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DIY Crystal Ball Chandelier

DIY crystall ball chandelier

There was a time in his life when my husband would’ve balked at the idea of a crystal chandelier in a closet. He would’ve said that it doesn’t make any sense — chandeliers are for dining rooms! — and why don’t you just use one of those nice boob lights? (He wouldn’t have known the […]

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Introducing Anselm’s Room

Okay, I know I still have lots more to tell you about my closet makeover, like how we made that little crystal chandelier, but I want to switch gears today and talk about another project I’m working on. ‘Cuz I just wanna. So I have this beautiful friend, Erin: …who I met last year when […]

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“Put on Love” free printable + taking a controversial stand

Perfect art for a closet: "Put on Love," from the bible verse in Colossians,

I don’t advocate public nudity. I don’t like to get too political on the blog, but I’ll take this opportunity to clarify that I fall in the “opposed” column when it comes to going the grocery store in your birthday suit. Look how brave I am! Not afraid to take a stance! So if you […]

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DIY slide-out scarf and belt organizers

DIY slide-out scarf organizer

Did you know that every single day in our country, millions of scarves and belts are thrown on floors in the dark corners of closets, marginalized by society? Even the lucky ones with a place to hang are often forced to share hangers with lots of other scarves… hangers made for CLOTHES. NOT SCARVES. There’s […]

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The wallpaper situation: this is not normal.

Wallpaper Seam

Whoever said wallpaper is hard to install lied. BOOM! Yeah, I said it. Of course, this assumes you’re working under the following conditions: You’re installing on a tiny wall. With no corners. And no lightswitches. And your wall is PRECISELY two wallpaper widths wide, so you don’t even have to cut it. And your husband […]

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*Girly-Glam Closet Makeover REVEAL!*

Vintage horse hook!

Y’ALL! I’m SO EXCITED about this day!! I have a new favorite place in the entire planet, and you are invited to come party with me there. It’s my newly updated closet, which suddenly feels like a sketchy and awkward place for a party, but it’s nothing you and I can’t overcome together. I promise […]

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Big Fat DIY Chandelier FAIL.

metal leaf garland

Sometimes DIYs go swimmingly, your whole world is rocked and you develop a false confidence that if you can make lights like this… You can do ANYTHING! “Bring it on, world!,” you shout from rooftops! And sometimes, you think you have a brilliant idea and this happens. Yeahhhhhh. That was supposed to be the DIY […]

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Couch versus kids: Thoughts on a white sofa

White sofa: why they're the best choice for small kids

It seems like every time I post a photo of our living room, I get several bewildered emails asking how we have white couches AND small kids – at the same time – and whether I’d recommend it to other families. My answer is always a haughty: “what do you mean? Do your kids make […]

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DIY Precious Stone Knobs — Anthropologie Knock-offs for (MUCH) less

Guys, life has been SO HARD lately. We built these jewelry drawers for my closet… And then I embarrassed myself in the last post when I made the velvet lining for the insides. But all this time, when I wanted to open the drawers, I had to reach under them because there were no knobs. […]

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Velvet Drawer Liners & the Minnie Mouse Dress

DIY velvet or felt drawer lining

You know a DIY project has spiraled out of control when you find yourself in your half-finished closet wearing an ’90s-style velvet Minnie Mouse dress and ankle socks. What happened?! How did my life come to this – shoulder pads and a Minnie Mouse applique?! Like all the important downward-spiral milestones of our lives, this […]

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Building Drawers and Overcoming Crises

DIY custom closet drawers

Sometimes, when you’re DIYing, things go wrong… like you realize you mis-measured or that you married a difficult woman. This was one of those times, for Andy. With the closet all painted and the popcorn ceilings removed… it was time to make some drawers for my little jewelry station. This is the plan for that […]

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Repairing drywall like a BOSS, a little video and a touch of time travel

Um, pretend like the last post didn’t happen yet for a minute. Pretend like you didn’t already see the ceiling of my closet painted and finished: Because today we’re blogging backward and rewinding a bit. I seriously don’t know what kind of operation we’re running around here… blogging the middle of things before earlier things. […]

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A million coats later…

Right side closet painted

Hey, guess what you guys did! You voted VATW into the final round of the Apartment Therapy Homie awards! I can’t even believe how silly it looks on that list with “legit” blogs. It’s definitely a one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other situation. I don’t care what happens in this last round of voting. I’m just so thankful to you […]

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On decorating with family photos, taking risks and breakin’ rules

Create an eclectic, mini gallery wall!

First, thank you guys a million for taking the survey in the last post and for voting! I’ve been reading through the survey responses and I’m so inspired by your ideas and feeling some serious freedom and excitement for the future. I’ll explain it all in a post soon where I tell you what my […]

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Blogiversary #3, and a call for questions!

I know valentines day is over, but would it be awkward if I still give you guys a teddy bear holding a heart? …since a teddy-bear-holding-a-heart is the ultimate sign of love and devotion, plus I know how much you’ve been wanting one. Yes? It would be awkward? Because it’s always awkward to give someone […]

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