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Easy no-sew diamond curtains (Anthropologie knock-off)

Remember many moons ago when my friend Erin and I surprised our friend Jill with a low-budget room makeover while she was on vacation?

DIY anthropologie knock-off curtains!

…and I was all, “BRB with the curtain tutorial!”


We got a little distracted with the whole master bedroom paint situation, then Andy and I went out of town last weekend and also the dog ate my homework.

(We went to Pittsburgh last weekend to watch two beautiful friends get hitched. We rented a fabulous convertible and ate enough food for four months. It was amazing.)

But yes! I want to tell you about the curtains we made!
DIY anthropologie knock-off curtains!

We felt like the room needed something to bring attention up, to help the ceilings feel a little taller and to balance out the pattern and “weight” of the bottom half of the room, plus we wanted to include an element that felt a little more handmade and imperfect, to keep the room from feeling too serious about its life.
DIY anthropologie knock-off curtains!
And ideally, we were hoping for something that would pull out some color from the lumbar pillow on the sofa, so we thought these curtains from Anthropologie would be PERFECT.
Only one tiny problem: the price. (Cursed budget strikes again!) They’re $99 per panel in the size we’d need, and even if we could spend $200 of our entire $500 budget on curtains (which, no.) – they’re sold out.

So Erin and I got creative and just um, you know, made some.
DIY anthropologie pheasant eye curtains!


  • One pair of Ikea Vivan curtain panels (or other simple white curtains)
  • About 4.5 yards of fabric for the diamonds (you could also use an old sheet or something if it’s in a color you like.)
  • No-sew hem tape

(It’ll cost you about $20 to make both panels! Niiice.)

Here’s the short version: this pattern is basically just strips of fabric ironed onto the curtain panels in a diamond pattern with hem tape. Our curtains have 5 full diamonds and 5 half diamonds, but the anthropologie version has an extra row of diamonds that we chose to skip.
Diamond pattern curtain tutorial

1. Cut strips of fabric

Each strip should be 1.5 inches wide. This is the fastest way we found to cut a TON of strips of fabric from one large piece of fabric: first, fold the fabric in half width-wise…
curtain tutorial - how to efficiently cut strips of fabric
and then again in half length-wise. Then measure out every 1.5 inches with measuring tape and make a little notch with your scissors.
how to cut long strips of fabric quickly and easily
And just continue to cut down each notch until you’re left with a nice spaghetti bowl of fabric strips.
how to make your own curtains, cutting strips of fabric
Each strip will be 1.5 inches wide and 4.5 yards long, and will be enough to make one full diamond. Hooray!

2. Attach your first diamond

You’ll just use the iron-on hem tape to attach the strips in a diamond pattern on the curtain panel. The Ikea Vivan panels are 57 inches wide, so each diamond should end up being about 19 inches wide from corner to corner. This is how it all shakes out, and the order we did each diamond:
how to make diamond curtains diagram
Starting at that top corner, lay out your hem tape underneath a strip of fabric and iron the fabric to the curtain panel according the instructions on your hem tape. (We found it MUCH easier to do this on the floor than on an ironing board!)
How to make DIY curtains with no-sew hem tape
How to iron no-sew curtains
To do the corners of the diamonds, just fold the strips back over on themselves. This whole deal is supposed to feel imperfect, so much grace is granted to you at this point.
Making a turn
Continue to move in a spiral from the outside of the diamond toward the center until you have one completed diamond! Yay!
curtain tutorial - diamond fabric close up
Go through and finish all the full diamonds. This, again, is the order we went in:
how to make diamond curtains diagram

3. Do all the half-diamonds

The half-diamonds on the edges are basically the same situation which by now you’ve perfected into an art form and will be taking on the road to audiences across the country. Only difference is the inside of the half diamond feels a little different, but you’ll have no problem with it. It should end up looking like this:
how to do no-sew half-diamonds on diy anthropologie curtains
You’ll also need to trim them on the edges so they’re nice and neat.
DIY anthropologie curtains - trimming curtain edges

4. Hang ’em high and wide!

DIY anthropologie knock-off curtains!
This was a very simple project you can do on the living room floor while rewatching old seasons of The Office for at least the 8th time, and still feeling incredibly uncomfortable about Michael’s toast at Jim & Pam’s wedding.

View Along the Way: where you can get your fill of outdated pop culture references, five years after they happened.

(It’s a niche market.)

What’s your fave show that’s no longer relevant?

These are Anthropologie knock-off curtains for only about $20 a pair! Easy to make!

PS: in the mood for more inexpensive knock-off projects? Check out ’em out right here, or check out these 27 (more) brilliant DIY curtain ideas:

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  1. oh man, when you first posted the room I totally thought it was just a layer of patterned fabric cut and hemmed over the white ones! this is so much more intricate, and must look SO much better in person too. awesome!

  2. Oh my word, this is genius and you did such an amazing job. Great tutorial too.

  3. I am in love with those curtains! At first I thought your fabric was already patterned and you “only” had to cut along the lines, but what you’ve accomplished is even more incredible! Thanks for the great (and funny) tutorial 🙂
    (I still watch Friends even though it stopped like 500 years ago but to me it’s totally still relevant thankyouverymuch)

  4. The room looks great! What a creative way to do the curtains. If you do it again, consider cutting the strips on the bias, diagonally. Then when they fray, you’ll get a nice feather look and no long threads. Filing this idea away for the future.

