one 🙂

  100. Brittany K. says:

    one word..AMAZING! Im dying to redo our master walk in and i think this was the inspiration i needed to get the creative juices going. thank you and i cant wait to hear all the dirty details on everything! haha

  101. This. is. awesome!!! I think I’ll abandon all of my current projects and redo my own closet now. Love, love, love it!

  102. Ashley H. says:

    Oh jeez, I would live in there…the boy could have the rest of the house to himself and I would not care one bit. It’s. So. Beautiful. Want another ugly closet to make beautiful? I will gladly donate mine!

  103. Gorgeous Kelly! Love it!

  104. I have so much closet envy right now. You are a superstar!

  105. Whaaaat?!?! This is amazing. Here are my favorites! Purse storage (that doesn’t leave the purses smooshed)! The print (want one)!!! And, the slide out belt and scarf holders.

  106. Oh what dont I love about this?? It just kept getting better. I love the knobs. Fab. I love the chandy. Super fab. I love the scarf hanger. Just wow. Excellent job!

  107. Yep….It’s crazy awesome! Every little detail down to those knobs are fabulous and now you have me wanting to get out the sledgehammer and smash our closet to bits just so I have a reason to redo ours tomorrow ;o) My husband thanks you…

    P.S. You would definitely NOT want to see me dressed in just LOVE, but I absolutely need that print! Please tell me you’re doing a printable? I want it 🙂

    • HA! Yes, I’ll have a free printable for you. Maybe I’ll add a line below it that says, “And clothes.”

  108. GAHHHH! KELLYYYY!!! I knew it would be gorgeous, but seeing it all done is making me all giddy. That wallpaper, I die! That horse head! That CHANDY!! The lighted shoe rack?! Genius. I love it all. Functional and beautiful! It has been so fun talking closets together and seeing our spaces come together the few months. xoxo, Sharon

  109. Kelly! What an AWESOME transformation! Isn’t it funny how we save rooms like the laundry room or closets (or in my case) craft room for last since no one else sees them, but then those rooms end up being our favorites? The ones that make us giddy-happy?

  110. you’ve outdone yourself this time, lady! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  111. Is that a real-life place?!? It all looks so amazing!! And girly! And happy! I’m crying tears of mom-den joy for you! Can’t wait to see how you made that awesome sliding storage.

  112. Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful cupboards I have seen as a DIY! So inspired, it looks wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to get dressed everyday and choose from your accessories! Love the mirror and how you have your jewellery displayed, very jealous. Nice job!

  113. The next knock at your door is me with the strawberries. You can have the cute stool; I’ll sit on the rug. It turned out FAB. Can’t wait to read more about the chandy.

  114. Absolutely stunning!!! I’m utterly amazed at how your closet turned out! I can’t get over how much creative thought and functional details you put into the plan. The uniformity of the hangers, the slide-outs for the belts and scarves, the Chandy, the wallpaper, the horse hook, the framed print, the stool, the rug…oh, I could go on and on! My absolute favorite is your jewelry station with the beautiful mirror. You’ve definitely got it going on, girl!

    P.S.-I’m also loving your Hermes purse!

  115. Wow! Closet party invite accepted! We are prepping to move to a new home and have a closet that needs an organizer. I’m now officially inspired to try and DIY that bad-boy! Fantastic work and enjoy your closet!

  116. Fabulous! Well worth the wait! I really love the way you go nuts when you’re happy. So great to see you throw yourself into the giddy happiness and just let it all out. I can sooo relate.

  117. Kelly this is AMAZING! You must be in heaven! Gorgeous finishes and I just love it all-especially the wallpaper and sparkles in the light. GORGEOUS!

  118. Kelly, this is so unbelievable beautiful! I would totally be hanging out in there every chance I got too! I can’t believe your light was DIY! Every single detail is so well thought out and executed. Way to go!

  119. Wow! Your closet is simply divine. So pretty and glam just as you planned. And the wallpaper works so perfectly.

  120. Love, love, love your print. Would you consider making it available to the public? And, your closet reno is AMAZING.

  121. Omg. I have been admiring (more like “stalking”) your website lately. But this time I HAD to comment! LOVE IT!! Your closet looks ten times bigger! I have the exact same little square corner closet that is a mess with poor lighting: time to update!!! My hubby will probably block the internet subscription, so I won’t ever get inspired to do another project. But Internet be damned: I’m inspired. Thanks for being so amazing! Be well and enjoy getting ready every morning.

  122. If I had a closet like that, I wouldn’t need a house. Seriously.


  123. So gorgeous! Wow!

  124. The closet is so gorgeous AND functional! I wish had all that “intentional” storage in mine. I am so over wire shelving! I love the wall paper, jewelry organizer and the chandy! Great job!

