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Safe House Bedroom REVEAL!!

WHO WANTS TO SEE A REVEAL?! Reveals are my favorite thing as a blogger, and also my least favorite because NO ONE IS EVEN READING THESE WORDS RIGHT NOW. You’re all cheating by skipping ahead. You oughta be ashamed. Alright, alright! Here’s the before: And the after: I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO TELL YOU. […]

The sex trafficking epidemic: how you can help

Guess what: the Safe House bedroom is stick-a-fork-in-it DONE. I’ll have the full reveal for you in the next post. GROANNNNNN. I KNOW. That’s so cruel! Okay fine. Just one tiny sneak peek. You know I can’t resist it when you make that face. We made this crazy chandelier too! I can’t wait for you […]

The pink paint! Plus costumes and final safe house decisions!

I know, I know: you haven’t been able to sleep lately because you haven’t seen any photos of my kids dressed up in costume. Okay, fine, twist my arm. That guy in the giant superman pajamas in the top left photo? That would be the only adult in costume at that particular trunk-or-treat event: my […]

Safe House — plan and progress

I turned 31 yesterday. Is there any age that’s less remarkable to turn than 31? I guess 37 is unremarkable too. They don’t make birthday cards for turning 37. With only one year of my thirties under my belt, I’m clearly not an expert on the topic but I’ll say this: the thirties are totally […]

Asking too much + modern quilts

One time, I saw a fancy light fixture, and asked Andy if he could make one just like it. The result was this: But what it took to get to that point was about two weeks of Andy locked in a room with only a marker and a whiteboard, running his hands through his Einstein […]

Decor for the birds, and I need your help!

Remember how we’re creating a cozy, comfortable bedroom in a safe house for victims of sex trafficking? Yes? I hoped you would, but I thought I should probably recap that, like every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. “Previously, on View Along the Way…” First a quick note about the last post. We talked about how we’ll […]

Safe house layout and inspiration

I’m SO excited about this project, guys! We’re going to be making over a bedroom in a safe house for victims of sex trafficking. This will be the first place they come when they are rescued off the streets of Atlanta. They’re coming out of a life of abuse and exploitation, for the first time […]

What we’re going to do together next: the Safe House

Do you remember being 11 years old? You were probably in 5th grade, learning what a prime number was, still trying to get a handle on what all this puberty business is about and, if you were me, not understanding most of what happened in Forrest Gump. You were innocent; you were fragile; the world […]

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