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DIY slide-out scarf and belt organizers

Did you know that every single day in our country, millions of scarves and belts are thrown on floors in the dark corners of closets, marginalized by society?
make a diy scarf organizer!
Even the lucky ones with a place to hang are often forced to share hangers with lots of other scarves… hangers made for CLOTHES.


There’s a way you can help.

You can build your own scarf and belt storage situation that slides out for easy access, and give the scarves and belts in your life a place to thrive. It’s teaching them how to fish, you know?

This is the slide-out scarf organizer we put in my newly made-over closet (see the before and after here):
DIY slide-out scarf organizer! (Plus TONS of DIY closet organization ideas and inspiration!

And here’s the belt version:
DIY slide-out belt organizer

Materials Needed

Slide-out Scarf Organizer

  • One piece of MDF or plywood, about 11 inches x 26 inches
  • One 26-inch-long piece of 1×2 poplar, ripped to about 1 1/8 inches.
  • Two 10-inch drawer slides. (They usually come two to a pack, so one pack. We used these)
  • Two or three (or more) Ikea Fintorp rails, or any towel bars
  • (Optional) Gold spray paint.

Slide-out Belt Organizer

  • One piece of 11-inch-long 1×4 board
  • One 3.5-inch-long piece of 1×2 poplar, ripped to about 1 1/8 inches.
  • One pack of small cup hooks (The ones we used came in a pack of 40 like this.)
  • One 10-inch drawer slide like this.
  • *Affiliate links

Now before I dive into the how-to, I have to give ALL the credit for the slide-out belt concept to my super-talented friend Sharon at Lilikoi Joy. The idea for the slide-out belt thing was all hers; we just executed it in a different way, and turned it into a scarf holder. Her way is more professional and requires a few more tools than this way, so take your pick of your favorite option. Either way, make sure you check out her post on the idea here!

This is the overall idea: you attach one side of a drawer slide to your closet/wall, and the other side to a board, then put hooks or a rail on the front of the board. The end. Here are the details.

Step 1: Attach your two pieces together

The belt holder is made of the 1×4 board attached with pocketholes (via our handy kreg jig!) to the little face frame piece:
How to build a belt organizer
The scarf holder is just the MDF/plywood piece attached to the face frame piece with pocketholes. Very simple:
How to build a scarf organizer
This step is where my version differs from Sharon’s. She routed out a slot in the back of a board for the drawer slides, and didn’t need a faceframe. That’s a really smart way to do it, but this way works if you want to keep it a little simpler and/or don’t have a router.

Step 2: Paint

Oops. I forgot to take a picture before this step.

Step 3: Attach Drawer Slides to backs

For the scarf holder, you’ll use two drawer slides — one on top and one on bottom.
Slide-out-scarf organizer
The drawer slides are easy to attach: you just screw ’em on. The hard part is aligning them to the shelf where you’re installing them, because you screw half the drawer slide onto the board and the other half onto your closet. If they’re not lined up perfectly, it’ll be a no-go.

This was our trick to get them perfectly lined up. We used this little 2-inch-wide board as a spacer. Lined it up with the edge of the board on each end, butted the drawer slide right up against it and screwed it on:
Using a spacer to create a DIY scarf organizer
Then we went into the closet and drew a line where we wanted the top of the scarf organizer to be, then lined up our spacer board with that line, butted up the other half of the drawer slide against the spacer board, and screwed it in.
DIY drawer slides for scarf holder

For the belt holder, you don’t have to worry so much about lining things up, because you’re just using one drawer slide. Screw half of it onto your little board and the other half onto your closet.
Belt organizer from drawer slides(We screwed it onto another board so the drawer slide would clear the front of the closet shelves.)

Step 4: Attach hanging gadgets

For the belt hanger, you just screw in the little cup hooks wherever you want. We staggered mine to make room for bulky belts.
Belt hanger with cup hooks

For the scarf holder, we screwed on three Ikea Fintorp rails which we cut down a little shorter and spray-painted gold.
DIY slide-out scarf holder

There’s nothing magical about the spacing here; it’s really whatever you want. If I’d had more room, I would’ve spread mine out a bit more, but I wanted to fit three rods and didn’t want to hang any rods so low to the ground that the scarves are resting on the shelf below them.

Because that would be heinous, yall.