  5. I like you curtains much more! Great job!!!

  6. “View Along the Way: where you can get your fill of outdated pop culture references, five years after they happened. (It’s a niche market.)” <— HAHAHA! I can't. Too funny. I really want to try this. I think even I could manage not to mess it up. 😉

  7. Oh, I absolutely love this! I will be coming back for this tutorial in a few weeks when it’s time to hang my curtains. We get our new home (a builder basic that I plan to make totally us – slowly) on Sept 6.
    I love your site – I mentioned you in my post on closet dilemma’s and how I find courage in your DIY option. I hope you don’t mind. Let me know if it’s a problem and I’ll remove it.
    Thanks again for miles of inspiration

  8. Um, hello? I live 5 minutes from that fabulous view you were pictured in front of. I couldn’t even read the curtain tutorial because I was too excited you came to the ‘Burgh. Anyway, I did go back and read it and man, you guys are dedicated. I had no idea you cut all those strips! Truly awesome! Also, we got Netflix a couple months ago after cancelling cable and I started watching The Office from the beginning while doing the elliptical.!

    • No way – we were right by each other! Loved Pittsburgh; it’s beautiful. We have literally watched The Office from the beginning at LEAST 8 times, and it’s uncomfortably awkward every time, even when we know what’s coming.

  9. Ummm yeah these are amazing. I wonder if you could do chevron instead of diamonds…idea!
    I watch The Office like it’s my job. Friends is also on standby and, I admit, I watch the tested and true show from my childhood…Full House.

    • Anyone who watches The Office is a friend in my book. Also totally remember vegging out to some Full House back in the day!

  10. Ok this is my third attempt to comment. If this doesn’t work, their may being a phone thrown out the window into a lawn of sprinklers….. I LOVE this idea!! I also love the suggestion above to do it with bias cut strips to get the feathered edges. I also thought wouldn’t this be great with ribbon? Can get whatever width in a variety of options. Think about it with a pleated ribbon. So much fun! I always love your posts and this one is no exception.

  11. What a great idea! I don’t know if I have quite the patience to do the diamond pattern, but I might be able to make it work while watching reruns of M*A*S*H (which is completely still relevant, yes it is).

  12. another great idea. do you think it would work if you cut one length of fabric in a diamond swirl? much like you do for felt flowers?

  13. i am all about that no sew. and all about that bass.

  14. I totally thought this was ribbon when you first showed it in the room reveal! I plan on making these for our office, but I might try ribbon to keep the edges from fraying. I like your version way better than the anthropologie version.

  15. Waaaaaaaait! The Office isn’t relevant anymore? Bah! I’m old, too.

    I really like Arrested Development (minus that new season they did on Netflix). I also really like those curtains! When they hang you don’t really notice the imperfections anyway. High-five!

  16. I, too, thought the curtains were just a patterned fabric cut and layered over the white curtains. Actually, I originally thought the red parts might be cloth napkins! Ha! I am now positive that they must look much better in person. 🙂 Not that they look *bad*, but the far away photos just don’t do them justice. As far as TV shows, well… I will always love Friends. I don’t know if it’s no longer relevant or not, but I do remember watching an episode recently where they get trapped on the roof and Ross and Joey have a comical climb down the fire escape. That probably wouldn’t happen today because they both would have cell phones in their pockets, and would just call their friends to come open the door. 🙂

  17. Ah all the pretty! This is a genius knockoff!! Also you and Andy look ridiculously cute rollin’ in the convertible. New car purchase soon?

    • Oh, sure! Responsibility is overrated! The kids’ carseats won’t fit, but they can run along behind, right? 🙂 (Can you tell I’ve tried to talk myself into this already? haha!)

  18. Awesome tutorial!
    It’s looks so good that I wouldn’t guessed it’s a DIY

  19. Wow! I never would have guessed those were DIY and NO SEW! Great job! xoxo

  20. You had me at hem tape 🙂
    I so need to find a way to incorporate some type of awesome design like this in whatever type of window coverings I end up going with in the art room.

  21. Definitely The Office. My toddler knows all the characters by name. Michael’s toast was squirm worthy. Even his comment at Dwight and Angela’s wedding was uncomfortable…”feels like all my kids grew up and got married.” Haha…best show ever!

  22. Lynn Turner says:

    When I saw this in the reveal I, of course, had to see what was being ‘knocked off’ ( yes there is a dark side, but that is not what I am currently referring to. ..). Yours way out-rocked the original. As a matter of fact, when I saw the original I actually said ‘blech’ out loud! You and your ideas have greatly inspired me, much to my husband’s feigned chagrin.

  23. Still smiling at #4 of the DIY project instructions: “Hang ’em High and Wide!”

    Okay, maybe that’s just me, visualizing… the nice curtains. And to feed your suggested niche market: “WKRP in Cincinnati.” IMDb link here:


  24. I’m inspired and comforted at the same time. 1) the curtains are amazing! 2) someone else appreciates that a good pop culture reference really never gets old 🙂

  25. First for the REALLY important stuff: BUFFY, the Vampire Slayer is OF COURSE, my very favorite outdated show. I watch the entire series every October…and sometimes again in the summer if I need to refill the old ‘geektank’. The other fav would be ‘Serenity’ only on for one season, but another Josh Whedon gem!

    Now….love. The. Curtain. Valence! Really just so smart!

  26. You were out in my neck of the woods! Hope you enjoyed Pittsburgh! Did you hit up any special restaurants? The TV show my husband and I have been watching lately is The Cosby Show. I can’t believe how hilarious it STILL is!

  27. jamie lynn says:

    bah! the office is totally still relevant!! 🙂 it’s still my favorite show. although Modern Family is a close second. I think Phil Dunphy and Michael Scott would have totally been BFF’s. 🙂

  28. Amazing! Those are so cute, and the tutorial is something I’d definitely follow 🙂

  29. Just bought a shower curtain that I hope to chop up and attach to my ho hum curtains in the bedroom! I will likely be watching the irrelevant Freaks and Geeks while I do this. Great tuturial!


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