  125. Alicia W. says:

    Wow! I DO want to come to a party in your closet! I am so excited about it! It looks AWESOME and you guys have made some truly brilliant choices! Purse hangers; necklace hooks; scarf storage; belt storage; shoe lights; random hooks everywhere (SO smart… I never would have thought of it!)…. I have already pinned it. So cool. But the thing that I am going to be thinking about all day is the bible verse and the “put on love”. It is a makeover of the mind. Bless you guys!

  126. I am still catching my breath!! It is crazy good!

  127. I want to live in your closet which is not meant to be creepy at all! I have the same size closet and this makeover gives me hope that it can be improved. Except I have to share with my husband. I can put his clothes in the guest room right?

  128. Kelly- this is hands-down the best closet I’ve ever seen. I want to live there. I am always baffled by how everything fits. I don’t have a ton but I just don’t see my stuff fitting in a closet nicely and neatly. I have clothes for work, home, working out, dress, etc… how do i make it all fit? BTW- same thing with all those beautiful pantries. Where do people put the extra stuff, you know, the remaining half bag of rice that doesn’t fit in the cute container? What am I missing?

    • Oh I have a “thing” about those pantries where they have all their stuff in matching jars. I think it’s completely unrealistic, because everything doesn’t fit in the jars! That can’t be how people really live! I get annoyed at makeovers like that. 🙂 I think it’s all about pretty pictures and not about really living.

      I really got rid of a ton of clothes. I used to work in a corporate environment, and most of my clothes were businessy, but I don’t anymore so I really cleaned out down to what I really wear. I do have a dresser, so my workout clothes and pajamas and things are stored somewhere else, so that helps too.

  129. Holy cow! What an inspiration! I love every detail you put into this closet. The wallpaper, the DIY chandelier, your art and how you hung everything. I’m sure you’re enjoying getting ready for the day in that gorgeous closet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  130. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the big reveal (yes, I’ll admit that I’ve been stalking your page a bit. Don’t judge). This did not disappoint. I’m in love! And I’m jealous. But I couldn’t be happier for you. From one mom to another – high five! Now, pass those strawberries…

  131. love the closet! love the MK purse!

  132. Well…you may not be a grownup yet, but that closet of yours sure is! You did an amazing job girl! All of the little touches are just perfect! Pinning this bad boy!

  133. WOWEE!!! This is so gorgeous – definitely pinning for the future!

  134. I am packing RIGHT NOW to come party in your closet with you! And then I am kidnapping you to bring you back to do mine (I’m hoping Andy follows behind with his tools). Outstanding! Absolutely love it!

  135. AMAZING! Kelly!! How is this real? It’s so pretty! You guys rocked it, and that chandelier is gorgeous!

    Also, I think my husband and I just picked up the same ceramic teal tray for our coffee table. Target?

    LOVE this so much and can’t wait to read more about it!

  136. Um. Wow. I am so awed I am at a loss for words. I think I would sit myself down on that little stool and just hang out in there for a few days. Admiring. Bring me my lunch. Dinner. Breakfast. I’ll just me in my closet. Wow.

  137. LOOOOVE it!! Thanks for showing us that we can totally achieve glam on a budget!! I’m so jealous of your scarf and belt organizers that pull out. Genius!! 🙂

  138. CONGRATULATIONS! I absolutely love it and am a bit jealous of your closet now. Gives me ideas for mine if I can actually get to it this weekend. Can’t wait to hear about the DIY Chandy success too.

  139. Kelly, love love love the closet. Sounds like you do too. Please (please) show us what it looks like in 6 months? Mine would be a mess again.

  140. Gorgeous in EVERY single way! 🙂


  141. FAB.U.LOUS!!!

  142. So with all the amazingness you shared, you might surprised that the letter organizers for clutches kind of blew my mind the most. Such a DUH moment for me! Everything looks just beyond fabulous – the wallpaper, the chandy, the wood hangers (why do I not have these??), the lighted shoe shelves – just every single bit of it. Dreamy! I will definitely come to your closet party!

    • Thanks bud! Wood hangers — go for it!! It was really only $40 or so, and it feels like a million-dollar life upgrade. I’m kicking myself for not switching sooner!

  143. My fingers hurt from scrolling down through all the comments so I’ll just say… What THEY said!! Amazing!! Making woman all around the world jealous. Also if this ever gets on Apt. Therapy, it might be the first before/ after where someone doesn’t say, “Eh… I liked it better before!” Nice work!

  144. I will definitely be at the closet party– sketchy or not! 😉 Um, amazingness!!! But you already know that! I am in love with this fabulousness and am totally having closet envy over here. Seriously incredible. I can’t wait to check out all of your how-to posts and email them to my hubby so that he can start building one for me. Except that we don’t have a walk-in closet. I may just knock out a whole wall or something. ANYWAY, I’m in love with it and you did an incredible job!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    ~Abby =)

  145. I had never officially drooled over a closet until today. It’s perfect!!! I love all the shelving and the wallpaper is amazing!! I’d wanna have a party in there, too! 🙂

  146. Wow. I absolutely adore all of it. I love your creative storage solutions. And that wallpaper!! Every part of it is just precious. Every girl deserves a closet like this!