I used the Fintorp rails because they’re very narrow and I didn’t want to use any kind of towel bars that took up too much horizontal space. If you have the space, I think a wider bar like a towel bar would be a good thing. Totally your call.

Step 5: Slide them onto the drawer slides you already installed and you’re set!

Belt hanger
Then have WAY too much fun actually hanging your belts and scarves… because you just gave them meaning and a place to call their own.

I totally need this! Brilliant way to hang your scarves - it slides out!

You took those scarves off the STREETS, yo. But I think when it’s all said and done, you’ll wonder who really saved who, you know?
I totally need this! Easy and inexpensive to make your own belt holder that slides out!

Tell it to me straight: what’s your scarf situation? Do you have some rescuing to do?

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  1. Every girl needs one of these. Well and a husband who can build one for her. I don’t got one of those either!

  2. I mean, I don’t think I could want this whole set up any more. My scarves are SO SAD on their clothes hangers. So sad. My belts have a belt hanger but it is not gold and it does not slide out. FOR SHAME!

  3. My scarves live in a nice little Ikea “Branäs” basket. They are very happy there and they don’t have the Internet, so they don’t know that other scarves in another country live a much happier life in the most fabulous closet I have ever seen !! And you know what ? I won’t tell them, because I don’t want a revolution in my Branäs basket !

    • Hahaha! It sounds like a perfectly humane solution and you have nothing to be ashamed of. (totally just loled in the dentist waiting room.)

  4. This is pretty genius! You have me itching to tackle our closet. I’m still working on convincing Nate that it’s his idea.

  5. LONG LIVE THE SCARVES! *fist bump*

  6. Have you moved a mattress or sleeping bag & pillow in the closet yet? I have lots of belts in my closet but they only fit someone with a waist the size of a 10 year old. Funny how times and waists change.

  7. Oh, so smart! Love it 🙂 xo K

  8. i have a handy dandy hanger from ikea that i relaly do like, but i might steal your belt holder idea. i have just some nails in the wood now, but i might have a stash of cup hooks somewhere!

  9. You are hilarious! Someone needed to stand up for all those belts and scarves. 😉 Thanks for the shout out! MUAH! Yours turned out fabulous and I love the idea of building out the face frame, great idea especially if you don’t have a router. So clever!

  10. My belt/scarf storage consists of some shower curtain rings attached to a regular clothes hanger. It works pretty well but I love the slide out feature of your storage! Very cool.

  11. So genius! I love the gold Fintorp rods you hung the scarves from. Who says scarf hardware can’t be fancy? 😉

  12. This is such a great project. America is sure to get their scarves and belts off the floor now. I am sure of it 🙂 If I were a scarf, this is where I’d hang out. All the cool scarves do.

  13. So stinkin’ smart. We have tons of hooks in our closet for my belts and scarves. But I love the slide-out variety.

    I’m standing against belts and scarves in corners. Just say no.

  14. Hi. My name’s Tanisha and I’m addicted to SCARVES!!! What a great solution– I’m definitely adding this project to my list! Hopefully, a nicely organized scarf section in our closet will make my husband cringe a bit less when I come home with another silky accessory 🙂

  15. No joke – I organized my scarves YESTERDAY. They were a jumbled mess. They’re also my girls’ most favorite thing to play with so I’m usually missing half of them, but when I manage to hunt them down, they’ll now have a home 🙂

  16. This was probably my most favorite feature in the closet! Such genius organization happening!!

  17. These are so clever! Seriously my favorite part about your closet!

  18. FANCY! How many times do you go in there JUST to slide that goodness around?

  19. I have hooks over my door that hold my belts hats and scarfs but its so full that I can’t close my closet door properly…haha. This is such a great idea. I think my partner would look at me batty if I said I wanted to makeover my closet. One day.

  20. I need a home so I can make this. 🙂 My scarves are currently in 4 different parts of my apartment. YIKES.

  21. Wow. I’m feeling so sad for my belts and scarves right about now. I love your clever ideas Kelly & Andy!!

  22. I’m trying to decide if I take everything I’ve learned on this site and put it to use in my new house, or if I just move into your house!! Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  23. The Closet Hanging Belt Organizer Hanger is among the best choice for organizing

  24. This looks lovely – nicely done! And love the scarves {long live the scarves!}. Would you post which gold paint you used please? There are so many but not so many that look good. Cheers ♥


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