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Easy wire word art

Well hello there.
Easy DIY wire word art

Meet my little wire word art.

You kinda already met the concept, in Erin’s nursery:
Baby boy nursery ideas -- how to make over a nursery on a budget!

When I showed you the wire words over Erin’s crib in the room reveal, I got a lot of questions about how she did it.

SO EASY, you guys. The little “hello” took us about five minutes. This is the oddly addicting kind of craft that you can do while watching tv, and it’s so quick and simple that you just want to keep going, and making more words, (and more words and MORE WORDS!!) and suddenly everyone you know is getting the same thing for Christmas this year.
Materials to make wire word art


  • 12-gauge grounding wire (It’s by the telephone cord at the home improvement store. Erin’s whole roll was only $5, and it’s $9 regular price for 50 feet at home depot.)
  • wire cutters
  • (optional): Gloves, pliers, yarn

Step 1: Plan it out

You can do a simple one-word deal. (I like “rest” for a bedroom, “eat” for a kitchen, or “hello” for a foyer.) Or do a phrase, like a quote from your favorite verse or song (like this one):

Or Erin’s hymn:
Baby boy nursery ideas -- how to make over a nursery on a budget!
Once you know what you want to do, practice with yarn. We laid out the yarn until we liked the arrangement and the direction of each loop. (The “h” in “hello” was a little tricky, but overall this one was pretty straightforward. If you’re doing something a little longer or with more complicated letters, the planning stage is more important.)
DIY word art!

Step 2: Bend it

Thank you, captain obvious! You can use gloves if you’re going to be doing a long phrase like in Erin’s nursery, but for a short word, it’s not necessary. Using the pliers to do the bending can help get a nicer rounded edge, but you can also just use your pretty little fingers. Here’s Erin using her pretty little fingers:
Bending wire to make word art

(Optional) Step 3: Spray paint or wrap it in yarn

If you’re looking for a color or something not-silver, you can spray paint it. (I painted mine gold.)
Easy DIY wire word art

Or you wrap it in a colored yard if you’d rather have a fuzzier texture. Fuzzy is always fun. Except in food. Or ….navels…


Hang it up!

Erin used little screw hooks, or you can just use thumbtacks. Don’t overthink it. Life is too short.
Using screw hooks to hang wire quote art

Aaaaand that’s two super-simple DIY tutorials in a row. It makes me think the next one should be overly complicated. Like, “how to build a house!” or “how to survive a camping trip with your four-year-old!” (Because that’s what we’ll be doing today. And it sounds kinda fun-slash-terrifying. It’ll be our first camping trip with an offspring. Pray for me.)

Love this simple DIY project -- make wire word art for your house! So many possibilities!

What would you make your wire art say? Anyone else in super-simple DIY mode?

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  1. I am so in love with this DIY! I am putting it on my summer bucket list right now!

  2. Yay! So fun!

  3. Very cute addition to the gallery wall! I’ve pondered this for craft night and you may have convinced me!

  4. I love this, Kelly! It’s so simple and easy, but makes such a big statement!!

  5. YES! This is really cute. Genius tip to plan it out with yarn or string beforehand. I would have skipped that and been fumbling with the wire! I’m totally going to try this.

  6. love this! father’s day gifts may be some handmade words this year 🙂

  7. Holly Martinez says:

    OMG! I literally just did this on Tuesday! I spelled “hello” with a capital H and floral wire! I clothespinned photos to mine. Yours is fancier. Leeeerve it! #greatmindsthinkalike

  8. One thing I have liked about your last two tutorials is that they have introduced me to new materials. I saw that you got a bit of flak about your flokati rug, for example. Was it simple? Yes. Did I personally know that such a material existed and that it is washable? No. Am I thankful that you told me? Yes.

    Same for this tutorial: it helps immensely to know about this wire and where the heck to actually find it in the store. I can be pretty stubborn about asking for help in Home Depot, so details like that matter to me.

    Great posts!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Cindy!

    • I totally agree, Cindy. There is no telling what department I would be in looking for wire. And then trying to explain the project to probably a male employee, impossible.!

  9. Love this! What a fun, simple craft!

  10. I love this idea! I think I would make a “welcome” for the front porch… maybe make it with really thick wire and spraypaint gold as well?! Sounds exciting to me! But in the meantime, I too am in super-simple DIY mode — today I did some gardening. Well, ok meaning I dug up a wild succulent from the yard and put it in a pot, topped with more gravel! It took less than 2 minutes. Not sure if I can even call that DIY but my little succulent is gorgeous and makes me happy, so there’s that 😉

  11. Love the wire art so much! It makes such a sweet statement over the crib!

  12. I love everything about this! Quick & not a major commitment. Perfect for artwork. I love the idea of wrapping yarn around it!

  13. You know, I normally have mixed feelings about word art, but, for some reason, “hello” has always been on my good side. As are crafts you can do while watching TV. so win, win!

  14. This is great! I am all about simple these days, although I bet you’d rock a tutorial on how to build a house. 🙂

    Good luck with that camping trip…you said fuzzy is always fun, but I hope you don’t make the acquaintance of any fuzzy octa-legged friends.

    I don’t think octa-legged is a word.

  15. I LOVE this Kelly – pinned and am definitely copying you! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. I love simple tutorials! Although, the 4-year-old-camping-trip-wrangling totally interests me. I hope it went well and ya’ll had fun! I have to say that I love your practicing with yarn tip for this project. It’s so practical, which means it would’ve definitely escaped me had I not read this. I’d love to do something similar for our son’s room that says “Imagine” one day. I’ve always loved that word. 🙂

  17. Such a fun idea. My word would be ‘chillax’ because I need all the reminders I can get 🙂

  18. Last weekend I survived a camping trip with my not-quite 2-year-old and slightly-over 3-year-old. You can do it. 🙂

    Also, I will be forced to make wire words now.

  19. Praying for you on the camping trip with a four year old boy. As a mother of 3 boys I know it’s going to be quite the adventure.

  20. Super cute Kelly! I love it! Hello!

  21. Hmm. Where so I need a word? I feel like I need to do this, I just have to figure out where!

  22. I love this! It’s such a fun thing to add to the walls.

  23. I just made one of these for my twin’s (coming soon) nursery and just need to spray paint it. Did you use primer before spraying yours? Thanks so much for the tutorial!


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