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What we’re going to do together next: the Safe House

Do you remember being 11 years old? You were probably in 5th grade, learning what a prime number was, still trying to get a handle on what all this puberty business is about and, if you were me, not understanding most of what happened in Forrest Gump.

You were innocent; you were fragile; the world was still a mystery.

This will blow your mind: the average age of entry into sex trafficking is between 11 and 14 years old. Yep, it’s happening right here in America. Young girls are being coerced into the sex trade and enslaved. They are exploited, beaten down, forced to do things they never would have agreed to. They are enslaved; they cannot escape, and if they could, where would they run?


They should be in elementary school.

When human trafficking victims are recruited at that age – the average age of entry – their life expectancy from that point is seven years.

That could have been you or me, but for the grace of God.

Stick with me here – we’re getting to DIY/decorating stuff in just a second. The more I’ve learned about human trafficking, the more stunned and helpless I’ve felt. The problem is enormous. There are an estimated 300,000 sex trafficking victims here in the U.S. In Atlanta, where I live, it’s especially rampant.

But guess what! You and I are going to do something to help. Something very, very small in the grand scheme, but it’s something. We’re going to give them a comfortable place to land.

I’m partnering with the Atlanta Dream Center’s ministry called Out of Darkness, which aims to reach, rescue and restore victims of commercial sex exploitation. Here’s how it works: the victims call Out of Darkness and they are rescued – picked up from wherever they are, at whatever hour of the day or night – and taken to a safe house in the Atlanta area.

At the safe house, they’re given rest. Refuge. Safety. Hope.

They get new clothes, medical care, love and support. They stay at the safe house for a couple weeks while Out of Darkness works to find them a long-term placement where they can recuperate, heal and rehabilitate.

We’re going to make over a room in the safe house for these girls! I’m so excited about this. The safe house at Out of Darkness is called the Solomon House. It’s a place of refuge for victims of sex trafficking, where they can come straight off the streets. Out of Darkness is renovating the Solomon House basement to make new rooms where they can take in more girls, and we’re going to fancy up one of the rooms, make it comfortable and cozy and a place of refuge and rest.

This is the room now:
It’s teeny-tiny and it needs to have room for two ladies to sleep at a time. We have carte blanche!

Exciting, right?

This is going to be a relatively quick project too: the whole thing has to be complete by the end of the month! I’m a little nervous about the deadline, but we’re going to make the decisions together and give them a room that feels welcoming.

I’ll show you the rough outline of a plan in the next post and we’re going to do this thing! (Quickly!)

Are you in?

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  1. I’m so in! What an awesome opportunity to be a blessing to others!

  2. Wow! What an amazing opportunity to help with such an important ministry! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. so awesome! of course I’m in!

  4. Yes – I’m so in!

  5. Wow… that is frightening statistics. I know that every time my niece or nephews leaves my line of vision that these thoughts pop in my head!
    What a wonderful thing that you are doing… I know that you will create a beautiful and restful place for these future guests.

  6. They sure picked the right girl for the project!

  7. what an awesome opportunity! I’m so glad you got on board with this project 🙂

  8. Amazing what you’re doing. I’m so passionate about this! I did a report on sex trafficking in college, and it changed my life after I saw the stats. You’re changing lives through design– you go girl!

  9. This is awesome! Sex trafficking is something that I care a lot about but I’ve mostly felt at a loss to know what to do about it and about how to make a real difference. So I LOVE that you are doing this!

  10. I’ve only started to hear about this in the past couple of years. It is heartbreaking. I hope the safe house is able to help all the girls who need it.

  11. You are my hero! I cant wait to follow along 🙂

  12. This makes me both so happy and so sad at the same time. I love seeing people use the gifts God gives them to help others, but it is truly awful what these children have to go through. I’m sure you couldn’t be working with a more worthy cause, I really look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  13. Wow, yes!! So happy God has opened this opportunity for you!

