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Hiiiii! (sorry!)

OHMIGOSH. I’m here!! I’m still here, still breathing, and missing your beautiful faces.

So sorry for the long, unexplained absence, and THANK YOU for all the sweet emails checking in on my little fam. We are all perfect, happy and nothing is wrong – except that I just can barely do two things at once, you know what I mean?

We went to Costa Rica right before Christmas, then we came home and I felt like I just couldn’t get my act together and the whole Christmas season flew by. I mean, we put up our Christmas tree on December 15. Then about five days later, we put lights on it. I didn’t do a single thing to celebrate advent; I listened to one Christmas CD once, and suddenly the whole season ended and it was 2015!


WHAT. We are living in the future.

Then suddenly I had let my blog sit empty for a few weeks and I felt like my first post back needed to be EPIC! Groundbreaking! Earth-shattering! And I didn’t have that post, so I didn’t write anything, and thus began an endless cycle of not-posting, increasing pressure and unhappiness, because I love blogging and I WANT to be blogging, not weighed-down by my own dumb invented pressures.

But here I am, ripping off the bandaid. I have nothing epic for you. Not even any projects. We haven’t done a thing to our house in the last couple months, you guys. I mean it’s vacuumed – barely – but I figure that How To Vacuum tutorial is probably not going to intrigue anyone.

I can’t even make the fancy vacuum-carpet lines, you know?

The truth is that we’ve been super busy working on our other business, the one that Andy runs, and I’ve been pinch-hitting a lot to help as it grows. But is anything more boring than listening to someone talk about how busy they are? I know.

Anyway, I wanted to just be real with you and let you know what’s going on and what to expect from here.

This is the real truth: you couldn’t rip this blog from my cold dead fingers. It’s my happy place and it’s what I want to be doing, all the time. But we’re just in a season of me-not-getting-to-do-what-I-want-all-the-time. (I know: WHAT THE HECK.) And the house projects are on the back-burner for the short-term. Hopefully the very short term.

So I’ll still be posting, but not as regularly as before – just for a season! – and maybe the topics might change a little, maybe there’ll be other stuff that’s not DIY just so I have an excuse to chit-chat with you. I hope that’s okay. I hope you’ll stick around. I really like you being here. If you’d like to be notified when there are new posts, you can submit your email address here and you’ll get the new posts via email! Isn’t that fancy?

I’ve missed you! Tell me what’s up! What have you been up to? What have you been reading? How is it 2015 already – explain that please.

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  2. Good thinking with the blog update! We all get busy, totally understandable!! 🙂

  3. I am so glad that everything is okay, and that you are not going to quit blogging! Please, if you ever do decide to quit, let us know, so we don’t wonder. 🙂 I am with you on wondering how in the world it is 2015. Happy New Year. Thanks for checking in!

  4. Kelly! You’re back! It’s been way too long. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I find that what I miss about your posts is not how crazy amazing and awesome your how-to’s or room makeovers (though they rock!) but just hearing an update from you.
    Through your writing you make me feel like you are just like any of my other friends who live far away and I connect with through social media—so it feels like there is so much for you to fill is in on.
    And as I write this I realize how creepy that sounds…
    But all creepiness aside, I’d love for you to feel that there is space for you to write to all your followers who maybe don’t need it to be a makeover post or a how-to—as I think most of us can agree that while you are one of the best out there–a lot of us come here because of your personality and love how that shines through all of your writing.

    Glad to hear all is well with your family 🙂

  5. We’ve missed you Kelly!!! Hope you get your new business squared away so you can come back to chat with us more often!! (:

  6. You are not alone! I can’t even find time to eat when I’m wrangling my kids on school release days, further more run a business and write a blog! Home improvement projects… does laundry count?? So, just curious, what is Andy’s business? Seems to be doing well!