  147. The mirror is perfect! And $1…makes my $8 mirror seem overpriced. :p I love the slide out scarf and belt racks – brilliant. It’s very pretty!

  148. I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous this is and how much I LOVE it!! Seriously genius layout and use of space plus it’s sooooooo pretty!!

  149. It looks gorgeous! You guys did an amazing job!

  150. Oh I am totally partying with you in there. Then dragging your butt down here to pretty up my master closet. Love it.

  151. Oh my gosh, Kelly. This is just stunning. I think BHG needs to come do another shoot at your house! I seriously just want to copy every single thing about this closet and do it at my house. Even down to the slide-out scarf hangers. (GENIUS!) I am just in awe of how much function AND pretty is crammed into that little room! Incredible job. And I promise, when I totally knock-off your closet and do mine the same way, I’ll send you pics 😉

  152. Caitlin L. says:

    Oh my gosh. I love. love. LOVE it. So many smart organization tricks! So much girly glam! I want that exact closet!!!! Seriously, your closet looks like a shop. A really, really cute shop. I love the two rows of hangers… I love it all!

  153. Diana Walters says:

    OW. Ouch…. Ow….. Just. to. much. goodnes… in… one….post!!! Brilliant planning. Wonderful execution. The only issue that I see is that you have no stadium seating. I feel sure that you will need stadium seating for those of us that want to come to eat of the strawberries, drink of the champagne and squeal of the closet! Just one very envious womans opine….. so when exactly am I invited? And more importantly, may I please come in no makeup while wearing pj’s?

  154. LOVE IT!! Kelly, you did SO good! This is so so pretty! And from the perspective of a Realtor, you just upped the resale value of your house a TON. A great master closet is on EVERYONE’S list. Well done sister!

  155. This is for sure fate. Kelly I stumbled across your site a couple of weeks ago when looking to paint stripes on my curtains. We just “finished” a closet makeover too which I love. However I refuse to pay 35 bucks plus tax for a small scarf organiser that is almost exactly like you scarf and belt organizers. We need three to also sort out ties and belts $105 is not happening for me! PLEASE PLEASE PlEASE tell me you will show us how to build those organizers. In your closet? They ROCK and are EXACTLY what I was looking for. BTW I would be just standing in your closet all day soaking in that fantabulous wallpaper! So great!

  156. What everyone else said. Ordering wallpaper,getting the chandy out of storage and tossing everything out of my closest now. Seriously,have lived at my current house 6 months and the boutique closet is on my list. when my husband ask what I want for my birthday,I am going to show him your closet and say,This.

  157. Fantastic job. I would be camping in there… with a big old sign on the exterior door stating “Keep Out!”. Congratulations on your new closet. I’m very impressed with your design and layout.

  158. Jennifer Lee says:

    How did you make the structure of the closet? Like the side walls to hold up the closet poles? I really want my husband and I to attempt this, is it something a novice person could manage? Do you have detailed plans or would you husband offer advice?

  159. It looks great, Kelly!! The wallpaper is AWESOME and I can’t wait to see some of the tutorials.

  160. SHUT. UP!!!!! I am in LOVE with your closet! That chandy is a DIY?! I’m dying. Dyyyying. I’m dead.

  161. It just looks SO amazing Kelly!!! I’m freaking out excited WITH you!!! I was pretty thrilled personally about the scarf organizer ~ it’s pretty AND functional. Love, love, love girl!

  162. Linda Cobos says:

    Kelly you did such an amazing job from the design to the execution! We have installed the basic closet organization system from a large home-improvement store in our pretty good sized walk in closet. But I am so inspired by all the details you’ve done in yours; the hooks for belts, ect. ESPECIALLY love the jewelry area with the mirror. Again, GREAT JOB!!

  163. Kelly, this makeover is just beyond beyond. Where to start. I love LOVE that wall paper. I think it was the one I voted for. I just love how it looks. That horse hook. Hello! So awesome. I love how you are just hitting me with detail after detail right down to flip-flop storage containers. I am in love!!! Love the roses. Those drawer knobs. I could just go on and on… WOW!!!

  164. Absolutely amazing Kelly. I am having a major case of closet envy. That scarf slider is GENIUS. Scarfs are the bane of my closet existence. The wallpaper and drawer pulls and chandelier….oh there just isn’t enough time to talk about everything I love. Great work girl!!

  165. I can’t get over how amazing this is! Every last detail is perfect!

  166. Speechless Kelly! We almost ordered Elfa last month but now I’m totally inspired to DIY my closet.

  167. I love your closet, so many amazing things in it. I especially love the print you made for the wall. Any chance you might be willing to share it? Also the stool in the corner, did you make it or was it a find? Fantastic job!!!!

