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Safe House Bedroom REVEAL!!


Reveals are my favorite thing as a blogger, and also my least favorite because NO ONE IS EVEN READING THESE WORDS RIGHT NOW. You’re all cheating by skipping ahead. You oughta be ashamed.

Alright, alright! Here’s the before:
And the after:
Beautiful colorful bedroom on a budget!
I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO TELL YOU. I’m trying to sit still.

We’ve been making over this room, which will be a temporary home to victims of sex trafficking — their first stop after being rescued off the streets. The first thing we did was consider their specific needs. I partnered with a ministry called Out of Darkness, who requested something cozy and comfortable, nothing too pristine or hotel-like.

The whole design sprung from this inspiration photo…
barn quilt
…which turned into the amazing quilts made by a friend of mine (see more on the quilts here).
We painted the room Valspar Ballet Slipper (mixed at half-strength) and hung the quilts using copper piping and brackets from the plumbing department.

The Out of Darkness team challenged us to create a visual depiction of “freedom” in the room. They suggested butterflies or doves. I teamed up with some of my favorite people – 163 Design Co – to create this epic bird wall, where the birds are flying away to freedom:
Beautiful sophisticated pink bedroom with bird installation design
(163 Design Co is the same family-owned shop that created these letters for me. They can do anything, and they are a delight. Highly recommended.)

I know it’s hard to tell in the photos (argh!) but we hung the birds at different distances out from the wall, so some of the birds seem to be flying off the wall in 3D.
Beautiful sophisticated pink bedroom with bird installation design
I love how that turned out.

Those “hello love” pillows are from Society6 . The sheets are from target and the duvet and comforter are from ikea. They are way more tactile than they look here. Photography is hard.
Valspar ballet pink bedroom with modern graphic quilts

Valspar ballet pink bedroom with modern graphic quilts
A super-sweet lady who doesn’t know me from adam donated that adorable dresser. We didn’t even know it came with a mirror until we arrived at the Safe House to put everything together on the very last day – but isn’t it perfect there? I love its sweet little shape, and we thought the natural wood from the dresser really warmed everything up and made it feel more homey.

Will ya please stop and check this bad boy out.
DIY copper microscope slide chandelier
DIY copper microscope slide chandelier!

The chandelier was a giant experiment and we had no idea whether it’d turn out crazy or not. I think it’s crazy-in-a-good-way, totally different, kinda geometric and unexpected.
DIY copper microscope slide chandelier!
I’ll tell you ALLLL about it in the next post. Don’t touch that dial!

This is what’s going on opposite the beds:
That’s just a little shelfy-thing I got from ikea so the ladies would have somewhere to hang their purses, but what I really want to show you are these AHH-MAZING hand-lettered prints!
Erin’s friend Lauren is an incredibly talented artist, and she created these for the safe house. Here’s a better view:
Psalm 34 hand-lettered art
These are so good it makes me need to pass out a little bit.

First — that verse. When I think of what it might feel like to have lived a life as a victim of sex trafficking, I think it might be easy to fall into the trap of fear and shame. How perfect is this verse? He delivers me from my fear. There is no shame.

And also: how stinkin’ GORGEOUS is that design? Lauren is taking orders for them here, and 20 percent of every sale will go to Out of Darkness! Go get yours. Right here.

But I think my favorite thing in the whole room is this right here.
Natural wood dresser
That book contains all the letters YOU sent in, written to the women who will come through the Safe House. I have to just be real with you: when I wrote that post and asked you guys to join in this with me, I thought you might send about five letters. I was hoping for three to five.
That was just the first batch.

You guys mailed in so many letters that I had to put two to a page in most cases, and the book barely closed.
What’s not captured in those photos is the power of the words you wrote. Life-giving words. I noticed a common thread: reminders to these women of their worth and value, as daughters of God, made in His image. How their worth is inherent; how they can rest their hope in Jesus; how you are praying and you care. Putting together the book made me ugly-cry.

Totally your fault.