  7. Thank God, you’re real!!! Thank you!!! I’ve been seriously thinking about blogging for over a year now but following your blog, I’ve thought, “how does she do it all?! I can’t be that girl!!” I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that it took you 5 days to get your tree up & decorated!!! That’s our house, too! And how you didn’t get to do even the traditions you love because the days got away from you!! I feel an overwhelming weight of guilt because we didn’t do our very beloved, traditional Christmas cookie decorating at our house. (BAD MOM!!) And I agree, how DID it get to be 2015?! Thank you for laying it out there & letting us know you’re not actually perfect! Whew!! Maybe I won’t have to be in order to be a blogger. In fact, ironic timing, one of the other blogs I follow posted about that very thing, just this morning. If you’re interested in what he had to say about “The Disease Called Perfect”, the blog is called, Single Dad Laughing. And, for the record, I’m not going anywhere as a reader. I love your posts!! I learn so much from you and appreciate your flare for sarcasm. So, whenever you get around to it, I’ll be here. And thanks, again, for being real.

  8. good you are back! 🙂

    when I had a burnout last winter I came to realize something: it´s not the time. It´s not that we don´t have enough time or that we had much more time earlier to do things. It´s the opportunities. We have WAY to many opportunities and things to do. And we try to do 10 times as much in 24 hours as we did earlier. Of course it´s impossible. And we get stressed and feel like we failed. But that´s not true.

    So I can totally understand you “neglecting” the blog. You had to set priorities so time doesn´t slip out of your hands.

    Still, glad you are fine and still so bloody entertaining. 😉

  9. Hello there! Glad to see you back. And super glad everything is ok. We all have those times in life and ultimatley God is in control of all seasons of our life. This is your season to support your hubby and his adventures and I’m ok with that. I’m sure everyone else is, but if try aren’t maybe they aren’t much of a loss. I’ll keep checking in even if it is non diy stuff but don’t feel you have to post.

  10. You crack me up! I am very happy to hear all is well. Life happens. We have all been there when life flies by, and then one day the current date jogs are brains and we realize we have time traveled. If only I could stop time while cleaning the house or doing projects. 😉

    By the way, I would totally read a “How to Vacuum” tutorial. Ha! That would be hilarious!

    • Ha! Now I’m tempted. It does sound kinda fun. 🙂 I bet I’d find out that I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time.

  11. Glad to have you back! And I may actually need that vacuum tutorial- I am not even positive where my vacuum is :\

  12. Angela Muller says:

    There’s no guilt or punishment for putting your family first and taking care of business. We all experience the same “push” from Thanksgiving on. Glad things are normal and you are back.

  13. I’m so happy you’re back. Reading your posts reminds me of my best friends in college! For the record, I was bad at Christmas too. Normally I get my tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year, it was two weeks later. And I didn’t get my tree down until two days ago. I feel your pain.

  14. We still love you and are still here! Glad you are back!

  15. Yay, you’re back!

    I can’t imagine the pressure. I just have a puny little blog and sometimes I struggle to post regularly, so I can’t imagine having a big one! Welcome back!

  16. Hiiiiiii!!!! Big hug! (that’s what I’d do if we were in person and I hadn’t seen you in awhile). So glad to see you posting again! I totally get what you are saying about blogging time getting away from you, not having “things” to post about, life going by at the speed of light. So glad you came just to chat because that alone is fun to read and nice to connect with you. 🙂 Happy New Year, my bloggy buddy! xo, Sharon

  17. I was just about to ask Andy what the heck was up…but didn’t want to be nosy! I was praying everything was OK and now I know that it is. Pretty perfect it seems. I think it’s awesome that you are helping Andy’s business grow because really, it’s not just his business. It’s yours too. You started it together at your kitchen table, feeding your kids, trying to think of a great name…and AdThrive was born. So just do it. Go out there and be amazing. We’ll all be here when you want to get all crafty and DIY again. <3

  18. Yaaaay! Please feel free to chat with us. I’ve been reading baby books out the wazoo, getting ready for the end of next month (you think YOU were freaked out that it was 2015!) when I will become a mama! We did Bradley classes, too. I loved it! My husband…. well, he mostly loved it! lol

    • Yay for your first year as a mama!! (End of next month – ohhh my goodness!) Your husband will be thankful later. 😉

  19. Hi, just wondering if you could share more of your trip to Costa Rica. I think you’re the first person I know that’s gone away for more than 10 days. Thanks!

