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So I Married a Creative…. Andy’s hard-hitting interview.

So I know I’ve been posting approximately zero projects of late, but then some blog buds asked if I’d be up for having Andy answer some gossipy questions and I was all, “YES! Andy would LOOOVE to write a post!”


Kinda like how when you hear your friend needs help moving something heavy, you volunteer your spouse for the job. They have muscles! They are yours to donate on occasion, right?

Cassie from Primitive and Proper and Bliss Ranch are getting all the gossip from bloggy husbands today! They asked if I’d subject Andy to a grueling interview and, without even seeing what questions they wanted to ask, I signed Andy up! He loves this. It is his favorite thing to talk about decorating!
Here is my husband, raw and unfiltered… except for my own comments in italics, which I couldn’t resist adding on occasion. (Sorry.)

1. What is your favorite project Kelly has done, and why?

Styling our office bookshelves. It’s super classy and smells of rich mahogany.

You guys! He used the word “styling!” HE KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS. Brainwashing mission complete.

2. What is your least favorite, and why?

The plate wall, because it looks really, really bad.

I still love the plate wall. Andy loves it too, deep down. He’ll realize it someday.

3. What is the one creative item or tool that Kelly cannot live without?

Her DIY picture hanging tool.

I would’ve said Andy is the one tool I cannot live without.

4. Kelly finds $100. What does she do with it?

She puts it into the lost and found.

5. What is YOUR favorite room in your house and why?

Does the deck count? I like the deck in the summer.

Remember that one time we accidentally turned our deck purple? And then remember that other time when we just left it that way and it’s still purple? Yeah.

6. Creativity is messy, but for the most part blogs show the pretty picture. Can you tell us how Kelly is a secret slob?

We have 2 sinks in our bathroom and I only get to use the small space between one of the sinks and the wall. The rest of the bathroom is reserved for her many bathroom supplies. I have made this helpful diagram to illustrate.
That looks like precise 50-50 split to me. That’s what you guys see too, right?

7. Name a project or decorating adventure that you thought would be a flop but was fabulous?

This doesn’t exist. If I think it’s gonna be a flop then it’s a flop.

8. Blogging takes a lot of time. Do you ever pass by Kelly while she is on the computer and secretly feel neglected?

No, I just annoy her by looking over her shoulder and asking whatcha doooinnggg?

9. Before, during, and after photos are an important part of blogging, do you remember to do that while working on projects for Kelly?

Nope, I never remember. I’ve done several projects and then had to go back and recreate moments for pictures. On the plus side we have 2 of some things.

10. How often do you read Kelly’s blog and do you have a favorite post?

I read every post and they’re all my favorites.

11. Before changing a piece of furniture, hanging new curtains, or planning a whole room redo, does Kelly consult you or do you come home and it’s done?

She usually asks my opinion but both she and I know that my opinion isn’t really valid.

See question 2 above.

12. Does Kelly discuss her blog with you, stories from other blogs or friendships with other bloggers?

I’m really lucky because I actually get to work with most of her blog friends through my job, so they’re friends to both of us. We’ve had Kelly’s blog friends stay at our house before we’d ever met in person and they were all hilarious and fun. I was delighted to find that none were creepy serial killers! (Yet.)

13. Where do you think Kelly gets most of her creative inspiration; tv, magazines, online, you, or was she just born that way?

I think she just has really good taste so I’d say she was just born with it.

*eyeroll.* Lies!

14. Do you know what Pantone’s color of the year is and how do you feel about so called “girly” colors for your walls?

Color of the year? Who thinks they get to decide a whole color for an entire year? What is this?!

Andy has been feeling indignant about this whole concept of ‘color of the year’ ever since he saw this question. He did not know that was “a thing,” and has been ranting about the injustice of one person getting to dictate such a thing for the whole world.

15. What is your biggest pet peeve about Kelly in the real world or the project and decorating realm?

In the real world she’s perfect! In the decorating realm it’s a whole different story. I just don’t understand why she thinks my Star Wars posters don’t match.

