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Just a little flash-mob surprise makeover reveal. That’s all.

Imagine if you left for vacation and your living room looked like this.
Then a week later, you walked back into your house and it looked like this.
A room makeover in only a week with just $500!
What if you were expecting to see this:
But instead you saw this:
What would you DOOO?!!

Jill did this:
And smiled a lot, and cried a little.

Erin and I were a bundle of nerves all day waiting for Jill to get home. Here we were waiting, minorly freaking out, watching the clock and kinda sweating a lot and being really, really not cool about things.
I mean, what if she HATED it?! Or worse, what if she was ambivalent and clearly trying to be nice? What if she was just like, “Oh, that’s nice. Thanks guys. Welp, guess I’ll go unpack now.”

I just — that just wasn’t an option.

If you’ve been following along, Erin and I were co-conspirators on a surprise room makeover for Jill. We had one week and $500 to pull this whole thing off, and – oh I forgot to mention – the air conditioning went out in their house mid-project (in Atlanta in June! Read: sweatshop conditions) AND I got the flu. But we did it!

We turned this:
Into this:
Make over a complete room for only $500 in one week!Updated living room on a budget!
And this:
Into this:
How to COMPLETELY make over an entire room on a tiny budget!surprise_makeover_after_4
Did I mention we had just a few short days and $500 very small dollars? I think they were tinier dollars than normal, guys.

So here’s what happened. First we analyzed Jill’s style (without her even knowing! Is that creepy?) and figured out what we thought she’d like.

Then we made a design plan based on that bird fabric, which turned out to be Windsong by Heritage House:
Transitional living room design plan
Then we created a space plan for that tough layout. (See how to do that here!)
Once Jill and her family were finally out of the house, we invaded! All that grolive trim and wallpaper got painted – and it felt like SUCH a breath of fresh air!
The sofa and chairs came from craigslist, the rug came from Erin’s house and the coffee table is actually just two wicker trunks we found for $30 each. (They’re from Target originally but we have this incredible discount-store-heaven nearby us which sells Target overstocks.)
If we were designing this room for looks and not real-life, I think a glass coffee table would’ve been a little better here. It’s a small space and naturally very dark, so something that takes up less visual space and allows light to pass through would’ve been a little better, but Jill has four kids and we knew she’d appreciate the extra storage in the trunks.

Erin made those curtains! They’re a DIY version of these Pheasant Eye curtains which cost $100 per panel from Anthropologie. See how to make your own here!
DIY Anthropologie Pheasant Eye Curtains
Let’s talk about the bookshelves! Jill and her husband own ALL THE BOOKS. Every one of them. But you know what’s kind of awesome? Look at the difference between the before and after, how much easier it is on your eyes.
We did that while keeping almost all the books! We had just a small stack leftover that got stored in the cabinets below, but doesn’t it just look so much more clean and simple now? You can have a beautiful bookshelf and still store (a lot of) books! UPDATE: Here’s my process for styling their bookshelves.

Erin and I made the art on the shelves. It’s made out of FLOWERS, you guys!!! I can’t wait to tell you about this project! SO FREAKIN COOL.
DIY pressed flower art
I couldn’t believe what a difference the chandelier made. We hung it low over the seating area and not only did it make things feel insta-elegant, but also super cozy for conversation. The chandy was $40. (Now I’m grabbing both your shoulders and shaking you with joy and fervor: FORTY DOLLARS!)
Redo a room for $500 in 7 days!
The tree next to the sofa is just a branch from the japanese maple in my yard. True story: I just cut a longish branch without paying attention to the tree, and now our tree looks lopsided and weird, because Lack of Foresight. But doesn’t it look kind of amazing just plopped in a vase, for free dollars?
We pulled out that rust color in the curtains and the branch because the cabinets in Jill’s kitchen are red. (You can kinda see them behind her in this pic:)
4Adding this color to the other side of the room made the kitchen colors feel intentional and really tied this room into the kitchen in a major way.

Actually, that was just a happy accident, but it happened, so we’ll just take credit for that as if it was on purpose.