  168. I need this in my life!!! Amazing!!!

  169. This gorgeous closet actually makes me glad I don’t have a closet in this new house -yet! Totally going to steal all your ideas and build me a closet (well, my husband is!) If you ever come to New Zealand be sure to look me up and we can party in MY replica closet 😉 imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say! BTW what are the dimensions (depth and width) to the walls of this space?

  170. You are hysterical and this closet is GORGEOUS!!! The slide outs for scarfs and belts are ingenious!!!!! Call me green with … well, you know!

  171. oh wow! this is all kinds of fabulous!! I am loving all the hook storage. Can you hook me up? haha, I fail in the humor/pun department! Really, great job 🙂 I love how super organized it is, wow!!

  172. I would like to know who takes care of your children, because I can’t imagine how you have the time to do so yourself while you are dreaming up the ideas like this. Amazing.
    I totally hate my closet….but this one? *sigh* The funny thing is, when you first showed the wallpaper, I sort of shuddered, thinking we just have different tastes. But it looks super great there. I don’t know how you can take the “design brain cells” you and Andy have, and clone them for me, but I definitely need some.
    Lovely idea of the slide-out racks. Absolutely wonderful there. (I know I am not a typical female with lots of jewelry and shoes, but honestly, I haven’t seen so much jewelry in one place outside of a store! 🙂 It makes me want to buy some. )
    Thank you, also, for a cost breakdown. Lovely to see how us lowly peons can also have such a lovely room for not an arm and a leg….just the arm, thank you very much.

  173. Rochelle says:

    Do you have the dimensions of your closet and shelving?

  174. Amaaaazing. Wow. And another wow. It looks beautiful, not that I’m surprised. I love the wallpaper and the light fixture and the mirror and the wooden hangers – okay. Fine. I love it all. Awesome work, my friend.

  175. LOVE IT! It’s fabulous!!

  176. Wow. This is so inspiring. I love what you did. So much function & beauty in one little space! No more excuses for those cluttered\little areas of my home that I just shove behind a door anymore.

  177. @SallyAlabaster says:

    So I might be a little late to the party, but you have a whole room for clothes!?!?! I’m moving house next week (downsizing too, *sniff*) and thought I’d be lucky not to spend the next year with all of my clothes stuffed under the bed in our new tiny bedroom. But… your closet has inspired me to make something that works, so thank you in advance and fingers crossed it actually works!

  178. it is gorgeous!! Love everything about it!

  179. ARGHHH!!! *JUMPS UP AND DOWN* I freaking love it!! And I’m so happy you went with the beautiful wallpaper because shazzam girl, it makes the whole thing just SING! Oh what a beautiful job you’ve done!!! Whoop!! I’m bringing over champers and we’re just gonna sit in there and pet your little horse hook, okay? xxx

    • Stephanie says:

      KELLY!! WOOOOOOOTTTTT-WOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!! I’m totally living through you!!!!!!!! There’s so many amazing and wonderful parts to this closet but definitely one of my favorite is the print in the back ‘put on love’. To me, that seals the deal! I couldn’t be happier for you–and you are SO DESERVING of this closet made for a QUEEN!!! ENJOY AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING WITH US!!

  180. You have inspired me! I love love love your website!!

  181. Wow oh wow! Your closet is absolutely gorgeous! I’m drooling over all of the pretty organization! Love the slide out scarf storage!

  182. OH MY NELLIE!!!! I am totally EEK!ing over here!!! My sweet, wonderful Hubby is laughing at me, because I CAN NOT STOP!! “Are you still oohing and aahing over the closet?” he just asked me! Where do I even START?! The chandy, the purse hooks, the JEWELRY STORAGE! GASP! The fur rug — wait, I HAVE a fur rug!! 😀 — and the foldy-sweater-storage-thing goin’ on! Or maybe the wallpaper — I’m loving some bright, bold colors right now 😀 We share a closet about the size of yours…I’m thinking I need to requisition one of our spare rooms and make my own closet out of it! 😀 Erm, my Hubby just asked me a question twice and I still didn’t understand it….I’m still EEK!ing out 😀

  183. REALLY?! This is stunning! I have to agree I love this room reveal even more than your laundry room! I’m in love with the wall paper… think my husband will mind if I choose to put it in our future shared walkthrough closet?! Haha! Great work as always! 😉

  184. kay kerns says:

    VERY nice closet!!!!

  185. amazing!!! great job!!

  186. Juliana says:

    Love love love your closet makeover! When can we expect details on how to build this? I’d love to try it out on my own!

  187. FANTASTIC!!! from a Professional Organizer

  188. Christine Owsley says:

    Nice work! Totally inspiring to make some changes.