  20. I can’t make the vacuum lines either, and honestly, I don’t like them! I had never even heard of vacuum lines until one of my friends recently confessed that when she first got married and was at home for the summer before she started her teaching job, she made sure to make the vacuum lines on the living room carpet every day so her husband thought she was a good wife. WHAT!? Anyway… I always enjoy your posts, even when they seem less than epic to you. 🙂

  21. I’m glad you’re ok! I love your blog, whenever you have time to write. Family first, pay the bills next. I’ll still be here when you have time to write. I took the whole summer off last year. Best thing ever for my family. And after a rest I was able to give more and my traffic is bigger than before. It will be more than ok.

  22. I’m glad you’re back…what have I been up to…well, you probably don’t need to many details to catch what I’m saying. I’ve been pondering how to get my blog jump started again too. Christmas is so great, but it’s so great that there is not much time to document the greatness and get it posted online. That’s why we have February, right? Glad to hear that Andy’s business is taking off.

  23. I’m happy you are well! I was starting to get a little worried too 🙂 Any and all posts you are up for writing…I am down for reading! you just so stinkin’ funny!

  24. I was wondering about you. You know imaginations run wild when bloggers like you seem to fall off the face of the earth. I am glad you are well!

  25. Hey, I don’t blog BUT….. you sound exactly like me…. if it hadn’t been for my dear married daughter, we wouldn’t have had a Christmas tree up. It just came down the other day 🙂 My house is a disaster and all my children are adults and no one living at home! It MUST be in the air or the water or something…. I will tell you one thing though…. I made 15 albums for Christmas for my kids and the adult grandchildren! Family stories, photos and memorabilia I have saved for them and they loved them! It was worth it. Now BACK TO WORK [ not “normal” cuz that went away a long time ago!] xo

  26. You could blog the phone book, and I’d still read it, Kelly! (that was an American Idol reference. Do the kids still watch American Idol? the only person I know who still watches is my mom)

  27. Oh I’m so glad you aren’t running away from us!! It’s ok for break time sometimes…just don’t let it happen again!! OK KIDDING KIDDING. But take me to Costa Rica with you next time please.

  28. Dude, I’d totes love a post on how to vacuum. 🙂 Maybe it would inspire me to actually do it. But really, blog pressure is a real beast. You just focus on what you need to, and the blog will still be here, and so will all of us!

  29. Glad to hear from you! I have so many “sorry I haven’t been blogging” posts. I always try to be better about it, but sometimes it just happens.

  30. I personally suffer from a modified Rip Van Winkle syndrome: I swear every morning when I wake up, it’s three weeks later than when I went to bed. Life just speeds by. Fortunately for me, my husband takes care of all the details involved in putting up and taking down the Christmas decorations, my function is just to spread glitter wherever I go.

    Keep posting when you can, it is the best part of my email when I get a notification that you’ve blogged!

    • I think that Rip Van Winkle syndrome happens to my kids! Seems like they’re growing at three times the normal speed! 🙂

  31. TucsonPatty says:

    I’ve checked in and checked in and I’m so glad you are back…I missed terribly reading your posts. Be well, stay well, and know we all love you and understand the crazy that is life!

  32. I kept coming back to check if you had written something. But them I’d get sad because there was nothing yet. I thought maybe the inter webs had forgotten to email me if you had posted something! Thanks for letting your readers know what is going on, on your side of the country.

  33. Welcome back! I was just thinking I hadn’t seen a post from you in forever — thought it was me and maybe they’d been buried in my inbox somewhere over the holidays lol.
    Glad you’re all well — and not only is it 2015 but it’s almost FEBRUARY. Lord, help me!
    xo Heidi

  34. There she is! Was wondering what you have been up to, not much going on here either

  35. Well hello, stranger! I thought about you just yesterday and how you had not posted. I understand what you mean about being busy. Last holiday season seems almost a blur to me. Can you believe we’re almost into the second month of 2015?!:-)

  36. So glad you’re back! What I really enjoy about your blog is the humor and light heartedness. So if you want to post occasionally about vacuuming and other related topics go for it! I think bloggers put too much pressure on themselves to produce magazine worthy DIY content when really most readers just enjoy hearing from the blogger and getting updates on what is going on. Here’s to 2015 and getting a little balance in our lives 🙂

  37. Rachel Fouts says:

    Hi there, I am a new subscriber, and totally enjoyed getting your email. Just wanted to drop a note, tell you that you are a doll, and to keep it up! Makes me want to create a blog now too!