So here’s the budget breakdown for the whole makeover:
Couch: $100
Chairs: $70
Black & white pillows, plant & frames (all from Ikea): $105
Trunks: $60
Accessories: $100
Curtains: $25
Picture frames (four on the mantel + 2 for the art): $50
Chandelier: $40
Paint: Gift from Jill’s mother-in-law
Total: $550

And we sold Jill’s existing couch and put the money toward the total, so we actually came out RIGHT ON BUDGET. WHAT!

Even working all the hours in a room with no a/c, the end result of giving this gift to Jill was worth every second. Erin and I had so much fun and couldn’t have been more happy to bless our bud this way. Jill said the room makes her smile and she loves it!

One more before-and-after, for the road?

Thoughts? What would you do if someone changed your house without your permission? Restraining order?

Come check out this transformation! Only took one week and $500! Tons of great ideas!

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  1. WOW! it looks amazing- love those curtains that erin made, and really all of it! the chandelier, the chairs, the lighter colors…..but i think you paid too much for the tree for free dollars. 😉 but i suppose jill’s reaction was worth it.

    • Oh trust me, I paid for the tree. Andy read this post and went “you did what?!” 🙂 Apparently he hadn’t noticed it yet. hahaha.

  2. Wow! I can’t decide which I like more…. the difference the paint made, the furniture arrangement, or the fact you were able to pull all this off for just $500! You did a great job, and your friend’s reaction was priceless.

  3. THIS IS AMAZING!!! Many people are turned off by updating their house for fear that it will cost half a year’s salary. This proves it can be done on a teeny-tiny budget, and still look AWESOME!!!! Job well done. Applause!!!

  4. Love it Kelly! What an awesome surprise!

  5. what a fabulous AFTER!! You guys are so nice for doing this for her! It is amazing the difference paint can make in a room – LOVE those bookcases!!

  6. WOW. What a lucky girl! It looks a million times better. I still can’t believe you got that couch and those chairs on that budget. Seriously. Not to mention all the other stuff! And I love the coffee table!

  7. What is the name of this Target overstock heaven?

  8. It looks great! My husband and I are about to move from an apartment to a rental home (with a YARD! and TREES! and FLOWERS!) so I am tickled about the possibilities for using branches and such for free decorating.

    I would definitely be interested in how to style bookshelves that actually store books. One of my goals in life is to have a library a la Beauty and the Beast (complete with ladder) in my home, so we also have all of the books. Which I reread frequently. Because that’s how I do. And is only relevant because it means our bookshelves are constantly changing.

  9. What a lucky friend! I love the paint color and the Target wicker tables and the bookcases. It makes me want to go paint our den!

  10. Painting the built ins and freshening the paint was life changing in that room! Also LOVE the chandy. How fun and anxiety inducing to pull off such a fantastic makeover as a surprise!

  11. I love this! It looks great! But I’m wondering about that tree. How long do you think that will last? It seems like it wouldn’t last too long without roots and dirt.

    • It definitely needs water and it’s definitely not a long-term solution! I think of it like bringing in fresh flowers from the outdoors. Fortunately Jill has some gorgeous trees in her yard so it’d be really easy for her to change it out.

  12. OMG! Wow! This is SO amazing!!! Love what you did!
    xo, Lee

  13. Kelly, it looks fantastic! One of the better make overs I’ve seen in a while. It was great to see you the other night, wish we could have talked a little more! You girls work really well together 🙂

  14. Totally “fantabulously” awesome!!! I wish I had friends like you two! What a fantastic gift to your friend, I’m sure the family is LOVING it! Great great job

  15. It looks fabulous. You guys did an amazing job.

  16. What an amazing before and after! What a difference. I love her expressions when she saw the reveal. What a great surprise. Also, I am going to need her address so I can “borrow” those cane chairs. I’ll bring them back. *promise* 🙂

  17. Looks amazing! I’m with Shelley, what’s the name of the discount-store-heaven that sells Target overstocks? The locals want to know 🙂 Thanks!

  18. Fantastic job ladies!!! I would appreciate the book arranging tutorial.

  19. Girl! What store are you referring to that has overstock Target items??????? And this looks amazing! I’ve been anticipating the reveal and it turned out awesome! Great job girls, and what great friends you are! NOW PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT THIS STORE!!!!! I live in the ATL area and would love to go to this place!