By the way? Those words apply to you too — your value, your worth. Not based on how thin, beautiful, put-together or well-spoken you are. God sees you differently. He loves you in the right-now, the not-cleaned-up version of you. He meets you right here.

See? This project turned me into a MESS.

THANK YOU for coming through on this, you guys. Those words aren’t heavy enough for how thankful I am, and how much it will mean to these women.

I left a note at the beginning of the book letting them know that if they find one of the letters to be especially encouraging to them, they can keep that note, and carry it with them on their journey. I also left the left side of each page blank, so they can write letters to the women who will come behind them.
Sweet pink bedroom!
This room was such an honor to do, and I feel like we did it together! Here are a few people who are using their gifts to fight sex trafficking by donating to this room. Make sure you support the companies who donated!

DIY sophisticated pink bedroom!

Beautiful modern feminine bedroom design, with lots of creative DIY ideas!

If you’re ready to get out and get involved in the fight against sex trafficking, here are five tangible ways you can help right now, today.

Whew! See? I had much to say. Tell me things! What are you thinkin’?

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  1. I love love it. I am sure that they will too. Great job, you can be proud of what you’ve done for these girls and women! I hope that they will find peace Xx

  2. WOW- what heart and thought you put into this- it’s amazing, kelly! the light is phenomenal, and i love the colors, the birds, art…. perfection.

  3. Great job on the room, Kelly. It is so thoughtfully appointed and, at least over the Internet, really comes across as a safe, calming place. You motivated me to look for local opportunities to do the same sort of thing but sadly I’ve had no luck so far. Did you actually do two identical rooms? Nice work!

  4. This room is gorgeous. I’ve expecting rhe reveal for weeks and can´t tell how glad I’m to see it because judging by the previous post, I had thought that it will be nice but a little busy. But it’s not, the room couldn’t be any more beautiful and the attention to detail shows all the love and thought you have put to it. I do think that dresser makes it feel homey and the paint color tells “you’re a precious woman”. Let me finish by saying that the book idea is definetely perfect. Thank you and all the people who has made this posible.

  5. I had a lump in my throat BEFORE I even got to the part about the letters–this room is SO cozy and beautiful and WARM and it oozes love. (And I also almost have to pass out at the scripture because it’s perfect.) And then I got to the letters…oh, the power of the written word…brought me to whimpering tears. This is a good, good, GOOD thing you’ve done. WELL DONE. It’s breathtaking and stunning.

  6. Proud of you my friend

  7. AMAZING! All of it – love the words, the verses, the decor, the birds, the letters… THE LETTERS! just amazing!

  8. Well done, Kelly – congrats. 🙂


  9. Turned out amazing! Good work lady!

  10. It turned out beyond amazing and special! WOW

  11. It’s beautiful. It feels so uplifting and full of hope. You guys did a beautiful job. I ALMOST did the ugly cry and had to watch a funny YouTube video at work to stop myself!!

  12. What an amazing job you did! Everything looks so comfy, cozy and welcoming.

  13. It looks beautiful! What a wonderful project to be a part of. Great job!

    • This is so beautiful! Fun happy, and yet soothing and peaceful. You blew the doors off this basement room. It’s absolutely lovely. Kudos to you!

  14. So beautiful! I cried when you got to the letter part : )

  15. It’s beautiful–the room, and the spirit in which it was done. I was just talking with my teenager last night about the very things in your post; I especially loved that thought, “He meets you RIGHT HERE.” Thank goodness. 🙂

    And, as usual, job well done; the bird wall is perfection, as are those verses 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  16. First, I totally read the first three paragraphs before looking at the pictures 🙂 Second, the room looks beautiful. I do pray it will be the beginning of healing for those who have to pass through, and that one day there won’t be a need for it. Thanks for letting us be a part of this!

  17. Ivette Lopez says:


    I follow and love all the projects on your blog but this by far is my favorite. You all did an incredible job and for such an amazing cause. It will truly be a beautiful beginning for anyone that comes through those doors.