  189. At first I loved your closet, then your blog, and the more I read I suspect I have an interwebz crush on you. I promise to only stalk your blog when you post new things, which I hope is often.

    I’m so inspired! Yay! Thanks for sharing your projects 🙂

  190. Just found your closet makeover via Pinterest. Great job, it looks wonderful. After a little digging through the previous posts I’ve discovered what I was hoping for … you closet is exactly the same size that the one we are building will be. I’ve spent hours looking for tiny walk in closet inspiration and have finally found it. Thanks so much for sharing, it’s great to see how much we can pack into a space this size. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  191. I’ve been itching to renovate our built-in cupboards as there is so much dead space that is not been effectively utilized. You have given me some fantastic ideas to modify what we already have and its not going to cost an arm and a leg!! Thank you!!!

  192. I nearly hyperventilated when I saw the reveal! Your closet is over the top gorgeous!

  193. Kactherin Nascimento says:

    I loved it! It´s really inspiring me to put some order in my on closet. But one question: where´s the full lenght mirror? No closet is complete without a really really really big mirror 😉 Is it perphaps behind the door?

  194. Kelly, you and Andy are doing a great job DIY – remaking your house! Do you by any chance have a tutorial (and experience) in how to make a new closet door in a non-load bearing drywall? Juat wandering and keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

    • We haven’t done that and don’t have any tutorials, but I don’t *think* it would be too tough; just cut the hole and install the door casing, then trim around it? But that’s just my best guess.

  195. I think that my closet is the same layout but yours looks so much bigger! I can’t tell if its because its so organized or if it actually is bigger. Do you happen to have measurements? Your closet has definitely been an inspiration!

  196. I am sooooo inspired by your closet re-do. I can’t wait to get started on mine. Thanks!

  197. It’s amazing! We’re in between houses, and I’m storing away bits and pieces for our new home!
    Could you share about the braided stool? Did you make it? If so, how?

  198. You go girl! Such inspiration in this space! Thank you for sharing with us. Oh, and you need some Noonday Collection in that jewelry stash! 😉

  199. It IS a great make-over, and it IS very cute, but… how can you call it “on a budget”? I just made over my bedroom closet (which was poorly built out of scrap materials by a previous owner of the house, more than twenty years ago), and i spent about $65. I used as much as I could find around the house, shopped thrift stores, got creative, and got great results. I guess everyone has different ideas about being thrifty, but gee, for $400, I would have bought me a whole new wardrobe to go with the new closet! 🙂

    • Well, you can do a mini-makeover and spend $50, but you certainly can’t create a whole closet organizing system or completely change the function for that. (Closet organizing systems with shelves like this cost at least $1000.) Just like you can replace one lamp in your living room for $20, and call that a small-budget makeover, but if you replace all the flooring, rugs, furniture, etc, and only spend $500, that’s still a budget makeover even though you could’ve done less in the room and spent less. I don’t think that’s an apples-to-apples comparison.

  200. Oh my goodness, my jaw is still resting on my desk in awe of this beautiful-ness!!! The transformation is amazing and so so soooo pretty!

  201. I LOVE it all but I especially LOVE the wallpaper! Those colors and that pattern makes my heart flutter. You have inspired me with some new ideas, thanks. Great job, btw!

  202. Bouncing over from I Heart Organizing .. this is a beautiful and cheerful space, and very inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing!

  203. Holy cannoli, that’s incredible! I particularly love the horse hanger, the jewelery station (OMG!!), and the slide-out scarf and belt racks. Simply A-MA-ZING!! I want a closet like this… and I will follow your example once I have a house of my own to do these things with! 🙂

    • Oh, I also meant to say that you’ve inspired me with your “right now today at the exact size I am” philosophy on clothes. I think I’ll do this exact thing this weekend and just purge, purge, purge. I think too that getting rid of the clothes that don’t fit right will also lessen the number of times I feel glum over the size of my body for whatever silly reason because this or that didn’t fit right. So thanks!

  204. Just finding your blog and adore your closet. I’m inspired and battling closet envy now. 🙂 Nice work!

  205. Congrats – I never thought I’d have closet envy, but I’m dripping with it! That closet just makes me happy.

  206. This is so beautiful! Just looking at your photos make me smile 🙂 It’s just gorgeous, well done Kelly, you should be so proud of how it’s turned out, its a dream! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve pinned, and added this page to StumbleUpon too. Sending hugs from UK x

  207. Can I ask the dimensions of your closet? I have a very small closet in my master suite also and I would love to do something like this, but not sure I even have enough room. Yours is gorgeous!!

  208. Oh My Goodness!! It is amazing. I am so coming to the party and bringing wine (I live in the South of France). Hope it’s not over and I’m only fashionably late. I am so copying almost everything. My heart is beating real fast, I’m so excited to have discovered you. I’ve been scouring the net for a tutorial just like it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. ;-)) I am pumped and ready to start. Cheers.