    • Oh girl, now I’m revealing ALL my secrets. Erin’s going to kill me. 🙂 (Sorry Erin!) It’s called Bargain Hunt. I think they’re about to open one in Atlanta, and there is one in Gainesville too.

      • THANK YOU! I live in Jasper and I’m always on the hunt for great bargain stores! I love you forever! Have you been to The Pier Foundation? They have one in Cumming and one in Gainesville.. Great stuff and even better prices!

  20. Wow is right! That makeover is pretty phenomenal. You made it lighter and sophisticated but friendly. I bet she just loves it!

  21. This is just so darn fun and fabulous!! Crazy what you did with those tiny $$$!!

  22. ah! I love it! It realllllly looks fantastic. I love the pillows you put on the back of that thrifted set of chairs and it looks like you did more of that wire art on the back wall which is a really neat project too 🙂

  23. Brittany Garcia says:

    Hearing you talk about stretching those dollars makes me think of the State Farm commercial where the old man in waders with a fishing pole is like, “I got ya a dollar…..ohoho, you gotta be quicker than that!!” And there you are, leaping after all the dollars. Hahaha

  24. Yes, please talk about styling bookshelves with lots of books! The only things out there are bookshelves with maybe 5 books on them. This room is beautiful!

  25. Looks great! In one photo I can see that corner with the recliner and it looks like you made more wire words for the wall. Can you share that view a little better?

    • Yes, just updated the post to add more photos of that side. Don’t know how I missed that before. Thanks!

    • I agree, I was going to ask the same thing. Please show us that corner as well! It all looks great by the way. What a blessing to have such loving friends.

  26. Awesome makeover!! can’t believe you did it on such a tiny budget! Bravo! One quick question: where did you get the small oval gold mirrors?


  27. Ivette Lopez says:

    Amazing yet again!!!! Love it!

  28. Simply, absolutely amazing! Great light, textures, and contrasts. So glad you persevered through all the difficulties to be a blessing to your friend. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  29. Where can I sign up to get my own remodel done? My living room needs help and I think you can save it, Super Hero style with a fantastic cape.

  30. well, one thing is for sure: i need new friends! i love this makeover. i would love it if it were a “regular” makeover, but the fact you did it on the cheap makes me love it even more! what woman doesn’t love a bargain? 🙂 wow, i used “love” a lot in my comments. so fun!!!

  31. so disappointed. just looked up bargain hunt, and sadly, they are not in virginia. i wonder if a road trip negates the savings found at bargain hunt? 😉

  32. You can come to my house anytime!

  33. Amy McConnell-Salmento says:

    Looks great, where is the chandelier from?

  34. It looks gorgeous! Great job! I’m sure she is thrilled with the new space. I definitely would be!

  35. I’m a bit if a control freak and also pretty happy with most of my house. But at this point, anything would be better than what I have in the kitchen and I’d be thrilled if someone broke in and fixed that! Especially if they got my mom involved.
    Wow! on the chandy!
    Yes to the bookshelves with actual books post idea.
    Awesome on the surprised update for your friend!

  36. I cannot wait to read more about the curtain DIY. Kudos!

  37. Um…hi. Fellow local that would LOVE to know about this place that sells Target overstocks! Thanks 🙂 The room looks AMAZING, ladies! She is one lucky lady to have wonderful friends who love her this much.

  38. I have had baited breath to see the final reveal. It is wonderful and on top of that all the tutorials and extra little things you and Erin pulled off. The curtains and geometric shapes in the room were really a nice touch. I am not keen on geometrics and would have never thought to put those colors together but that’s why you have the cool blog and I don’t . Thanks for the fun journey. You and Erin are some priceless friends. She better keep ya. 🙂

  39. I’m pretty sure I’d kiss someone if they broke in & did this. We just bought a house & it’s so daunting to start tackling things! Yes, please show how to style book shelves with books!!