    God bless,


  18. This gives me goosebumps and I am fighting back the tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat. Such a heavenly haven you have created for these girls, a place made from love and filled with love, they will be restored and renewed of that I have no doubt. God Bless you and all the many contributors, the human spirit is alive and well. Kindness and compassion reign supreme!

  19. FANTASTIC job!!! It is beautiful in more ways than one!

  20. Ugly cry on my lunch break! Beautiful example of compassion and team work

  21. I totally read every word 🙂 But only because my computer was a little slow at loading the pics! I love, love it! Especially the chalkboard verses….they’re so beautiful, and the verses are so perfect. They come from one of my favorite psalms. I love the birds too. Beautiful!

  22. Beautiful!
    I (obviously) don’t know what the letters in the book say, but just reading what your wrote about them and how they made YOU feel, gave ME goosebumps!

  23. Kelly, all I can say is WOW. I can see all your thoughtful ness, love, and compassion in this room for these young women. You are truly a gift to them. That room is beautifully designed. You and Andy are true gifts from God. I love ya’ll . Thank you for being Gods hands on this cruel world

  24. Samantha Amy George says:

    Amazing job!I’m just completely inspired and humbled by the efforts you’ve taken to make these girls a cozy cove! You’re a great example of using your talents and passions for His glory!

  25. By FAR and away my most favorite room/project you’ve done. So beautiful and what a wonderful cause. LOVE!

  26. I don’t know what to say! I’m amazed! I even showed it to my husband (who doesn’t really care all that much about design and decoration) and he LOVES it. Especially the quilts.

    I’m just so happy that there are people out there who go to great lengths to help others, especially those who really need a helping hand to get back on their feet again. I truly believe this room will serve as a warm, comforting home for these amazing women.

  27. This post made my heart happy. I’m a therapist and I’ve worked with tons of sexual abuse survivors over the years. I can see how a room like this could help them feel safer, loved, and more hopeful for their futures. Thank you for using your talents to create something beautiful for others.

  28. Wow. You nailed it. Thank you for such a generous heart and doing this project. All of the thought and love put into it shows. Every detail. Beautiful. Beautifully done. Well done good and faithful servant.

  29. The room is beautiful. Such a great balance of colours and themes within the space. The book of letters is obviously the best touch. I love that you left blank pages for the women to add their own messages. So much meaning there.

  30. What?! It looks amazing! I can’t believe it’s the same room–it looks so much bigger now! Those birds are perfect!

  31. Finding it difficult to find my words for how much I love this! The entire thing, from the actual decor to the incredible gift you are giving these women. What a beautiful way to honor the Lord.

  32. Really lovely! But if I personally were a here, I would be uncomfortable with all the religious signs. Not everyone shares your faith.

    • The room is beautiful, and you chose so many incredible elements to work together. Congratulations, Kelly, on really good work. I agree with SAR’s words, though. Out of Darkness is a ministry whose mission, vision, and beliefs are rooted in religion, and I can imagine people wanting to get off the streets and seeking help anywhere that is safe. But if I were here, I might become afraid that I wouldn’t feel welcome over time if those beliefs weren’t mine. I think the room is complete without the two verses and would allow for healing in whatever way is right for the people who stay there.

  33. The room turned out amazing! I love the pink – it’s just the right shade and everything came together so well. Be proud of what you have accomplished and you’re doing this is so inspiring.

  34. What a blessed opportunity you and the others had to help destitute ladies. God sure does put us where we need to be. God bless you!!

  35. Completely brought to tears by this post. I didn’t get a chance to send in a note of encouragement, but THANK YOU to all who did. This is the most amazing post ever. And how much do I love the room? And that light / chandelier? Good job and warm, gushy hugs <3

  36. Looks great! I actually have one of those blue throw blankets, and it’s possibly the coziest thing I own… I’m sure they’ll love it! :).

  37. I was choked up from the very beginning. This is so beautiful! Not just the room, but the love and support behind it. You put a lot of thought and care into creating such a special space for these women and it shows. Great job!

  38. Absolutely Stunnning!

  39. It turned out beautifully! And the whole thing got me all vaklempt! Plus I’m quite excited – I saw my envelope in the 1st picture of the letter book!

