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Monogram Wreath Tutorial

I thought peer pressure ended in high school, but it doesn’t.

If you move into a neighborhood where your neighbors throw up elaborate outdoor Christmas decor – giant inflatable snowmen, large flocks of waist-high candy canes standing at attention, trees painstakingly covered in strands of Christmas lights up until six feet off the ground – you don’t wanna be that family who didn’t make the smallest effort.

Well, I just made the smallest effort.
Make your own letter/monogram wreath! Works indoors or out!

Now maybe the popular kids on the block will be our friends, invite us to their parties and sit with us in the cafeteria?

This is all you need for a monogrammed wreath:

  • Plywood letter
  • Floral wire
  • Greenery (I used cypress and holly)
  • Embellishments

Last year I had Andy cut this giant M out of plywood for a wreath I used inside, but I wanted to repurpose it for the front door this year. You can use any kind of scrap lumber to cut out your letter, or I guess if your last initial is “O,” you can just use a wreath form. (Cheater.)
Make your own letter/monogram wreath! Works indoors or out!

It is not necessary to place your plywood letter over the only giant crack in your whole patio.

Then grab a pile of greenery and start placing it on your letter, securing it by wrapping floral wire around the whole thing.
Make your own letter/monogram wreath! Works indoors or out!Make your own letter/monogram wreath! Works indoors or out!
When you have most of it covered, you might end up with some bare corners, like the tops here:
How to make an easy monogram/initial wreath!How to make an easy monogram/initial wreath!
Add more greenery there, going in the other direction. It’ll be cool, promise.
How to make an easy monogram/initial wreath!
Here’s my hairy guy after the first layer of greenery.How to make an easy monogram/initial wreath!
Then I went back in and added giant piles of holly. I think it would’ve been nice to add it in little bunches instead of the covering the whole thing, but I had piles of holly and minimal self-restraint.
How to make an easy monogram/initial wreath!
Then I was like “Eh? It needs something?” so I added more stuff, like faux magnolias and some pinecones I found nearby.
How to make an easy monogram/initial wreath!How to make an easy monogram/initial wreath!
At this point you can give it a little haircut, or not, or whatever.

We hung it from some fishing line on the front door (“monofilament,” if you’re classy like me, but still unclassy enough to use monofilament on your front door). We stuck some flat-topped thumb tacks in the side of the front door (because the top of the door is metal), screwed picture hangers on the back of the wreath and looped fishing line from the picture hangers to the thumb tacks, if that makes any sense.

I meant to add some little red ornaments to our fir trees, but I didn’t, so let’s pretend:
How to make an easy monogram/initial wreath!


But it’s a much cheaper way to succumb to peer pressure than spending all my allowance on pagers and Abercrombie.

Make your own letter wreath for the holidays! Works indoors or out!

P.S.: Check out these other holiday craft ideas!

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  1. It looks very pretty (love all the holly)!
    I would suggest putting some felt or something on the back though, so the wood won’t scratch your pretty door…

    • Kelly says:

      Oh you are so right! Maybe I can scrounge up some felt or something. Or maybe I’ll just let it scratch so I have a good excuse to change the door color. I never did quite get it the right shade of red… :)

  2. Faith says:

    Haha. It looks awesome!! I love the idea. We haven’t decorated in…gasp…3 years. I just can’t bring myself to if we aren’t home for the entire month of December (and no kiddos yet). David keeps pleading w/ me to do something though…I think this is just festive/practical enough for us both! Great tutorial!!

  3. So now not only can I not come in your house, I can’t even knock on the door and say hi! Poor pitiful me with the allergies. Sniff.

    However, the monogram wreath is quite beautiful! I love the magnolias – I kind of have a thing for magnolias. It’s the southern girl that lives in me!

  4. You are hysterical! The monafilament and the ornaments are right up my alley. The monogram looks gorgeous. Pretty soon you’re going to be the hot cheerleader leading the popular kids!

  5. LOL! You know you are one of the popular kids!!!! Can I be in your “monofilament group.” Thanks for the grin and the fabulous tutorial!

  6. If cool kids have inflatable snowmen, I still want to be a part of the nerd crowd. Not that I have a choice. :P

  7. I love this!!! I’m with Michelle on this one, I’ll stick with the nerds.

  8. Nerd here–and proud of it. Although I prefer the term “band geek.” ;) I never bought a single item at Abercrombie.

    I’ve never seen a monogram wreath before! Totally beats those inflatable snowmen! :)

  9. I think you made a fabulous effort. I love this idea and think I’ll copy it next year. Btw, I hung our wreath with dental floss. How’s that for classy?

  10. Emily says:

    I spotted a magnolia tree in a neighbor’s yard today. My first thought was, “Should I ask them, or should I just go steal enough leaves to make a wreath. Which would be weirder?” =)

  11. I saw the funniest photo recently. Picture a street like yours with snowmen and tons of lights and the one house with nothing but a string of lights that spells “ditto” across their garage. I LOVE your wreath and will steal this idea next year.

  12. Kindra says:

    I love your faux ornaments in the last photo. LOL Your monogram wreath is perfect with the greenery and all the festive extras. Looks great on your front entrance!

    I’m your newest follower! Stop on by sometime!
    I also have a weeky linky party called Terrific Under Ten Tuesdays. It’s for projects made for $10 or less. I would love to have you link up sometime!

  13. Vicky says:

    Your crack me up! Love your big M. Take that neighbors. I am a new follower visiting from House of Hepworths. Vicky from Mess For Less

  14. Carrie says:

    I was going to ask where you stole the magnolia from, glad it’s faux so I can buy one for myself! And haha about the giant crack in your photo, it could have been SO much worse. ;-)

    Oh, and the wreath is fab. But hopefully you already knew that.
    Thanks for linking to Refresh Your Nest Friday, hope you join us again tomorrow Kelly!

  15. Debbie Kaste says:

    Love your big ‘M’. You are very creative and resourceful. Also, one busy gal :)

  16. I love your non-traditional Christmas ‘wreath’, good thing you can’t handle peer pressure or we would have missed this.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  17. Michelle says:

    I’ve got a giant crack in my front walk that needs a little something – I will definitely get out there with my wooden “M”, that I had no idea how to use tastefully in my home, and get busy. Thanks for a laugh and a good idea.

  18. Jerica says:

    I love this wreath idea! I’m featuring it in my Holiday DIY gift guide. May I have permission to use one of your images? With attribution of course :)


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