  40. Wow!!! That make-over looks like it should’ve cost 10x the amount you spent!
    LOVE the white bookshelves, the new furniture you found is GORGEOUS, and that chandelier… SWOON.
    The new furniture arrangement looks very sophisticated, but still much better conversation setting. Simply amazing 🙂

  41. Well done, ladies! Like a totally new space! So glad to see you at Haven, Kelly, and to meet Andy — I really appreciated all the great info I got in his session! Hope to see you again soon ~ xo Heidi

  42. That looks so beautiful! I love the transformation so much, but the best part is how you guys did that for a friend. That would be the part that would make me spontaneously start crying FOR WEEKS after if I was Jill. The chandy, the curtains, the bookcase – all of it is so beautiful!!!! I’m not sure if someone came in my house and did a surprise makeover if I would like it or not, but if YOU did, I’d adore it.

  43. Lovely! So light and welcoming, and I love that you stayed on budget! (Selling the old couch – so clever!) Yes, I want you tips on arranging bookshelves with books – I have tons and I’d love your ideas, because they look fab!

  44. It was so worth the wait! And I did go on vacation and come back to see the change, so I pretended it was my room, and I have to tell you both that it’s so Beautiful and I absolutely love it!! 😀 I’ve always wanted to do this for someone, it must have been tons of fun minus the no air and summer flu. You’re both very good friends!! I think i’d have to wait until the fall … just in case that no air thing happened to me. That fireplace is absolutely gorgeous and I’m so happy you didn’t paint it!

  45. Sue Lewis says:

    May I be your friend???

    Really, This is amazing!!! I love what you did! You two are an amazing team!

  46. It’s just gorgeous! What a makeover on a great budget and a sweet gift to your friend!

  47. YAY the reveal!! It looks SO great!! And Jill’s reaction is priceless – how sweet! I love the chandelier and the way the bookcases turned out. Plus, this happened in Atlanta… where I live! How did I not realize you were in Atlanta? Please tell me about this secret Target overstock store – I need to go there!

  48. Please do a post on book shelves that store books! I’m a bookworm, but I have all my books in a tub in the attic because they’re not pretty enough for my bookshelves. I would LOVE to bring them down and let them see the light of day!

    PS. I really, really loved Andy’s session at Haven and have already set my (internet marketing engineer) husband to working on our ads! I would so love to not have to do sponsored posts unless I really wanted to do them!

  49. What a great transformation! She’s lucky to have you as her friend!

  50. Brittany B says:

    Yes! I need help decorating my bookshelves (with lots of books!)!!

    Love this eco, beautiful makeover!

  51. I have been watching the transformation from the beginning and I love, love, love the results! You ladies are awesome!

  52. WOW! Jill is a lucky girl! I can’t believe you accomplished that in a week, let alone with only $550! It’s not only an amazing transformation, it’s truly a beautiful, serene space. I love your style and your thriftiness, as always! And God bless you for surviving the flu and no A/C. You are a trooper.

  53. Love it! You put a lot of thought into it before you even started, and it shows. That is about the most dramatic, satisfying and effective before and after I’ve seen.

  54. This is fabulous!
    I loved the post where you broke down the awkward spacing and how to deal with it. I think that’s really hard for a lot of us and I’d love to see you do more.

  55. WOW! It looks fantastic – you brought so much more light into the room. And her reaction is priceless. Congrats on a job well done. And I love those curtains. Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  56. I love this! Such sweet friends…such a gorgeous room. LOVE!

  57. SUPER AWESOME! You guys deserve all of the high fives and ice cream. It looks so much better. Fresher. Aaaaah!

  58. Kay Long says:

    I think you two are totally AWESOME, WONDERFUL, AMAZING friends! Great Job. My children did this for me and my husband while we were in Georgia for a 10 day vacation. Tiled kitchen and bath floors, painted front room, bedrooms and bath. Then when we got home said – Mom you guys need to get new carpet :))))) Yeah we did. I LOVE this when it happens. Especially if you have daughters with excellent taste and sons and sons-in-law that can do anything…. just like you guys. My hat is off to you!!!! FANTASTIC!!

  59. I’m so impressed that you were able to do all of this on the cheap! The couch and chairs were such a steal!!! Oh and I want that chandy for myself!!!!