  38. #thankgoodnessyouarestillblogging
    I missed you so much! You are so fun to read and I will stick around for sure – staring at my inbox waiting for your email telling me there is something new from you. No pressure. 😉 Glad all is well with you and yours! Hugs.

  39. So glad you and your family are well! Your posts always make me smile and are welcome in my inbox whenever you have the time!

  40. I just love how real you were in this post… Made me smile! You’re doing a great work…!

  41. If it makes you feel any better, my Christmas tree is still up. And I’m still watering it every few days because that seems like less work than taking it down.

  42. Oh good, you’re alive:-)

  43. This is actually the first Christmas that our family made plans for the Christmas season! We sat down the day after Thanksgiving with my Erin Condren and planned the whole month and we still didn’t get everything squeezed in. 😉
    I have been super busy here doing things to make life easier. Isn’t that the way it goes? We work hard so we don’t have to work as hard! I turned a worn out antique door into a beautiful pantry door! I have so many ideas and LOVE reading your blog.
    I’m glad to hear that Andy’s business is going well. Will continue to pray for success.
    Thank you! Will be waiting for my next email.

  44. You are forgiven.

  45. Oh, this happens to me three or four times a year. Though I’m working like a nutball right now to get ahead, so that when it happens I’ll have some stuff going up.

    I am THRILLED with AdThrive and am SO happy for you guys that it’s growing. I hope the growing pains will give birth to even more joy and abundance!



  46. Glad you’re all good. Will keep checking in. Bought our first house in August after seriously searching for 2 years. Absolute fixer-upper and couldn’t be happier. One bathroom gutted. Converting dresser into bathroom vanity. I’m new to DIY because never had my own place really. Will have no trouble rereading your old posts again and again because they’re awesome. 🙂

  47. Ahhh real life – thank you. I love a real honest “this is how it is” post with no bells and whistles. I’ve spent most of January just staring out my kitchen window dreaming not wanting to get started on 2015 at all. Yours is one of the only blogs that makes me laugh out loud – people come back to it for you, your lovely self – not all the things you do or your pretty pictures (though I do love a pretty picture !!!). Things change all the time and happy to roll with whatever changes are happening with View Along The Way. Thanks for your honesty and keeping us posted.

  48. This post made my day! Not just because I have been wondering if you and your family were OK, but because I did the same thing this Christmas. I had two trees in stands for almost two weeks before I put lights on them and then it was another whole week before I got them decorated. How did it ever get to be 2015?!

  49. Anna O'Day says:

    Sooooo… MAYBE it looks like stalking but I follow you on Pinterest. Lol…my son came home from college and put the tree in the stand. He came back after finals and decorated it. I’m a lawyer with a busy practice. My assistant changed jobs mad left the first part of December. I was flying to try to just tread water. I missed Christmas. Seriously. I shopped online for DH. When the package arrived I had forgotten what I ordered. Yikes. So….for me: new year, new house, new assistant. My son took the tree down before he left to go back to school. I love that guy! You have great priorities, keep it up.

  50. Oh Kelly don’t stress, life happens and as long as you’re happy and well and so is the crew, that’s all that matters. Isn’t it nice to be missed though? 😀

  51. Girl, I am so totally on the same page as you with the “dumb invented pressures”!! Thank you, as always, for a cheery post. It’s comforting for me to know that there are others like me who will follow every butterfly that flies by and then beat myself up about it!

  52. haha this was the BEST post. love it. enjoy your non project time. and work on that vaccuming.

