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Is love enough? — New curtains for the office

Remember back when we made this bench out of a headboard for the entryway?

(I accidentally just typed “remember when I made…” And then I laughed and erased it, because no.)

I showed you my growing collection of fabric swatches I was considering for the office windows, just off the foyer:

I decided on none of those, because here’s what went down.

I’d been watching this fabric at Calico Corners for, seriously, a couple of years, but it was over $40/yard, and I’d end up shelling out many hundreds of dollars for four floor-to-ceiling panels, so I just couldn’t pull the trigger.
(They have it at Online Fabric Store for cheaper now, but at the time, it was held hostage at Calico Corners for more than I wanted to spend.)

One day I was doing my daily browsing – it’s an addiction – of Joss & Main and I saw this!!
Joss and Main Mayra Curtain
Curtains in that fabric — already made! — for much less than it would cost me to make my own. You don’t even know how fast I clicked “order,” guys. You couldn’t even see it with the naked eye: there was just a “whoosh” sound, and it was done.

Here’s the thing: I had been agonizing over whether to do a pattern for these curtains, because the foyer rug is so colorful and busy, and the office rug is a faux cowhide with a little bit of movement in it as well.

But when I saw those curtains come up for sale, I just snagged them: bought first, thought second.

You know how designers are always saying: “All you have to do is buy what you love and your house will be amazing! It will all come together beautifully!” and other things that make you wonder what’s wrong with you?

I kinda just hoped that loving that pattern enough – and for so many years – would be enough. Because love is always enough, right? (Says no one who has been married for any period of time, ever.)
I love it. I don’t know if it’s “too much pattern” — I don’t think so, I think it’s fun and happy — but even if you disagree, that’s cool. I’m digging the happy, comfortable direction this is headed, although there’s still MUCH to do in the office before it’s any kind of finished.
Office curtains
That’s the chandelier we made from this post, by the way, and the little rescue lamp that we rigged up to be cordless in this post.

And that’s green preschooler hand-print art on the back of the door, yes. It’s an original.

The art leaning against the wall was a One Kings Lane purchase. I’m still deciding where it’ll live. I think it’s granny chic; Andy thinks it’s granny. I know that, even though I haven’t asked him what he thinks. Sometimes, you just know better than to ask.

The fiddle leaf fig isn’t shrinking, by the way. I have two now: both actually living. I think I figured out their formula. I might do a post on that soon.
Office and foyer
You can’t see it from here, but the other side of the office has some more of that turquoise color happening on our little DIY bookshelf wall:

The curtains themselves are the BEST quality. They have hidden tabs (here’s how to make curtains with hidden tabs), and are lined and SUPER thick. The color looks amazing in person. I think the pattern looks like giant amoebas eating our wall, which is probably the next trend.
So what do you think: is love enough? Or do you need to do a little analyzing and agonizing over a decision first?

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  1. Is love enough – no it’s not enough in marriage OR decorating unfortunately. But it TOTALLY works for these curtains. And I think a lot more went into this purchase than love. Such as thought because they ROCK!!! Love the pattern and it goes so well with everything else in your office. Love it!!

  2. Gasp, those curtains are fabulous! What an awesome addition, they make such a great impact!

  3. I think it looks cool, and I truly believe that it’s not what everyone else thinks that matters, it’s that you love it!

  4. If giant amoebas eating your wall are wrong, I don’t want to be right. They look great and I always love when procrastination pays off!

    Also, random note. I just bought a little starbursty mirror like you have hanging above your photo. I knew it was classy when I splurged the whole 60 cents for it!

  5. Yes! I do believe that love is enough! I never did and always agonized over any decorating decisions. But as I have gotten older I agonize much less and just put together what I love. I love my home more than I ever have now that it is filled with things I love. I LOVE mixing patterns and textures! I think it can make a space so dynamic. I love the curtains you decided on! You have excellent taste! It’s one of the reasons I started reading your blog!

  6. oooh i love them and i think they work well and not too much pattern! you just probably need to get used to it- that always happens to me when i add pattern. 😉 and what’s love got to do, got to do with it.

  7. OMG. Love it all… did you do a post about your entryway rug? i love it…. where’s it from.. i’m obsessed with rugs!

  8. I love those curtains and they look great in your office! Please do the FLF post bc I can’t keep one alive to save my life!

  9. I’m loving the granny chic picture! Go with it. Andy can decorate the garage or something. That’s the deal we have in my house. 🙂 I may be partial to granny chic because my friends have nicknamed me Granny Rob and my house looks like it was decorated by a 70 year old back in the 60s. Bless my sweet and patient husband.