  209. You have literally created a dream closet for me!
    I want so desperately to have everything easy access but cutely
    done and you did it!!

  210. Whhaaaat!? This is amaze-balls. Okay, so you are coming to my house (and your husband too I guess?) You make my closet over and I’ll supply all the fun things like good food and coconut rum. For as long as it takes… I’ll even let you sleep in my bed (I’ll wash everything first, pinky promise) I’ll room with my toddler… no worries.

  211. Do you have a link for the idea wood hangers. I looked on their website but only see an 8 Pack of wood hangers for 3.99 each. That’s 2 dollars a hanger not 50 cents. I love the idea of doing all wooden hangers and got the idea because of this post. Love it and your closet! Thanks in advance 🙂

  212. I love love love the closet. Believe it or not I was thinking of using this exact wallpaper for my closet redo but I can’t bare to part with that much $ for wallpaper. I keep stalking ebay for someone selling it. You did a beautiful job in there .

  213. Love LOVE your closet!! Now you have me inspired!! Can’t wait to try our own makeover- just wish I had my own closet so I could go this girly! I don’t think the hubs would appreciate a wallpaper as fun as this ;D Love reading your post!!

    <3 Jessica

  214. Wow! Beautiful closet makeover. The only thing I would add is a small space for gowns and a full length mirror on that back wall.

  215. “But you should probably still wear actual clothes too.” LOL! Love the tour, I just posted about my tiny closet ( and now I’m itching for a makeover again! Thanks for the inspiration, the wallpaper is lovely!!

  216. I’m sitting in my newly rebuilt closet wishing I could have a party! It was completely inspired by this post. I’m so proud of my husband and myself got building this from scratch. We had a small learning curve to overcome with our router- had never used it for this purpose before- but it all worked out!! Yippeeeeeee!!

  217. While you fondle your clothes and grope your wallpaper, can I party with you and shine a flashlight on your sparkly chandalier, turn the lights out and turn it into a mirror ball? Your closet is sooooo fun! Thanks for sharing!

  218. What! Just, what?!? I’m about to move into a house with large closets that I can already tell are going to be really dysfunctional. This. Is. Happening. This just might be one of the first projects I tackle. Seriously this closet is making me swoon! Closing day can’t get here soon enough!

  219. I’ve caught glimpses of this closet on Pinterest, and now I finally decided to click through and take a look. I may have cried a little. It’s beautiful. It’s doable. This may very well be the big project I need to make my closet not scare me every morning.

    LOVE IT. And now I’m addicted to your site.

  220. This is divine, you have done an amazing job. You have inspired me to look for some wallpaper for my own closet renovation, I didn’t even think about it before but it adds so much to the overall design. Thank you for sharing!

  221. AH-MAZING makeover!!! I can’t believe it is the same space! I love everything about it!! Especially the wallpaper and the chandelier!

  222. Lauren Wickersheim says:

    I was about to panic for you that you didn’t have a mirror in there, but then I saw it peeking in one of the photos on the back of the door. I can relax now. This is GORGEOUS. The jewelry area, and the scarf and belt holders are my favorite. Those are the saddest areas of my closet right now …

  223. I just happened across this post because of Pinterest (my ultimate Internet love) and I’m in LOVE with your closet. My boyfriend and I just bought our own home and I finally have a decent sized closet. What you’ve done with your closet gives me hope that I can transform our closet into something spectacular! Thanks for the inspiration!

  224. Wow! Talk about a TRANSFORMATION! I pinned and am hoping to put some of this inspiration into my own disastrous closet 😉


  225. I think I’ve looked at your closet posts about 50 jillion times by now! We are redoing our closet (still in the planning stage) and I keep coming back to yours for inspiration. We have a massive closet (almost 11 1/2 feet long and 8 feet tall) but it is soooo not functional! One sad little not deep enough shelf that is sagging and one long sad drooping pole that can barely support the weight of my ridiculous blazer collection. On the note of poles, where did you get yours? I want metal and I like that yours are a solid pole, not the extendable kind. I can’t wait to have a reveal like this!!

  226. Erica Chappell says:

    I am so impressed!!! It looks so beautiful! I love your writing as well, God Bless!

  227. Chelsea Mullins says:

    Hey there, awesome closet! We are putting in a new walk in closet in our master suite, and i was wondering what the dimensions of your closet is? I would love to have one laid out just like that….

    thank you
    Chelsea Baker-Mullins

  228. OK … WOW ….. you must be soooo happy with this amazing closet transformation! I found this “pin” on Pinterest and read all of this, plus all your tutorials … you are one of my new favorite blogs! We were looking for tips on closet organization … great job!!!!!!!!!!!!! pippa

  229. Do you have specific plans for building all the elements? I want to do it myself and would have no idea where to begin!!!