  60. JaneEllen says:

    boy am I jealous, nobody I know would do that for me since nobody I know decorates or crafts, any of what they did for this lovely lady. Hope you had some fans to help cool you off some.
    You girls did such an incredible job on that living room. Bravo and congrats. What a wonderful thing to do for your friend and such an incredibly awesome job. Looks like a whole different room. Love it all, there’s nothing I’d want to change, come on help yourself.
    Actually we redid our living room recently and I’m so glad, love it now where before I wanted to sell place and move away. Have lots left to do other rooms but just getting l/r painted fixed up made such a difference in my mood. Didn’t spend much either, paint and new curtains. Usually I make my own but when I saw curtains at T.J. Maxx I knew that was it. Then color of curtains decided what paint to buy. Got curtains and paint on sale even. Used all things we had, just painted and I made new art, did a gallery wall but it’s so light and serene I love it.
    Happy days

  61. You’re good people! The room looks so cozy!

  62. The room turned out awesome!!! I think you and Erin are wonderful people to do something like that for a friend. And Jill is very lucky to have you two as friends! You can crash my house anytime and go crazy 🙂 Would also love a post on the bookshelves. We converted the closet in our office to bookshelves and we own tons of books so I’m always looking for other styling options.

  63. Simply gorgeous! I know Jill was flabber-smacked!

    Being that we own eight hundred thousand and thirteen books, I’d totally be into a post on styling a bookshelf with actual books.

    The books are taking over here. They want to run the blog, but I told them to back off. 🙂

  64. Wendy S. says:

    Love it!!! I live in metro Atlanta. Just sayin’. 😉

  65. Katie Register says:

    For us Georgia folks- please share where nearby sells Target overstocks?!?!? Sounds like a magical place I need to frequent. Love the room.

  66. I absolutely need that rug in my living room! Any idea where she got it?

  67. I love that labor of love 🙂 Besides, I would be pretty interested about that post on how to style bookshelves with actual books

  68. Oh my gosh, SO GOOD!!! It all makes such a difference. The new color scheme, the lightness, the new arrangment… But the single best thing was the curtains. That caught my eye immediately. Those curtains make the window look wider than it is and make the room feel grand.

    Also? You should become an interior designer for, like, a job. You’re so good at picking up different people’s styles and making something of it!

  69. Tina Fellman says:

    Wow!!! Are you guys for hire or can I be your friend? Everything looks awesome, but I’m not surprised coming from you. Love your blog and all your project and your cute and very helpful husband!! But most of all your friends reaction was worth it all and how lucky of her to have friends like you two!!!

  70. I love what you did. So much better. Those craigslist buys were great scores! Just curious– is the ceiling still off white? A bright white ceiling is the only thing I would have added!

    • Yes it is. I totally agree that it needs a bright white ceiling! The way their house is laid out, if we’d painted the ceiling in this room, we would’ve had to continue through the whole downstairs, and that was just wayyyy to big of a job for us this time!

  71. Fabulous transformation!! And I’m still just so in love with those chairs. If it were my house, you could have just plopped those down in the middle of an empty room and I would have been thrilled when I saw it 😉

  72. It looks awesome! Absolutely awesome! Any chance you travel? 😉

  73. So much brighter! The bookcases are my favorite. They were almost an eyesore before, but now they’re a feature! I would be very interested in your styling tips for bookcases that actually hold books. 🙂

  74. Beautiful transformation! I love the white paint and the furniture placement–spot on!

    I think I would be mostly delighted if someone surprised me with a makeover IF a) I planned or wanted to redesign the space anyway b) they understood my style or had similar taste (none of my closest friends do) and c) they understood and accepted that I would just change anything I didn’t like.

    Regardless, Jill is DEFINITELY happy!!!

    • Yes! We did make sure Jill knew that it’s hers now and she’s free to change anything. I could understand feeling a little weird to make changes otherwise. 🙂

  75. y’all did so good. what does that wire art say by the chair?

  76. I’d love the post about styling bookshelves! I love books but don’t love having them everywhere. While I’m a fan of the library, my husband likes to own all his. Trying to figure out where to put them all makes me crazy. Help out a marriage and tell me how to keep them and make them pretty to make me like them? 🙂

  77. You are a room makeover superstar! That is an amazing transformation. I especially love the chandelier. Stunning.

  78. Oh wow….this makeover turned out so beautiful and the two of you are awesome friends 🙂 🙂 If someone I know did that for me, I’d be so thankful 🙂 🙂 I really love what a big impaact the simple addition of white paint did to the room. Amazing 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 😉 🙂 🙂

  79. This is beautiful! To be honest, yours is the only blog I read on a regular basis, and I’m definitely glad I’ve been following this secret makeover! I just bought my first house (eek!) and would LOVE a post on how to actually make a library look less like a wall of books! I think I own more than my church library does. So my vote for styling a real bookshelf…. yes please!

