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Decorating 101: Space Planning (and more on Jill’s surprise makeover!)

I’m excited to show you guys Jill’s flash-mob surprise makeover results! But I thought we’d start with a little chat about how we handled her room layout. Let me just forewarn you that the furniture, rugs and finishes in these little layout sketches are all horrible and not at all representative of the design for […]

Decorating 101: The Cheater Formula to Decorating a Blank Room

At the precise moment invisible flu germs were weaseling their way into Andy’s body, I decided to abandon my slothful ways and finally start exercising again. As a result, today we are both lying around, helpless, unable to move our appendages. So not much is happening on the closet front. Don’t be mad, though. (If […]

Decorating 101: The biggest mistake that makes decorating 54% harder (Or: “Put down the paintbrush!”)

Little-known statistic: 64 percent of decorating mistakes are made because people choose a paint color first. That’s an important statistic that I just made up to illustrate my point. With five years of decorating mistakes behind me on this house, this is one thing I’ve learned the hard way: things go MUCH more smoothly when […]

Decorating 101: Using Pinterest to Find Your Style

When my friend Erin suggested that a few of us surprise another friend, Carrie, with a makeover of her master bedroom for her birthday, I jumped all over that opportunity and totally geeked out about the chance to participate in a quick-and-dirty room refresh challenge! We only had $200 and one week while Carrie was […]

Decorating 101: 6 Decorating Rules to Live By

I’m SO excited to start our new little Decorating 101 series! I think it’ll be fun to get geeky about the principles behind what makes a room “work.” We’re going to dive headfirst into full-on decor-geek-mode and there’ll be no turning back for any of us. Before we start digging into the “hows” and the […]

New Series: Decorating 101

Andy tells me that these days, all it takes to become an online expert in something is: 1. Make a website. 2. On the website, proclaim yourself an expert. Let’s try it! Nope. Expert houseplant assassin, maybe. That’s what he told me when I mentioned that I’d love to do a “Decorating 101” series on […]

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