  14. Totally in. Let’s do this.

  15. Sucha great cause! Who would have thought that it was really bad in Atlanta? Can’t wait to see it

  16. I am so glad you are doing this! I will be praying hardcore that God’s blessings come through this project!

  17. I’ve followed your blog for a long time and have enjoyed each and every post. All I can say about this is: May the Lord bless you. You are a good person.

  18. This is awesome and so are you.

  19. love that you are doing this and can’t wait to see what you create!

  20. Good job 🙂 This subject has been something God has been nudging me on for a while now and although we’ve started giving financially, I love the idea of being able to do something more concrete. This is definitely something we need to step up and fight against, and every little bit helps!

  21. Alice A. Crawford says:

    Please let me know what I can do. I have a lot of sewing knowledge and I would love to teach the girls how to hem their own jeans, pants or skirts. Sometime things that we pick up at the Goodwill store fit but may be just a little too long, I can help with that, no more fringy hems. I’m sure that many of these kids have never had anyone take the time to teach them how easy it is to sew on a button, I can change all that if they’re willing to learn and it will save them money too.
    I certainly don’t expect any payment for my help, just to know that whatever good I can do is a big payment and a joy for me. Let me know when and I’ll be there. Alice

  22. Great post – I’m happy to see you informing all of your readers (myself included) about what’s going on in Atlanta with human trafficking and also the ministry of the Solomon House.

    It’s amazing how God can use your gifts for his glory and to reach those who need Him! Having two more beds at the safe house is two more lives that can be positively impacted every few weeks. It will be exciting to see the progress. 🙂

  23. This is incredible! I’m so glad that you are doing this. It’s such a heart breaking situation. What a way to use your talents to bless others! Rock it Kelly!

  24. This rates up with the top three posts you have done in terms of impact. Go Kelly! I’ve so enjoyed seeing what you do with your various projects, and it will be exciting to see how you pamper these girls and help restore their hope. I am in the camp of those whose hearts break as we learn about the human trafficking that is so prevalent (Toledo OH is one of the main places for such–just a few hours away from me), but who don’t necessarily know what we can do. Keep us posted–no pun intended. We can hardly wait!

  25. A most worthy and important cause. I hope the room makeover brings some joy and peace to these women and girls on their way to a new life

  26. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. I can’t wait to see the outcome.

  27. Definitely! Count me in!

  28. Wow, Kelly. What an incredible opportunity to use your platform and your incredible talents for His glory. So glad places like The Solomon House exist and so excited to see how you transform that space into an even greater safe haven. Can’t wait to hear more about this exciting new adventure of yours, friend!

  29. Well done on contributing to this cause.

  30. Great project!

  31. This is amazing. I have been trying to think of ways to do more stuff like this. What a blessing for you AND those girls. <3

  32. Love this, awesome way to make a difference.

  33. What a cool thing you get to do! It’s awesome to use your gifts to change lives!

  34. You’re my hero. If a sounding board or random opinions are needed through the process, let me know! I’m happy to help if I can!

  35. I live in the Atlanta area and if you need help – like someone to do some wall painting or something, please let me know. I work from home so my hours are flexible.

    The whole sex trafficking thing absolutely sickens me. My beloved late dad used to say something to me when I was a kid when I seemed too anxious to grow up (as kids are often wont to do) that has stuck with me and I feel it applies here: “You’re only a kid for a short while, but you’re an adult for the rest of your life.” I hate that people are taking away young children’s childhoods away in such a horrific manner.

    I also have more stuff than I need around my house so if ya’ll are looking for donations I can help out there as well. If you need to email me, you can at stacy @ (obviously no spaces between the @ symbol)

  36. What a great project. I can’t wait to see you work your magic!

  37. Stephanie Peterson says:

    Awesome, Kelly!

  38. This is so awesome Kelly! I’d love to be a part of something like this in our area. How did you get connected???

  39. I can’t wait to see tis come together. I simultaneously felt teary and nauseous reading this. Maybe especially having two young daughters, the idea of little girls only slightly older than them…it’s just unthinkable. But then it’s not, it’s real, and that’s what makes it the saddest thing ever. So glad you’re doing this, what a great cause.

  40. I would lobe to help!!


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