    • Heather Williams says:

      WOW WOW WOW!!!
      I’m moved to tears by your spirit of excellence for the hurt and broken. “Hello love” on the pillow couldn’t be more fitting. Weather they Lay their heads on it or hug it to their chest and cry…it’s love. Keep your enthusiasm alive!! I applaud you.

  40. You did good darling. Your worth shines.

  41. Beautiful in EVERY way! 🙂


  42. Wow! Kelly it’s seriously amazing!! Such a beautiful space to land! The wood tones and that light. Every. Detail. Gorgeous. I want that shelf too. Just an incredible makeover!!

  43. Kelly this is such a special project! I love the room but more so I love the message behind it! Great job!

  44. This turned out so good! The pink had me nervous but I knew I should trust you! Those quilts are sooo pretty! Me like.

  45. Absolutely beautiful!

  46. Wow. This room turned out beautiful. It is perfect. Every little touch is perfect. The colors, the furniture, the bedding, the verses on the wall, and the book. You did such a great job and will touch the lives of so many women!

  47. It looks amazing and love the chandelier – just a beautiful project!

  48. This room is beautiful… just perfect on EVERY level.
    I am not a religious person, but the addition of the verses is just so touching, and I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated.
    These poor girls have seen and experienced things I have only seen in nightmares, my heart goes out to them completely. I too hope that someday I will be in a position to lend my services to help in such a beautiful way.
    While we may not all have money to give, we each have gifts that we can use in positive ways – you’re doing just that, you should be very proud.
    Mary Beth

  49. Everything came together perfectly! I LOVVVVVVVVVVE that soft blush paint color on the walls. You nailed it. I LOVE this room!

  50. Ya almost made ME ugly-cry reading this post. So beautiful. Praising God that people would actually volunteer to do this!! The beauty you created here does not go unappreciated.

  51. This looks so fantastic! What a wonderful job you all did! So inspirational!

  52. This is so beautiful and so perfect Kelly! I love that you were able to use your talents for such a wonderful cause and that created such a welcoming and homey space for those girls!

  53. The room looks welcoming and comfortable. I love how much thought you put into each piece, and how many people and businesses contributed their time and talents to this project. Of course, the book is my favorite part. I like that women who have seen the worst in humanity can also see that there are a lot of good people out their, too, who want to support them and see them thrive.

    If possible, could say where the lamps are from? I really like them with the pink walks and geometric quilt designs. Thank you.

  54. This reveal is amazing!!! Seriously nice work Kelly.

    Your blog is one of my favorite to read and I have to confess that after I read your budget breakdown where you mentioned (even though you were on a budget) you still made room to give back – a little light bulb went off over my head.


    We can all get caught up in our own desires/woes that we forget to give back and forget that many people have it worse.

    So just know that not only did you do something wonderful here, but your blog itself continues to inspire others to give back.

  55. Such a beautiful and inspiring space! You’re doing a wonderful thing. I’m thankful God put you in this position to help these girls. You’ve done a fantastic job at giving them a homey feeling space.

  56. Kelly, it’s AH MAZING! I love how it all came together! And I still just marvel at what a meaningful project it is that you took on. The geometric light fixture is fabulous–can’t wait for the details. But I think the quilts and hand-lettered prints are my favorite touches. So special. And I love, love, love that so many letters to put in the book 🙂 GREAT JOB!!!!

  57. Oh my goodness, I love this post! thanks for sharing because I feel like this would totally happen to me. I hate speaking up.

  58. This is beautiful; not just the room but the hope that is here and your heart for supporting these women. I just found your blog and I’m inspired as these victims have been on my heart for awhile now. I am seeking to know what I can do for them in some way.

  59. Please make sure you say specifically from whom you bought the pillows on Society6, as it’s very much like Etsy in that there are individual artists and shop owners who submit their pieces to be printed on pillows and the like.

