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DIY gold magnolia garland and surviving a deserted island

Christmas mantel at View Along the Way: Brass, greenery and black and white ribbon.

I made this gold magnolia leaf garland from a very rare breed of magnolia tree which grows the most incredible solid gold leaves! Or, I just spray-painted regular magnolia leaves with gold spray paint. One of those things. There’s just nothing a can of gold spray paint can’t accomplish in this world. Send me to […]

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Christmas Home Tour

Decorate your coffee table for Christmas with candles and greenery on a tray!

HOME TOUR DAYYYYY! I’m so excited you’re here! Our house is all decked out for the holidays, there’s residual glitter on every surface and it smells like fresh greenery in here. I burnt the cookies I baked for you, but if you scrape off the bottoms, they’re still delicious. It’s my first time participating in […]

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Easiest, cheapest little wreaths of all time

Make a wreath from a wire coat hanger!

I don’t know what it is about “simple” and “free” that sends my little heart into orbit, but I’m just built that way: simple and free feeds my soul. Check out what happened when coat hangers collided with fresh boxwood cut from my front yard. BOOM! I’m not saying these tiny, happy little wreaths will […]

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En-DEER-ing Christmas Mantel

Brass deer with wreath and bowtie

If cheesy puns make you gag, you may want to go ahead and click away now while you’re still holding your cookies. My Christmas mantel is up! In the past, my Christmas mantels have been sparkly, silvery metallics… But this year I went a different direction with a brass deer, graphic black and white and […]

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Tips for easy holiday entertaining (with Kirklands #HolidayHostess!)

How to set up a Christmas party table

Thanks to Kirklands for sponsoring this post, and forcing me to consume large quantities of hot cocoa. It’s the holiday season, y’all! We all know what that means: calories stop counting and you don’t need an excuse to gather friends around mugs of steaming cocoa and warm fireplaces. I LOVE IT. LOVE LOVE LOVE. (I […]

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Posts of Christmas Past + What’s coming in December!


BUDDIES! I hope you had the most amazing Thanksgiving of your life! According to my official decorating rulebook, as of midnight last night, it is officially required that we immediately dive head-first into sparkly, festive holiday decorating, covering every surface in greenery and accidental permanent glitter. It’s just the right thing to do. I’ve been […]

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Gold leaf Christmas canvas + craft supply misbehavior

DIy art with gold leaf! "Love Came Down" for Christmas!

Look, I know it’s technically not Thanksgiving yet, but I’m hoping you’ll be a little lenient this year and let me start talkin’ Christmas anyway! Because I accidentally already started doing a couple Christmassy things here and there. I didn’t mean to. The gold leaf LEAPED into my hands and hurled itself upon a canvas. […]

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25 simple, beautiful advent calendars


YOU GUYS. Guess what Andy did. The kid actually, completely pulled off a surprise 30th birthday for me! That little deceiver. This me, going, “FRIENDS! WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING HERE??” Oh yeah – he planned the whole thing in our house, where I had been hanging out just a couple hours before. So that’s […]

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Our Christmas Porch: the Home Depot Challenge!

Front door at Christmas - fresh greenery and a DIY wreath!

This is our tragic little front door. It has nothing of value to offer the world. No overhang to protect visitors from the rain, or from which to hang a pretty pendant light. No space for a rocking chair or two to kick back and enjoy a sweet tea. It has: a front door. A […]

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Our little rustic split-log advent tree

Make and advent tree from live-edge logs!

Are you ready to be moved? To be transported by my husband’s lilting, flowing poetry, to a place you never knew existed? As I was sitting down to write this post, Andy offered to write it for me. This is how he started the post: The thing about Christmas is, you’re sitting there and it’s […]

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New Picture Frame Wall + one ring to rule them all

Wall of DIY picture frames

I used to think wedding rings came with power. Not power to defeat Mordor and conquer Middle Earth (wow – buckle your seatbelts! It only took us one sentence to head straight to nerddom on warp speed!) — but power to suddenly know grown-up things, like how to make a roast, or when the fiscal […]

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Latest project and 7 great online art sources


Hey there. Is the world slowly coming into focus as you emerge from a candy coma? In this house, we have a strict candy taxation policy in which 100% of chocolate candy retrieved from trick-or-treating must be turned in to parents as a tax. It’s a hard life, but somebody’s gotta eat the Butterfinger minis. […]

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30 Things by 30


…and just like that, my twenties are over! Today I turn 30, and honestly? I’m excited. (Except for a tiny, freaked-out voice in the back of my head that I’m actively squashing.) Mostly, I think 30 is going to be amazing. It’s “a thing” to write about the 30 things you’ve learned by 30. Trust […]

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DIY Fretwork Console Table Reveal!

Build a DIY console table

Progress in the foyer, y’all! Remember a few weeks ago when it was sad, and neutral, and boring? (Except the magnetic letters. They were FUN. And educational.) Then I got my Turkish kilim rug and we turned an old yard sale headboard into a bench. But across from the bench? Sadness. A lonely little table […]

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Fall Home Tour + Lofty Ambitions

How to decorate for fall: adding cozy textures

Someday, when I’m a grown up, I’ll meal plan. I’ll clean as I go. I’ll wake up before the kids. I’ll stop eating when I’m full. I’ll drop birthday cards in the mail so they arrive on the occasion. I’ll decorate all-out for each season. But today? I stay up too late and still kind […]

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