  10. I love your curtains! I actually came across that fabric this weekend and think they might be perfect for my living room. Waiting on a sample now. It’s nice to see how they look in someone’s home – beautiful! I’ll have to keep my eye out on joss & main, that would be so much easier than making them. How long are your curtains?

  11. love! great job, it really came together! where is the rug from at the entry way?? also, love that frame above the bench, where is it from?

  12. Stephanie Narron says:

    Kelly, LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! I tried to buy them for my office but gave up searching after an hour! Also, love the faux cowhide rug. It works beautifully in your office as well. Enjoy your day!!

  13. What a steal! Procrastination wins for sales and deals like this. Love is definitely not enough for marriage, but if the curtains make your heart go pitter patter, I say that is all that matters 😉 I’m actually loving them in that room.

  14. I think they totally work– the pattern is large enough that it’s not overshadowing the entry rug and all the colors coordinate well. Glad you snagged them! 🙂

  15. I love amoebas and am so glad you are raising awareness of these awesome creatures! 😉 The curtains are fabulous! I think they look great in your office. I decorate both on a whim buying something I love AND analyzing something so much that it takes me a year to finally pull the trigger and make a decision. Also, I’m glad you have figured out the fiddle fig formula for life, and once you find THE spot for the granny picture, you won’t even need to tell Andy. He’ll just take one look at it in its proper surroundings and think, wow, that is chic. Yep, that word is what will come to mind. xo, Sharon

  16. I love the curtains and do not think they are too much. I would also LOVE to read your thoughts on the figs. I have one that I have had for a couple of years that I keep moving around anxiously, trying not to kill.

  17. Beeeeeeauuuuutiful!!!

  18. I love fun colors and patterns, and that looks so fresh and happy!! And PLEASE do a fiddle leaf post. I got one a few weeks ago at IKEA and I need it to live long and prosper. I think I might be over watering.

  19. I absolutely love the different patterns with the cowhide, entry rug, and now the curtains. Fabulous curtains.

  20. I’d say in this case love was enough. And I totally understand you. I have a few things that I will definitely buy when I have my new apartment. And I don’t know if they will fit with the rest and really, I don’t care that much! I want these few things! 🙂

  21. love is definitely enough! i absolutly love how the curtain’s colors play off the browns and white in the rug. its the perfect way to bring the blue from the built- ins over to the other side of the room. #winning

  22. I hesitate to say that love is enough IN GENEAL, but in this case yes. YES. Keep them. Rub your face on them. Whisper to them. (Not that I do that sort of thing to curtains. Ahem…)

  23. Well, I mean, on one hand, the Beatles say that love is all you need, and they’re quite popular. But then Edna St. Vincent Millay tells us that “love is not all; it is not meat nor drink…” but that’s just to set you up for how love is pretty great after all at the end. So…..anyway, I’m a big fan of the new curtains 🙂

  24. I LOVE those curtains. Like seriously love. Like why didn’t I think of that/why don’t I have them at my house? I think they need to come play with that Moroccan pillow we couldn’t find a match for that had to come live with me too…yes…curtain/pillow playdate ahead. My place.

    Also, best thinky-question ever…is love enough? I’ve been thinking about that throughout the day. Of my four favorite spots in the house, only one was painstakingly planned and agonized over…although much in there was the result of happy accidents. The others were either eh-sorta-planned or just thrown together out of LOVE.

  25. Please hurry with your post about the fiddleleaf fig. I’m afraid I will lose mine before I find out the secret. I already figured out I wasn’t watering enough but am very curious to find out your secret. Mine has already lost MANY leaves.

  26. Yes, please share the secrets of fiddle leaf figs! I tried ordering one from Home Depot and it looked OK for a few weeks, but is looking more like it’s not gonna make it!

    (I do remember when you let your little guy stage the front entry; I instantly fell in love with your blog).

  27. Well, I adore the new curtains! I think that they work because that really is the main pattern in the space now. Not too much else is competing with it. What a great find! xoxo

  28. Oh those curtains are amazing! I love them!

    Love HAS to be enough! 😉

  29. Is there anything like the rush of getting a fantastic deal on something you’ve been drooling over forever? Love it!

  30. You are right, love is not enough. It takes commitment too. And those curtains look great. It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t think so though, because YOU think so and that’s most important. I visit lots of places that I love because of the people who live there. Their space reflects them and I love it for that reason, even if I wouldn’t copy it in my own house. Not that I wouldn’t copy those curtains–because they really are great. Don’t you think?

  31. They look great! Love is definitely enough!

  32. It’s important to have things in your house that *you* love.

  33. They are so pretty! I love a good patterned curtain!

  34. I think those curtains look great with both the office and foyer rugs! As for decorating – when I love something – I will make it work 🙂


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