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Is love enough? — New curtains for the office

Patterned curtains and a colorful rug

Remember back when we made this bench out of a headboard for the entryway? (I accidentally just typed “remember when I made…” And then I laughed and erased it, because no.) I showed you my growing collection of fabric swatches I was considering for the office windows, just off the foyer: I decided on none […]

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Painted linoleum floor: an update!

How to paint vinyl floors

Thanks for all your brilliant ideas on the last post! You guys are geniuses, I tell ya. I haven’t made a decision yet. Still considering all the new ideas you suggested! A couple years ago, Andy and I got a harebrained idea to try painting the ugly linoleum floors in our laundry room. I’ll just […]

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The snowballing mirror dilemma


SO MANY DECISIONS TO MAKE IN THE MASTER BATHROOM. In case you missed it, this is my stupid bathroom. I took this photo this morning, so THIS IS REAL LIFE, y’all. Ain’t pretty. In the last post, we settled on the vanity cabinet situation. We were considering replacing the existing cabinets with a smaller premade […]

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The question of the vanity

Bathroom design plan - vanity smaller than the wall

Are you a planner? I’d shake my head vehemently NO to that. I am not a planner. I wing it and hope for the best. I jump in with both feet and trust that everything will work out, because doesn’t it always? That’s what you call unwise optimism, to an absolute, undeniable fault, wrapped in […]

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My STUPID bathroom


So we have this master bathroom. We bought it like this: Then we demoed it. Removed the popcorn ceilings, took all the junk off the walls and mudded over the holes so it’d be ready for paint. Just when we had it demoed to the PRECISE point of maximum ugliness, we screeched to a halt […]

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Flower crushing-mega-death-destruction art project

Materials for DIY crushed flower art

I don’t know what it is about little boys, but they delight in destruction. Weston builds elaborate, tall towers of blocks or legos just for the one second of BLISS that comes from knocking it down and watching it all crumble to the ground. In that second, he is so alive! The world is HIS! […]

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Easy no-sew diamond curtains (Anthropologie knock-off)

DIY anthropologie pheasant eye curtains!

Remember many moons ago when my friend Erin and I surprised our friend Jill with a low-budget room makeover while she was on vacation? …and I was all, “BRB with the curtain tutorial!” Sorry. We got a little distracted with the whole master bedroom paint situation, then Andy and I went out of town last […]

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Master bedroom paint reveal!

Best dark blue paint colors: benjamin moore hale navy hc-154

Thanks to my ol’ buddy Benjamin Moore for sponsoring this post! I mean, I just can’t understand why every single person doesn’t have a blog. It’s the best thing in the history of ever. Exhibit A: you guys, with your epic advice and helpful opinions on my last post. You’re all my favorites, and you […]

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Best Benjamin Moore Navy Paint Colors + Decision 2014

Choosing navy blue paint colors

(I know I still have much to tell you about Jill’s makeover! We’ll return to that shortly. First I need help making a decision so I can move forward with other things in the meantime. Stay tuned!) When we first visited our house to consider buying it, Andy and I both felt that the master […]

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Save the books: how to style a bookshelf for actual book storage


I must speak out for the books. Someone is hiding them from us! All those volumes mankind has been printing for the past hundreds of years since the invention of the printing press — oh yes I did just bring up the invention of the printing press and no I don’t know when that was […]

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Just a little flash-mob surprise makeover reveal. That’s all.

DIY Anthropologie Pheasant Eye Curtains

Imagine if you left for vacation and your living room looked like this. Then a week later, you walked back into your house and it looked like this. What if you were expecting to see this: But instead you saw this: What would you DOOO?!! Jill did this: And smiled a lot, and cried a […]

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Jill’s Surprise Makeover: Painting + Furniture


How to be the worst person in the world: invite all your friends to a painting party and then not come. I was all, “Lol, jk guys. I’m sick. You can still come and paint Jill’s living room though.” I didn’t mean to be a terrible person, but in what was the most awful timing […]

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Decorating 101: Space Planning (and more on Jill’s surprise makeover!)

Creating a symmetrical layout

I’m excited to show you guys Jill’s flash-mob surprise makeover results! But I thought we’d start with a little chat about how we handled her room layout. Let me just forewarn you that the furniture, rugs and finishes in these little layout sketches are all horrible and not at all representative of the design for […]

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Jill’s surprise makeover: the plan

Transitional living room design plan

Two hours of pushing with no medications, not so much as a tylenol: that’s how my firstborn came into the world. He looked like a grumpy old man with pointy elf ears, and dang if I didn’t want another one almost immediately after. I forgot the puking-with-every-contraction part of labor, and felt myself romanced and […]

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Rock the House-iversary: Tips for first-time homebuyers


Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s ELP program for sponsoring this post! Six years! That’s how long we’ve left our master bathroom unfinished. I mean, that’s how long ago we bought our house. (Here’s our house story and what it looked like when we bought.) We were such babies then! What did we even know about anything? […]

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