  230. OH. I. LOVE. THIS. We are getting ready to remodel our master bathroom/closet and I am stealing every one of your wonderful organization/storage ideas!!! I am obsessed with organization and your closet feeds my addiction. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I am now a follower of yours on Pinterest!

  231. I don’t usually comment on blogs but I was so impressed with everything you did that I HAD to give you props! This has inspired me to tackle my hot mess of a closet! Mine isn’t a walk-in but hopefully I can be as crafty and clever.

    Also that Bible quote you referenced is one of my favorites 🙂

  232. What a beautiful and well organized space. Great job 😉 High five and hugs.

  233. I’m not sure if the party is still going on so many months later, but I’m in! 😉 This closet is beautiful! It’s funny how nearly every time I come across an inspiration on pinterest that it ends up being your masterpiece…. great minds maybe??? I really love your style, sometimes when I read your blog it’s like something right out of my own head. I’m in the middle of a closet makeover and do believe I’m going to incorporate some of your organization plans…. I’m sorta steeling your ideas, totally ok, right?!

  234. Betty Smith says:

    I absolutely LOVE this closet!!!!!!!!!! I want one so bad. My closet is about the same size as yours, however I have no young, handy person to do this for me and finding one is so hard and they’d probably want to charge an arm and a leg to do it. Enjoy it and keep showing us all of your great ideas.

  235. Found you via Pinterest….

    Oh man…. I <3 this. I want to redo my master bedroom closet for my husband and I, and this has lots of great ideas.

    How large is your closet dimension-wise? I'm just trying to visualize it space-wise. Thanks!

  236. Linda wilkerson says:

    I love love this!! I’m going to be doing over a bathroom & will build a closet. This is just about perfect! Well I have to tweet it for me!

  237. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to accomplish a project that can bring such organization along with happiness without breaking the bank! You go girl! Haven’t hit my closet yet but sitting on floor in my 15yr old daughters with glass of wine and big smile on my face! Sittin on the floor because may never see it for clothes after a week

  238. I NEVER comment on blog posts (esp when it’s an older post!). But ermagawd. This closet brought tears to my eyes. You did an amazing job!!! I just want to sit in there and look at the beauty you’ve created! <3

  239. This makeover is seriously genius! Thanks for all of the great ideas

  240. WOW what an awesome job. So closet envy right now. Thanks for sharing.

  241. Hello! Thank you for sharing this – and all of your other – project!! I am absolutely in love.

    Curious: can you please advise what the dimensions for this closet are?

    Thank you again!!

  242. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your closest! I wish I have a walk in instead of my reach in (that I also have to share with my hubby). I will definitely come to the party and I’ll bring the scotch!

  243. Looks fab! Given me some ideas for mine! Thanks for sharing!
    Heather x x

  244. Andrea Aguilera says:

    OMG! I’m so excited! I was smiling so big & was super excited to scroll & keep reading & seeing the pics! I’m about to remodel mine & you have me great ideas! Didn’t know what to do with my scarfs (thank you so much!) gotta go redo my sketches! Sucks I have a normal closet but I’ll do what I can to make it more spacious! Thanks to whoever brought me here!

  245. Kelly!!! I just found you from my Pinterest decorating dreams. PINNED! This is beautiful. I’m kinda obsessed with the LED lights on your shoes…off to find that post next…I’m gonna be here awhile ;p Thanks for the inspiration!

  246. Your closet is AMAZING! I am trying to plan out my own closet project. What are the dimensions of your closet?

  247. Katie graber says:

    what size is your closet

  248. Hi! Your closet redo inspired me to redesign my master walk in. My budget was $150.00 and no more. I shopped thrift stores and Goodwill for a 5 drawer chest for the back wall. Bought a Billy bookcase at Ikea for purses and shoes, Dollar Tree baskets for summer shoes and sandals. Mirror at thrift store and then all I needed was wallpaper. Hmmm… not in the budget. Went to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect wrapping paper I the perfect black and white print. It was very good quality paper, thick and graphed on the back for easy cutting. Stapled it to the walls and it looks beautiful. Lamp shade for ceiling mount light socket from Goodwill and pull chain was a crystal necklace lariat I made and never used. Glammed the shade by painting it silver and added diamond trim to it.
    Thank you so much for having exactly what I was looking for in a closet redo. It came out so girlie and is just me, organized, neat and everything in it’s pretty.

  249. I adore this beautiful closet you’ve created! And after just discovering your blog via Pinterest, I have to tell you that you are a delightful, hysterical, and impossible cute individual! Thank you for your joy and blog.

  250. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw your WIR Kelly. We are NOT handy so I have a tradie coming around this afternoon to try to sort out our WIR which looks 100% worse than your before photo. If it turns out half as good as yours I’ll be an extremely happy girl.

  251. What an amazing closet! It is just what I need for my closet! I cant wait to do something like this ! so beautiful! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration! xo

  252. OMG!!! I love every single thing about your new closet!
    May I ask what the dimensions are?

    Thank you so much!!