Andy is starting a campaign to make Star Wars posters the next Pantone color of the year.

16. If you could change one room or area of your home with no decorating advice from Kelly, what area would you choose and why?

When I first started answering this question I thought I would like to decorate my office by myself. But really, she’s so good at it that I think she could do a better job making something that I like than I could.

Plate walls EVERYWHERE!

17. Are you ever worried Kelly will share too much personal information or that blogging might invade your private life?

She’s always talking about my sensitive feet and they’re very self conscious about it! The only time it’s ever been a problem was when I was showing something on her blog for my job, and accidentally showed a photoshopped pic of myself as a superhero. A little embarrassing.

He’s lying. That’s not photoshopped.

18. Have you ever helped Kelly style photos for her blog or offer input on how you think a vignette should look?

Sometimes she calls me in and asks for some input when something just doesn’t quite look right. I usually help by posing in the picture for her. I think it’s very inspiring.

He’s a serial photobomber. I think it’s slightly less inspiring than HE thinks it is.

19. There is a saying “If walls could talk…”, what would yours say about the decorating in your bedroom?

“I can’t see,” said the wall. He had been painted too many times.


* * *

Andy’s decorating blog will be launching soon! It’ll be all about creative ways to incorporate Star Wars posters in your decor.

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Andy’s REAL pet peeve is that I never put the lids on anything. I consider it a huge waste of your life to have to put lids on anything, only to later take them back off. Totally curious: what do you think your spouse would say is their biggest pet peeve about you?

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  1. This is a really cute idea :). I think matt would say his biggest pet peeve is that no matter how long he leaves me home alone for something is always different when he gets back… 10 minutes or 2 days… something has changed. Lol.

  2. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

  3. I think brainwashing isn’t totally complete yet. The answer for your plate wall needs to change yet 😉
    You guys are the cutest couple ever and I have witnessed it in person!

  4. i am DYING! i am so glad you did this because i love you both and you are both hilarious. and your office does smell like rich mahogany. and i only came to visit so i could make blueprints to your house to plot murders….

  5. oh poor andy and his star wars posters. tell him, it’s time for a change. you guys are so cute!

  6. “Plate walls EVERYWHERE!”
    Literally lol’ed for a few minutes!

  7. I love any man that dresses in a super suit! and my feet are super sensitive too! Love all the answers Andy!

  8. I went all, ‘awww’ when I read what you would do if you found a hundred bucks!

  9. Well, my husband has shared my inability to put the toilet paper on the toilet paper roll! And I agree that Andy secretly loves that plate wall. I think he even takes selfies with it when you’re not around. And he should name his decorating blog, It All Started With Plate Walls …

    🙂 Linda

  10. I have secretly been in love with your husband for years…but never knew he had such wit. He may just give you a run for your money! Really enjoyed this post.

  11. I had my comment already in case the feet were not mentioned, so instead I will ask Andy this…. we have a Luke at our house, and there is one line that is said in our home daily. Can you name that line?

  12. Kelly no kidding I was going to email you and ask if you still had your plate wall

  13. bwahaha! I loved Andy’s answers. Glad to know he does not think we are all serial killers. Oh, and I totally remember you blogging about his sensitive feet…jute rug, right? xoxo

  14. So funny! 🙂

    • P.S. The counter space in our master bath is divided up exactly the same way. My husband has room to leave his glasses on the counter, but he really needs to find a new place for them because I need that spot for my curling iron.

  15. Smart man: I read every post and they’re all my favorites.
    About the bathroom Andy, I’m pretty sure that is totally normal. I don’t see a problem 😉
    Too cute guys. Love the banter feeling with your little interjections 🙂

  16. I am still laughing! This guy is priceless. Where in the world did you find this model? I want to buy one of him! lol Of course, you’re not too shabby girl! Your quips are right there with his. That’s why you obviously make the perfect couple. Thanks for this post. We got to know you both better and had a great uplifting read. I love it when you share this stuff!

