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Closet Progress and Olympic Dreams


Are you watching the winter Olympics? I have a confession to make and it’s really embarrassing. Every time I watch the Olympics, I get this unrealistic confident feeling that I could totally be there, competing, if I just tried at any of these sports. Like, I’d probably need about two weeks of good, hard practice, […]

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35 ways to save money


Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s ELP program for sponsoring this post! After my post a couple weeks ago about how we paid off our house, I got lots of questions about how we budgeted and what we did to stretttttch a dolla, so I came up with this little list of a few ways we’ve found […]

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Decorating 101: The Cheater Formula to Decorating a Blank Room

Bek Design

At the precise moment invisible flu germs were weaseling their way into Andy’s body, I decided to abandon my slothful ways and finally start exercising again. As a result, today we are both lying around, helpless, unable to move our appendages. So not much is happening on the closet front. Don’t be mad, though. (If […]

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Giant Floral Wallpaper: Yes, Really.

Anthropologie Peony Wallpaper

We’re trying to get this closet project knocked out, but progress has been slowed by Snowmageddon 2014 in Atlanta. People have stormed the stores; our supplies of bread and milk are gone; hope is dwindling. At least three inches have fallen already today. I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is YES. Despite the […]

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Plannin’ out my closet

closet layout plans and ideas!

After reading the comments on the last post, it sounds like you guys all have problems with closet disorganization. Seriously guys. You need to get it under control. You’re an adult now. Juuuuust kidding. This is a safe place to confess our pajama-pant-towers. Here again is *my* closet, if you missed it last time. YES! […]

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The end of shame (and the beginning of our next project)


{WORD. I had NO IDEA the incredible response the last post would get! I’m blown away. (By the way, I updated that post with the video of us on the radio, if you missed it.) I’m going to do a little series on how we saved money and budgeted, and answer some of the questions […]

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That one time when we paid off our house.

How we paid off our house!

Thanks to Dave Ramsey and his Endorsed Local Providers program for sponsoring this post and inspiring us MAJORLY. GOSH I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START. Okay, this is going to be a long one. I have lots to say. I’ve been thinking about this post and debating whether to write it for a long […]

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How to DIY for the non-DIYer


There is no greater form of torture for me than having to do a jigsaw puzzle. I HATE THEM. I just don’t know why anyone would want to subject themselves to that kind of torture. And don’t ask me to follow an instruction manual to assemble something, or there will be much weeping and gnashing […]

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Rating last year’s home goals: in which I prove that goals do not motivate me.

Fall-inspired dining room at View Along the Way

Well happy new year to ya! I must say: 2014 looks really good on you. I mostly took a break from doing anything remotely productive since Christmas, and am suddenly looking up to find we’re four days into the new year and I’ve hardly been out of my pajamas. Which of course means this year […]

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Top Posts of 2013


Here we are: that mystical week-between: the Christmas dust is settling, our mostly-dead tree has still not been taken down (has yours?), and all is still quiet before the craziness of the new year begins. How’d it go for ya? Did you get the baby doll and toy train Santa promised? (My sweet one-year-old girl […]

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Merry Christmas!


Hi friends! Just couldn’t let the day pass without stopping in to wish you merriest of Christmases, from our family… …and our wild little Christmas elves (who have grown so much since last year’s photo on the left! Whoa!)… To you and yours! Hoping you get a minute or two to take in and reflect […]

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Quick and Dirty Christmas Kissing Balls

DIY Christmas kissing ball - so easy and inexpensive! I LOVE this!

I mean that literally: these sweet little kissing balls are fast, and messy. They look sweet hanging in your entry or sitting contentedly on a little footed dish. Look how happy! SO EASY, it feels like cheating. Here’s all you need: Styrofoam ball in whatever size your heart desires. I think this is the size […]

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Christmas Goodies at Pier 1 Imports + Gift Card Giveaway!


Thanks to Pier 1 Imports for sponsoring this post! If you were here yesterday, you saw The Dining Room That Saved Christmas: Did you love the assorted mercury glass and silver candlestands as much as I do? Pier 1 Imports, guys. I let my whole family loose on the store a few days ago and […]

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My return-to-tradition dining room to SAVE CHRISTMAS!

Christmas tablescape with reds and metallics!

Last week I showed you guys my gold and black Christmas home tour: A couple days later, while we were looking at the tree, Andy sighed dramatically and said, “Welp. I guess this is the Christmas of no red. The anti-Christmas.” The ANTI-CHRISTMAS?! We’ve been married 8.5 years and I never knew the color red […]

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DIY gold magnolia garland and surviving a deserted island

Christmas mantel at View Along the Way: Brass, greenery and black and white ribbon.

I made this gold magnolia leaf garland from a very rare breed of magnolia tree which grows the most incredible solid gold leaves! Or, I just spray-painted regular magnolia leaves with gold spray paint. One of those things. There’s just nothing a can of gold spray paint can’t accomplish in this world. Send me to […]

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