  60. I’m so ridiculously behind on your blog so only catching up now but… wow. This is SO touching (the letters! OMG) and I’m sat here wiping away tears. Good on you for making this happen, you superstar you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xxx

  61. SOOOOO much catching up to do! Kelly – you are amazing!!!

  62. Beautiful Project ! Well done, i really really like it 🙂

  63. Just wondering, Kelly, what the current status is of this project…
    I pray every day for the program, the staff, the people, the funding…it’s marked “Kelly” on my prayer list–right above “Nigeria”, as I promised months ago to pray for#176 kidnapping victim (I don’t remember her name, but God knows who she is) and also pray for the other girls…and their captors.
    Are there residents in the home now, or is the process not that far along now?
    So glad to read of the progress…and thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing your readers to have a part, however small or large, in what I think of as “The Kelly Project”.

    • Thank you so much Marjie! Yes, women moved in about two days after we finished it! 🙂 They lived there for a month and then more just moved in. Please keep praying!

  64. Did you ever post the chandelier tutorial? I’ve been searching your blog for it and I can’t seem to find it.

  65. Anna, Sydney says:

    Just found you. Subscribed immediately. Reading old posts. Love this room, and the purpose of it even more (there was a tear at the letters part). But WHERE IS THE CHANDY TUTE?! I gots to try it! 🙂

    Off to read your Decorating 101 posts.

    Love your work.

  66. Wow! That room has been so well thought out and is so inspiring. The birds and their meaning gave me chills. My family will keep you and all of those helping with this mission in our prayers.

  67. Wow! The bedroom is amazing and is so well thought out. The birds and their meaning gave me chills. My family will keep you and those involved in the mission in our prayers. Thank you for letting us know who to support.

  68. Oh, wow.. Love the way the room turned out. Love the bible verses, very encouraging.
    God bless your beautiful spirit for going out of your way and dedicating so much of your time to this worthy cause.


  69. I love everything about this post! What an amazing way to use your gifts! I only wish I had seen this sooner so I could have sent a letter!

  70. Thanks for sharing this great info! You have inspired me! Thank you!

  71. Arrived here via a Pinterest post of your awesome handmade canvas art. I don’t even know anything else about this whole project other than this post but it already made me ugly cry and has inspired me to get busy doing what I know I need to be doing so I can help make an impact in this area as well. This topic has always been close to my heart and I just finished a Christine Caine book not too long ago, and oh man -her heart, need I say more. This is an absolutely beautiful, restful, and peace filled rescue room. You did an amazing job!! I am not typically a pink loving person but this turned out GORGEOUS. Perfect color -all that agonizing was worth it lol Those quilts are amazing, the birds -perfect, the hand printed verse art, more perfect. But the book, just reading about it brought on the ugly cry. What a beautiful idea and all those people that took the time to write heartfelt words to these precious women. Wow. Just wow. God is good. From only reading two of your posts, I can say that His light shines really bright through you.

  72. May God bless you as you reach out to these women! You are following the Lord’s command as you reach out to others. My husband & I were inspired about your blog about paying off your house and read about your wanting to save money for your children’s college education. I taught at a Christian School for many years and our son went to college free! Here’s how we did it: Start thinking about the many scholarships that are available. Our son was ready to take the Pre-SAT in 10th grade. He scored high enough to qualify as a National Merit Scholarship finalist. Then in 12th grade, when he took the SAT, he won (through God’s grace the National Merit Scholarship Winner. That means 4 years of free college tuition to the college of his choice. Praises!! You can read up on this online. There are also many other partial scholarships available, too. High school counselors can provide you with this information. God bless, Bev

  73. Wow this turned out beautifully!

  74. Great transformation!
    You did a great work for sharing the interior post! Well done and it’s so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to read more post.

  75. Oh Kello! This is beautiful! The framed prints on the wall made me tear up with joy ! Praying for the beautiful women God brings there!

  76. This room interior design is gorgeous specially the wood furniture in above pictures.

  77. This mosaic is great! Havent seen anyone doing something similar. I love your style and work. But such white room need to be cleaned a lot, am i right?

  78. This room interior design is gorgeous specially !!!

  79. Beautiful azure tones. One of our favourite feature colours!


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