  17. You guys are so fun! I’ve missed you in my inbox! 🙂

  18. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious Kelly! You guys are the best! It’s hard to pick a favorite answer because the whole thing had me in stitches!

  19. This is great!! His answer to #7 is awesome. I can see him with the “I told you so” look. 🙂

  20. What a fun post! Loved it. As for the plate wall, you inspired me to create one myself. I’ve gotten lotsa compliments on it, but the hubby was now wowed. He doesn’t like it at all. Silly him!

  21. You two are hilarious! So cute 😀

  22. I have so many favorite parts to this interview, but plate walls! Plate walls please!

  23. Shavonda@SGStyle says:

    hahahahah! plate walls EVERYWHERE

  24. THANK YOU for posting something! Anything! We’ve missed you. I love your blog so much, and of all the ones I follow, yours is the only one that I read to MY husband word for word. And we both chuckle a lot, and at the same time enjoy the tips and ideas you give. Yay for helpful husbands!

  25. This post makes me mushy-gushy happy! haha

  26. P.S. I want an Andy …

  27. Love this post!! I’m not sure what’s funnier, Andy’s replies or the notes from you!! Great to hear his perspective though, lol.
    I reckon my man’s pet peeve would have to be leaving half finished projects around the house… but I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask him!!

  28. My 4-year-old is totally mad at me now. Apparently, I laugh too loud and was interrupting Team Umizoomi while reading this. Haha! You guys are so funny! And that bathroom explanation would be the exact answer my husband would give about me. I mean, duh. 50% is 50%!! You just can’t argue with math. 😉

  29. These have all been such fun posts to read!

  30. This is awesome. I bet Andy doesn’t even realize how much he contributes to the decor. Star Wars poster aside. I’m so glad he didn’t say that those one blog friends that came over were weird. I was kinda worried about it.

  31. Too funny! I love all the answers, and he knows exactly how and when to be his most tactful! I, too, want plate walls everywhere! Mine is in the dining room, wrapped around an inside wall. Spreading over to the clock that has been there for almost twenty years now. I love it! Thanks for your little push to get it done!

  32. I see absolutely nothing off about that counter space image?? Loved his answers!

  33. Well. This was every bit as hilarious as I thought it would be! I love you two. If AdThrive doesn’t work out for you (though of course it will) you guys could take this show on the road. Like a Sonny and Cher kind of thing. How’s your singing voice? I’m guessing awesome.

  34. I’m guessing it drives my husband crazy that I never put my shoes away. A lifelong habit. Sorry, babe.

    Also: I use that paint stick picture hanger trick every time I hang anything, ever. I am forever in your debt for that one.

    Also, also: I am totally, 100 percent with Andy on the whole Color of the Year craziness. I roll my eyes every time, not only because no one person should get to decide such a thing, but also because no one ever picks Navy Blue. And clearly, that has always been the best color.

  35. You two are the best blogging “team” ever! I love seeing your posts because I know i’m going to laugh! This was Great! But…. I have to agree with Andy 1000% on the paint of the year. It should be just a suggestion! 😀 So glad to see you back!

  36. My husband’s biggest pet peeve is my hidden hording. As he puts it “she looks like she has a clean and put together house, but open any cabinet, check behind and under furniture, or behind books and you will find stuff. PILES of STUFF CRAMMED into every out-of-sight nook and cranny”.

    Guilty as charged.

    Hey when you have a lot of stuff, and you live in an apartment, sometimes you need to get creative about where to fit all of said stuff 😀

    BTW Kelly, glad to see another blog post! I don’t usually comment, but regularly read. Yours is for sure my favorite blog for both inspiration and humor! Your tips on hanging curtains changed my life. Ok I’m done with my fangirl moment…

  37. I asked my husband what his biggest pet peeve about me is and he said, “You’re too perfect,” which I interpret as, “You inspire fear in me and others.”

