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The headboard becomes a bench!

Oh, hi there little bench, and welcome to the foyer. Remember when you were just a simple white headboard, neglected at a yard sale with a $3 sticker slapped on your face? Look at you now! You’ve lost weight length. No, you’re not finished yet… I know you want to be shinier. There is no […]

Inspiration for the headboard-turned-bench

First, I have to just take a minute and say thank you. I can’t tell you how much your notes and emails and comments about Marley have meant to me. I read them all, over and over, each one helping me heal a bit more. It meant so much to know that so many other […]

New Turkish kilim rug pukes glorious color all over my foyer!

I did it. I bit the bullet and ordered up an antique Rug of Many Colors all the way from Turkey. There’s still a long way to go before I have the fun, colorful foyer we talked about, but it already feels like the happy, playful sister to my serious, safe foyer of yore. As […]

Next project: colorful, unsafe foyer!

You know what kind of conversations we almost never have around here? Talks about what we’ll do “when the house is finished.” That’s because Andy and I have both realized that I am a psychotic mind-changing decorator who will never “be finished.” What can I say? It’s FUN! Here’s our foyer. (And our canvas letters.) […]

New Art and Coolest Framing System Evah {And a giveaway!}

We don’t have a lot of “real” art in our house. We have the giant tree painting at the top of the stairs: And I have a canvas that my mom painted for me: But otherwise, it’s all been DIY art, like my quote canvas and my herringbone art canvas: But I just got some […]

House Update

Dear mom, (I’m starting this blog that way because I can’t imagine that anyone still checks back – except my mom, and my buds with the Google Reader – since I last posted when Michael Jackson was still alive, we were all still worried about swine flu, and we still thought Pluto was a planet.) […]

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