  80. Absolutely lovely!

  81. Those chairs!!!! I’m dying. Dyyyyying. I’m dead.
    Great job!

  82. Kelly, I’ve really been enjoying your blog! Love this makeover as well. You asked if anyone would want to hear about styling bookshelves that hold lots of books: um yes please! too many books to count here and not enough space and they look pretty messy. So if you have a chance… 🙂

  83. What a great idea! I would be in full paper-bag-breathing flop sweat mode with this reveal. Also, I LOVE what you said about styling bookshelves with- ahem- books in them… This spring we built in some billies and I had the same conundrum. Imagine, books. 😉 Sorry not to see more of you at Haven, but they’d have to make it a month for us to visit with everyone enough! xx

  84. This is an incredible transformation! I am so inspired!

  85. I love it! The ceiling looks almost intentional because it is the same color as the floor, and its actually got a neat textural thing going on that looks better with color anyway (although it would probably look THE MOST awesome some kind of really light blue). And I’m so impressed that you did it for $500, like, you can hardly even buy a couch for that.

  86. So much better! I love love love the chandy! I plan to do the exact same thing to my mom’s house in two weeks!

  87. You can totally come over and redo any room in my house without my permission. Wait … I guess I just gave you permission.

    This room really looks lovely. I love how it looks like a completely different space – but your budget was toatlly TINY for all you had to do. And I love how you made the bookshelves look so much lighter and brighter. I need your book tips.

  88. What an amazing transformation!!!! I just love how you pulled it all together (even with no ac and the flu)! This room looks fresh and updated and very chic…. and all done for $550.00! Wow! I have a bedroom that needs a surprise makeover! Wanna come?

  89. Awesome job! You guys are miracle workers. I need friends like you all!

  90. What an absolutely amazing redo Kelly- and for that budget… what a wonderful way to truly bless you friend:-)

  91. What incredible friends you and Erin are! Many blessings will be showered upon you. It is absolutely beautiful! Not sure how you managed it with no a/c and the flu. I would really like more info re: styling the bookcase and making the curtains. So many special and unique touches and finding awesome deals!

  92. What incredible friends you and Erin are! Many blessings will be showered upon you. You two did an amazing job, especially in such a short time + no a/c and the flu. Would love more info on styling bookcases and making the curtains. I’m sure Jill is extremely happy ~ I would be! 🙂


  93. Hi, Kelly! I LOVE your style and following all of your projects. I am trying to help my MIL with a living/dining room & kitchen makeover but she is having a terrible time choosing a paint color and counter tops (for the kitchen). I think she’s terrified of making an expensive mistake- I’m sure you can relate to that. Any tips to get the ball rolling? And which website did you use to pull the layout and details of the room together?

  94. Ohemmmgeeee! There’s a bargain hunt by us and I have tried to avoid it because I know it will suck me in. Hubs is from Mississippi and they have dirt cheap and treasure hunt which are target graveyards. And it’s amazing. When we go to visit his family I save my money like a little kid so I can go buck wild in there! 🙂

  95. So much better! I love her look of surprise and happiness! That is what decorating is all about, it will be such a nice room for her and her fam to spend time in now 🙂

  96. Love it!!! You guys did an amazing job… is my house next?! I also need you to teach me how to bargain! Can’t believe the deals you found on the furniture and chandelier! Awesome!

  97. HOW MUCH do I love this blog?!? This makeover is AH-MAZING. Great job and I really don’t know what I would do in Jill’s place but if my friends did THIS kind of job, I might go out of town again and hope for another room fairy godmother to strike 🙂

  98. I might get a restraining order 😉 Love the new look….how could you not!

  99. This is probably one of the best things I’ve read in blog land. What a great thing to do for a friend. It turned out fabulous.