  38. Diana Walters says:

    I drive my husband nuts when I forget that it’s not normal dinner conversation to discuss bodily fluids, starting IV’s, people vomiting, screaming or having a baby. My coworkers talk about this stuff All The Time while we eat, so I forget that not everyone does! LOL…. He is pretty quick to remind me though! Bless his heart!

  39. I’m really excited about the plate wall office reveal! next week, right?

  40. LOLOLOLLLLL (that’s “laughing out loud out loud out loud loud loud loud LOUD!!!”)
    Loved this little interview – and hiiiii again! What a fun blog hop!

    P.S. Now the word “LOUD” looks strangely misspelled to me.

  41. bahaha plate walls EVERYWHERE! Surely someone sells a plate with Yoda on it. That would probably make it 100% okay.

  42. How sweet is this! I need to ask my husband to do an interview… It was fun finding out more things about you guys haha

  43. Kelly! I saw Dave Ramsey live in Houston this week and thought of you when he talked about shooting to pay off your house in 7 years. I hope all is well. I sure do miss your posts!

  44. Biggest pet peeve… said by her about me? Clearly not knowing ALL the lyrics to “A Horse With No Name” by America.

    The ocean is a desert with it’s life underground
    And the perfect disguise above


  45. I can’t believe I’m just seeing this post now from a month ago. I have been a bad blogger, hardly blogging, hardly any home projects, but life just keeps going, you know? This was fun and hilarious to read from Andy’s perspective. Rick would totally be with him on the Star Wars pictures being the next color of the year, ha! Reading this makes me miss you my bloggy buddy! Glad I finally got back into my favorite blogs to catch up on things. Hope you are well! Sharon

  46. Emma Caudwell says:

    I was having a bad day, yucky day then Im worried my job interview didnt go well. Pull up pinterest for something to take my mind of things and your posted something (pretty) This post, coupled with a few others has completely lifted my mood. I laughed so hard all the way through this post. Thank you for sharing your life with us (readers) and for being honestly you!

  47. This is hilarious and I can’t stop laughing at how you and the hubs jovially banter back and forth—I imagine your house is a fun place to be! Great idea getting the male perspective on those hard hitting decor questions. I think it would make an awesome series……or at the very least, occasional updates on how that whole Star Trek poster campaign is progressing. Speaking of, I’m with Andy with regard to the color of the year. 🙂

  48. Kelly – this was fantastic and made me laugh out loud (most of your posts do!).

    Hope all is going well with your endeavor…I miss your posts!

    All the best,
    Sometimes You Just Need to Have an Ugly Cry…and That’s Okay

  49. TucsonPatty says:

    I would just like you to know how much I miss your voice out here! I hope everything is fine and I know folks have to take a break from blogging to get on with their lives, but I needed to tell you how much I miss your posts and I hope you are all okay. We worry out here!


  51. So where ya at? Hope you are doing ok

  52. I find the interview really interesting. The conversation was fun and from time to time, I’m smiling while reading this. I can see a common situation in homes of married couples. I understand that in some situations creativity really counts. Thanks for sharing a good read!

  53. he really needs to find a new place for them because I need that spot for my curling iron.

  54. Great article thanks for sharing! Very funny!

  55. The conversation was fun and from time to time, I’m smiling while reading this.

  56. You guys are so funny. Great read!

  57. I love any man that dresses in a super suit! and my feet are super sensitive too! Love all the answers Andy!

  58. By Kelly

  59. View Along the Way

  60. Brilliant blog, just hilarious!

  61. I love Andy’s. Wish her marriage is good, a husband loves her and will have lovely babies born. Your house will always be filled with laughter. All good things will come to her.

  62. LOL! I was clicking around, looking for something, and you know how that goes, I landed here after all these years. I had to read your post again, then I had to read Brawns answers again, then I had to read the comments, and well it was a fun morning. I hope it’s ok that I haven’t thought about Andys feet for many years, but I do need to know if Sherwin Williams 2021 color of the year Urban Bronze, is close enough for the Star Wars posters?


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