  53. Happy New Year and I’m so glad that you checked in. Your posts do NOT have to be epic, nor do you have to put pressure on yourself for our sakes. Stop that! 🙂 We love you for the you we know via your blog and your humor, that is all. Breathe. It’s ok. Kudos to you for having your priorities right. Sure we miss you, but I think most of us would rather you take care of the important things in life, which aren’t things at all! Maybe your next post could be your trip to Costa Rica because I would love to see what I’ve heard is a beautiful place! Remember, we appreciate you!

  54. Miss reading your posts but totally understand the need for a break sometimes. 🙂 I blogged for a while a few years ago but that stupid self-pressure proved to be my undoing. Gotta keep things in perspective! Honestly it’s the posts in which you are 100% YOU, whether they’re elaborate or simple, are the ones that we love the most. Because it’s you we love. 🙂

  55. I found your blog when your amazing closet transformation pooped up on my Pinterest feed. I though, “wow, I might have s walk-closet someday, maybe I’ll pin this and refer back to it later.” Then I started reading your past posts and my husband would give me The Eye as I chortled through them. He laughed along with me about your husbands princess feet and we are kind of stealing your dining room, in another color. The first post I read chronologically was about buying your first house, which we did two weeks ago! In fact I read This post before leaving for the closing, or else I would have commented. Then, you, know, being homeowners made our responsibilities Big and we didn’t have Internet, so my comment had to wait. I’m still looking forward to updating our closet, but it dreams of being a walk-in. Or I dream that for it. Either way, it won’t be nearly as awesome, but your design and pictures are inspiring! Thank you!

    • Thanks so much and HUGE congrats on your new house!!

      • I just redid my closet too, thanks to your amazing closet inspiration! That post is the reason I come back again and again to the blog. YOU are such an inspiration for homeowners everywhere!!!!! 😀
        ANyway, I’ll post pics soon and share the link with you!

  56. Love your DIY posts, they are so inspiring! Working on a project of my own reupholstering dining chairs currently. Have you ever DIY upholstered and used a product to protect fabric (something like Scotchguard?) that worked well for you? Can’t wait to see my finished product but want to preserve the gorgeous light blue fabric! Thank you!

  57. Hi Kelly,
    Glad you’re back. Life can become overwhelming. When something you once enjoyed becomes like quicksand, you have to take a mental break. It’s good for you and those closest to you. I know how “busy” can weigh you down. Hang in there and stay healthy!!
    Linda C. 🙂

  58. Hi, I just found your blog, it’s amazing! I am so inspired by so much you have done in your house. And the safe house, that’s so awesome. I design jewelry, and have a piece that donates to love146 and I think it is just awesome that you are helping to stop sex trafficking. I am definitely going to be checking in here.

  59. So glad you’re still here, friend! Though I miss your incredible posts, I totally appreciate all of the hard work you and Andy are doing with AdThrive. I know it has been such a help for me and tons of other bloggers as well! Hope everything is going great! Hugs!

    ~Abby =)

  60. OH THANK GOODNESS. I thought the internet was broken. I couldn’t figure out what was going on without View Along the Way in my inbox each morning. I’m in this season too. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  61. Kelly, I think you are one of the funniest bloggers I’ve read. I LOVE your honesty, it’s so refreshing. Thanks for keeping it real. I’m glad you and your family could get away for Christmas.

  62. I am such an imperfect perfectionist! I dread needing to explain why I haven’t been here or there, or gotten through with this or that. I know my downfall of being a workaholic, laziness rarely being my weakness, so I’m always very aware of why the here’s, there’s, this-es(i’m sure that isn’t a word) and/or the that’s are so behind. I dread it mainly because I KNOW everyone’s plate is absolutely full of their own there’s, this’es…etc… So, all that being said (long winded another weakness of mine), when I stumbled onto your blog tonight, I got absolutely excited!! My oldest daughter (2nd of 7 kids, and 9 grands) has been urging me to start a blog, and my fear of not being there everyday and living with that guilt (DNA issue) has kept me from even thinking seriously about it. THANK YOU for your honesty, humor and REALNESS (another “not” word??) I’m not through touring your pages, but thoroughly enjoying them so far.


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