  100. I want to know what the quote on the wall says SO BAD 🙂
    Also, tutorial/post on how you made it? It looks like twisted wire and it’s just so pretty and perfect for the room!

  101. I looooove the curtains! Can’t wait to see the tutorial!

  102. Oh my! What an amazing makeover! You guys rock! By the way I will be out of town soon 😉

  103. ” I think they were tinier dollars than normal, guys.” I literally laughed out loud.

    The room is STUNNING. And I can’t believe you found that sofa on Craigslist! I’m so jealous!

  104. But where did the piano go? :/

    • The keyboard? We didn’t get rid of it. They have an adjoining room where it lives most of the time anyway. 🙂

  105. Seriously? You two did THIS to your friend? I’m so envious of Jill. I wish you were my best friends;)

  106. Colette Brunelle says:

    I love the way you used that space. I would be interested in your ideas on bookcases. I am moving into a new home in Sept and will have a 10 x10 room for a library. Something I have always wanted. I have several bookcases – 5 in total but only 2 match and 2 are rather, dare I say cheap looking. I have quite a collection of antique books, dating back to the early 1800’s. I really want a comfortable chaise and a room dedicated to reading.

  107. Lynn R Turner says:

    Wow! Just wow! I hafta say that I enjoy the way you embellish your posts with what your actions would be if your readers were there with you in person!
    I also appreciate the way you allow your faith into your stories! I am certain that God is using you in amazing ways.

  108. Love the makeover! Just curious–don’t you think it’s a bit risky buying upholstered furniture off of Craig’s List? I would love to find something myself but am really nervous about bringing bed bugs (or other insects) into my house.

    • Maybe? I’ve bought a lot of furniture there and never had an issue though, so I think the risk is pretty low.

  109. Really neat and inspiring! I’d love to learn to make those curtains…. It sounded like instructions were coming, but I haven’t seen any yet.

  110. Amazing! You did an excellent makeover job on Jill’s house. I can only imagine how happy and grateful she is upon coming home and seeing her newly designed space. She got some elegant pieces of furniture, too. And you made them even extra sophisticated by painting them in white. I love the result! Keep it up!

  111. I love what you did to that area. The colors and everything looks like you went to a lot of work. This makes me wish I could have this done to my whole house. My house seems to be bla. I’m on a fixed budget and not able to do anything because of back problems. A surprise would be great. Keep up the good work. God bless you!

  112. WOW – this is my absolute favourite kind of transformation!! On a tight budget, within a short week, using tons of paint to lighten things up, and simply re-using all that you can! Just love this story! You have one lucky friend to have friends like you!!!

    Makes for a warm and fuzzy feeling all over! 😀

  113. I was trying to find the bird fabric that’s on the long pillow because I want to cover my moms dining chairs with it. I got a half yard of it years ago and just had to try and remember the name of it. While searching(took me days to remember it’s Birdsong), your post about your plan for Jill’s makeover popped up. I won’t tell you how long it took for me to find the finished room post.

  114. That is an amazing makeover! Thanks for sharing it.

  115. I just saw this post while browsing. I live in Alpharetta and curious about the discount store you mentioned.

  116. Marilyn Durrance says:

    This was so awesome. I loved reading about it and looking at the pictures.

  117. Not sure what to say other than Holy Cow! So awesome! Amazing what paint can do plus the furniture arrangement is inspired.
    In Atlanta, you guys up for a road trip to do another? Would love some design inspiration and creativity to help with an odd living room. Just can’t seem to get the oopmh you do.
    Seriously, I’m up for a change. Happy to leave the house too. ….

  118. This is shaped just like my living room and it looks beautiful. My question though is what about a tv. ? Where would you place it in this room? We actually live in our living room and everything is pretty much centered around that darned tv.

  119. All that gorgeous wood painted over, I could cry! And those ghastly curtains, wow, glad they are not my friends, hahahaha! But seriously, what a difference, its like coming from a night into a day, so nice and airy and fresh and clean, well done girls, you deserve a bonus for doing that for your friend, hope she did not mind you painted over the precious wood though! xxxx

  120. This is just an amazing post, specially the use of pics are really good. I can only say that is an amazing makeover. Keep sharing


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