  253. Jeannie Palen says:

    My hubby and I copied your closet design and built it!!!! I’m so thrilled with the result!!!
    One question, how far apart are your cup hooks that you hung your necklaces on in the vanity area?

  254. Redhookcath says:

    i love your closet, have pinned it and come back regularly to enjoy it, it’s my happy place! Great job…

  255. Very nice upgrade! and some pretty ingenious storage org for the scarves and flip flops! I am getting ready to do my master closets – wall paper chosen already! I wanted to tell you that if you are not happy with your purse hooks (did you say you used curtain rod hooks?) , check out The Container Store. In the closet section, they have some pretty nice hooks that are sturdy enough to hold purses and hook onto a rod. You don’t have to “un”hook it either to get your purse off. If you sign up for their FREE rewards program, you will receive discounts so you can get a number of them. Good luck!


  256. hello! This is completely gorgeous! Just a quick question, what did you do with all of your underwear, socks, sweats/workout and all other grungy not pretty clothes? These seem to be the hardest to store/organize for me. I’d love for everything to look nice and put together like this. Thanks!!

  257. I absolutely love this makeover! And I especially love that you have done it on a budget. You have done a great job and have inspired me to fix up my own space 🙂

  258. After spending hours looking at a gazillion closet photos, I have come to the conclusion yours is the best. I am putting an addition on our house and I would love to know the dimensions of your closet. Much appreciated!

  259. This is perfection! Congrats, great job!

  260. This is the most amazing thing I have ever seeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn

  261. OMG!!! I have fallen in love with your amazing closet!! Thank you for sharing it! My favorite part is the vanity! Amazing!! 🙂

  262. did i miss what the name and where this amazing wallpaper came from? i need it in my life please and thank you!!

  263. Can I ask the dimensions of your closet? It looks similar to mine which only has hanging on the left side right now. Wondering if I can squeeze in another side!

  264. I freakin LOVE this idea. That mirror and the “put on love” sayin got me. Really awesome job! Keep it up!!!

  265. Isabella says:

    i LOVE this!! I think my closet is basically the same sizeish, and I really want to just copy your closet. (Lol) Is there anyway you could send me the dimensions of every thing that you did?

  266. Angela Foust says:

    I love this closet. I am sorry if I missed your answer, I saw a few people ask the same question but did not see your answer. I was wondering how you connected the middle piece of mdf to the wall? I really appreciate your design inspiration and for posting this aweseomeness.

  267. Shelly Minutillo says:

    I just found your blog.. where have you been all my life?? I’m literally tearing up with joy – for YOU- over your closet make-over. How am I going to get any work done today, while I’m trying to read all your posts (PS. I’ll find a way- between meetings) You’re amazing!
    Your new favorite fan/stalker,

  268. I found your blog today, and I’m so blown over by all of the useful ideas in this post. I was pinning right and left. My husband and I are in the midst of a complete gut type renovation project, but I’m putting a number of your ideas on my “must have” list for our master closet. Lights on shoes! Slide-out scarf rack! Jewelry vanity! Swoon! If the rest of your renovation blog posts are even half as useful as this one, I’ll be a forever fan. Thank you so so much for sharing!

  269. Omg, I love everything about this!! What a perfect closet!

  270. All I can say is WOW! When I saw this, I showed my husband whom I’ve been trying to convince for the last 8 years to redo our/my closet. It was a combinaton of storage and clothing. Since we have 3 (yes, 3) small closets in our bedroom, I should be able to make the biggest one mine, right?! Seeing how awesome yours turned out, it finally convinced him to do it. We used Ikea kallax units to save time on installation and it turned out fabulous! Thanks for your awesome and charming ideas!

  271. Hey! I love what you’ve done!
    I have a really small closet (maybe 6′ deep and 4′ wide) but the door opens in. Plus, the side I can actually use has what my dad (who built the closet) calls a knee wall (the wall slants to the ceiling starting about 4′ up). I’m a terribly messy pack rat by nature, but am sick of dealing with it…
    Any suggestions?

  272. I completely agree.

  273. Tanya E Altagracia says:

    Hello Kelly,
    Just passing by to extend an invite to you as the guest of honor to the inauguration of my closet makeover-replica VATW!!! I pinned your post and shared it with my husband when we bought our new house about two years ago.
    Fast forward two years of misery and total closet chaos and two weeks ago I went on a business trip and when I return back home *please insert super giddy squeals here*…. hubby had it done for me!!!!
    I am missing the wallpaper and the drawers but everything else is almost identical.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this post for all of us creative challenged people! (Hoe can I share pics with you?)

  274. love your closet! so perfectly lovely. what size is it? mine looks similar and I am in need of a face lift to create more storage. just wondering if my closet would have the same large feeling as yours.
    thank you!


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